Do you need a ride.

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Do you need a ride.
True story…

Names and some events changed to protect identity.

It was a cold night in a major city. I had just come out of a restaurant and handed my ticket to the valet. There was a small crowd of patrons also waiting for their vehicles to arrive. The valet apologized and told me it would be a bit of a wait. I was in no rush and told him to take his time. I found a open spot under one of those overhead heaters and patiently waited. As I was standing there a very sexy woman walked out of the bar. Her curves immediately caught my eye the short red cocktail dress she wore showed off some very sexy legs. She had on a shawl that was amazing at showing off her beautiful tits but did little to actually protect her from the chill of the evening air. She seemed alone and I did not see a wedding ring and I thought about saying hello. However she pulled out her phone and seemed to be having a angry conversation with someone so I decided it was better to just mind my own business. I pried my eyes off her mesmerizing frame pulled out a cigarette because I knew I had time to kill and don’t like to smoke in my car. As I took the first drag I heard a very frustrated but friendly voice ask if I had another. I looked up to see that the woman in red had moved next to me. She was shivering and looked as if she had been crying. I pulled out another cigarette which she thanked me for and lit it for her. Without asking I took my coat off and wrapped it around her shoulders my hands briefly brushing the soft skin of her exposed shoulders. She did not protest instead she just stared at me for a moment and told me she would have dressed warmer but she thought she would be riding home with a friend. I asked what happened to the friend. She looked over her shoulder at the door to the restaurant and told me she’s inside with my date.

A little confused I asked did things not go well?

She laughed and said that they went a little to well.. Just for her friend and not for her. Apparently her friend she told me had arranged a double blind date but once they had all set down at the bar the guys they met started to pay more attention to her friend than her. Her friend she confessed was a total slut and pulled her to the side and gave her cab money and said she was going to go back to their apartment. I told her that I was surprised. She laughed and said it’s this is not the first time. My friend is very pretty and she’s skinny and I don’t illegal bahis think that my date was into big girls. I told her that’s probably because he does not know how to handle a real woman as sexy as her. She laughed and smiled and told me thanks for making her feel a little better. We chatted for a little bit more and the chemistry was immediate. I found out the phone call she was on was the cab company and they told her it would another 30-40 minutes before a cab would arrive. (This was before Uber)… lucky for me.

Sir! Sir!

I turned around and noticed that the valet had finally pulled my car around and was standing with my door open. She said looks like your car is here and thanked me for letting her use my coat. She began to take it off and I stopped her by placing my hands on her shoulder. We had not asked each others names but instinct took over and I grabbed her hand and led her the passenger door and opened it and told her it would be my pleasure to give her a ride home.

Without a word she just smiled and got into the car I closed the door. Tipped the valet a $10 and got into the car. Got in and asked her to give me directions to her place. She told me the where she lived and I was familiar with the neighborhood so I just told her to let me know where to stop when we got close. She was quiet for a second then asked If I meant what I said about her being sexy. I said If I had met her on a blind date I would have just been counting the seconds until I got her back to my place so I could man handle her the right way. She leaned in closer to me and I felt her hand rest on my thigh a few inches from my cock. It immediately responded by growing and bumping into her fingers.

Her: “O my” she cooed into my ear.

Her: Are you married she asked?

Me: I am but my wife is in California. I’m just here for a job.

Her: She’s a very lucky woman. Have you ever cheated on her..

Me: No I don’t have to, we are open.

Her: Really what’s that like?

Me: Unzip my pants and find out.

She stared at me for a moment and without saying a word unbuckled my belt unzipped my pants and pulled out my stiff cock.

Her: It’s beautiful.. I’ve never been with a black guy before.

Me: Glad you like it but I think you should stop.

Her: Did I go to far?

Me: No but I just turned onto your street..

She looked up and laughed and asked me to park into the third driveway on the left. She returned her gaze to my cock which her hand had never bedava bonus veren siteler left. She looked up at me and without saying a word I reached over and tasted her lips. My tongue parted them with ease and I pulled her closer to me. It was hot, passionate and I still had no clue what her name was. She asked if we should get into the back seat. I told her I would rather take her inside or go back to my place.

She asked me what time it was. I told her it was fuck thirty and asked if she was feeling dirty. She laughed, thought about it and said ok but we had to hurry because her roommate might be home soon.

I put my cock away as best I could and we ran to the door before she could open it I pinned her flat up against the door with my chest reached under her skirt and slid two fingers into her wet hot pussy. She was not wearing any panties. She moaned and fumbled for the keys only to drop them. I backed away and bent over to pick them up making sure she rubbed her hot tight cunt all over the front of my slacks.

It was my turn to moan. She turned around and said you are naughty. I told her to open the door and find out just how much.

Once inside we left a trail of clothes from the front door to her bed. I tossed her down and dove into her pussy wasting no time and to sucking her pussy into her 1st orgasm. I slide up her body and kissed her deep letting her taste her own juices. My fingers found their way inside of her and I slowly worked her G- spot as I kissed my way back down her body.

I started a steady finger fucking motion listening to her moans get louder. I could feel her swelling beneath my fingers and picked up the pace.

Her: Fuck I think I’m coming again. I’ve never come this Faauuck!

I pressed down on her pelvis and felt the stream of juice come flying out of her pussy hitting my chest and soaking her bed. She lay there trembling her whole body turned to a deep dark blush. Her eyes slightly open looked glazed.

I knew she was mine at this point to do what I pleased. I grabbed her hips and flipped her over. I tucked her legs under her and asked if she had a condom.

She pointed at her nightstand drawer which I opened and quickly found one. I paused for only a second as I noticed a picture of her and a wedding gown standing next to a tall blonde fellow. She noticed the pause though so what I was looking at and quickly reached over and put the photo face down. I needed yatırımsız deneme bonusu no further explanation. I put the condom on but it did not go all the way down my cock. But it was on enough for me. she still had her ass up in the air and her pussy was still dripping.

I got behind her and started to rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy. I slide the tip into her and god was she tight. I stopped just to enjoy. She looked over her shoulder and asked in the sluttiest voice. Fuck me hard daddy.

I needed no further encouragement.

I rammed all 8 inches of my cock completely into her. I pulled her hips back on to me at the same time. I began to give her deep hard thrust. All the way in and pulling all the way out and slamming it back into her cervix. she screamed and moaned with every thrust. I picked up the pace until I found a steady rhythm and fucked her until I felt her pussy begun to tighten down on my dick. I spread her ass cheeks open and spit on her tight asshole and started rubbing it with my thumb. As soon as I felt her cum I shoved my thumb into her ass and used her asshole and ass cheeks like a handle and started to pound her pussy with no mercy.

Pretty sure at this point her entire neighborhood could hear the dirty shit she was saying.

Fuck it’s so much bigger than his.

God I love that black cock.

I’ve never come so many times….

I pulled my thumb out of her ass and flipped her on her side . I cocked one of her legs up and left the other one down.

I then started to nail her pussy into the bed so hard I hard something crack underneath her mattress. She either did not notice or did not care. I pulled my cock out of her and noticed that my cock had broken through the condom. I told her I needed another one but she told me don’t stop and just not to come in her.

So we continued to fuck changing positions every time she would cum.

The last position ended up with her on top riding my cock. I could feel myself getting close and let her know but instead of getting off she picked up the pace. I grabbed her hip with one hand and reached up and pulled her hair back with the other she grunted and told me she was cumming again. I told her I could not hold it any longer.

Out came those magic words…

Fill me out daddy!

We came at the same time….

She fell onto my chest and closed her eyes. Her breathing slowed and she begun to snore.

I slowly rolled her off of me went and got a towel and wet it with warm water. I came back carefully wiped her down picked up my clothes got dressed and found her house keys. I went downstairs locked the door behind me and put her keys through the mail slot.

I never saw her again but until this day it was one of the hottest fucks of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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