Doctor’s Incestuous Family Chapter 7: Sexy Incestuous Plans

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Doctor’s Incestuous Family
(An Incestuous Harem Story)
Chapter Seven: Sexy Incestuous Plans
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Dr. Bernice Wilson

“I need to talk to you,” I said to my nineteen-year-old son, and lover. My heart thudded beneath my breasts. The last three weeks had been so intense, even with all the drama of my youngest daughter lying about her affair with a married professor at her college.

A married teacher who knocked the little homewrecker up!

“Sure, Mom,” James grinned. He was such a handsome, young man. Strong and fit, his hair dark, chin chiseled, and his blue eyes piercing.

He rose from the couch where he sat with his sister, Jenny. She looked so innocent in her pink tights and knee-length skirt, her brown hair held back by her headband. No different from any other naive and innocent eighteen-year-old girl. But it was all an act. She dressed like a slut on the weekend, wearing old clothes that molded to her body, forgetting her bra and panties, teasing poor James.

But he was a smart enough boy not to touch such a slut.

“What are you talking about?” Jenny asked, her eyes glancing at me, narrowing.

“I need your brother to…for a favor,” I said, thinking fast. It was an excuse I had used a lot over the last three weeks. I had him go out with me under the guise that I needed a “man” with me at the hardware store or the sporting good store. Then we’d park like teenagers and fuck. I would say anything to let me get my pussy around his cock.

I loved feeling my son in me.

She gave me such a look, like I was stealing her boyfriend or something. Shameless hussy. I gave her a look back and demanded, “Did you clean the bathroom?”

“Yes, Mom.” She twisted her lips. “James even inspected it. I know you trust him.”

James sighed, shaking his head. He hated our fighting. “Come on, Mom. Let’s talk.”

I took him upstairs, my stomach twisting. I couldn’t believe this had really happened. I was scared and strangely excited all at the same time. I had no idea how he’d react to my news. Would he be happy or horrified?

He did get off on the idea of breeding me. It was so much fun to roleplay. It just wasn’t supposed to happen.

“What is it, Mom?” James asked. He reached out, grabbing my hips and turning me around. He pressed me against the hallway wall. The TV show Jenny watched echoed from below. James loved taking chances.

Sometimes the idea struck me he wanted Jenny to catch us. I tried to stop him, but the risk made the sex even hotter.

I shuddered as his hand slid up my skirt. “Huh? What did you want to ‘talk’ about, Mom? Your hot, wet, naughty cunt?”

His hand slid higher up my thigh, caressing my flesh. Ripples of heat washed up me. My nipples hardened. My pussy clenched. My hips shifted from side-to-side. I groaned as he reached my panties, rubbing against them.

“No,” I panted, grabbing his wrist, trying to push him away. He was strong, eager. “I’m…pregnant.”

James blinked. His hand froze. “What? Really?”

I nodded my head, staring at his blue eyes. They were shocked. “It’s been a week since I missed my period. My hCG levels are elevated. You…knocked me up.”

“Damn,” James groaned, his fingers rubbing at my panties again. “I thought you had that implant.”

I absently brushed my arm, feeling the metal Nexplanon implant beneath the skin. It should have lasted another two years. “Nothing’s a hundred percent.”

“Mmm, so I bred you,” he grinned, sounding so proud.

“Yes,” I groaned as he rubbed again at my panties, pushing the cloth against my pussy lips.

“We have to tell Jenny.”

“No!” I hissed. “I need to think. Figure this out. She’s going to…”

“Call you a huge slut?” James finished. “Treat you like you’ve been treating her?”

I flinched at his harsh words. I hated how I reacted when I was around Jenny. I didn’t understand why. There was just something about my daughter now that made me so catty. Especially when I saw her around James. Maybe I was…afraid he would find her sexier than me. She was younger, her body fresh and innocent. Men liked their women young, new.

And I had opened James’s eyes to incest. If his sister offered, and the way she was acting I sometimes thought she was, he would take it and wouldn’t need me. I couldn’t lose my son. I loved him so much.

And Jenny was a proven homewrecker. She was lying about my grandchild’s father for a reason. To protect him. He had to be married. And it had to be a teacher at her school. I knew she was having sex. I found her panties still stained with cum from time to time, like she was flaunting it, throwing it in my face.

Little slut.

“We have to tell her something,” James said. “I say the truth. Let’s go downstairs, tell her that I—”

“No!” I hissed, my heart hammering. “What we do is illegal, James. She’ll tell the police. I just need to…say I met a guy.”

“Lie? Then she’ll think you’re a homewrecker, too.”

“Well, she’s lying about her lover!” I hissed, hands clenching. “At least mine’s not married.”

James sighed, muttering something beneath his breath.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing.” He pulled away from me. “This is just all fucked up. This is not the way I want it. I want us to be a loving family.”

“Tell your sister to start telling the truth.”

“You’re not,” he accused. “Fuck, I need to think.”

My son headed down the stairs. I shivered, my heart beating. I rubbed at my stomach. This was all messed up. Why did the implant have to fail? Now it was all so…serious. What would James do? He had that girlfriend of his he refused to tell me about. I was sure she was an older woman, like me. Maybe one of his teachers at school. She had definitely taught him a few naughty tricks. He loved using them on me. It made me so jealous that he was still seeing her and that made me so eager to be as naughty as possible.

And there was Jenny, temptation wrapped in innocent tights. James had to notice her teasing. I couldn’t lose another man to a younger woman.


James Wilson

Learning my mom was pregnant only solidified my need to talk to someone, to get advice. I needed to get both my women on board. But how? They were both so jealous of the other. I could see it in the way they acted around me, getting so catty, both trying to out slut the other while clawing each other’s metaphorical eyes out.

What if they couldn’t share me? What if I had to choose? And they were both pregnant. I didn’t want to fucking choose. It was like being asked to choose which nut I wanted to lose.

I wanted them both.

My destination was a three-story tall house, gray with mauve trim, sitting on a quiet, suburban street about a fifteen minute walk from our house. I had been here only a handful of times, so I was glad I remembered where it was. A large chestnut tree in the front yard had the lawn littered with broad, orange and brown leaves, half-obscuring the walkway to it. My stomach writhed. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

But he was the only person I could talk to about this.

I marched up to the front door and rang the bell. It gong through the house. Inside, I heard sounds of movement and several shouts. Footsteps slapped bare across the floor and then the door yanked open and a lanky, tall girl in tight jogging shorts and a sports bra cupping her small breasts appeared, her black hair cut short in a pixyish bob.

She gave me a grin. “I know you. You fucked your sister in the library a few weeks ago.”

My cheeks burned.

“Lee,” another girl said. “Don’t be rude, you dumb slut.” The second girl was blonde, holding an infant in her arm, the front of her blouse open, a round breast exposed, milk beading the nipple.

I flushed at the sight. She was Melody, Clint’s cousin and one of his girlfriend’s.

“Hi, James,” Melody smiled, the older girl motioning me in. “What do you…um…? Why are you here?”

My mother was the gynecologist to Melody and Lee’s mother, Vicky Samuels, who also happened to be my history teacher. Sometimes, our families socialized. The last time I had been in the house was for the wake for Melody’s uncle, Clint’s dad, almost two years ago.

“Well… I need to talk to Clint.”

“Already fucked things up with Jenny,” laughed Lee.

Melody gave her younger sister a look. “You are being a brat to our guest. I want you in the corner with a vibrator shoved in your cunt for thirty minutes. No cumming.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lee said, her shoulders sagging. She pulled off her jogging shorts, hopping along on one foot as she struggled to get it off. I stared at her exposed, toned ass on her stumbling way to the corner. She almost fell getting the stretchy shorts off her feet but held her balance.

Melody shook her head, muttering, “…break her dumb neck…”

My cock hardened. Lee’s punishment, and her reaction, was so…casual. And sexual. My cheeks warmed. Lee snagged a vibrator off a coffee table—there were more than a few sex toys scattered throughout the living room—and put her face into the corner like a little girl in timeout.

Though no littler girl shoved a thick vibrator into her cunt and turned it on to full. Her body shook as it buzzed in her cunt.

Melody gave me an apologetic smile. “She gets so bratty when she’s in a good mood. Clint tries to break her of it, but she saw her baby on the ultrasound today and has been unbearable.”

“It’s antalya escort bayan fine,” I said, trying not to look at Melody’s exposed breast.

“I’ll go get Clint,” she smiled. “He should be finished with Alicia and Pam by now.”

“Finished…” Then I blushed. “Oh.”

Melody giggled. “For a guy banging his sister, you are shy about incest.”

They knew. Right. Jenny and Alicia were friends now. And it appeared Alicia had been talking to her family.

I stood in the living room, squirming, watching Lee out of the corner of my eye. Her naked ass wiggled. The base of the dildo jutted out between her thighs, her juices dribbling down it. Her fingernails scratched at the wall as she let out a frustrated moan.

“It’s the worst,” she groaned. “I love cumming so much. Everyone knows it. I like being spanked far too much for that to work.”

I had no idea what to say to that.

Clint appeared a few minutes later wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, his face flushed. He was two years older than me, the cool senior with two girlfriends that every guy in school was jealous of. He was a few inches taller than me, his hair a little darker. He moved with such a confident swagger. And why not, he had just fucked his little sister and his Asian girlfriend.

“So, this is weird,” Clint said, walking by me towards the kitchen. “You coming here.”

“I just… I need to talk to someone. I need advice.”

“Everyone is coming to me for advice,” he laughed. I blinked at that, wondering who else when he asked, “What about?”

I followed him into the kitchen where he opened the refrigerator and pulled out a Gatorade. I bet he needed his electrolytes with all the women in his house he must be fucking. He stared at me as he took a deep drink, waiting.

“You’re just the only guy I know that’s…”

“Fucking his sisters, mom, and aunt?” Clint asked.


“So, you want to move onto your mom,” Clint grinned. “I saw her today. She is looking hot. She was practically glowing when she gave Lee her ultrasound and…” He trailed off. “Damn, you are already fucking her.”

I nodded.

“It’s such a treat being in the very pussy that birthed you again,” Clint said, leaning back. “Feeling her around you.”

“Yeah,” I nodded. “But the thing is… They don’t know that I’m fucking the other. And… Well, they’re both so jealous of each other. They’re fighting and it’s driving me nuts. I just…”

“Want to fuck them both at the same time.” Clint bit his lip. “And you don’t know how to do it.”

“I promised them both I wouldn’t tell the other.” I groaned. “They just both looked at me and…”

“And you wanted to make them happy, so you agreed to it.” He took a long drag of his Gatorade then swirled the bottle around in his hand. “You need to get them both in the same place at the same time. Both there for the same reason: to fuck you.”

“I’ve been trying. But they’re both so afraid the other will find out, they shut things down if there’s even a chance of being caught. I was hoping it would happen, but…”

“Are they up for threesomes?”

“I don’t know. I made a joke about it to Jenny, but she didn’t seem all that…receptive.”

Clint bit his lip. “You’ve knocked up Jenny. So she’ll be eager to keep the relationship. So you need to find out about your mom. See how it excites her.”

“How?” I asked.

Clint grinned. “Do you know their panty size?”


Dr. Bernice Wilson

The hot, wet licking dragged me out of my dreams.

I opened my eyes into the darkness of my bedroom. It was an hour before I normally woke up according to my alarm clock. And I didn’t care. My thighs tightened about my son’s head as he devoured my pregnant pussy. I was so glad I told him yesterday. He was so calm when he came back from his three hour walk.

Jenny and I had both been driving each other wild until then. I was so worried, and she was being a little bitch.

“James,” I groaned, glad he was licking my pussy. “Oh, Mommy loves it when her big, strong son surprises her in bed.”

He only let out a hungry growl as he dived back into my pussy. He sucked on my pussy lips. I shuddered, grinding my cunt against his hungry mouth. His tongue slid through my folds, sending delight rippling through me. My hands slid up my body, covered in my nightgown, and squeezed my large breasts.

I groaned louder, so glad Jenny’s bedroom was on the other side of the house. My bed creaked as I writhed. The juices flowed right into James’s hungry mouth. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back into my head as he licked and lapped through my hot folds. His tongue brushed my clit.

I jumped, gasped.

“Oh, yes! Mommy’s big, strong son is so hungry for her pregnant cunt.”

“I bred this cunt,” he growled, sounding so proud.


I squirmed, growing so hot. I humped against him, smearing my pussy on his face. His tongue dived through my folds, probing deeper and deeper while his hands slid between my ass and the sheets, cupping my butt-cheeks. His hands were so big.

And it was true what they said about boys with big hands.

My pussy clenched, eager to be filled by his cock after he had pleasured me. His nose brushed my clit as he rooted his tongue into my depths. He lapped through my folds, stirring them up. The pleasure built so fast.

I squeezed my big breasts. In eight or so months, my milk would start coming in. And then I could nurse my big, strong son again. I shuddered, eager for that intimate moment. My body convulsed as the thrill of our incestuous affair burned so hot through me.

“Mommy loves her big, strong son,” I moaned, my body shuddering, the pressure building.

His tongue flicked my clit.

My orgasm detonated.

Incestuous delight rippled out of my pregnant pussy. It washed through my body. My hands squeezed my tits while my juices flooded into his hungry mouth. He groaned, drinking my juices, his tongue sliding through my folds, drinking up every drop of my cream. He loved it. I could tell. He savored the sweet delight of my pussy juices.

I shuddered and spasmed on the bed, groaning through my teeth as the rapture burned so hot through my mind. The fire’s heat peaked. I gasped, heaving a final time, then collapsed back on the bed, James squeezing my butt-cheeks.

“Oh, yes, that was sooooo good,” I moaned. “Now I need your big, hard cock in me.”

“Yes,” James growled, rising up my body. He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy then rammed it in me.

I shuddered, my pussy embracing my son’s cock. He was back where he belonged: inside me. A small orgasm rippled through me, my pussy writhing about his cock as he drew back. I whimpered in delight, his strong body over mine, my nipples throbbing against the thin cloth of my nightgown, aching to touch his skin without any intervening barriers.

He kissed me. I loved my sweet musk staining his lips. It was such a naughty treat. I humped and writhed against him. He broke the kiss, groaning as he fucked me, his hands still squeezing my ass. That wonderful cock speared so deep into me, churning my pussy to a hot froth.

“Yesterday, I saw my girlfriend when I went out on my walk,” James said.

My pussy clenched, jealousy surging.

“And I told her all about fucking my mother. And breeding her.”

My eyes widened. “James! You promised.”

“Not to tell Jenny,” he groaned, his hips thrusting harder and harder. “And, Mom, my girlfriend thought it was so hot that I’m fucking you.”

“Really?” I asked, shuddering, my thighs tightening about his cock. I humped against him.

“Yes,” he groaned, slamming that dick over and over into me. “She came so hard on my dick. It excited her so much, she sent a gift.”

“What?” I asked, trembling. Why did this turn me on so much? I wanted him all to myself. And yet…the idea that another woman craved him made me so hot.

I made him. I made this women-pleasing stud.

“It’s a surprise,” he groaned, slamming harder and harder. “Have to wait until we’re done.”

“Yes,” I moaned, humping harder, grinding my clit into his pubic bone as he plowed his cock over and over into my pussy.

My hot depths embraced him. My next orgasm swelled so fast as his cock churned me. The friction burned through my body. He slammed his huge cock into me so fast, so hard. He was so much a better lover than my asshole ex-husband.

My fingernails bit into his back as I moaned, holding him tight to me. Our flesh slapped together. The bed creaked so loud. I loved the sounds as much as the union of our bodies. I kissed him again, tasting myself on him.

What would another woman taste like on his lips?

I bucked hard as my orgasm exploded through my body. I gasped at the sudden shock. It came over me so fast. My pussy spasmed about his cock, eager for more of his cum to spill into my pregnant pussy. My thighs clenched about his hips.

James broke the kiss. “That makes you so hot, huh?”

“Yes!” she hissed. “It does!”

“I bet you want to meet her,” James growled, slamming so hard into my spasming depths.

“Yes!” I howled without thought, the rapture boiling my mind. it drove me wild. “Cum in me!”

James’s cock slammed into the depths of my spasming cunt. He grunted. His balls smacked my taint. And then they unloaded into me. I shuddered, my orgasm intensifying as his incestuous seed pumped into my depths.

I clutched so tight to my son as his cum filled me. There was so much escort antalya jizz pumping into me. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. I loved him spurting into me so much. I loved this moment, this union of our flesh.

It was heavenly.

“James,” I moaned. “I love you. Even if you have a girlfriend.”

“Good,” he groaned, rubbing his forehead on me. “I love you, too, Mom. Just like I love her. I love you both the same.”

I shivered. “You are just trying to drive me wild with jealousy.”

He laughed. “Maybe.” He kissed me. “Mmm, but it makes you so eager to please.”

“Always. I’m just a slave to your big cock. Mommy loves it so much.” I clenched my pussy on his softening girth.

“Now let me grab your surprise. I left it on the dresser.” He slid out of me.

I noticed the small, pink Victoria Secret bag on the dresser. He handed it to me, his cum trickling out of my pussy. “I want you to wear it all day, trapping my cum in them. I wanted them soaked when I see you tonight.”

I opened the bag and pulled out a dark-red pair of panties, made of such delicate lace with ruffles around the waistband.

“Yes,” I moaned, pulling on the panties right away, trapping his cum in me. “Good thing I showered last night.”

“Good thing,” James agreed. “Love you, Mom.”

“Mmm, love you,” I purred.

We kissed and then he slipped out of my room. I felt so sexy in my new panties. All day, his cum would be in me. I shivered, feeling like the naughtiest mommy who ever lived. Even naughtier than Cheryl, and she let her daughters and nieces fuck her son.


Jenny Wilson

The moment Mom was out the door, James bent me over the breakfast table. We had fifteen minutes before we had to catch the city bus to take us to our college. It was our morning ritual now, a hot quickie to start the day. I was so glad Mom had to leave before us.

Though sometimes I wished she could stay and watch me be a slut in action. A slut for my older brother.

But it would give the old prude a heart attack. Her shriveled cunt wouldn’t know what to do with a cock. It was the real reason she was so angry with me. I was having fun, and she knew it. She was so jealous.

“James!” I gasped as he pulled my pink tights and panties down my legs and off my feet, popping my shoes off in the process. “What are you doing?”

“I have a surprise for you,” he said. Then he dropped a Victoria Secret bag on the counter before me. “A new pair of panties for you to wear after we fuck. I want them trapping my cum in all day.”

“Oh, James, that’s so wonderful,” I moaned as his cock rubbed at my wet pussy. I grabbed the bag, pulling out the panties as he sank into my cunt.

I shuddered at the sight of the skimpy, bright-pink thong he bought me. It was a T-back that would make me feel so naughty wearing it under all my innocent clothing. Only my brother knew what a slut I was, just the way I wanted it.

“I love it, James,” I squealed as he pumped his cock in and out of my cunt, stirring me up. My juices dribbled down my thighs as he drove into me, his balls slapping into my clit.

“Glad you like it,” James groaned. “My girlfriend chose it.”

My pussy clamped down hard on his dick. “Your what?”

He did not just say that word.

“My girlfriend,” he groaned, working his cock so hard and deep into my pussy. I shuddered, looking over my shoulder at my big brother. “And she thinks it is hot I am fucking my little sister.”

“Hot?” I asked, my heart racing. “You’re…cheating on me?”

“Not cheating,” he groaned, the friction burning in my pussy as his thick cock reamed my pregnant depths. “I love you.”

“And…that makes it okay?”

“Well, I can’t date you in public, can I?” James asked, sensations rippling out of my cunt. “I need a girl, too. People will start to talk. I’m not nerdy enough to be a virgin.”

“But…” I bit my lip. It was so hard to think with his cock stirring me up. “A girlfriend. What about me?”

“I told you,” he groaned, working that wonderful dick over and over into my pussy. “She’s cool with it. It makes her wet. She wants to get together.”

“What?” I groaned. “Who is it?”

“That’s a surprise,” he groaned. “Damn, you are so tight. I love fucking your pussy.” He grabbed my butt-cheeks, spreading them apart. “And your ass is so tight. She lets me fuck her ass, too.”

My heart beat so fast as the pleasure rippled through my body. What should I do? What if I objected and told him he could have no other girl? Would he abandon me for this other girl? A girl he could date in public. A girl he could even marry. Have kids he could acknowledge. Give him things that I couldn’t. A life together. And what did that leave me?

Would I just be his lover? And only if I let him see this other girl and… have a threesome with them.

Alicia loved having sex with her sisters and Clint. She said it was so hot to share her big brother, to lick his cum out of a girl’s pussy, to feel her tongue lapping through her messy folds. A hot shudder ran through me.

“I…” I opened my mouth, James’s hands still playing with my ass. “You can fuck my ass, Clint. You know I’ll do anything for you. I love you.”

“I love you,” James said. “So much. And I love her. I love you both. Do you believe that?”

“Yes,” I moaned. Clint loved Melody, Alicia, and Pam the same. It wasn’t impossible. “I just…”

“Wanted to be selfish?” James asked as he pulled his cock out of my pussy and slid it up through my butt-cheeks, smearing my cream along the way.

“Yes!” I moaned as he rammed into my asshole.

His cock, greased by my juices, slid in so deep. My bowels clenched around him as he worked his cock over and over into my asshole. The table creaked. I shuddered, the burning friction in my bowels igniting a fire my cunt. My orgasm swelled as I pictured the other girls at school, wondering who he could be fucking.

Maybe it was Michelle Young. Her father was James’s soccer coach, and she liked to help out with the team. She was his age, and so cute with her flaming red hair. She was so precocious. Or it could be Carmelita, the sexy Hispanic girl that all the boys drooled over, or her little sister Juana who was in my English class. Carmelita was a Junior, an older girl, just the thing that might attract James’s interest. Or maybe it was Maria Reenburg. She was James’s partner in his science class.

It was so hot imagining James fucking those girls. My bowels clenched around his cock. I clutched the thong in my hand as juices dribbled down my thighs. I shuddered, bucking my hips back into my brother’s thrusts.

“Who is it?” I moaned.

“It makes you hot, huh?” James asked, leaning over me, ramming his cock so deep and hard into my bowels. I loved it.

“Yes!” I groaned. “I don’t know why, but… Yes!”

“Good,” he groaned. “I want you thinking about it all day. Your pussy growing so hot wondering who she is.”

“You’re so bad,” I groaned, shuddering, my bowels clenching on his dick. “Oh, fuck, cum in my ass, big brother! I want to feel you in me all day long!”

“Just like she does,” he groaned, thrusting so hard, his balls smacking over and over into me. The burning friction in my asshole boiled my pussy.

I came.

My bowels writhed about my big brother’s cock. I groaned as he kept plunging into my depths. Juices gushed hot down my thighs, perfuming the air with my tart musk. I shivered, James groaning at the pleasure racing through him.

He rammed so deep and hard into me, the table creaking. I shuddered, my mind consumed with incestuous rapture. And then his cock erupted. He fired into my bowels’ depths. My impregnated pussy spasmed harder as I savored his cum in me. I stared at the thong. I would wear it all day, letting it soak with his cum. It would be so naughty.

And then mom could wash it and know I had been a slut again. I didn’t bother hiding it from her any longer. What was the point? She already thought the worst of me. And it made me so hot every time I dropped a pair of cum-crusted panties into the hamper bin.

She had no idea it was James’s jizz on them.


James Wilson

“Still wearing those panties?” I asked Jenny about ten minutes before Mom should get home from work.

“Of course,” she grinned, wiggling her hips as she stood in our living room, evening darkening the window behind her. “And your fresh load has leaked out of my pussy and really soaked them.”

We had fucked when we got home from school an hour ago. “Good,” I grinned. “I need them. My girlfriend wants to see the proof.”

Jenny shivered. She bit her lips. “That’s really…”


“Messed up,” She finished as she peeled down her pink tights and the pink thong I had given her this morning. “What are you up to?”

I grinned at her as she handed over the thong. It was soaked in my cum and her juices. It was such a sodden mess.

She shook her head at me. “I’m going to Alicia’s to study. Her older sister’s picking me up.”

“Melody?” I could still see her milk-laden breast in my mind.

“Zoey. The eldest.”

“Oh, yeah. I heard she was a lesbian. There were all sorts of rumors about her and Stefani.”

“Oh, she is,” Jenny grinned. “But they also both fuck Clint.”

“Damn,” I groaned.

She bit her lip. “You want me and…your girlfriend… Together?”

I nodded my head.

A car horn honked. Jenny pulled up her pink tights and put on her antalya escort shoes. I gave her a kiss, then she was off to Alicia’s, out of the way for a few hours. Clint had promised he would order Alicia to invite Jenny over so the plan could proceed.

And then, a few minutes later, Mom came home right on schedule.


Dr. Bernice Wilson

I gasped as my son grabbed me the moment I opened the front door. He kissed me hard, pressing me against the wall. I shuddered, my heart racing with a mix of fear and exhilaration, my hips writhing. My panties were soaked from wearing them all day, his cum slowly trickling out along with my juices.

It was so exciting examining patients while my son’s jizz filled me.

“James,” I gasped when he broke the kiss, panting for breath. “Jenny’s home, she might—”

He shoved a pair of panties, a hot-pink thong, into my hand as he broke away. They were covered in cum. The style was something that Jenny would wear. Only I didn’t recognize this pair of panties. They weren’t one of hers.


“I fucked my girlfriend before school and after school,” he grinned. “And she wanted you to have her panties. They are dripping in my cum.”

My eyes widened. A hot shudder ran through me as he pulled me into the living room. I stumbled in my heels as he reached the back of the couch and pushed me over it. My bleached-blonde hair dangled towards the cushion. His hands grabbed my ass as I stared at the thong. His cum coated the skimpy cloth, fresh and creamy, so white. And the smell… Salty and tart.

His girlfriend’s pussy.

“James,” I gasped as he hiked my skirt, exposing the dark-red panties he gave me this morning. He stroked my crotch, feeling how juicy I was. “We can’t. Jenny’s home!”

“She just went over to a friend’s house to study,” he said. “We can do whatever we like.”

I shivered. “You mean she’s seeing that teacher she’s fucking!”

“She’s at Alicia’s. Her older sister Zoey picked her up just five minutes ago. Not a creepy teacher. Okay?”

Maybe Clint was the father of her baby…

James ripped my panties to the side and slammed his cock into my pussy. I gasped, clenching down on them, my hand squeezing the cum-stained panties. I shuddered, loving him in me as I stared at the thong.

“Lick them, Mom,” he groaned. “Taste my cum with another girl’s pussy juices staining them.”

“Oh, god,” I panted as he plowed into me, stirring my pussy to a hot froth. “James… That’s…”


“Yes!” I hissed and shoved the panties into my face.

I inhaled, breathing in the intoxicating scent of tart pussy and my son’s salty cum. I shuddered, my pussy clenching so hard on his dick plunging over and over into me. Heat rippled out of me as I rubbed the panties on my face, smearing the cum on my lips, breathing in the tart musk. It was so hot. Another girl wore these panties.

And fucked my son.

My tongue licked out, sliding across the narrow band, gathering the tart-flavored cum. Another hot shudder ran through me as I licked again and again. I humped back into him, the couch creaking, my big breasts bouncing in my bra as he plowed me.

“That’s it,” he growled. “I knew you’d like it. Lick it all up, you naughty mommy!”

“Yes,” I moaned into the panties, loving the wet feel on my face. I lapped at the cloth, sliding up the crotch. There was so much cum. I reached older jizz. It tasted sour. I recognized that flavor, too. “You fucked her asshole?”

“Uh-huh,” he growled and ripped his cock out of my pussy, slid it upward past my taint, and pressed between my butt-cheeks. “She deserves the same treat.

I moaned, lapping my son’s cum infused with his girlfriends’ sour ass while his dick slammed into my bowels. He slipped in so easily. I shuddered, loving my asshole being reamed by his big, strong dick. I loved everything James did to me.

My tongue slathered across the crotch, cleaning up every nasty drop of his cum and her juices. My bowels clenched on James’s dick as he rammed in so fast, so hard. My pussy clenched, juices dripping out, soaking the crotch of my panties.

He was going to give these to her. She would lick his cum infused with my pussy and asshole.

I groaned, my back arching, bucking back into my son. He was such a naughty stud. My pussy boiled, my ass clenching so hard on his dick. He plunged so deep into me. My tongue licked harder and harder, cleaning the thong.

I didn’t want to waste a drop.

“Damn, that turns you on,” James groaned. “You are such a naughty mommy.”

“The naughtiest,” I moaned into the thong.

“I want to fuck you both. Together.” He thrust so hard, reaming my bowels, his balls smacking on my taint. “Saturday.”

I should so say no. It was so dangerous. “Yes!”

“You’ll book a hotel.”

“I will,” I moaned, bucking back into his mighty thrusts. It was Thursday night. I couldn’t believe I was agreeing to have a threesome with my son and unknown woman in two days. But I would. This was so hot. I wanted to meet the woman that my son loved.

I wanted to taste his cum fresh from her pussy. Her asshole.

I came.

My bowels writhed about my son’s cock. He grunted, slamming into the. His balls thwacked so hard against my taint. I pressed his girlfriend’s panties tight into my mouth as his cum flooded into me. More cum to stain the panties I wore. A hot surprise for his girlfriend. She would be so wet. She’d fuck him so hard as she licked them clean.

My mind boiled with the naughty thrill.

“And Mom,” James groaned as his cum fired the final blast into me, “You’re going to wait, at noon, in the hotel room, a blindfold on and absolutely naked. I want it to be a surprise who my girlfriend is.”

“I know her?” I gasped.

“Maybe,” he grinned.


Jenny Wilson

I rubbed the sodden panties into my face, lapping at the dark-red fabric, cleaning James’s cum off of them. I could taste the sour musk of his girlfriend’s ass staining her crotch along with the sweet musk of her pussy. I writhed on my back, James reaming into me as we lay on my bed, his hands cupping my small tits.

This was so wrong. I should be so angry at him for shoving these cum-stained panties into my face the moment he was in my pussy. But I wasn’t. It was so hot. I tasted my brother’s cum and another girl’s pussy at the same time.

Alicia was right. Our talk earlier had excited me. This was hot.

“I knew you would love it,” James groaned. “I fucked her ass while you were at Alicia’s. My girlfriend was so excited when I gave her your panties.”

My eyes widened. I stared up at him. “You did?”

“She lapped every inch of your thong clean of my cum,” he groaned, his balls smacking into my taint as he plunged over and over into my pregnant pussy. “She loved it just as much as you love hers. And she wants to get it fresh from the source. She’s so horny to meet you.”

My pussy clenched on his dick. “Yes! Let’s do it! Who is she?”

“That’s a surprise,” he groaned. “Saturday. I’ve booked a hotel. At noon, I’ll take you there and you two will meet. And we’ll have the entire weekend to have fun.”

“What about mom?” she asked.

“Going out of town. Told me last week. She didn’t tell you?”

“We’re not really speaking,” I moaned. Dried up cow. I humped harder into my brother, loving his cock fucking me.

“Yeah, it’s a medical conference. She leaves Saturday morning.”

I groaned in pure delight. “Okay! Let’s do it.”

“You are eager for it,” he grinned. “What were you and Alicia talking about.”

“Threesomes,” I moaned then lapped at the crotch again, gathering more of his cum soured by his girlfriend’s asshole. It was soooo dirty. “She couldn’t stop talking about it. She loves sharing her big brother with other women.”

“And so will you,” James panted, pumping so hard, thrusting his cock so deep into my pussy.

“I will,” I moaned. I sucked on the panties, savoring the fabric’s flavor mixed with his salty cum. Saturday… School would be sooooo long tomorrow. Why did it have to be only Thursday night?

James threw my legs over his shoulders, hugging them to his chest. That made my pussy so tight on his dick. I moaned into the panties, using them as a gag to keep Mom from waking up and hearing us fuck. My bed creaked as James rammed his cock so deep into my pregnant pussy.

I wanted to meet this girl that James loved. She had to be special. A dozen different girls, and several hot teachers, flashed through my mind. I couldn’t wait to meet her. My pussy clenched so hard on his dick. I shuddered, the heat burning through me as he rammed his cock over and over into me.

“James,” I squealed as my orgasm swelled through me. Then my pussy went wild about his cock. “James! I can’t wait for Saturday!”


James Wilson

“Me either,” I groaned, my cock aching as my little sister’s pussy went wild about my dick. I hugged her legs tight to my chest, thrusting so hard into spasming depths. My cock throbbed. It was so hot watching her rub our mother’s used panties into her face, smearing my cum and Mom’s juices across her hungry lips.

I couldn’t wait for Saturday. Finally, this would be all out in the open. Clint’s plan was perfect. I closed my eyes, picturing my mother and sister writhing in lesbian, incestuous passion while I watched. All the fighting, all the sniping, all the veiled insults would be over.

Both the women I loved would finally know the truth—they were both my sluts. We would be one big, incestuous family.

“Fuck!” I groaned and flooded my little sister’s cunt with my cum.

To be continued…

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