Defacing Mom

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Not even in her wildest dreams did Donna ever expect to be in the position she now found herself in. Down on the floor, kneeling in front of her only child, the stacked blonde mother had her head tilted back against the edge of her son’s bed.

She’d come to Michael’s apartment for a simple discussion, that was all. But somehow she had ended up like this, about to become the bull’s-eye for a perverted game of target practice. She’d already taken off her delicate silk blouse to keep it from being ruined, and her large tits hung heavily as they strained against the lacy white cups of her bra.

Donna knew she shouldn’t allow this wicked scene to progress any further, and yet she couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so excited. She watched with wide, anxious eyes as her son lowered his pants and let his impressive shaft of cockmeat spring free. Michael was already stiff, getting incredibly hot from seeing his nearly-topless mother in such a compromising position.

“Oh, Mom,” he gasped.

And with that, he began to stroke himself.

All Donna had wanted to do was talk with him. Her son was turning twenty in just a few days, a big milestone in any young man’s life. Usually, Donna and her husband gave Michael an extravagant present for the occasion, something to show how proud they were of him. He rarely asked for much during the year, so his birthday was one of his few opportunities to get something really special.

But it didn’t look like that would be possible this year. Just two months earlier, Donna’s husband Steve had gotten a pay cut at work. His company went on about problems in the economy, although members of the senior staff were actually given raises. The family hadn’t been living beyond their means, but the unexpected drop in income definitely hurt. With nearly $500 less coming in every month, Donna was worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with their bills.

Worse than that, though, was the fact that they couldn’t afford anything decent for Michael’s birthday. Donna felt sick at the prospect of being unable to give her son something nice, especially for an event as important as the end of his teenage years.

She had actually considered calling her ex-husband, Michael’s father, to see if he could help. But aside from knowing how unlikely his assistance would be, she knew how upset Michael would get if he found out. Her ex-husband had made Donna’s life miserable, and at the tender age of ten Michael had taken it upon himself to confront his father about it.

“Yeah, I dare you to get a divorce, bitch!” he’d shouted over his son, knowing Donna could hear from the next room.

The next day Donna did file for divorce, and she owed it all to Michael for giving her the courage to do it. If he could stand up to his father, she certainly should be able to stand up to him, too. It was one of the many reasons why she’d do anything for him, and why she felt so bad about the current situation. She’d been meaning to talk to Michael about it for a couple of weeks, but just couldn’t bring herself to break the bad news.

Finally, after putting it off longer than she should have, Donna forced herself to go through with it. She’d come to see Michael after dinner, once he had finished up his classes for the day at the local college. After explaining the situation, and pointing out that she’d do absolutely anything to make his birthday special, Donna listened as her son made the most disturbing, vile suggestion possible.

He had a present in mind that wouldn’t require her to spend any money. In fact, it didn’t require much effort out of his mother at all. All she’d have to do, Michael told her, was sit there while he jerked out a big load of cum onto her face.

Donna had been completely stunned, both from the obscene offer and the fact that Michael had the gall to suggest it to her. He explained that it was something he’d been dying to do to her for years, and his well-planned sales pitch was so good that it almost made her consider the idea. But Donna knew that she couldn’t allow it. She couldn’t possibly take part in something as sick and depraved as a son bathing his mother’s face in his thick, warm cock cream.

With a firm declaration of her disgust, Donna had stormed out of his apartment. She’d driven over a block away when she felt something urging her to stop and go back. She wasn’t sure what it was, but she simply couldn’t ignore it. It felt like an overpowering voice that had been shoved far back into the recesses of her mind. Before she fully understood what she was doing, she had turned the car around, driven back, and walked back inside his apartment.

Almost as if she was having an out-of-body experience, Donna listened as she heard herself speaking. She heard her own voice as it changed her mind. She heard herself actually agree to the idea. She watched herself walk into the bedroom, unbutton her shirt, and encourage her son to spray his cum across her face.

Then, without hesitation, she had kneeled down in front of him.

Donna knew that antalya escort what she was doing was terribly wrong… but God, it would be so incredibly kinky. The idea was making her mouth water, among other places, and parts of her that had been shut off for years suddenly felt alive again.

With her head leaning back against the mattress, Donna watched as Michael’s hand slid up and down his cock.

“Ohhhh, God,” he groaned. “I can’t believe you’re letting me do it.”

A little dribble of juice began to leak from his puffy cockhead, and Donna unconsciously licked at her lips. The intense voice in her head encouraged her to take the fat, purple knob into her mouth so she could shove her tongue against the hole and taste the salty spunk. But she resisted the temptation, knowing that she couldn’t let herself get carried away. She was going to willingly accept his spewing load onto her face, and that would be the end of it.

Donna looked up at her son, observing the way his face twisted itself into a mask of pleasure and determination. She could tell by his breathing that he was getting closer. As she watched him, their eyes met. Donna gave him a coy smile and bit her lower lip.

“Almost there?”

“Y… yeah…”

His hand started working faster.

“Good. Give me a real big load, honey. You know you aren’t supposed to do naughty things like this to your mother, so you need to make it count.”

Michael was rapidly nearing the edge, and his mom’s nasty tone of voice was enough to push him over. He put his hand on the top of her head for support. It was time for the big finish.

“Ohhh… ohhh, Mom!”

Donna took a deep breath, knowing that his climax was just a few seconds away. She could barely wait for it to start.

“Gonna… gonna cum…!!!”

The moment Michael had long been waiting for finally arrived. With a rapid fury of strokes, he let it all go.


It seemed like it was happening in slow motion as Donna watched his cock erupt. A large, thick shot spurted from the swollen head, hitting the prone mother directly on her hairline. The portion not caught in her blonde locks began sliding down her face as the second burst caught her just above the right eye.

Donna’s eyes closed as the thick blasts of cum continued to rain down on her. She felt them pelt her face, one after another, cum-ropes so big that they almost took a full second to leave his cock.

Two shots hit her cheek, then a large shot landed right against her closed lips. As she opened her mouth to let some of the cum run in, she could feel her pussy twitching with joy. Michael continued stroking while his cock sputtered out a few final shots, covering his mother’s chin with big, white gobs of spunk.

As the eruption ended, Donna opened her eyes.

“Oh, my God,” she cooed, licking the salty jizz from her lips. “So much cum…!”


While she basked in the glow of being drenched with cream, Donna’s mind suddenly went into overdrive. Something about the feeling of warm cum hitting her face brought back a slew of old memories, things that she thought had been buried long ago.

She found herself thinking back to the days before her own twentieth birthday. Donna’s relationship with her mom had always been strained, and it only became worse as Donna grew into an independent woman. Catherine, Donna’s mother, had always planned on starting a successful medical career. But when an unexpected pregnancy changed things, Catherine was forced to leave school. As a result, she developed a clear resentment towards her only child.

Donna couldn’t recall ever sensing any love from her mother. She remembered her only as a cold, joyless, strict woman who relished every opportunity to chastize both Donna and her father for their faults. Unlike most mothers, Catherine didn’t offer praise for something like a good report card. Instead, she only delivered scorn when her daughter didn’t perform up to her barely reachable expectations.

After years spent trying to please Catherine and wondering why she always failed, Donna finally realized that it was hopeless. Her mother was simply incapable of showing any sort of love. Donna spent her teen years in a much more relaxed frame of mind, worrying only about her own needs and doing only what she wanted. Catherine was not pleased.

But as Donna realized that the problem was with her mother and not with herself, she began to feel increasingly sorry for Walter, her father. She knew he couldn’t have been happy in the marriage, but with a slight pot belly and receding hairline, his better days were behind him. Divorce would only mean being alone, and in that day it was almost a guarantee that custody of a child would go to the mother. He’d been forced to stay married all those years, for Donna’s sake if not his own.

In her late teens, Donna started getting even more rebellious in order to strike back at her mother. Catherine would ground her for weeks, even months, at a time. But Donna would alanya escort always find a way to sneak out of the house and get herself into more trouble.

More than anything, Catherine worried about what other people thought of her. She took great pride in being a pillar of the community, passing her family off as the All-American standard that everyone else needed to try living up to. Donna was well aware of her mother’s concern with public perception, and she actively went about trying to destroy the image that Catherine had so carefully constructed.

Little by little, rumors started swirling around their hometown. Ladies on the street would gossip as they passed each other by.

“Did you hear? Catherine’s daughter was parking at Indian Point with not one, but two boys!”

“Oh, goodness! Libby Benton told me that Catherine’s daughter tried to bribe a teacher at the high school with sexual favors!”

The rumors eventually made their way to Catherine, who wasted little time taking out her anger on Donna. After one particularly juicy rumor began, concerning the now nineteen year-old Donna and members of the football team at the local college she was attending, Catherine lost all sense of self control. She slapped her daughter repeatedly, drug her by the hair hard enough to rip out a handful, and threw her down on her bedroom floor. As Donna sobbed and held a hand to her stinging cheek, Catherine stood above her.

“You’re no daughter of mine. You’re nothing but a common street whore!”

Watching her mother walk away, Donna decided that she’d taken all the abuse she could handle. She had to finish things with her mother once and for all.

She heard Catherine’s car start in the driveway and knew that her mother was surely off to some important social function, where she’d act as if everything in her life was perfect. Well, it wouldn’t be if Donna could help it.

She pulled herself up and went into the bathroom to wash the tears from her face. Her mind worked rapidly, trying to come up with something that would humiliate her mother beyond repair. She turned off the running water just in time to hear her father’s truck arriving home.

Like a light flipping on in her head, Donna figured out her plan.

It was a twisted, disturbing idea, but it was just the sort of thing that could put her over her mother for good. Donna wanted to take the one thing her mother would never expect. She wanted to do something that, if and when she ever told her mother, it would hurt her down to the depths of her soul.

Donna wanted to seduce her father.

It seemed like the perfect idea. She knew her dad was getting no attention from his cold, frigid wife. And, unlike her mother, Donna actually loved him. The notion of fucking him didn’t seem strange to her at all. It would be a beautiful expression of their love… which, as a bonus, would surely be enough to kill her mother if she ever found out about it.

Besides, Donna reasoned, what middle-aged man wouldn’t want a busty blonde co-ed doing unspeakable things to him? The fact that she was his daughter should only make it more exciting, since it would be so deliciously naughty.

Barely able to wait for him to come inside, Donna hurried down the stairs and stood near the front door. As she heard him step onto the porch, she undid the top two buttons on her blouse, revealing the swell of her large breasts.

“Daddy!” she cried as the door swung open.

Donna met her father with a big hug before he could get both feet inside the house. Somewhat surprised, he stumbled inside, trying to set down his briefcase.

“Well… well, hi, sweetheart. How was your day?”

“Awful,” Donna pouted as she pulled him towards the living room.

After forcing him down into his favorite chair, Donna climbed up onto her father’s lap the way she had when she was younger. She pulled his head close to her chest, leaving his cheek resting against the bare skin she’d exposed. Before he had a chance to say anything about the inappropriate contact, Donna told him what had happened with her mother.

“I’m so sorry, Donnabear,” he said, using his pet name for her. “Your mother is just…”

“She’s horrible!” Donna told him. “I hate her.”

Donna kissed her father on the cheek, then lifted his chin so they were looking each other in the eye. Carefully, keeping full eye contact, she slid from sitting on his lap to straddling him in the chair.

“But I love you, Daddy. I love you so much…”

With that, Donna kissed him on the lips. She hadn’t kissed her father on the mouth since she was a little girl, and this was no ordinary kiss. It was the type of kiss that fathers and their daughters aren’t supposed to share.

Walter quickly pulled back, startled at her behavior.

“Donna! What… what are you…”

“Just relax, Daddy,” she said, putting a finger to his lips. “I want to do this for you.”

Most people of sound mind would probably condemn Walter for allowing things belek escort to proceed from this point. But Donna understood. He had been neglected for so long, and here was a beautiful girl displaying her undying love for him. Walter did attempt more protests, but Donna cut them off with her tender kisses. After a few minutes, his resistance had all but faded completely.

Donna stood up from the chair and pulled her father to his feet. Positioning him with his back to the archway that led into the room, she sunk to her knees and began fumbling with his belt. Seeing his daughter in such a shocking position caused Walter to make one last grasp at sanity.

“Donna, stop… we… we shouldn’t be…”

But before he could complete his thought, Donna had taken his cock out. It was much bigger than she imagined it would be, so long and thick, and it was barely even hard.

“Oooh, Daddy,” she whispered. “I had no idea.”

Donna wasted little time popping the head of his cock into her mouth. Walter gasped and his cock began to swell up rapidly. In a matter of seconds, Donna was sucking his full erection, and she was doing a damn good job of it.

If she’d been able to smile with such a big mouthful of cock, Donna would have had one a mile wide. Not only did she enjoy doing it, she thought gleefully about what an incredible trump card this would be over her mother. Stopping to look up, she softly stroked him with her hand.

“Does that feel good, Daddy?”

“Ohhhh… oh, honey…”

Smiling, Donna went right back to work. She started thinking about what she would do when she brought him to orgasm. Some boys she knew liked shooting it into her mouth, which she didn’t mind, although some certainly tasted better than others. Others liked unloading their cream on her big tits, but Donna didn’t want to stop things to take her shirt off.

The teacher she’d bribed at school had wanted to see it all over her face, and Donna liked that so much that she’d suggested it to other men since then. It felt so nice and warm. She just loved the feeling of the hot cum splashing against her. That’s what she’d do with her father, Donna decided. She’d take it on her face.

As she stopped sucking for a brief moment, a car suddenly rolled past the back window. Her dad was too caught up in the pleasure of having his cock sucked to hear it, but a sly smile spread across Donna’s lips.

Her mother was home.

Knowing things had worked out even better than she’d hoped, Donna bore down on her father’s cock, her cheeks turning red from the effort. Trying to time it just right, she pulled back and rapidly jerked him with her hand while she looked through the archway behind him.

“Ohhh… ohh, God!” he groaned.

Donna knew her mother would stumble onto them at any moment. She reached up and softly squeezed her father’s heavy balls, the grey hairs tickling her hand. Hoping his release was imminent, Donna leaned forward and ran her tongue up the length of his shaft.

“Donna, I’m… I’m…”

Just then, Catherine exited the kitchen, standing a full room’s length behind her husband. Donna locked eyes with her almost instantly.

“Cum, Daddy!” she cried loudly, making sure her mother could hear. “I want you to cum all over me!”

Stroking him as hard as she could, Donna leaned in as her father’s hips started to buck.


Thick white jets of cream began shooting from the end of his cock, splattering onto Donna’s pretty face. Ooh’ing and ahh’ing at each warm blast, Donna kept her eyes trained on her mother as a big glob pelted her forehead, then her mouth, then her left cheek. A few stray shots parted her blonde hair and landed on the floor behind her.

The gooey cum started sliding down quickly, dripping onto Donna’s shirt and the bare skin above her chest. Shamelessly, she smeared her father’s cock against her glazed face, rubbing it in the immense load he’d deposited on her. Finally, she took it back into her mouth, moaning as she sucked the tasty cream off him.

The disgusting display had barely lasted half a minute, hardly enough time for Catherine to make sense of what she was seeing. But as she did, both Donna and her father heard a soft little thump on the floor.

Catherine had dropped her purse. That must have been why she came home so quickly, Donna realized. She’d forgotten it.

Walter turned around when he heard the noise, his eyes growing wide as he saw his wife. How could he possibly explain the scene she saw in front of her? His pants down, his stiff cock starting to soften, as his daughter rested on her knees with her face covered in cum?

Luckily, he didn’t have to. Before anyone could speak, Donna’s mother spun around and stormed out the back door. Her car started up a few seconds later and she pulled out of the driveway like a bat out of hell.

Walter was extremely concerned, expecting that his wife would go to the police and have him arrested. But Donna wasn’t worried. She knew there was no way her mother would go public with what she’d witnessed. Like she would let the whole town know that her husband had turned to their daughter because Catherine wasn’t up to the task? And be forced to admit to her friends that their perfect family was a dysfunctional, abusive, incestuous mess?

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