Dirty Daughter

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Author’s Note: The following is not something I condone; it’s simply a story, a work of fiction that some people enjoy reading and others don’t. If incest between a father and his daughter is not your kink, then back click and find another naughty tale to enjoy. If it is, then I hope you enjoy the story and feel free to leave a vote or a comment. Thanks, ~ Red


Dominic listened to the sounds coming from behind his daughter’s bedroom door. His cock responded to the moans that seemed to be more muffled than usual. He knew why too. He was home and she knew it, so she was trying very hard to remain silent. She was failing miserably. There were other times when he was ‘supposed’ to be away and during those minutes Angie was more vocal.

Today, he had told her he would be working in the garage for several hours, and if she needed him, she should just drop in. He did go out to the garage and he did work on his car, but only for twenty minutes. After putting in that much time, he went to check on his little girl. He walked carefully and silently back into the main part of the house, leaving the connecting door to the kitchen and garage open. After all, he didn’t want to make a sound and disturb what he was sure his sweetie would be doing.

Now he listened, his ear pressed to the door as the muffled groans filled the air behind it. His imagination ran wild as he pictured his daughter laying on the plush mattress of her pink canopy bed. Her legs would be spread and her tits bouncing as she rode one of the many toys he’d discovered a few months ago. His cock squirmed beneath the denim slacks he wore as he recalled exactly what Angie had done with her birthday present.

He had handed her his credit card, the morning of her eighteenth birthday, told her she had five hundred to spend, hugged her and sent her out the door. When she’d returned later that afternoon, it was with a bag from Macy’s. Granted it was a large bag and Dominic naturally thought, she’d bought nothing but clothing, jewelry, and perhaps some perfume. However, that wasn’t the case at all. The credit card bill arrived and when he saw the charges he knew Angie didn’t have a clue that the company would list the retail shops she’d visited.


Dominic’s cock jerked hard as the profanity easily slipped passed the door and against his ear. He grinned, knowing that his girl had come and come hard. The thought of her juices spilling onto his lips forced him to swallow the groan that was lodged in his throat. He waited for a few minutes, trying to listen to what Angie would do next. No more sounds came from behind the flimsy barrier of wood, so he turned away and walked to his bedroom. Once behind his own door, he opened his jeans and sat on the edge of his bed.

He wrapped his fingers around his cock and began to picture Angie’s green eyes looking into his blue ones, while her perfectly formed mouth slid up and down his shaft. He saw her pink lipstick smearing his flesh-toned dick. He saw her tongue dart out and lick hungrily at the tip. She sipped the pre cum out, swallowed it and then used another drop of it to replace her now missing lip coloring. His fantasy continued as he saw her rise up and offer her breasts to him. Her fingers gripped the impressive bosom and he easily slid his tool between the soft mounds.

Dominic’s come splashed silently against his stomach as he imagined his daughter’s freckled chest and pale nipples sheathed with his seed. He shifted on the bed as he imagined her lifting his balls and washing away any drops that had slid down. A soft knock on his door brought him back to reality and he coughed to clear the grunt of release from his throat. “Yeah?” he called out, then coughed again.

“Daddy?” Angie’s voice came through the wood.

“Um . . . yeah. I’ll be out in a minute,” he told her.

“I just wondered if you were okay.”

Dominic frowned. He hadn’t been that loud, had he? He wondered. Quickly he thought back to the sound of his release and knew the groan had not been vocal enough for Angie to hear two rooms away. So what had she heard to make her ask him how he was? A sly grin rose from his lips as he stood from the bed and zipped himself back into his briefs and jeans. Had his little baby been listening? He stepped to the door and opened it.

Quickly he took in her flushed gaze and her wide pupils. Yes, he thought to himself, she’d heard him, which meant she’d been listening. He smirked as he recalled the groan he’d swallowed outside her bedroom door. Guess he hadn’t been as quiet as he thought, he mused. His eyes traveled quickly down her neck, across the haphazardly buttoned shirt and the pleated miniskirt that hugged her full hips.

“What do you need, baby?” he asked once his eyes focused on her own quizzical expression. He watched her stutter through her words. He saw her blush and enjoyed the sight of the freckles on her cheeks become hidden by the rose-colored skin. He waited patiently, relishing in how her emerald eyes flickered bahis firmaları from his mouth to his chest and even further south, though she’d stop short of ogling his cock.

“I was um . . . walking by and thought I heard you calling out for some help.”

Dominic’s lips rose in a wide grin. He stifled the laughter in his chest, shook his head a bit and closed his bedroom door. In the hall with her, he shrugged his shoulders. “Nope. I was moving some furniture though and grunted a bit. Maybe that’s what you heard?” he suggested with a raised brow. “Which reminds me,” he nodded toward her room, “I heard some strange noises coming from your room. You moving furniture too?”

He wished at that moment he hadn’t asked those words. Her face went pale and her jaw dropped, tiny tears appeared from her eyes and threatened to spill over the soft-red lashes. “Aww, fuck honey. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He reached out and pulled her close against him. He felt the softness of her breasts mesh against the hardness of his own body. The material of her blouse and his T-shirt, did little to stifle the heat of their embrace.

He touched the top of her head and turned her face so her cheek rested on the beat of his heart. “Baby girl. Daddy’s sorry.”

“You heard?” she whispered and then looked down at their feet.

He recalled the countless times he’d heard and felt his cock rise slightly. Instinctively his hips rolled forward and brushed against her mini-skirt. Dominic took a deep breath, inhaling the scent of her strawberry shampoo. “Yes Angie. I heard.”

She whimpered and shook her head, still refusing to look up at him. Dominic pulled back and cupped her face. “It’s okay sweets. You’re not in trouble. You should know that.” His gaze drifted from her worried eyes to her lips. The head of his cock swelled as he watched her tongue dart out to lick the soft petals of flesh and then her teeth pulled at the lower one. He physically ached to replace her teeth with his own.

“It’s embarrassing though. I mean to know that you heard me!” she squeaked and tried to look away.

Dominic chuckled. “Baby. . .not to make this worse on you, but you’re um. . .rather vocal.”

He watched her eyes grow wide and her jaw drop. The color of her cheeks rose a couple more shades and she gasped. He shook his head and laughed softly. “Baby girl. I know about the other stuff too.”

“Other stuff?” she asked in confusion.

Dominic thought a moment. He wasn’t sure what he was thinking, but he did like holding her and seeing her expressions change from shy innocense to confusion and then he wondered what she looked like when she came. That idea brought a soft groan from his throat. He coughed, trying to cover up his discomfort. “The stuff you bought for your birthday.” The last word of his statement made Angie’s face a beet red. He reached up and cupped her cheek. “It’s okay baby girl.”

Her face was hot to his touch. She leaned into it, still chewing mindlessly on her lip. “You’re not angry?” she asked.

“Angry? Because you bought yourself some toys?” he asked and moved both his hands to her shoulders. He stepped away and instantly regretted it. The weight of her against him had felt good, too good, he admitted to himself; he wanted it back.

Dominic refused temptation and kept his hands on her shoulders and his feet planted a few paces from hers. “Angie, you’re eighteen. You’re an adult and believe me you buying toys does not upset me in the least. I’m not going to lie. . . I was surprised when I got the credit card statement and saw where you had gone shopping and that most of that money wasn’t spent at Macy’s.”

He again was rewarded with her creamy complexion taking on a deep crimson. “You’re so damn cute when you blush,” he said mindlessly. This brought on another shade of red and a giggle.

“I didn’t think of that,” Angie answered. “About the stores being listed on the bill.” Suddenly her gaze shot to his and her eyes were once more as wide as saucers. “Oh my God, Daddy. They don’t list what I bought do they?”

Dominic laughed and dropped the burning hold on his daughter. He stepped back, further distancing himself from her. He let his eyes travel the length of her figure, pausing to take a moment to admire the buttons that were off kilter from her hurried dressing. “No. It doesn’t list what you bought,” he told her and then glanced at her face.

She sighed in relief. “I know what you bought though,” he suddenly admitted and grinned when she responded the way he knew she would.

“You know!?”

“I do the laundry too baby girl. Hang up clothes, put socks and panties away in dresser drawers. . .” He let the last word dangle from his lips before winking at her horrified expression.

“Oh my God!” She buried her face in her hands and shook her head in humiliation. Dominic chuckled, took her hands away and looked down at her.

“Baby. It’s okay. It’s normal. Sure you’re embarrassed, but obviously you enjoy them?” kaçak iddaa

This time he was gifted with her laugh. “Oh I certainly do,” she admitted with a giggle. Silence seemed to descend on the couple in the hall and Dominic took it as a sign that the discussion, no matter how arousing for him, was over. He turned to go, but stopped when he heard Angie ask, “You weren’t really moving furniture were you Daddy?”

This time Dominic felt the color in his face rise and spread out. A tsk fell from his lips as he bit down on his own lip. His shoulders slumped somewhat and a heavy sigh escaped him. The touch of Angie’s hand on his arm made him turn slightly to face her. “Well?” she asked him. “You weren’t were you?”

Dominic chuckled softly and turned completely around. “You’re not that ignorant are you?” he asked and then remembered all the toys she was vastly becoming experienced with. She arched a brow and crossed her arms in front of her. Immediately his eyes drifted to the top of her chest and he unconsciously licked his lips wondering what the white flesh would taste like.


Her voice was light and teasing. Dominic blushed and looked into her eyes. “No, I wasn’t moving furniture,” he admitted. He was drawn back to her mouth as her tongue darted out to lick the full polished lips. A lump formed in his throat and Dominic swallowed it down.

“I didn’t think so,” Angie whispered. “You heard me and then . . .” She didn’t finish the words and Dominic was glad of it. He sighed and shook his head yes, feeling as if he were the child and was being chastised for his eavesdropping.

“Do you do that a lot?” Dominic’s eyes grew wider and he gapped at his daughter. “No Daddy, I don’t mean jerk off. I mean listen to me come?”

He couldn’t believe she’d just bluntly asked him about his habits. He stood there shell-shocked and then heard her giggling. “Well? Come on. You’ve known about my secret for a while. I’m just learning about yours. Do you?”

Dominic blinked several times before answering. “You’re kinda loud,” he admitted and felt his skin grow hot. “I mean. . . well. . .” He was surprised that this time he was the one stuttering and looking for a way to steer the conversation to something less erotic. He knew she was getting back at him for making her stand there and become embarrassed, red faced and humiliated. Dominic told himself he deserved it, but still shifted uncomfortably on his feet as she directed her gaze from his face to his chest and then eventually she stared at his crotch.

“So tell me Daddy,” she drew out the word, “was that grunt your normal sound or are you more vocal?”

His face grew hot. “Angela Gabriella Cutter.”

She laughed and he frowned. “Daddy, you sooo can’t use my full name. I did nothing wrong. You said so.”

He sighed. “My grunt,” he muttered, “was refrained.”

Once more silence surrounded them and Dominic glanced at his daughter. “Really?” she asked and again chewed on her lip. “What do you sound like?” she suddenly asked.

Dominic felt his heart skip a beat. “Um. . .louder?” he answered after taking a moment to think about her question.

“I’m louder too,” Angie admitted. “I was holding a pillow over my mouth.”

He felt a smirk rise to his lips as he answered back, “I figured that.” Dominic took a deep breath. “We’re good then?” he asked his daughter.

She looked up into his eyes and he saw something new there, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to explore it. “We’re good,” she whispered. He turned and made his way back toward the garage.


He closed his eyes wondering how he was going to face her questions again. “Yeah?”

“I think of you when I come,” she hurriedly admitted. Those words stopped Dominic in his tracks. As if in slow motion he saw Angie on her knees before him, her mouth again taking him in deep and moaning her pleasure at sucking him off. His thoughts suddenly shifted to Amelia, his wife, Angie’s mother. He could see her there on her knees taking him in just like his incestuous fantasy did. Her memory flooded him as he recalled the many nights he’d jerked off to the past. When had Angie taken his dead wife’s place? He couldn’t remember; the two images just eventually merged into one and then it was all Angie.


Her voice called out to him as if it were coming from far away. Dominic turned to face her and was again reminded of his wife. Why was she there in his head now? He wondered. He didn’t want to think it was because she was telling him not to act on his growing need, nor did he want to rationalize her appearance in his mind with the audacity that she was giving him permission either. “Angie,” he whispered as he watched her move a few steps closer to him.

“Is that wrong too?” she asked as another step followed the others. “Who do you think of when you come?” Dominic swallowed. “Do you think of Mom?” She stopped in front of him and placed her hand on his chest. “Or do you think of me?” She looked into kaçak bahis his eyes and Dominic stared back at her. “It’s okay Daddy… It’s okay to think of me.”

“Angie baby,” he muttered and took her wrist in his easy, yet firm grip. He pulled her hand from his chest and brought it to his lips. He closed his eyes and ran kisses up to the tips of her fingers. He pressed a soft caress to each one, then opened his eyes and studied her. “I used to think of her all the time. I don’t know when I let her go and began to think of you.”

He saw his daughter smile. “You do think of me then?” she asked, somewhat worriedly.

“God Ang. . .I think about you all the time.” He pulled her close to him; his mouth found hers to be soft, willing and eager to share in the sinful caress. A whimper merged with his groan and Dominic lifted his mouth from Angie’s. He buried his face in her red curls and breathed deep. “I’m sorry baby,” he told her and began to extract himself from her hugging arms.

“No, Daddy,” she told him, increasing the hold on him. “I think of you all the time too. I think of you all alone and how long it’s been for you. It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?” she asked.

He felt her fingers toying with the dark curls of hair that laid against his neck. “I know you’ve not dated since she died.”

“I needed to be there for you,” he answered.

“And now. . .I want to be there for you,” she told him. He felt her breath on his neck and closed his eyes. The first tender kiss was warm and it sent sparks through his skin. The hair on the back of his neck rose and goose bumps appeared, followed by a shudder. He heard her giggle and felt her kiss brush up against him again.


“Daddy, you said so yourself. I’m an adult. I’m not ignorant. You told me you think of me and I told you I think of you. Let me show you what I think about. . .”

Dominic tilted his head back as Angie’s mouth moved from his neck to the edge of his jaw. He remained still, trying hard to not encourage her, nor did he make a move to stop her. As her lips moved closer to his mouth, his hands moved to rest on her hips. He pressed his fingers against the small edge of exposed skin, where her shirt and skirt met. The edge of her tongue caressed the corner of his upper lip and he opened his mouth, turned his face and allowed her entrance.

He heard her sigh as they merged together. The silky moisture of her tongue sweeping beside his, made his cock twitch. Dominic released the hold on her mouth and learned the feel and taste of her neck. One of his hands moved up to the long strands of crimson and lifted them. He studied the rhythmic pulse of her heart. His teeth gnawed gently on the sensitive place, bringing a whimper and a hiss from her parted lips.

“Daddy, I want you to come to me.”

Dominic stared at her, somewhat confused. She winked and walked away, casually looking over her shoulder as she made her way toward her bedroom. “You always come to me in my fantasies,” she said as she paused to drag her gaze over him. He saw her eyes drink in his throbbing cock.

He followed after her. He didn’t care if he looked like a puppy following it’s Mistress. He didn’t tell himself to stop and go to his room, he wanted this woman. . .his little girl. What other fantasies had she had of him? He had several of her. Would this be the beginning of realizing them, or would this be the end of their relationship? Would she regret what was about to happen? Would he? The questions faded when he stepped into the room and took in his daughter, lying on her pink covers and her delicate hand hidden beneath her skirt, while another hand was pressed into her white button blouse.

He cleared his throat and tried to speak. The words were lost though as Angie’s face glanced at the door. Her self-induced pleasuring stopped. “Daddy. . .I uh. . .I didn’t hear you come in.” He gazed at her as she pulled her fingers from under their hiding spot and brought them to her mouth. In awe he watched her bring the moist digits up to her mouth and wash the juices away.

Dominic walked toward her. He saw the mock look of confusion on her face and wondered if he was to play some weird part to her game. She licked her lips and pulled her hand from her blouse. “It hurts Daddy.”

Dawning fell over Dominic and he knew exactly what his daughter wanted and he was more than willing to give it to her. “What hurts baby?” he asked. He sat down on the edge of the bed and placed a strong hand on her thigh.

“It hurts,” she told him again and bit down innocently on her lower lip.

Dominic ran his eyes down to her skirt, where the rumbled pleats lay awkwardly against her white skin. “It hurts?” He made sure to stress the first word and lift a questioning brow toward her face.

She chewed on her lower lip and nodded her head. “Uh huh.”

Dominic swallowed. He felt the tightening of his slacks cut into his balls and reached down to adjust himself. Angie’s eyes followed them and he made sure she had plenty of time to enjoy the view of his length, hidden behind denim. “Do you need me to take a look?” he asked. His fingers moved back and forth against her thigh, slowly moving to the inner muscle.

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