Dormroom Performance

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*Please, please, please give me feedback on the story. Tell me why it worked and what you would have rather seen. Why do I suck at writing? Why am I good. Thanks and enjoy!


Dana stumbled into her darkened dorm room. It was well past 1:00 a.m., late Saturday night. Melissa, Dana’s roommate, was a large pile of covers on the bottom bunk. Melissa’s boyfriend, Gary, was wedged in with her. The two of them on the twin bed almost made Dana laugh out loud.

Melissa and Dana were studies in opposites. Dana was 5’7, with red hair, and an athletic body. She was trim, in shape, and without being vain, she thought she was pretty. She worked hard to compete in diving and gymnastics for the school. Melissa, on the other hand, didn’t pay attention to personal hygiene. She was fat, greasy, and had a slight smell of garlic eminating from her body. Dana didn’t judge but Melissa made no effort to appear physically attractive.

And that led Melissa to Gary. Dana quietly took her shoes off as she glanced at the bed. Gary was a nice guy, but sloppy-fat and unpopular. She was sure he enjoyed video games and Mountain Dew. She watched him follow Melissa around like a puppy since she was probably the only girl who’d let him see her tits. Poor guy, she thought.

Dana breathed for a second, shoeless. Alcohol and other substances coursed through her and she felt relaxed and light-headed. She wasn’t wasted like last week but she was drunk and doing fine. She tiptoed to the closet to get her nightshirt.

Peering at the bed, she was about to pull her shirt off when she noticed Gary’s head. His neck was twisted at an unusual angle and he was facing her. Their room had a window that went out to a parking structure and light streamed in through the curtains. Dana saw a glint of pupil and was suddenly sure Gary was watching her. Melissa snored loudly, but he didn’t make any noise. The bastard was watching her get undressed!

A frown shot across her face. She wondered if he had done this possum trick before? Gary only spent a night or two during the semester. Alcohol made it tough for Dana to focus on remembering. Well, she would get dressed on the top bunk.

Or would she?

A smile slid across Dana’s face. Being roommates, Dana had seen Melissa in various stages of undress. Ick. So Gary would have seen the same body. Poor kid was only trying to improve beşiktaş escort his view. Dana had nice almost C-cup tits, a tight ass, nice abs and legs… She would have a little fun.

Heart beating a bit faster, she faced the closet, her back to Gary. She heard a sudden intake of breath between snores as she peeled her shirt off her body. She blamed her buzz but she was enjoying herself, a little turned on. Her skirt dropped to the floor and she stood in a black thong and a matching bra. Dana walked across the semi-dark room to her dresser, half her ass on display. She pulled out a long t-shirt and a fresh pair of underwear. She stole a glance toward Gary. He had quietly adjusted so he was still facing her. She turned her back to the bed and unsnapped her bra. It fell to the ground.

Topless, daring herself, Dana turned and walked toward the bed. She tossed the shirt and underwear on her top bunk. She turned from the bed and slid her thong off her hips and down her legs. She bent at the waist, putting her ass a foot away from Gary’s acne-covered face. She turned again and pretended to fix something on the bed. She stood fully naked in front of Gary. The bottom of her bunk cut off the top of her shoulders and her head, so she couldn’t see him. She slowly counted to ten, imagining his hands suddenly teasing her nipples.

8… 9… 10…

God, she thought, I’m dripping wet.

The next morning, she would blame the party. She kicked a leg up on mattress, next to Gary’s head, and ran her hands across her breasts. She slid one hand down her stomach. Pleasure thundered through her body when she grazed her clit. Dana had to grab a bedpost as she started rubbing. She ducked her head under the top bunk and looked at Gary. He wasn’t faking sleep any more.

“Sit up,” she whispered.

He sat up. Melissa continued to snore. He looked at her body, blushed, and looked down.

“You can look,” she whispered, tightness growing in her crotch, “Here.”

She took his wrist and put his hand on her breast. His entire 280-pound frame jerked at the contact. He pawed at her awkwardly.

Dana’s head reeled. She was masturbating furiously, naked in front of this fat, but nice, slob, and letting him touch her. The guy’s girlfriend was sleeping another foot away. Guys groped her at the party. She had all sorts of beşiktaş eve gelen escort chemicals in her. She imagined grabbing the back of Gary’s head and forcing his face to her pussy.

The orgasm hit and ripped through her entire body. Stars erupted inside her head and pleasure washed through her. She continued to rub her clit, riding the wave of tingling happiness.

It finally slowed, then stopped. She was trying not to gasp for breath. Gary sat, wide-eyed, staring at her. His dick was erect under his shorts. Dana stood in front of him, not putting on clothes, and ran her hand down his rolls of stomach to his crotch. She squeezed his dick through his shorts.

She leaned forward, her nipples grazing his hairless chest.

“Does Melissa jerk you off?” she whispered.

Gary panicked, looked behind him at the sleeping mound of girlfriend, and looked back at Dana, nodding.

“Once in a while,” he stammered, shaking slightly.

He was a little loud. Dana dropped to her knees as silently as possible as Melissa rolled over. Melissa cleared her throat.

“Why are you sitting up?” she asked, groggy.

“Bad dream,” Gary answered.

“You’re all sweaty and, like, shaky,” she responded. Dana heard rather then saw Melissa sit up. She was hidden behind Gary’s girth.

“You afraid the ghost in the closet’s gonna get you, pussy?” Melissa teased in a mean voice.


“Did my bitch roomie come home yet?” she asked. “She’s prolly still out, telling everyone how wonderful she is and shit.” Melissa hit the springs of the top bunk. “Nope, she ain’t here. Judgemental skank.”

Gary said nothing. Dana’s hand was still in his crotch. Melissa rolled back over and said something else in a mean tone. A half-minute later, she was sleeping.

Dana wanted to ask Gary what he was doing with a girl like that. She thought he wasn’t a bad guy and deserved better. Well, his dick was in her hand, so he was doing okay.

Snores began to build strength from Melissa’s side of the bed. Dana leaned near Gary’s ear.

“Just nod from now on, okay, honey?”

He nodded.

“Does she suck your dick?”

He shook his head.

“Has anyone sucked your dick?”

Another shake of the head.

“Want me to suck your dick?”

He paused, flicked his eyes toward beşiktaş grup yapan escort Melissa. A look of determination came over his face and he nodded firmly.

“Want me to make you come with my mouth?”

He nodded, resolute.

“Want me to swallow?”

Another nod.

She lowered herself to the floor, sliding her body along his. Kneeling in front of him, she cupped his balls and breathed on his cock. He was about five inches long and not very wide. Easy as pie.

She put her mouth on the head and looked up at him. His eyes locked on hers, fully concentrating. She slowly took more of his dick in her mouth. Her lips brushed his sparse pubes and his whole dick had disappeared. She stuck her tongue out and was able to lick the underside of his balls.

If all guys were this size, she thought, I could deepthroat anyone.

She pushed her face as far as possible into his crotch. She didn’t gag and she could breath. She slowly pulled her mouth off his dick, sucking lightly. She reached his head and again descended, taking all of him. She could suck a dick like this for hours.

She pulled off him and whipped her hair from one side of her head to the other. Guys loved the shampoo commercial look. She pulled on his calves and he scooted closer to the edge of the bed. His balls hung freely off the mattress. She licked his sack, sucking and nibbling. Her tongue worked further between his legs and licked his taint. Gary gave up watching and his head hung limp on his neck.

Dana came out from under him and licked and kissed his cock. She again took it in her mouth and started to suck him in earnest. Her head bobbed up and down and her tongue slid left to right, working the underside of his cock. She felt him tense and without missing a beat she placed his hand on the back of her head. Gary was a quick learner and pulled her head toward him. He shot his load, hips swaying. Dana’s mouth filled with thick cum and she swallowed quickly to keep up. She took several gulps of his seed before he slowed down. His body slumped over.

Dana wondered about a potential heart attack as she cleaned his slimy cock with her mouth. She licked and sucked the last of his mess off his dick. Maybe all that Mountain Dew and Doritos made his cum taste as sweet and sugary as it did. She shrugged, baffling at what just happened.

I’ll deal with it tomorrow, she thought. Or not. She pulled the shirt and underwear off her bunk. Dressing quietly, she looked at the snoring Melissa.

“Gary,” she whispered, “this is all just a dream.”

He nodded, a huge grin covering his face, and rolled over. Dana vaulted onto the top bunk and got under the covers with a smile of her own.

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