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– Dee –

Her name was Darlene, but I called her Dee. For our whole life she was Dee to me, except for the time she was married to that guy whose last name was Davis, then she was Dee Dee, until the divorce when she took her maiden name back. Dee was my cousin. First cousin. We were close. Very close. Dee was six months older than me. We did everything together when we were young. We lived in the same apartment building. Dee’s father and my mother were brother and sister. Our two families lived close to each other most of our lives. Well, except that five year stretch that my uncle took a job in Boston. Those were my loneliest years.

Eventually the job in Boston ended and they came back. By that time my parents had bought a house. My uncle bought a house not too far from us. It wasn’t close enough to walk to or ride my bike to, but it was close enough to go over there every Friday night. My uncle and dad would watch the Friday Night Fights. My mom and aunt would sit in the kitchen and talk. Dee and I would be on the back porch during the summer months or in her bedroom, door open of course, during the winter.

It was our sixteenth summer, well my sixteenth summer, Dee was seventeen by then, so even though it was her sixteenth summer, she called it her seventeenth. I let it slide. I was just happy to be with her for the week we would be in Michigan. We were visiting a great aunt on Pau-Pau Lake. She lived on a canal off the main lake. The first night there was a little uncomfortable as another relative of my mom and brothers aunt was still there. He should have left the prior weekend, but his parents had pawned him off on Mildred and she was trying to be accommodating.

My uncle was pissed. He made a phone call that night and four hours later the guy was gone. Turns out he wasn’t really a relative at all. So Dee and I had a bedroom to sleep in. I volunteered to sleep on the floor. Dee giggled. My uncle made sure the door was open and the light in hall was on before everyone went to bed. Dee and I were very tired and went to sleep quickly that first night. The whole week we spent out on the dock fishing or hiking in the woods across the road from Mildred’s house.

On one of those trips I finally got to kiss a girl. Dee wanted to practice and thought I would make a good practice dummy as she put it. I welcomed it. We just kissed, for about two hours. Just our lips pressed to each others. Dee was in command. She told me what to do, I did it. After that day, we went into the woods for a couple of hours every day and practiced kissing. On our last day, I got bold and slipped my tongue past her teeth. Her breath rushed from her lungs as I pushed my tongue in farther. She pushed me back.

“No. Not yet. Let’s go,” she commanded.

I nodded and we went back to the house. We never kissed, except the little simple kisses when we said good-bye with our parents watching, again. I missed kissing her.

Then we both graduated high school. Dee went off to college and I went to work, in a factor, building tractors. Big, yellow tractors. The kind with the tracks on them. For the next six years, Dee and I hardly saw each other. I did meet a girl and we were married. I loved her dearly and she antalya escort me. It was a time of recession. Jobs were scarce. I joined the Air Force. Dee and her husband came out to visit once. Then she divorced her first husband. Over the years she would be married five times. She had a habit of picking bad boys. The first three that treated her badly, her farther beat the crap out of. The next one, I did the honors. The last guy…well he was a winner. He treated her right and wasn’t poor like the others.

I eventually got out of the service and moved back home. Not Home, but home. We got an apartment close to Dee. She came over a lot after work. She was good company to my wife as my job had me working long hours during the week. Dee was a psychologist and worked eight hours a day during the week. At the time she had no one in her life. Dee and my wife became very close.

Then my wife became very ill. She hung on as long as she could. I was devastated when she passed. Dee took care of everything for me. My wife was only thirty when she died. A year older than me. I took a leave of absence from work and just sat staring at the TV all day and night. I barely slept and I only ate when Dee came over and force fed me. Whenever she tried to talk to me about my life, I just broke down and cried. About a month after…Dee came over and forced me to shower. She yelled how she hated the stench that I had become and lived in. The next day a cleaning crew showed up with her and cleaned my house. I sat in a hard wooden chair while new furniture was brought in.

Then a stinging blow right across my cheek brought me into focus. I looked up at Dee. She was standing over me, her hand ready to deliver a second blow. I blinked up at her watching as her hand started down and hit me again. I just stared up at her, tears welling up in my eyes. Another slap stung my cheek. Dee winced when she hit me the fourth time. Then there was a fifth and a sixth. After the seventh I finally spoke up.

“You can stop now. Please?” I said just staring up at her.

I was on my back on the living room floor. Dee was straddling my hips.

“Will you talk to me?” she yelled.

“I love you,” I told her. “And thank you for taking care of everything. The funeral was lovely. I think she would have approved.”

Dee started crying and collapsed down onto my chest. My arms came up automatically and wrapped around her soft, sobbing body. She sighed as I gently squeezed her.

“Oh god, I’m so glad to have you back…I thought I had lost you?” she sobbed into my neck.

“I was here. I saw you, yet found I couldn’t speak or even acknowledge you. I’m sorry.”

“I know. I love you too,” she whispered almost sounding frightened.

Then her lips touched my neck so softly I thought it was my imagination. Then they pressed a little harder. I squeezed her gently. Dee pulled her head back to look down into my eyes. Hers were full of fire. A fire I had never seen before. Then her lips were pressed against mine. Her breathing was fast and ragged as she kissed me with such passion, I almost thought she might explode.

I kissed her back. I let my tongue slide gently forward, ready to pull it back. Her mouth opened and I pressed forward. Our tongues danced and swirled together. She seemed to be in a hurry. Dee was tugging at my belt with an urgency I had never felt from a woman. Smiling while I kissed her, I started to unbutton lara escort her blouse. She pulled her mouth from mine, sat up and pulled at my pants.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she repeated all the while pulling and pushing at my pants.

They were soon down around my ankles and I kicked them off. I had her blouse off and was working on her skirt. She stood, towering above me and pushed her skirt down, kicking it across the room.

“Take them off,” she said, indicating her panties.

I reached up and pulled them down her lovely legs. I sucked in my breath as her pussy came into view. It was beautiful. She stepped out of them and spread her legs. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra. I was too busy staring at her wonderful pussy to notice her well developed tits. I pulled my t-shirt off. Reaching out I looked up at her face. She nodded. I pulled her pussy to my face. I sniffed deeply and sighed at the sexy aroma that met my nose.

“Magnificent,” I whispered.

“Thank you,” she croaked.

Pulling her closer, I flicked my tongue out to taste her. She sighed. I groaned. She tasted good. I mashed my face to her puss. I licked her gently. I could feel her thighs shiver and shake as I licked and sucked on her sex.

“Fuck,” she cried out.

I pulled her down beside me, my hard cock coming to rest on her thigh, the head just inches from her entrance. Her hand reached out. She touched me. I groaned.

“I want to suck you, but I want you to eat me…” she hesitated.

“Top or bottom?” I asked.

Her eyes lit up.

“Top,” she said.

I rolled back as she moved her pussy over my head and her head over my cock. Both of us were fully aroused and anticipating the touch of the other. Her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft, her hot breath washing over my skin. I looked up at the best looking pussy I had seen in a long, long time as it slowly lowered onto my face. I jerked when Dee’s mouth slipped down my cock. I almost came as the head pushed against the back of her throat.

I slipped my tongue into her slit. Her body jerked. I licked and nibbled her flesh. She tasted marvelous. I was soon sucking her clit, slapping my tongue across it and into her entrance. She was sucking and licking and stroking my hard cock. I concentrated on her, so as not to come too quickly. I don’t know how long it was, but when she started to buck her hip because of her orgasm, I too bucked with my excitement.

Stream after stream of my thick ropes of cum shot into her mouth. She groaned as each burst hit her throat. I could feel her swallow. When I had stopped spurting, she pushed her mouth down my shaft until the head was buried in her throat. I cried out, her pussy pushed down against my mouth.

“Oh fuck,” she cried as she rolled off me.

She quickly spun around and was kissing my face. “I love you,” she cried between kisses. Then her tongue was in my mouth, her hand was wrapped around my slowly deflating cock. She stroked me. I was soon hard again.

“Fantastic,” she huffed.

Then she was straddling my hips, holding my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I looked up at her round eyed.

“Yes, I’m going to fuck you. I have wanted to fuck you for a very long time, but there was always someone in the way.”

I nodded in understanding. I too had wanted her, ever since we first kissed, so long ago. Now I waited in anticipation as manavgat escort she slowly lowered her pussy to my cock. Then I was inside her. My legs jerked, my cock swelled, my breathing stopped. I was suddenly in heaven. I was all the way inside her body now. She just sat there her pussy pulsing with her heart beat.

“You feel so good inside me. I just want to sit here and memorize every little feeling.”

“I love you,” I said. I jerked my cock up into her farther.

“Yes,” she cried.

Then she was bouncing on my cock, fucking herself with my cock. I just smiled up at her. She looked so sexy, so aroused. Sweat was starting to drip from her hair. Her eyes stared at mine, fires burning in them. She was hot. She was coming. Over and over, I felt her pussy spasm as orgasm after orgasm shot through her body. She was beyond speaking coherently. Grunting and groaning animal sounds emanated from her throat.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she finally shouted.

I could feel her fluids rush past my cock to soak the carpet under me. ‘We would have to get that cleaned again,’ I thought. Sitting up, I pulled her to me. Our lips met in a mind numbing kiss. Then I was on my feet, my cousin still on my cock.

“Yes,” she hissed.

I walked to the bedroom, squatted down and ripped the bedclothes off the bed. Then I dropped Dee on the mattress. She squealed as I crawled back between her legs. She squealed again as I pushed my hard cock back into her sopping wet pussy in one thrust.

“God that feels so good,” she whispered.

“It does,” I whispered back. “You are so hot, so wet, so sexy.”

“So are you.”

I started to fuck her…hard. She cried out with pleasure, her face scrunched up in ecstasy. Her pussy was making those sexy squishy sounds. She looked up at me with desire and love reflected in her eyes. Her arms stretched up, she put her hands on my necks, softly massaging. Hips bucked up to meet mine as I slammed into her wonderful body. For a long time I was lost in the feelings of my cock as it plunged in and out of my cousin. Finally, that time came when I could hold back no longer.

My love surged. Pulse after pulse, shooting out of the tip of my hard cock. I filled her pussy with my seed. She moaned, then shook with orgasm.

“That was so wonderful,” she said her voice gravelly with emotion.

“It was. But I forgot to ask if you were on any type of birth control? I’m sorry.”

“I am, or I would have told you not to cum so hard inside me,” she said smiling up at me.

I smiled down at her, my cock still hard with my love and passion for this wonderful woman.

“You knew I needed you?”

“Not really, but I knew I needed you,” she admitted.

My cock finally softened enough to slip from her wonderful hold. I rolled to her side. She smiled at me, then was scrambling to the bathroom. I sighed as I watched her close the bathroom door.

Minutes later she was beside me in bed, cuddled up to me, kissing my neck as she stroked my chest with her finger tips. We fell asleep sometime later.

* * * *

For the next year, we lived together. She sold her house, moved her things to my basement and we set up house. She was a joy to be around. She was always ready to please me in bed. Then one day she announced that I was cured. We had a long talk about our futures. She stayed with me for another four months, then moved out. I wasn’t sad or upset. It was time for us to get on with our lives. She had sacrificed so much for me. I only hope I could be there for her when she needed me.

We still get together on occasion. It is always wonderful and very pleasant. I love her dearly. She is after all family.

# # #

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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