Despite Myself

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For weeks, my brother had been telling me just how beautiful he found me, complimenting me on my figure, and otherwise just generally hitting on me. At first it was actually kind of funny, until I realised he wasn’t joking – Tim actually did want to have sex with me. Once the reality of that fact finally sunk in, I was equal parts grossed out and exasperated. How many times did I have to say “No, you’re my brother, that’s gross” before he actually understood I was serious?

It’s not like he was too young to understand what he was saying; he was 18 years old, a year younger than myself. Around the time he started confessing his feelings for me, he was in his final year of high school, and I was working as a receptionist in an electrician’s company, slowly saving to finally move out from my parents’ roof and start renting on my own. During the days and weeks of my brother’s relentless harrassment, it felt like the day I no longer lived with him would never arrive.

Things came to a head in a way I never imagined one night in the middle of winter.

The first thing I can remember after falling asleep is Tim gently rubbing my shoulder above the covers, whispering my name. It took me a while to wake up enough to speak, and you’ll forgive my cliched question, but really, it’s the first thing most people want to know when they’re woken up only to find it’s still dark.

“Guh?” Okay, not that. This: “What time is it?”

“2:30.” My brother was standing above my bed, looking down at me, trying not to shiver. “Sorry to wake you, but-“

“You can’t be serious, Tim. Fucking hell. What do you want?” I rubbed my eyes, naively hoping that movies and TV had uncovered a magical cure for sleepiness. They hadn’t.

“Um, first of all, do you mind if I get under there with you? Or at least get on the bed? It’s fucking freezing tonight.”

Oh great, another obvious play to get me to fuck him.

“I promise, I try anything. I just want to talk. Please, Becca?”

I sighed. “Fine, but I get to chop it off if you even look like you’re going to do anything wrong.”

“Deal.” I shuffled over, and he got under the covers with me. God, it felt wrong even doing that much with him. We both stared at the ceiling while he spoke. “Look, I think I know what’s bugging you about the way I’ve been coming after you lately.”

Thankfully our parents’ room was up the other end of the house, so we could almost talk at a normal conversational volume. “This oughta be good.”

“How to say this… Whenever I’ve told you about my feelings, I’ve just been talking about your looks and all that sort of stuff, y’know, just the physical side of things.”

“Oh please, do go on.”

He did, ignoring my very subtle sarcasm. “So that’s when I realised you were probably scared that I was just after the physical side of a relationship with you. But that’s not true at all, honest.” He paused, gathering the courage for what came next. “See, I really do love you, Becca. I don’t care that you’re my sister. I can’t think of any other way to say it, other than I’m in love with you. I want to be with you all the time, I’d marry you if I could. You mean the world to me.”

Sure, I give the guy credit for baring his soul and whatever, but I’ve turned down more romantic speeches from guys I wasn’t related to; no way I was going to be swayed by such a boring proposal.

I turned to face him. “And after you said all that, what did you think would happen, Tim?”

“Huh?” His eyes met mine.

“I mean, in your head, when you were rehearsing that oh-so lovely speech, what did you think I’d do in response?”

He stammered. Even in the pale moonlight, I could tell he was blushing. “I dunno, I guess I thought I’d, y’know, help change your mind and we’d get together? Look, you can just say no. You don’t have to make me feel like a total fucking dickhead, too.”

Ignoring his obvious ploy for sympathy, I rolled onto my side facing him and put a hand on his chest. “No, really, I’m curious, Tim. Tell me exactly what you thought I’d do once you confessed your undying, incestuous love for me.” Even at the time, I didn’t know if I was still being sarcastic.

Tim was probably trying to work it out for himself, because his reply took longer than I was expecting. “Really? Okay, fine. In my mind, I guess I thought the next step would be you kissing me?”

I swear, I just wanted to make fun of him for a little longer before telling him to get out. I sat up in bed a little, propping myself up on my elbow, then I leaned down and asked, “What, like this?” I pressed my lips to his. Warm, despite the 0-degree weather. Soft, thanks to his chronic habit of applying antalya escort chapstick. Weird, because they belonged to my brother. But I kissed him, and I kept on kissing him. I still have no idea why; it certainly wasn’t his terrible speech that did it.

Of course, Tim was equal parts stunned and elated. A surprised groan escaped his mouth and was caught by mine. Soon, though, he was completely lost in the moment. He opened his mouth, and I followed suit. Our tongues met and danced, thrusting in and out of each other’s mouths. We swapped and swallowed our sibling’s saliva. My free hand grabbed and clutched at his chest, while he placed on hand on the small of my back and pinned my long black hair back with his other. We started breathing heavily, intensely, passionately. He moaned softly into my mouth as he began to fully appreciate his situation. I think I was still too much in shock by my own actions to make similar noises. However, that didn’t stop the more primal parts of my body from responding. I started feeling the familiar warmth and tingling between my legs. Yes, despite myself, something was definitely happening down there.

My first kiss with my brother lasted over two minutes, at which point I couldn’t help breathlessly asking him, “And then what happened? Did I jerk you off, maybe go down on you?”

“Yeah, that’s right, Bec. You kicked off the covers and pulled my pants down.”

How right he was. Like a kid on Christmas morning, I excitedly kicked off the covers and used my free hand to tug Tim’s pyjama pants down, but in my haste, I hit a fairly obvious snag. They were caught on my brother’s erection. Painfully, judging by his wincing. “Oh, shit, sorry,” I whisper-giggled.

Using one quick, expert motion, Tim shoved a hand down the front of his pants, pulled his dick close to his body and over the top of his elastic waistband. “Sssh, it’s fine, really. Go down and look if you don’t believe me.” His cheeky grin shone in the moonlight.

The second time, I was able to successfully tug his pants off, down to his knees. I couldn’t see too much in the darkness, but I could tell my brother had done quite well in the “downstairs” department. Taking him up on his offer for a closer look, I scooted down the bed roughly equal to his knees, rolled over and positioned my body between Tim’s legs and made my way back up towards his crotch.

Thanks in equal parts to the lack of light in my room that night and my considerable (if unexpected) desire for my brother, I didn’t have too much time to study Tim’s hard cock. I grabbed it at the base to keep it still, then licked eagerly from the underside of his cock to the tip, which I already knew was uncircumcised. Like a fat person eating an ice cream cone, I opened wide and shoved my mouth down on Tim’s dick. It tasted incredible, the taboo nature of the act I was performing no doubt heightening the sweetness of my little brother’s cock. I pressed my tongue to the underside of my brother’s rock hard cock, which I estimate to be a little over 7 inches in length. I bobbed my head up and down, sliding my tongue along his dick and using my lips to lightly suck as I moved. By this point, the burning between my legs had become a full-fledged inferno, my pussy screaming for cock. Not just any cock, though. It wanted my little brother’s big cock.

My eyes locked onto Tim’s as I pleasured him with my mouth. He lay outstretched in my king-single bed, arms behind his head, breathing deeply through his mouth. Every so often, he’d moan/sigh my name, reassuring me that I was doing a good job. So that was nice. I’d been sucking and licking his dick for close to five minutes before he spoke up, “One thing quickly, Bec. I didn’t cum in your mouth so soon, though.”

He certainly knew how to get my attention. Luckily, I also knew how to get his. Taking his delicious cock out of my mouth, I casually asked, “Oh? And just where on my body did you imagine yourself cumming?”

“Kiss me again and I just might tell you.”

So I did. I let go of his cock and crawled my way up his body to his sweet mouth again. Either ignoring or not minding the taste of his own dick on my lips, he kissed me passionately and intensely. I moaned as his tongue entered my mouth again. He embraced me tightly, pulling my body into his, no doubt so I could feel his hot, rock-hard dick pressing into my body, letting me feel each pulse. With a strength and speed I didn’t know the skinny guy possessed, he rolled me onto my back without even breaking the kiss. Soon, he started getting adventurous with his hands. Adjusting his weight, he freed up one hand to move down to my boobs. His warm hand started fondling my perky B-cups alanya escort – fingers swirling around my nipples clockwise and counterclockwise, pinching them, his hand squeezing and massaging the full breast. I sighed with delight, unable to believe that even 20 minutes ago I wanted him out of my life. But time makes fools of us all.

This time, it was Tim who broke the kiss, “Holy fuck, Becca, your tits feel so good.”

I’ve never been a girl who takes compliments easily, so instead my reply was, “Don’t worry about complimenting me; just tell me what you pictured us doing now.” I wanted him so bad, it was almost pathetic.

“Well, first I undid your PJs, then I sucked on your lovely tits before I tasted your pussy.”

“Oooh fuck, what are you waiting for then, little brother?” It had probably been more than 10 years since I called him “little brother,” but I knew he’d appreciate it tonight. “I need this just as much as you do now.”

“That, big sister.” I can’t tell if he meant he was waiting for me to confirm the naughty, incestuous nature of our act, or if he just wanted me to beg for it. Either way, he was happy. So happy, in fact, that he didn’t even bother to unbutton my pyjama top – kneeling above me, he ripped open my top, sending all but 2 of the 6 buttons flying in random directions in the darkness. I felt my boobs jiggle with the force of his passion, and he enjoyed watching them bounce.

In a flash, Tim’s head was down and his mouth was latched onto my right breast while his left hand played with my left nipple. I put a hand on the back of his head, stroking my brother’s hair lovingly while he enjoyed what his sister’s chest had to offer. I’ve always liked having my nipples sucked, but Tim brought it to a whole new level. He used his mouth expertly – either sucking hard on my nipple, tongue flicking it in all directions, teeth occasionally nibbling lightly at the nipple, taking breaks to kiss the boob itself – it was all heaven to me. Soon he switched his mouth to my left boob, his right hand now playing with my right nipple. Same again – sucking, licking, flicking, nibbling, kissing.

Eventually, he’d grown tired of the appetisers and decided to move straight to dessert. Tim sat back up and hooked his index fingers into the top of my pants, carefully ensuring he’d also snagged my underwear as well. I lifted my ass off the bed, giving him permission to continue. So he did – with one quick movement, my pants and underwear were off and thrown off into the darkness to join my buttons and Tim’s pants, and my ass was bouncing back down onto the bed. In spite of the cold, Tim must have gotten hot because before anything else, he pulled off his own pyjama top. Before I had time to appreciate what little view I had of my naked brother in the moonlight, his head disappeared into my lap.

I spread my legs wide, giving my young brother full access to my pussy. After a few electrifying licks straight up and down the opening to my vagina, Tim complimented me on the great job I’d done shaving all my pubes off, then proceeded to inform me that I “tasted great; your pussy’s so sweet, your juices should be bottled.”

Once again, I ignored the compliment, and teasingly asked “Was there this much talking in your mind at this point?”

“No, but I’ll tell you what happened anyway: I made you cum, of course. And I have to say, it was pretty easy, my darling sister.”

“Prove it then, my ever-so charming brother.”

His lips latched onto my clitoris immediately. How he learned so much about giving head despite only having sex with one girl like twice, I’ll never know. But fuck, it felt so good. He started off slow, sucking my clit lightly, then moving on to using his tongue in conjunction to the sucking. He breathed deep through his nose, and with each exhale I could feel his warm breath evaporating my juices around my labia; of course, this only added to the erotic sensations. Tim knew exactly when to go faster, when to back off, how much sensation was too much; it was like he was born to give me oral. Thoughts like these swam through my mind as my brother’s expert tongue ran all over my clit, bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm that I hoped wouldn’t wake our parents.

And then it hit me, like a tsunami. Unexpected, violent, and incredible. I arched my back as the waves of pleasure coursed through my body. The orgasm seemed to come from two directions: my crotch and my brain, and they both cried out for more. I deliberately bit my bottom lip to keep from screaming out all manner of filthy things that would’ve had Mum and Dad running to see what was happening. So I silently rode my waves belek escort of pleasure brought to me thanks to my little brother’s amazingly talented tongue. The whole thing probably lasted 20 seconds, but hey, at least I was following Tim’s script for the night.

When I got enough breath back to speak, I asked Tim, “Please tell me that the next thing to happen was you fucking your big sister.” I paused, but before he could answer, I had to have my say. “Know what? Even if that wasn’t what happened, that’s what I want to happen now, Tim. I want to fuck you, little brother.” I looked into his eyes while I moved a hand up and down over my pussy, inviting him into my body.

Apparently done with talking, Tim sat up with his rock hard dick in his hand, and without hesitation, thrust it into my well-lubed pussy. Momentarily forgetting that our parents were asleep in the same house, we both moaned in unison, wanting nothing but each other. He wanted me, and despite myself, I wanted him. It was forbidden, taboo lust, pure and simple, and it was magical.

Once my brother’s cock was buried deep inside me as far as it would go, I started moving my hips back and forth, sliding my pussy lips up and down his dick, coating it with my juices. Tim grabbed onto my tits with both hands and used them for balance as he started thrusting back and forth in time with mine. I started playing with my clit, rubbing myself back and forth while we fucked each other.

Two siblings, overcome with lust, brought together by one brother’s determination and one sister’s mocking sarcasm, fucking in the dead of winter’s night. Someone tell me how that’s not romantic.

I gazed into my younger brother’s eyes as we (tried to) silently express our love and affection, feeling myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. My thrusts grew more harder and faster as my fingers flicked my clit from side to side, Tim easily keeping up the timing. Breathlessly, seductively, I asked one final question of my brother that night: “Tell me, little brother, did we cum at the same time? Because holy shit, I’m getting close.”

“Ooh fuck, Bec, I don’t know how much longer I’d be able to hold on if you came,” he admitted, pounding his hard dick into me faster and faster. “All I know is that I pictured me cumming all over your body.” Grunting as he spoke now. “Your belly. Ugh. Your tits. Ugh.” I moved my fingers faster and faster, right on the edge now, brought closer and closer by my brother’s dirty talk. “Your neck. Uuugh. Your face. Mmmmmffffuck. Cum all over you.”

“Oooooh fuck, Timmy make me cuuuuuum,” I cried out as I came. I felt my pussy contract around my brother’s dick, squeezing it tighter and tighter, my whole body begging for his cum. I shuddered as the orgasm waves washed over me, feeling my whole body tighten. In the midst of cumming, I heard myself begging, “C’mon, cum all over me, Tim, cover your sister in your cum.”

And so he did. He moaned as he withdrew from my pussy, grabbing his dick as it started to cum, pumping it for all it was worth. In the moonlight, I could see each thick glob of cum shooting out the tip of my brother’s dick, and I felt and heard each hot and heavy white wad of semen land on my body. First landing under my chin, then a couple splats coating my boobs, followed by more in and around my flat stomach, filling my belly button like a tiny shot glass. As Tim’s orgasm faded, the last few drops of his cum landed on my pubic mound. Like a tiny, warm avalanche, these last few drops rolled down my mound, covering my pussy with their tracks. I’d never seen so much cum, let alone been covered with so much, so I didn’t know how best to deal with it. Instinctively, I started massaging it into my skin, letting it dry in a flaky white layer.

“Jesus, Becca, that’s so hot, playing with my cum like that.” He still knelt over me, dick in his hands slowly going soft; still, he gave it a couple of tugs for my benefit.

I confessed I didn’t do it to be sexy, but I was glad he liked the show. “So, I guess since it’s a school night, you probably shouldn’t spend the night with your big sister?”

“Oh, c’mon, don’t depress me like that,” he sighed. “But yeah, I guess not. Just let me find my PJs and I’ll be on my way.”

I let him stumble around, thanking him whenever he’d return an article of my clothing. “Before you go, Tim…?”


I motioned him back towards my bed, then pulled his face to mine. We made out, resentful of the fact that we had an entire day of school/work standing in the way of round two. God, his tongue felt so good in my mouth. “Perhaps a little earlier tomorrow night, little brother? Say, 1 this time?”

“It’s a date. A date with my sexy beast of a sister. And this time, you can tell me about what we did in that dirty mind of yours, Bec.”

I rolled my eyes, called him a pervert and spanked his ass on the way out, but already my mind had gone to fantasy land. Despite myself.

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