Don’t Tell Eric Ch. 04b

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NOTE: There isn’t a whole lot of description of sex in this chapter. It was written to advance the story for later chapters.


After leaving his mom’s house Saturday morning after making love to her on her birthday Friday night Eric drove over to his girlfriend Lisa’s house.


When Eric pulled up in front of Lisa’s house she was waiting on the front porch.

“Am I late?” Eric asked.

“No…I was just so excited about going up to your cabin for the weekend that I couldn’t wait inside. This was a great idea.” Lisa said.

“Have you got everything you need?” Eric asked.

“Right here.” Lisa said.

She patted the bag beside her.

“Well okay then…let’s get going.” Eric said.

Eric took her bag and put it in the truck. They got in the truck and headed out on the highway.

“I was really surprised when you said you wanted to go this weekend…isn’t it your mom’s birthday?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah it was yesterday. We did our thing last night with dinner and all.” Eric said.

“I figured you’d want to spend the weekend with her.” Lisa said.

“She had something planned for herself…some kind of special day.” Eric said.

“Oh so she’s going to a spa or something?” Lisa asked.

“Something like that…I’m not really sure what she’s doing. She’s the one that actually suggested that I make plans for the weekend. It seemed like the perfect weekend to get you up to the lake.” Eric said.

Lisa smiled.

“So are we really going to have the cabin to ourselves?” Lisa asked.

“Yep…it’s just gonna be you and me.” Eric said.

“So none of the guys will be there?” Lisa asked.

“No…why?” Eric asked.

“Because if that’s the case…and if you want to…we need to stop at Beth’s house.” Lisa said.

“Why?” Eric asked.

“Because if it’s just going to be you and me all alone at the cabin not only would it be the perfect for our first time together…it would also be the perfect time for me to do something else that I’ve wanted to try.” Lisa said.

“What do you want to try that involves Beth?” Eric asked.

“Have a 3-some with a guy and a girl. I figured you could be the guy and Beth could be the girl.” Lisa said.

Eric looked over at Lisa.

“A 3-some with you me and Beth? Are you serious?” Eric asked.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to try…this seems like the perfect chance. So…if you are interested I’ll give Beth a call.” Lisa said.

Eric looked at Lisa’s mischievous smile and took a hard right to turn at the next road to head towards Beth’s house. Lisa smiled and pulled out her cell phone and dialed.

“Hello.” Beth said.

“Beth…it’s Lisa…sorry to wake you but I think you’ll forgive me. I was talking to Eric…it is just going to be him and me at the cabin this weekend…unless you want to come along.” Lisa said.

“Did you tell him about our 3-some idea?” Beth asked.

“Yes and he nearly rolled his truck making a turn to come get you so I think he likes the idea. We’re about 10 minutes away.” Lisa said.

“Okay…I’ll be waiting out front.” Beth said.

A few minutes later Eric pulled up in front of Beth’s house; she was waiting at the curb. She threw a small bag into the truck and got in.

“Good morning Eric.” Beth said with a smile.

“Good morning. Anybody else we need to pick up?” Eric asked.

“Isn’t two of us enough?” Lisa giggled.

“I don’t know…I guess I’ll have to tell you that after I’ve had a chance to find out.” Eric said.

“Then let’s get to the cabin quickly…I want to hear the answer.” Beth said.

“My thoughts exactly.” Lisa said.

Eric sped off down the road headed for the cabin by the lake that his dad had built before Eric was born.

When Eric pulled up in front of the cabin the three of them got out of his truck. Lisa and Beth had never been to the cabin before so they looked around at the beautiful surroundings.

“Wow…this is beautiful. How long have you guys had this cabin?” Beth asked.

“We’ve had it since before I was born. My dad built it the summer that he turned 18…he lived here when he was going to college.” Eric said.

“The view of the lake is spectacular.” Beth said.

“Yes it is. My parents used to have a little sail boat that we’d go out on, but after my dad died my mom sold it. Well…come on inside.” Eric said.

They went into the small cabin.

“Is there just the one bedroom?” Beth asked.

“Yeah…it was built by a single man…he didn’t really have a lot of need for multiple bedrooms.” Eric said.

“We don’t karabağlar escort bayan more than just the one either.” Lisa said.

Beth giggled.

“No…not unless someone wants to actually get some sleep.” Beth said.

“So…have you two ever done anything like this before?” Eric asked.

“No…we’ve never done anything even remotely close to this before.” Lisa said.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” Eric asked.

“Not all the way.” Lisa said.

“Me neither. I was drunk at a party once and made out with Rachel and touched her boobs and stuff, but I’ve never done anything sober.” Beth said.

“Well then…this should be very interesting for all of us.” Eric said.

“So…um…how do we get started?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah…how do we start?” Beth asked.

Eric could see that both girls were really nervous…he knew that if it were going to happen he would have to take charge.

“Let’s start simple by stripping down to our underwear.” Eric said.

Eric quickly stripped to his boxers…the two girls hesitated before stripping to their bras and panties.

“There now…we’re off to a good start. I think now we should kiss.” Eric said.

Without waiting for her to respond he pulled Lisa to him and kissed him. He had kissed her before so he knew that she probably wouldn’t fight him. After kissing her for a minute or so he pulled away and looked at Beth.

“Your turn.” Eric said.

He pulled Beth to him gently and kissed her. She was hesitant at first, but then she melted into Eric’s kiss and started kissing him back. After a minute or so Eric pulled away from Beth.

“Okay…that just leaves the two of you.” Eric said.

Lisa and Beth looked at each other and moved in close to one another.

“Are we really going to do this?” Beth asked.

“Yes…you are.” Eric said.

He gently pushed them the last few inches so their lips met. They were both surprised by the contact between their lips so for a moment they didn’t move. Eventually they relaxed a little and gave themselves to the moment and to the kiss. They kissed for several minutes…exploring one another’s mouths with their tongues.

When they finally parted both of them were flushed red.

“There…that wasn’t so bad…was it?” Eric asked.

“That was…amazing.” Lisa said.

“Incredible.” Beth said.

“Are you both ready to take the next step?” Eric asked.

Lisa and Beth turned and look at him…hungry for his guidance. Eric smiled.

“Take your bras off.” Eric said.

The girls both still hesitated to shed more clothing, but they did it without a word.

“Okay…now come close together.” Eric said.

Lisa and Beth moved closer together.

“That’s great. Now…I want you touch each other’s breasts. Feel the differences. Beth…Lisa’s breasts are D cups…feel the weight of them. Lisa…Beth’s breasts aren’t nearly as large as yours, but her nipples are a good deal larger than yours…feel the difference.” Eric said.

As he was saying it he had his hands on one of the girls’ breasts. He moved his hands away and Lisa and Beth slowly raised their hands and began to touch the other girl’s chest.

“They’re so soft…and heavy.” Beth said.

“Your nipples are so pointed…with the shape of your breasts…they almost form a cone.” Lisa said.

They touched each other for a while.

“Now…one at a time I want you to use your mouths to explore one another’s breasts. You can kiss them like this.” Eric said.

He kissed Lisa’s breast.

“You can lick them like this.” Eric said.

He licked Beth’s breast.

“You can flick the nipples with your tongue like this.” Eric said.

He flicked Lisa’s nipple with his tongue.

“You can suck on the nipples like this.” Eric said.

He sucked on Beth’s nipple.

“You can gently nibble on the nipples like this.” Eric said.

He gently bit Lisa’s nipple.

“You can swirl your tongue around the nipples like this.” Eric said.

He swirled his tongue around Beth’s nipple.

“Do all of them if you want. Lisa…you go first.” Eric said.

Lisa leaned her head in and began kissing, licking, sucking, swirling, and nibbling on Beth’s breasts. After about 10 minutes Eric pulled Lisa away.

“Okay…Beth…it’s your turn.” Eric said.

Beth was really excited after what Lisa had done to her breasts so she was very energetic as she began using her mouth on Lisa’s large breasts.

“Now…you should take your panties off…wait…Lisa…you should take Beth’s panties off and Beth…you should take Lisa’s panties escort karabağlar off.” Eric said.

Beth moved to Lisa and slowly peeled her panties off then Lisa peeled Beth’s panties off.

“Okay…now…Lisa…lay on your back.” Eric said.

Lisa laid on her back.

“Now Beth…move over Lisa so that you can lower your pussy onto her mouth and bend down to lower your mouth to her pussy.” Eric said.

Beth moved into position.

“Okay…now you’ve both had guys lick your pussies before…do to each other what the guys have done to you.” Eric said.

The two girls began touching and licking each other’s pussies. They were both hesitant at first, but after a few minutes they both became more comfortable with what they were doing and they both got really into it.

Eric sat watching them as the two incredibly hot girls 69’d each other.

“That is so hot.” Eric said.

The two girls stayed in a 69 for almost an hour making each other cum several times. When they finally did stop they both sat looking at Eric.

“God that was incredible.” Lisa said.

“Yeah…what can we do now?” Beth asked.

“Well…I could do one of you from behind while you lick the other’s pussy.” Eric said.

“That sounds awesome. I’m going first.” Lisa said.

Lisa moved onto her hands and knees. Eric moved behind her to push his cock into her and Beth moved in front of her so that Lisa could lick her pussy.

Eric, Lisa, and Beth spent the rest of the weekend fucking each other in every combination. Sunday afternoon they headed home and Eric dropped the girls off before heading for his house.



It was a long drive up to the lake so around the time Eric and the girls were arriving up at the cabin on Saturday morning Amy’s guests were arriving at her house.

“Good morning Amy…Happy Birthday.” Troy said.

“Thank you Troy.” Amy said.

“Happy Birthday Amy.” Lucas said.

“Thank you Lucas.” Amy said.

“Happy Birthday.” Jeff said.

“Thank you Jeff.” Amy said.

“Happy Birthday.” Mike said.

“Thank you Mike.” Amy said.

“Happy Birthday Amy.” Kyle said.

“Thank you Kyle. Come on in guys…I’ve got the party room all ready to go upstairs.” Amy said.

They all headed upstairs to Amy’s bedroom.

“Okay…I know this is going to sound silly, but since this is my birthday party…and since you are all part of my present…I want to unwrap you.” Amy said.

The guys laughed.

“Sure no problem Amy…you can strip me out of my clothes if that’s what you want.” Jeff said.

“Yeah…after all…you’re the birthday girl.” Kyle said.

“Okay…I’m glad you guys are okay with it. I’m going to open my gifts one at a time and I guess I’ll just work my way around the room starting with Troy.” Amy said.

The other guys sat down and Amy started undressing Troy. Amy took her time undressing him running her hands all over his young firm body.

When Troy was completely naked Amy moved on to the next guy and one by one she unwrapped all 5 of her gifts. When all of the guys were naked Amy looked around the room and smiled.

“Boy…I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun unwrapping gifts.” Amy said.

“Yeah…and I bet the gifts enjoyed it just as much as you did.” Lucas said.

“Judging by how hard your cocks are I’d say you might have enjoyed it even more than I did. Now that you’re all…unwrapped….I feel a little over dressed. I always wondered what it would be like to do a strip tease dance. Will you guys tell me if I do a good job?” Amy asked.

“Absolutely…though we may be biased since it’s you and you’d look hot not matter what.” Mike said.

Amy was wearing a little sundress that buttoned down the front. She started slowly moving her body as she unbuttoned the dress giving the guys little peaks at her cleavage as she did. When the dress had been completely unbuttoned Amy let it fall to the floor. The guys whistled and cheered.

Amy danced around the room in her bra and panties. She danced in front of each of the guys giving each of them good close looks at her body. She reached behind her back and released her bra. She let it fall to the floor and danced around the room rubbing her breasts on each guy’s face.

Amy danced her way into the middle of the room and started wiggling out of her panties. When she had pulled them all the way off Amy twirled her panties around on her finger and then she shot them like a rubber band at Lucas who she knew had a thing for panties.

“So…what karabağlar escort did you guys think? Could I make it as a stripper?” Amy asked.

“HELL YES!!!” The 5 guys say together.

Amy clapped her hands together.

“Okay…who’s ready to get started?” Amy asked.

All 5 guys sprang to their feet.

“I see you’re all very eager…I like that. I’ll start with Lucas, Kyle, and Troy…Jeff and Mike you’ll just have to wait for a few minutes. It’s the same deal as last time…I want 3 hard cocks in me as much as possible.” Amy said.

“Well we’re all more than ready to give that you Amy.” Jeff said.

Over the next several hours Lucas, Kyle, Troy, Jeff, and Mike fucked Amy as much as they possibly could in her every orifice. When they were all too exhausted to continue they slept scattered around Amy’s bedroom.

After a few hours of sleep they started again. The guys left late Saturday night and Amy was exhausted. Amy spent most of the day Sunday laying on the couch resting.

Sunday evening Amy was opening a bottle of wine when Eric walked in.

“Oh you’re home…great…I was just about to call you to see how far out you were. Dinner’s almost ready…do you want wine or would you rather have soda?” Amy asked.

“Wine sounds good.” Eric said.

Eric hugged and kissed his mom.

“Well…I take it by your good mood that your weekend went well.” Amy said.

“It was awesome.” Eric said.

“So you ended up getting into Lisa’s panties huh?” Amy asked.

“Oh yeah, but not just her…her friend Beth too.” Eric said.

“Lisa and Beth? I thought you were only planning on taking Lisa up to the cabin.” Amy said.

“So did I, but when I picked Lisa up Saturday morning she asked if it was just the two of us. I said that it was and she said that if it was just the two of us then it would be the perfect time for her to try something she’d wanted to try for a while. That something she wanted to do was have a 3-some with Beth and me.” Eric said.

“Oh my…so you went from not having had sex with Lisa…to having sex with her and her friend in the same weekend. It sounds like she even had it planned in advance huh?” Amy asked.

Eric laughed.

“Not really…she had an idea in place…not a plan. They were both excited about it on the way up there, but once we got up to the cabin they both froze…they didn’t know what to do.” Eric said.

“Let me guess…you helped them through it by telling them what to do.” Amy said.

“You bet your ass I did…I had to protect my first 3-some…who knows when or if I’ll ever get another chance. They were willing to do it…they just needed to be told what to do and how to do it.” Eric said.

“Which you were more than happy to do for them. You always have been a very helpful little boy.” Amy said with a smile.

Eric just smiled.

“So…how’d you do it? Did you have sex with them both individually first while the other watched and then get them both involved? Or did you have them do each other first and then you got involved once they were comfortable with each other?” Amy asked.

“The second one. I figured it would be easier for me to give them instructions if I wasn’t involved right away and it would be easier for them to get their first girl on girl experience out of the way right away. Besides…telling two hot chicks like that to suck each other’s tits and take each other’s panties off…well…that was an experience that every young man probably wants to have at least once. I know I won’t be forgetting it any time soon.” Eric said.

“So you told them what to do? Take your clothes off…touch her breasts…lick her pussy…that kind of stuff?” Amy asked.

“Yeah…for the first hour or so I was telling them what to do as I guided them through their first lesbian experiences. By the end of the weekend however they were all over each other.” Eric said.

“I bet that after an hour of watching 2 naked chicks fuck each other you were about ready to burst.” Amy said.

“If it hadn’t been for what we did Friday night I probably wouldn’t have made it. As it was I was able to control myself and I was ready to go at the same time they were. So how was your gangbang?” Eric asked.

“It was great. It doesn’t compare to Friday night, but having more cocks than I could take at one time was wonderful. As soon as one guy would cum someone else would take his place. It was one long continuous fuck.” Amy said.

“Well…I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. It sounds like we both had great weekends.” Eric said.

“Yes it does. It also sounds like we’re both exploring a lot of new sexual territory this summer.” Amy said.

“Well there’s a wide world of sex out there just waiting to be explored. I’m just getting started and you haven’t been active since dad died…so there’s a lot of things we can both experience both together and with others this summer.” Eric said.

Amy smiled.

“Sounds good to me.” Amy said.

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