Double Couple Dinner

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Dear Reader. Please imagine a world where old friends are okay with partner swapping and have discussed their sexual health before doing anything because it makes a sexier story. Enjoy!



“I don’t know how they are all asleep with this heat. But I like it and I’m having a second glass of wine. Who’s in?” my old friend Sarah said with a huge grin on her face.

“I turned the aircon on down that end of the house hours ago and it has more vents. So it’s cooler. And yes, yes, yes to the second glass of wine.” I completely agreed with Sarah. All four kids were in beds asleep by the grace of god, the wine was cold and it was a hot Friday night.

“Have you got any cold beers or ciders?” Luke asked my husband James. I knew Luke was happy to have wine, but James was always happy to share his beers.

“Sure do, pick something out of the beer fridge and grab one for me too.” James replied. Luke wandered off quietly to the beer fridge, under strict instructions from me and Sarah not to wake the kids.

With cold drinks in hand, we migrated to the front sitting room, as far away from the sleeping children as possible.

“Why is it so effing hot down this end of your house? Should we open the windows? I thought you had ducted cooling. I don’t know how you guys are doing it.” Sarah whined, indicating to Luke and James. I knew she meant the guys in their thick shirts, but she was wearing her navy blue summer dress. It was silk, light as air, probably the coolest thing to wear in weather like this. I could see a good portion of her boobs and I even knew the bra she was wearing from a tiny glimpse of lace showing because she’d emailed me the sale link when she’d bought it. Her long dark hair was wound up on top of her head like always.

“I’ve got it set to prioritise the back rooms so the kids will stay asleep. Sarah’s right though guys, you should take your shirts off or change into singlets, it’s 400 degrees in here.” I replied. I was happy to deal with the heat if it meant peace from the children. I was fairly comfortable; I’d been home all day with the kids and my usual summer attire of cotton short shorts and a skimpy tank top was keeping me as cool as possible without being nude. I had my hair up in high pony, keeping the heat off my neck.

Sarah’s husband Luke peeked over at her, smiled a cheeky smile and did a little dance as he slipped out of his polo. He was the youngest of us, having just turned 30 and I knew he went surfing as often as possible. I couldn’t help but admire his youthfulness, his glorious tan, and boy, those shoulders and muscles, I could watch them all night. Sarah grinned back at him. I could tell she still thought he was super sexy even after all the years they’d been together.

I turned to James, “He’s got nice muscles honey, but I love you. You should take your shirt off and show Sarah your chest hair, I know she likes it.” I smirked at Sarah. It’d had been a not-secret for 20 years that she was attracted to my husband James. He hadn’t been my husband back then; we’d only just started dating when Sarah and I became friends at College. I knew no lines had ever been crossed between the two of them, but it was fun to tease her about it when they came over for dinner and wine. James liked to tease Sarah too, so taking a chug of his beer and placing it gently on the coffee table, he turned, staring straight into her eyes,

“It really is hot in here,” he said slowly undoing one shirt button at a time, easing his shirt off. His dark chest hair was made obvious when compared to his blond locks. I watched Sarah’s eyes roam over James’s body. James always had a little chest hair showing in the vee of his shirt. Tonight though, I liked Luke’s hair free chest. Probably the wine taking over my thoughts. Luke was actually sexy as hell and I’d been imagining his body for a really long time. I loved James, definitely still found him sexy, but having a shirtless young surfer on my couch was very distracting.

Luke smiled his gorgeous smile at Sarah. He looked like he was enjoying the teasing and was waiting to hear what she’d say. I loved having Luke and Sarah over because they were fun, down-to-earth and we had heaps in common, but Sarah made me occasionally feel like I wasn’t very sexy. Dinners altogether were convenient because we got to see our friends, drink wine and the kids all got to play together. Having Sarah and Luke over made me feel like I should be more adventurous in the bedroom. Sarah was always telling saucy tales about their escapades and proclivities, but most of it just wasn’t my scene. But having Luke sitting inches away, sweaty, ripped, half naked, well…If I could get Sarah to touch James, surely it would be okay if I touched Luke just a little bit?

“Do you want to touch it? He likes it.” I cackled at Sarah, running my hand down James’s chest. I wasn’t normally so forward but it had a long week at work and I’d just finished my third glass of wine. Everything seemed bahis firmaları a little bit better. Grinning at Luke’s golden body made me feel a little bit like a cougar. It was a new, but excellent feeling.

I looked up at Sarah waiting for her answer.

“I do, but only if that’s okay with everyone.” She responded slowly looking all three of us in the eye. I could tell she was keen to touch him, and I knew he’d be okay with that level of touching. One drunken night about 10 years before, I’d seen her touch him and he’d been more than okay with it. She’d actually touched me too that night but I’d turned her down and we’d never actually spoken of it again. It had been kind of sexy, but I’d panicked a bit.

“Take him in the kitchen, touch him. Can you grab the wine and the ice bucket when you come back? I’m empty.” I said putting my glass down, nudging James off the couch with my foot.

As they walked out of the room, I looked over at Luke lounging shirtless on my sofa. He was tall, his dark hair had sun highlights, he had these lovely sky blue eyes, big shoulders; I couldn’t help looking at him. It was impossible not to like him. He was kind and helpful and happy. He was genuinely a nice person which is why we’d been friends for so long.

“Luke, is it okay I sent Sarah in there with James? I know she’s going to touch him and he’s going to let her. I didn’t check with you beforehand.” Pausing for a second, I smiled over at him,

“Do you think I should have mentioned he’s ticklish?”

Luke snorted beer out his nose. I could see he found the idea funny.

“Don’t worry about it. I know her. She’s in seventh heaven right now. She loves touching, it’s her favourite thing in the world. And I don’t mind, it’s Friday.” Luke responded casually after wiping his chin with the back of his hand. I leaped up as I saw beer drip down Luke’s chest.

“Oh! I’ll grab a tissue you for you!” Grabbing the tissue box, I looked inside – urgh, empty, damn kids. I leaned over Luke and used the hem of my pink tank top to wipe the beer off his peck. I knew he was staring straight at my boobs; they were right in his face. I took my time, kind of absentmindedly wiping his muscles.


I walked into the kitchen, Sarah following behind me, wine glass in hand. She had this cute sheepish look on her face and was running her empty hand nervously down the side of her dress. I didn’t know what to say to her. The thought of her touching me was making me hard. But we’d never really been here before so I didn’t know where to take this. I had certainly had many daydreams about doing all kinds of things with her, but nothing had ever actually happened between us. Well, except that one night, maybe 9 or 10 years ago. She’d come over, we’d all had heaps of wine and she’d ended up touching me, and Kate. Sensual touching, not sexual. Tonight felt sexual, felt different, felt like playing with fire, especially as it was so damn hot.

“You find the wine. I think Kate was drinking the Rosé; it should be on the top shelf of the fridge. I’ll grab the wine bucket out of the laundry and some ice. I’ll be back in a second.” I said to her. Delay when you don’t know what to do, right? I had officially as long as it took to get a bucket of ice to decide what the fuck I was going to do with the sexy woman I had in my kitchen. Kate, my lovely wife, had thrown me to the wolves this time. Or she-wolf in this particular case.

Slowly walking back into the kitchen I watched Sarah top up her glass of wine and let her hair down. She had lovely long hair these days. I remembered meeting her not long after I’d started dating Kate. She’d had really short hair back then, coloured some rebellious colour.

She was more wild back then, but she’d grown as a person and I loved that she’d kind of become more of herself. I could see the grey in her hair, reminded me we were all getting older, that we weren’t 20 anymore, but I kind of liked that she was so comfortable with herself that she didn’t feel the need to colour her hair. I liked that she was tall too, that she could look me straight in the eyes, which must mean she was about 5’10”, but I realised I’d never asked.

She reached forward to me, snagged an ice cube out of the bucket and popped it straight in her mouth, crunching it up.

“I want to touch your chest hair, but only if you’re okay with it.” She said to me. I loved that she was always so straight to the point, so clear about exactly what she wanted. Kate was great, I loved her, knew her, knew what she liked and when. But it had taken me nearly 20 years to get it right. Looking at Sarah right now, my heart was pounding. I could feel my cock getting harder by the second in anticipation.

“Touch me.” I commanded.

“I think you’ll find I’ll do exactly as I please.” The saucy minx grinned at me as she raised her hands to my bare chest. Feeling her finger glide slowly up over my nipples towards my shoulders was torture. kaçak iddaa Ticklish, sexy-as-fuck, torture. She’d stepped close to me, I could smell her. No perfume, no makeup, no deodorant, just the smell of her hair, of her. She was watching her hands slide ever so slowly up over my shoulders now. She bent her fingers a little and gently dragged her nails back down through my chest hair, back to the centre. I could hear her deep breathing, could see her breasts pushing against her dress as she stood there.

I grabbed her hips, pushed her against the kitchen wall and pushed my hips up against her.

“Can you feel what you’re doing to me? You’re impossible. This is craziness. Also, that was fucking sexy.” I could barely contain my desire. One slow touch and my mind had imploded.

“Let’s go give that lovely wife of yours her wine.” She smiled at me, grabbing the ice bucket and sauntering off to the sitting room. Doing exactly what she wanted it seemed.

“Fuck.” I muttered to myself. I was so fucking turned on. Tucking my hard-on behind the waistband of my shorts, I followed her.


Kate was sitting against me, tucked up against my legs. I wanted to run my hands all over her tiny manicured body. I could feel her silky legs, I wanted to touch her blow-dried hair, smell her perfume and taste her lips.

Sarah was amazing, she was really curvy, had a huge rack, she was tall and strong and flexible and really great in bed (and out of bed). She’d been blowing my mind for years now. We had an excellent sex life despite having two kids. But Sarah wasn’t really keen on day spa activities like waxing, and nail polish, and hair colour. I loved that she was herself, but variety is the spice of life right?

I was currently running my hand over her smooth, hair free legs and I could see the pink nail polish on Kate’s fingers and toes. She had this pink gloss on her lips and she was so tiny compared to Sarah. She was like this little shiny bundle of sexy innocence. I kept running my hand down the length of perfectly waxed legs and under the strap of her tank top. I ran my hand up to the top of her leg and paused with just the tip of my little finger under the hem of her shorts, right next to panties.

Without saying anything, Kate just grabbed my hand and moved it a centimetre more under her shorts and closed her eyes, encouraging me to keep touching her. I wasn’t even sure how we’d got here. One second Kate had been looking for a tissue, the next she was touching my chest, and after that she’d just sat down in the curve of my body and had this soft smile on her face. I’d put my hand on her shin and she’d just laid herself back on me and nodded. I slid my hand down her leg and back up over her tummy. Back and forth over her tummy, I ran my hand.

Pausing momentarily, I slid my hand under her top and up over her breast.

I heard the clinking noise of a wine bottle in a metal bucket and looked up into the eyes of my wife Sarah and then shifted my gaze over to James. Busted!


It took me less than a second to understand what was happening in the lounge. My long time friend Kate was enjoying my husband’s attention. I’d joked with Luke a bunch of times the only people I’d have a foursome with, was Kate and James. And he’d agreed, so what he was doing was not surprising.

Kate’s face was blushing, but she wasn’t getting up. Luke was dragging his hand off her breast.

I grinned at them. I put the wine and the ice bucket on the table. Turning to James, I grabbed his hand as I walked back to the kitchen and dragged him with me.

“Close your mouth and don’t say a word.” I ordered him.

“I think you’ll find I’ll do exactly as I please.” He said, winking at me. Smiling at him, we settled in at the dining table.

“What do you think is going to happen in there?” James asked me.

“Well…Luke is a very generous partner and if he goes with his usual routine, it would start with groping over her clothes. Then clothes off. Then he’ll start at the bottom and make his way up. Lots of oral sex and after she’s come a few times, he’ll do her any way she wants it.” I responded, sipping my wine. James just looked at me. I could tell he was thinking things over quickly.

“Is that how you like it?” James asked me, sipping his cider.

“Sure, it’s been working pretty well for me for the past 16 years. Sometimes though, it would be nice if he could be a bit more forceful or directive. You know what I mean? Kind of dominant.” I responded. I’d asked Luke a few times, but he was just too nice a person to be able to do it well.

“I can do that for you. Stand up, put your wine down and hold your hands behind your back. Tell me when to stop.” My pussy instantly got hot. Part of me wanted to just say no, but most of me just wanted live in the moment. Standing up, I put my wine down and clasped my hands behind me. James took a step right up close to me, reached his hand into the back of kaçak bahis my hair, grabbed a handful of hair firmly and tilted my head up. He licked slowly up from my collarbone to the corner of my jaw. I was breathing deeply, stunned by the intensity. He opened his mouth and bit my neck firmly. I could feel his erection again, pushing against my pubic bone.

Reaching down, he undid the tie on the side of my dress and took a step back to stare at my body and my lingerie.

“God, your body is a blessing to mankind. Look at those breasts.” He said to me, staring at my lacy bra. The bra was a miracle of engineering, cradling my bountiful boobs and highlighting their size and actually being supportive and comfortable.

“Turn around, put your hands on the bench and lean over. I want to see your arse.” He ordered me. I’d spoken with James about anal sex before and I knew it was not something Kate would ever try, but something that Luke and I did regularly.

Turning, I leaned on the bench, draping my dress to the side so James could see my arse through the sheer lace of my panties. He stepped in quickly, grabbed the sides of my panties and whipped them down. Squatting down a bit, he grabbed my arse, parting it slightly so he could run his tongue from my clit up over my rosebud. Gasping, I turned my head to see him. His attitude was super sexy, but if we were going where I thought we were going, lube was going to be required and it was always better for me with a vibrator for my clit.

James stood up, licked two of his fingers and slid them into my pussy, rubbing them against my g-spot. I was so ridiculously turned on. His dominance was sexy, the illicitness of the situation was sexy, James himself was sexy, and what he was doing was pushing literal buttons. He licked another finger and started playing with my arse, pushing his finger in a little and taking it out again. I was about a minute away from a g-spot orgasm that was likely going to have me squirting straight onto James’s hand. Surprise!

Just then I heard Kate moan. Just the thought of Luke eating her pussy pushed me over the edge of orgasm. My pussy clenched, once, twice and a little wetness exploded out onto James, my eyes rolling back as an orgasm raged through my body.

Laughing, he looked down at his wet hand and the panties around my ankle, “I didn’t expect that to happen. What do we do now?”

“I vote for lube, a vibrator and about five more orgasms.” I gave him a relaxed grin and grabbed a hand towel out of the drawer to clean up a bit.

“I have that present you gave us for our wedding anniversary that we’ve actually never used. But it’s in our bedroom, which is on the other side of the sitting room that Sarah and Luke are in…”


Luke was so intuitive. He could read my body like a book. He’d been touching me all over, running his hand up and down my legs, tummy and breasts, teasing, relaxing, and playing. Eventually, he’d started running his hand up under the edge of my shorts, and when he couldn’t get to where he wanted, he started running his hands over the fabric of my shorts, playing with the waistband and eventually slid his fingers between my thighs, rubbing my clit through the material of my shorts and panties.

“Ah, um, oh oh oh.” I whispered. James never seemed to understand what I wanted. I always got the feeling he was doing what he wanted. It was like Luke was reading my mind tonight. I loved being touched all over, loved a long slow warm up before getting down to business. It took me time to get in the right mood.

Holding my arm and looking me in the eye, Luke asked,

“Is it okay if I take your top and your bra off?” He was so sweet and caring. Just seconds ago, I’d been wishing he’d take things a little further and play with my breasts more. I walked to the light switch, turned it off, and walked back. Luke watched me like prey.

“Please.” I squeaked out. Luke sat up, gripped the bottom edge of my tank top and lifted it over my head, he reached behind me to undo my bra, but I pointed to the front clasp. He looked confused.

“Could you help me?” He asked, holding the two edges of the bra. I slid my thumb up behind the clasp and pushed forward, the two halves of my bra and my breasts falling out. Luke smiled at my breasts. He picked me up, sat me on his lap and massaged my breasts. Pinching my nipples, Luke leant forward to kiss me.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked. Fondling somehow seemed okay, but kissing seemed more intimate.

“I am if you are. I want to keep going, but only if you want me to.” Luke answered. He seemed happy to take his direction from me. I gently leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. He took over the kissing, tenderly playing his tongue over mine and groping my breasts while we kissed. Leaning back a little, he moved one of my nipples to his mouth and warmly sucked it. Groaning, I wanted to say ‘more’, but I didn’t want to be demanding. Luke took my non-verbal cue and sucked harder, gripping my nipple lightly with his teeth while pinching my other nipple. He then swapped breasts making me groan more.

I was well and truly wet. James never took this much time to pleasure me.

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