Debt and it’s high price parts 1-7

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———–Part 1————-

‘How did I get myself into this?’ Jerry thinks as he sits there staring at the envelope in front of him. He hasn’t opened it yet, but he knows who it’s from.

After a while he picks it up and looks at it some more, turning it over and over in his hands.

It looks just like all of the others. Plain white, regular stamp, and no return address.

He opens it after about two hours of looking at it, dreading what is inside.

What he pulls out is worse than he would have imagined.

He is holding a candid shot of his 18 year old daughter, Kali.

Even under these circumstances he can’t help but think of how extraordinarily beautiful she is.

Her light mocha skin, her slightly slanted silver eyes, her perfect figure, her waist length black hair with natural red highlights, and her beautiful smile that could light up the whole world.

He thinks of how much she looks like her mother. Her mother was Cherokee and died when Kali was 3 years old.

He reached back into the envelope and pulled out a piece of paper, the words on it were typed as usual. But this time they made him cry.

Bring Her To Me.

Tomorrow, 9:30 PM, K-Cabin.

He cried for a while and then reached for his cell phone.

“Hey, Kali, I’m gonna pick you up tomorrow around 3 in the afternoon. We can enjoy the long weekend together.”

He hung up the phone after leaving the message. Knowing he just signed her life away, and very well that he would never see her again after tomorrow….


Kali loves when her father decides to pick her up for a weekend or does something spontaneous. Its what she loves most about him.

So naturally when she got his message she started packing right away, completely unaware of what was in store for her.

She went through her closet and pulled out five pairs of super short shorts, she always loved to show off her nicely toned legs.
She also pulled out her favorite tanktops.

“Nothing like comfort.” she laughed to herself as she packed them in her suitcase.

She set her alarm clock for mid-morning tomorrow and climbed into bed.


“Why am i doing this.” Jerry asks himself outloud as he pulls up into her driveway.

He was up all night crying, hating himself for what he is going to do.

He gets out of the car and slowly walks up to the door, placing a false smile on his face right before Kali opens the door.

She gives him a huge hug right after the door opens.

“Hi daddy!” she squeals in delight. Expecting this to be just another spontaneous weekend.

She steps back letting him into the house. She has done well for herself, already has a 3 story house and plenty of space.

“Wait in the living room for a minuet. okay?” she says as she walks up the stairs.

“Hurry up sweetie, were on a tight schedule today.”

“alright dad. so where are you taking me today?” she calls down the stairs.

He pauses for a minuet not sure what to say.

“I rented a cabin up in the woods, were gonna spend our time there, swim and stuff.”

She smiles to herself in the mirror, thinking of all the fun she can have.

“That will be great!”

Ten minuets later she comes back down the stairs dressed and ready to go with her two suitcases.

“im ready.” she announces as she enters the living room.


They drive and talk as if everything was normal, to Kali it was normal, but to Jerry it was torture, the last time he would see his daughter, The last time he would hear her laugh, the last time he would see her smile, she just seemed so carefree.

After four hours of driving they come to the last town before the cabin he was told to take her to. He stops the car in the parking lot of a convinience store.

“Lets grab a disposable camera or two, and just take pictures and junk.” he suggests to her.

“Sounds fun daddy.”

They go into the store, she grabs snacks and things and he gets five cameras. Wanting to remember her happy, and smiling.

After they pay they get back in the car and start taking pictures immidiately.

It helps him that she is so photo-genic. She is using two of the cameras to just take pictures of herself. He smiles at seeing her happy, but the smile doesn’t reach his eyes, he hates himself more and more as their destination gets ever closer.

By the time the rest of the trip to the cabin is up, all cameras are full, she had changed in the car at least eight times, she says that makes the pictures more interesting, and he almost cried twice.

They pull into the drive of the cabin and he shuts off the engine.

She is looking at the large cabin in front of her, it has four floors above ground, The whole top floor has glass windows as walls, its right next to a very private lake, with a house boat at the dock, and it looks amazing, little does she know how much shee is going to hate it before the night is over.

“Its amazing dad, how did you get the money to rent this place?”

“It was nothing.”

They get out of the car, bringing all of her things with her. They walk up to the door, burnt into the wood of the door in elaborate script is the letter K.

He grabs the key from the top of the door frame and opens the door he helps her bring her things in.

Looking at the clock on the wall he sees he has a little over 30 minuets till he gets here….


He Looks up at the sign saying they just entered his territory.

“Jerry better be here with that sweet young cunt of a girl he calls his daughter.”

“He will be sir, he will be.” Juan says confidently.

“Keep driving.” He looks at the pictures his men have taken of Kali. “I dont want to keep them waiting.”


“DAD!” Kali calls down the stairs after seeing a hummer and two Dodge Rams pulling into the drive of the Cabin. “Who are those people?”

Jerry takes a quick glance out the window.

“Mother Fucker.” he mutters under his breath. “Stay upstairs Kali.”


He Starts for the door. “Just stay upstairs and out of sight.”

Kali recognizes his serious tone and knows he is serious.

He opens the door and walks out into battle grounds.


He watches as his cabin door opens and out steps Jerry, Who looks scared shitless.

As jerry approaches the hummer he slowly opens his door, and steps out.

“Jerry, so good to see you. Is she here?” He asks as he tosses the photos at Jerry’s feet.

Jerry reflexively looks down at what his tormentor threw at his feet.

What he sees is utterly shocking. His daughter getting undressed for the shower, Going to and from work, Shopping, and much more things.

“You’re sick.” Is all Jerry can utter.

“So is she here?”

Jerry looks away, jittery, before turning back to him.

“Well Jerry. I dont have all day.”

“Yes She is here.”

“Good.” He walks past Jerry.


Kali looks down from the windows.

She sees her father talking to a tall, well built man, not like he takes steroids, but like he does a small amount of working out to keep himself healthy. He has long black hair that falls down his back he has kept in a tight braid. He has a light tan like he stays out in the sun just enough to be goldened not over tanned. He is not wearing a shirt and has a well defined six-pack.

“Who is my father talking to?” She mutters to herself, finding an attraction to this mystery man.

She watches as the man throws something at her father’s feet. As her father looks away then back at this man. As this man walks past her father beckoning him to follow. As they go out of sight.

—————Part 2—————

He saw her looking down from the window. She was obviously interested in him. That would make what he had planned to do with her even more effectual.

“Lets go downstairs,” he looked back over his shoulder at Jerry. “Its better there.”

They went into the basement but they didnt stop there they walked to the back of the room and he opened the door to the stairs leading down into the three story dungeon.


“Yes Sir.”

“Go get her things.”

“Yes sir.”

He watched as Juan left the room. Then he turned to Jerry with a mocking bow “After you.”

Jerry started down the steps barely able to see where the next one was.

‘Why am i doing this?’ Jerry wonders.

He watches as jerry goes down the steps then turns back to his other men.

“Vino.” He smiles at his favorite trainee. “Bring her to me.”


Kali hears the door downstairs open and close.

“They must have come inside.” she mutters to herself.

She walks to the back of the large loft like room and looks out the back windows. The view of the lake from here is amazing.

Since its night she can see the relection of the room in the windows, and the younger man that walks into the room.

He has light brown hair and large muscles. He seems interesting to her but not so much as the older man.

“Your dad requests you downstairs.” this man whispers.

“What for?”

“Please come with me.”

She doesn’t see any harm in it so she shrugs and follows him down the stairs not even giving pause when they go down into the basement.

This is where that mysterious man is standing.


He walks over to Kali and Vino.

“Thankyou for getting her.” He nods to Vino, who turns around and leaves the room sliding the heavy steel door closed and locks it.

“Who are you?” Kali asks him starting to get scared.

“I am Kalona.”

She flinches at the name.

“But you will call me master.”

“Your freakin’ sick.” She answers.

“Your Father agrees with you on that.”


“Where is my dad?” Kali demands.

“Hes right this way.” Kalona steps to the side so she can see the door to the dungeon.

“I….I’m not going down there.”

Kalona smirked. “I beg to differ.”

She starts to back up, but he grabbed her and pulled her close against his body.

He grabs her by the back of her head and forces her to look at him.

“You will do anything I say.”

He pulled her to the stairs and shoved her, causing her to fall down them. She caught herself on the first landing. Looking back over her shoulder she sees Kalona standing on the fifth step closing the door, sealing off her only escape.

He walks down the stairs till he gets to her. When he stops over her she pulls her legs up and scoots back away from him.

“Well are you going to get up and walk or do i have to shove you down the next three sets as well?”

She cautiously stands, relieved that nothing is broken, scared of what he can do.

He makes a small hand gesture, “Im waiting on you princess.”

She starts walking down the stairs scared that he would push her again.


Jerry watched as his daughter walked tentatively down the stairs in front of Kalona. Knowing that this image would be burned into his mind for the rest of his life. Hating himself for not telling her to run instead of bringing her here.

Kalona stopped beside Kali, grabbing her hair, and twisting it so she had to look at him.

“You have a very beautiful daughter Jerry.”

Jerry just stared him down.

“I just complimented you Jerry.”

“You’re a freak.”

“Oh am i?” He Bent and kissed Kali who couldnt move away to stop him. “Im not the one who brought her here. Im not the one who has given her to someone to get out of debt. Im not the one that knows she will be used as a slave for the rest of her miserable life. You’re the one who did that Jerry.”


The words hit Kali like a ton of bricks.

“Daddy, Please tell me hes lieing.”

Jerry looked at her, Wishing he could tell her that Kalona was lieing but he couldn’t.

“Daddy, O god please, Daddy, No….No….No..” Eventually she gets quiet, realizing her father wouldnt say it, He couldnt say it, because it was exactly what he did.

“See Kali, In desperate times daddy chooses to hand you to me, Family is the one thing noone should trust.” Kalona whispered in her ear.

Kali fell to the ground with tears pouring down her face.

“Let me go now Kalona.” Jerry says calmly. “You have her, now let me go.”

“Oh Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. I never said you would be let go upon giving her to me. In fact, She is only a small part of what you owe me.”


“Wh-wha-what?” Jerry stutters.

“You belong to me as well Jerry. I wont use you like I use her, but your life could end at any minuet.” Kalona Snarls.

He kicks Kali in her back causing her to go face foward onto the floor.

“Stop your crying bitch.” He smirks. “Save it for later.”

She looks at him with pure hatred on her face.

Kalona just looks at her like shes not worth it then leaves the room through a door Kali hadnt noticed.

She got to her feet and walked over to her father.

“Why daddy, Why?”

Jerry looked at her. “Kali, he would have done alot worse to you if i didnt bring you here myself.”

“You should listen to him Kali.” She jumped as she heard his voice.

She kept looking at her father.

“Turn around you fresh little cunt.” She felt the barrel of a gun against the back of her neck. “Now.”

She turned to face him.

“Kali, did i tell you that you could get up off the floor?” He raises an eyebrow as he asks her this.

She just looks at him.

“Well, slut, did I?”

“No, you didn’t.” She snaps.

He slaps her across the face with the butt of the gun. She falls to the ground from shock more than the blow.

He leans down so hes right next to her ear. “I dont like sass. The only reason I didnt just kill you is because I have good thoughts of how to use you.”


Kali didnt know how to respond to his taunts, she was always happy, always popular, noone was mean to her, but now this…this monster is telling her that she is just worthless, that he could kill her at any second, she just didn’t know how to respond.

Kalona grabbed her hair and pulled her up so that she is on her knees before him.

He puts the gun into his waistband and pulls out a knife.

“Strip for me Kali.” he says releasing her hair.

“What?” she says shocked.

“I said strip.” He presses the knife against her cheek. “Now.”

She pulls her shirt up over her head, shes wearing a soft silver strapless bra, she starts to take that off but he moves her hand away.

“Leave the underthings for now.” Hes looking at her as if she was just a worthless whore. “Take off those shorts.”

She stands up and looks around the room hoping for anything, for anyone to help her, but she doesn’t find help. She slowly un-buttons her Armani shorts and wiggles out of them. Her thong matches her bra.

She doesn’t look at Kalona, but she can feel his gaze fall over her body.

After a few minuets Kalona signals to Juan, who in turn goes into another side room and brings out a fairly small bag.

Juan walks over to her and opens the bag, pulling out a ruby red dog collar, he steps behind her and lifts her hair with one hand and puts the collar on her with the other. He reaches back into the bag and pulls out a key. While hes locking the collar Kalona is watching the horror on her face.

Juan takes a step back around her and puts the key into Kalona’s hand.

Kali looks at this man who just put a collar on antalya escort bayan her like she was some common bitch.

Shes looking at a tall man probably 6’2″ which puts him about 9 inches shorter than Kalona. He has Red hair, lightly tanned skin, emerald green eyes, and the look of a man whos wont hesitate to kill.

Terror rises in her. She has seen this man before. In the park where she likes to jog, out at stores while shopping, even walking down her street.

She realizes that her father really did bring her here himself because it would have ended much worse if they had brought her in themselves.


“You look terrified.” Kalona chuckled.

She looked over to her father hoping she could get him to meet her gaze, but she couldn’t,

she couldn’t get him to understand that she understood and forgave him.

When she looked back towards Kalona she realized that this was pure reality.

Kalona studied her for a minuet then walked over to her so that she had to look up to see his face.

He undid the leash from his belt loops and put it on her collar.

“Get down on your hands and knees bitch.”

She just looks at him.

He tugs down on the leash. “Down Bitch.”

This time she listens.

He hands the leash to Juan.

“Prepare her for later.”


Kali thought it would end badly if she didn’t follow him, so she resigned herself to the humiliation of being walked like a dog in nothing but her bra and thong.

‘At least the ground is smooth.’ she thinks to herself as Juan leads her off through a side room, out a second door to the room which leads to a hallway, up a small set of stairs, to another hallway, and into the last room in that hall.

Juan closes the door after them.

“Look up.” He orders her.

She looks up at him still on her hands and knees.

Gesturing around the room…. “Your door locks on the outside, you have two side rooms, one is a mini library, the other is your bathroom. These are your rooms, get used to them, you’ll spend your free time here.” He said all of this like he was used to the routine.
He reaches down and unhooks her leash.

“All of your rooms have cameras, so if you try anything we’ll be here before you can do it. Get some rest, look around, I’ll be back shortly.” He says stepping out of her room. After a few seconds she hears a series of locks clicking into place.

She decides its okay to stand up since hes gone.

She looks around the rooms taking them all in. She starts in the first side room, it turns out to be the bathroom. It has to be at least twice the size of her living room at home. It has a large spa tub in the middle, a very large walk-shower towards the back, cabinets upon cabinets of make-up and a large movie star style closet.

“I thought this was going to be horrid, hmmm…..” she says walking back through the main room and into the second room.

It looks to be about two stories tall, but then again did dungeons measure by the standard

10 feet to a story? She Remebered that he called it a min-library, but it didnt look miniature to her, it had 3 ladders to get to the books towards the top, and so many shelfs, and they all looked like books shed be interested in.

She wonders how bad a place could be if it had a library, amazing bathroom, & designer closet.

She goes back into the main room which also doubles as her bedroom. The bed is dead center of the room.

On the bed is a bright scarlet envelope. It intrigues her, she walks over to the bed and picks it up, it has her name on it so she sits on the bed and opens it.


Welcome to your new home.

There are rules, you’ll learn them as you live here.

If you’re wondering about my name, my parents named me Kalona, it wasn’t my choice, but i have grown to like it.

I’d like for you to be comfortable during your rest periods.

Get some sleep now, we’ll get to know each other better after you wake.

Your Master,


She decides she does need to sleep, she looks around the room finding a clock she sees its almost 2am. She goes into the closet finding some comfortable pajamas she pulls them on over her bra and thong and then goes back into the bed room and climbs into bed. Almost immediatly the lights go out.

It seems like no time before shes woken up by the lights being turned on.

The door opens and in walks Vino.

“Rise and shine, Kalona doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

She rolls over trying to cover her head with the pillow, he walks over and pulls her out of bed by the collar.

“Get in the shower. Ill set out your clothes. those go in the basket by the shower.

Still tired she decides not to argue. About twenty minuets later the water cuts off in the shower.

“What the FUCK?” She yells.

“Like i said Kalona doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

She comes out of the shower already wrapped in a towel.

He points to the tank top and thong on the vanity. “Get dressed.”

She doesn’t see the point in being defiante so she puts on the skimpy clothes and walks back into the main room.

He walks up behinde her and attaches the leash.

“Down on your hands and knees.”

Before long shes being led into a large room.

******Part 3******

As Juan led Kali out like a little bitch, Kalona studied Jerry. After they left Kalona walked right up to Jerry.

“You and I have a few things to discuss, but for now I’m tired and need my rest. I’ll see you in the morning.”

He walked to the stairs and paused for a minute.

“And Jerry,” He waited till Jerry looked his way. “You should have thought about the consequences before you made that mistake.”


Jerry was taken to a room on the other end of Kalona’s massive dungeon.

Unlike Kali’s room Jerry had nothing but a bare matress in a rather cramped room.

His escort was someone he could have gone the rest of his life without ever having to see again. The guy was called Tj. He and Jerry used to live around eachother, even worked some of the same jobs for Kalona. Now he was the enemy.

“Don’t worry Jerry, Kali is being treated with as much respect as you treated her mother before you tried to get out of this lifestyle.” Tj laughed as he closed Jerry’s door.

Jerry went over to the matress and sat down. Glad there wasn’t a mirror in the room, he didn’t think he’d be able to look at himself.

He layed there for a while, thinking of the true way he met Kali’s mother. He always told Kali that they met at a concert, and that it was instantly love.

The concert part was true, but instant love, that was a lie. He had grabbed her mother from the back row because he just felt like it. He was a real rapist back then. Doing what he felt like to whatever girl passed his vision.


When he fell asleep bits and peices of his past came to him in what he used to consider dreams but now they were his nightmares.

His first nightmare was of the day he joined Kalona. He was only 14 when he joined. He used to love this life, after all Kalona has legal immunity.

Second was the day he grabbed Kali’s mom. How she had begged for freedom, as he laughed at her pain. How she had screamed, as he used her small helpless body. The look of horror on her face, as she realized he wasn’t going to let her go.

The third was the day she told him she was pregnant, the day he decided to leave the organization, the day he fell into the debt he was still paying almost 20 years later.


Jerry woke up shortly after his last nightmare. He didn’t know what time it was but guessed it to be about seven in the morning.

An hour later when the door opened Jerry wasn’t supprised to see Kalona standing in the doorway. Kalona wasn’t supprised to see him up either.

“You’ve always been an early bird Jerry, how did you sleep?”

Jerry doesn’t take the bait. He knows these games captor vs. captive. He used to love to play them, but now he is the captive instead of the captor.

“Very well then, we don’t want to be late.” Kalona says leaving the door open for Jerry to follow, and seeing no other choice Jerry gets up and follows Kalona.


While Kalona leads him through the maze that is the dungeon, Jerry can’t help but think of all the fun he used to have in this very place.

His memories are cut short as Kalona starts explaining exaclty what is going to happen.

“You belong to me now, The room you slept in last night is the room you will be kept in from here on out, You don’t do anything without my permission, You will do what I want, When I want, How I want, you break my rules and your precious little whore will suffer more than she is going to suffer without you screwing up anymore. Understand?”


“Good, now lets go see your daughter.”


Kalona leads him the long way around to the room he had Vino take her to.

As Kalona enters the room the first thing he sees is Kali bent over the table, her ass facing them, covered in nothing but the tiny thong. Her legs are strapped to the legs of the table, her feet are in a pair of Ruby Red 6 inch high stillettos, that match her collar, he knows that her arms are strapped to the front legs of the table.

“This is a room with a view.” He laughs then looks back to see Jerry’s reaction.

Jerry stops dead in his tracks. He can’t believe that she is bent over that table. The very same table that he had strapped her mother to.

Almost immediately the memory comes back to him.


“What was that whore?” Jerry asks his newest slave.

All she replies with is chocked sobs.

He slaps her exposed ass. “Answer me bitch.”

“Nothing master, I didn’t say anything.”

He grabs her by her hair lifting her head, he looks into her eyes. “Then stop with the tears.”

He knows that she wont be able to stop crying and truely he doesn’t want her to stop.

He goes around so he is standing behind her upraised ass. He enjoys this moment. Right before he ruins them in a new way. He had asked her earlier if she had ever been used anally, her reply had been no, it had been an honest reply.

He reached over and grabbed her by her hair so he’d have more leverage.

“Get ready you little slut.”

He presses the tip of his dick against her ass hole and she realizes what going on.

“Please no master, please nooooo000000OOOOO!!” Her begging turns to a scream as he shoves all eleven inches up her ass in one movement.

“You weren’t kidding were you bitch, your ass is nice and tight. Much better than your used pussy.”

He listens to her screams as he abuses her ass. Her stretched asshole has started to bleed. Making it easier on him. He likes to go at them dry for the first few times because of the pain it gives them but he also suffers for it.

Shes become unresponsive by the time he finished. He leaves her the way she is as he leaves the room.


He is brought back to reality by the sound of Kalona’s voice.

“This should be interesting, you remember this room well don’t you Jerry?”

“Yes, unfortunatlly I do.”

Kalona walked over to the table, the top of it just supported Kali’s stomach so that her Double D’s hang towards the floor. He rests his hand on her ass.

Kali gasps at his touch.

“Why don’t we tell your little bitch about why you’re in debt, your old life, the one that created her.”

“Please don’t Kalona, please don’t.” Jerry says barely above a whisper.

Kalona just laughs. “Wouldn’t you like to know Kali? Know that your father was a rapist? Know that you are the product of rape? That your mother never wanted you?”

Kali knew by now that Kalona was many things, but a liar was not one of them.

“That you are the reason for your fathers debt? That you are the reason your mother had to die? I think you do.”

Kali just stayed quiet as the tears started to flow down her cheeks.

“Come over here Jerry.”

A simple command that Jerry knew there was no way to avoid doing it. When he got to Kalona and Kali, Kalona stepped out of the way.

“Remove her thong.”

Jerry looked at Kalona for a minute then he reached out and gripped the thin material to the thong that was giving his very modest daughter any sort of protection from the men like what he used to be. He hesitated there for a second then knowing that Kalona wouldn’t hesitate to kill her ripped the thong off of her body.

*****part 4*******

That small act of ripping the material off of his own daughter, brought back all the things Jerry loved about the job. How exposing that one little thing could bring humiliation to the victim, the rush of it hit him and he almost forgot that it was his daughter, almost.

Kalona could see the lust building and burning in Jerry’s eyes. He decided that would come in handy.

“You miss this life don’t you Jerry?” Kalona said knowing what the answer would be. Jerry wouldn’t dare try to lie to him.

Jerry stood there for a moment bringing himself back to reality. “Yes Kalona I do miss it.”

“Well then perhaps you will have a life here after all.” Kalona says as he reaches down and slips his finger into Kali’s very wet cunt. “Feels like this little whore is having fun too.”

He slips his finger in a little further only to find that she is a virgin. “Well, Well, Well, Jerry walk with me for a minute.” He wipes his hand on her ass and walks to the door with Jerry behind him.


As they walk out into the hallway Kalona reached back and closed the door.

“Jerry I have an offer for you.”

Jerry looked at him confused. “What kind of offer?”

“Its simple really. You take your daughters virginity and you come back into the buisness, you don’t and I sell your daughter to some of the worst.” Kalona turned and went back into the room, after a few minutes he and the others walk out leaving Jerry with a lose lose decision.


Jerry stood in the hall for about 45 minutes trying to think of a way out of it. In the end He couldn’t and opened the door. Hesitating in the doorway for a second then he puts his mind into it and walks to the middle of the room.

As the door slams behind him he squats down in front of her and looks into her silver eyes.

“I’m sorry for what I’m about to do. You’ll see, hear, and feel the part of me I got rid of because I had you to worry about. I did fall in love with your mother, I don’t know how she felt about me in the end but I do know that she loved you with everything she had. I’m sorry.”

Kali looked down to the ground then up at his face seeing the sincerity in his eyes. “I forgive you for what you might do now but the past will be harder.”

“I understand.” He walked over to the table at the edge of the room to see what he had to work with.


On the table was a wide variety of toys for tortue and forced pleasure. It must have been more than 60 different items but compared to what Kalona kept it wasn’t even 3% of the inventory.

He took his time looking over the whips, chains, vibrators, plugs, clamps, tapes, gags, bars, cuffs, and dildos. Recalling each use like he had done it all just yesterday. What he didn’t see was lube of any kind. Part of him knew that this was Kalona’s plan all along, have him rape his own daughter, the other part said to forget who the girl was and just do what came naturally. Whispering one last appology he slipped into the second part.

Deciding he didn’t want her in the position she was currently in, too much irony for his taste, he looked around the room for something better suited to his tastes. He noticed a small movable table that he could put her over it and into the doggy style position. Upon further inspection he found a small rack on the bottom. He brought escort antalya it over and then went over to her.


……when starting to undo the restraints you always make sure that they have the least mobility during the process…..

That is one of the first things he was taught and a few clumsy time he found out why it was so. With this thought in mind he started undoing her legs. Leaving the ankles secured to the table so she wouldn’t kick.

He took a minute to run his hands over the smoothness of her legs. She used one of those razorless shaving lotions so she wouldn’t risk accidentally cutting herself. From where he was he could see that she must also use the lotion on her crotch because it was smooth as a babys butt. He let his hand slide up her thigh and ran his thumb over her quickly moistening crotch.

She gasped at the feeling of her fathers fingers gently rubbing her most private area.

He kept rubbing her for a minute then resumed to undo her. Bringing her over to the smaller tabble he put pressure on her shoulder, she got the idea and dropped to her knees.

He looked down at her, The low way she holds herself, and laughed. Then he realized how much he really missed this life.


Kali felt utterly humiliated. She had resigned herself to being used by Kalona. Now she was being used by her father. It wasn’t the fact it was her father it was the fact that she had wanted her father for the longest. His deep blue eyes, his golden spiked hair, his well defined six pack, and the sense of power that radiated from him without him realizing it.

She felt him put pressure on her shoulder and knew he wanted her to drop to her knees. She did gladly because she didn’t think she could stand much longer.

“At least you saved your virginity.” Jerry says as he starts to lock her legs to the table.

She doesn’t reply, she wouldn’t know how to.

He bends her over the top of the table which is only as big as the table she was previously on. He locks her arms to the tables front legs and then steps back to look her over.

He walks around her. Getting the picture from all angles. Knowing he had better start soon or he would lose his nerve and never do it, he went back over behind her and dropped his pants. He slipped his boxers down, releasing the fully hard eleven inches, almost as soon as his pants were off.

He looked at her sweet innocent cunt one last time before pulling his shirt off over his head and dropping to his knees behind her.


As her father strips behind her Kali’s thoughts go back to when she was younger, when she wished he would use her.

His hand touches her ass which brings her back to reality, to the fact that what she used to want was what she so badly needed now.

His hand strokes her right asscheek and she lets out a soft moan……

*****part 5******

That one soft moan was all it took to send Jerry over the edge. Forgetting that it was Kali in front of him he reached up and grabbed her hips as he pressed the tip of his throbbing cock against her virgin pussy. Her unused flesh practically begged him to use and abuse her. He gladly taught her she was wrong.

Her body definatly wasn’t made for her his eleven inches. With one savage thrust that sent him balls deep into her, and a single earsplitting scream from her, Kali’s virginity no longer existed.

With her father’s flesh finally in her, it became all too real. She was the daughter of a rapist, she was sold into slavery by him to pay off a debt, she most likely would die in slavery, but the only thing that pissed her off was how much it all turned her on. She didn’t have but a split second to realize all of this before Jerry’s thrusts started what would prove to be the longest day of her life.

To Jerry it was like riding a bike, one of those things no matter how hard you try, you can never forget. Even after years of reprogramming himself, his body fell into the ever farmiliar rhythm.

Kali felt her body stretch every time he moved. She felt like she was being split in half. All she could do was whimper, it hurt to much to scream or moan.

Jerry lost himself in ecstacy with each thrust. He didnt want to stop, didnt want anything but to keep the tight cunt, of his previously virgin daughter, grasping him.

Both of them lost track of time, him in ecstacy, her in pain. Both in their own little world untill Jerry’s balls tightened. He slid his arm under her slightly lifting her up for him, to get as deep as he could.

His sense of the world came back as he let go and flooded her most private place with his seed. The same seed that created her. He pulled his still semi-hard cock from her slowly. As soon as he was out a stream of his semen mixed with her virginal blood flowed out of her helpless body.

Jerry is jolted back to reality as he hears dull clapping behind him. He looks to see Kalona standing there. Kalona faked looking at his watch.

“3 and a half hours, you’ve still got it Jerry.” Kalona walks over and tosses Jerry his jeans and boxers. “Im suprised you do, after all it has been some 18 odd years since you left this, shall we call it, business. Most would have creamed that cunt in 15 minutes or less.”

Jerry paused in his dressing and looked at Kali’s limp, almost angelic form.

“Finish dressing Jerry, then leave. Vino is out in the hall ready to take you to the cages to choose a new slave.”

Jerry didn’t waste any time getting dressed. His body was eager to get back to this life. His mind was too, because in all of it, this life was honest. He never had to lie when he was living around Kalona. He never had to tell someone he cared, wanted to be around, or even pretend to be a model citizen. He could be himself. None could judge him for it here.

He took one last look at Kali before he left the room. Feeling regret for having to put her through this. He never lied to Kali about loving her. In fact she was one of the only two person in the world he can truly say he loved. He adored her mother for the years she was his wife and not his slave.


After Jerry left the room Kalona focused his attention on the whore before him. Her blood and father’s seed dripping from her cunt.
He slowly walked around her three times, to get the full view of her newly found slave like beauty.

This would be her life. Until he decided to sell her or kill her, she would be used for his purposes. Being young she has about five to ten good years ahead of her, more if he decided to use her for breeding purposes.

He walked over to the table and picked up his favorite nine tails. He used it for each of his slaves’ first whipping. Kali’s would be no different. He walked over to the head of the table and lifted her head by her hair.

“Look at me whore.” He says as softly as possible.

The tone of voice he used startled her into opening them. She finds herself looking into his mesmerizing black eyes. As she looks at them she finds that they aren’t a solid black. They were covered in flecks of color. She just wants to get an easle, paints, brushes, & canvas, She wants to paint his eyes to the full force they held. Filled with awe she couldn’t look away, she didn’t want to even blink.

“See something you like cunt?” He snarls removing his hand from her hair and standing up straight. Not being the most patient person in the world he let the whip crack on the air. “Well?”

“Yes.” She whispers.

“Wanna tell me what you like?”

“I’ve never seen eyes like yours.” She says diverting her own. “Filled with flecks of Lavender, Fulvous, June Bud, Platinum, and Electric Amber.”

He chuckles and drapes the whip over her ass. “You are the first one to specifically name the colors.” He pulls out his knife and cuts the straps and back of her tanktop, swiftly removing it. “Of course I expect that of an artist such as yourself. Ive seen many of your works. Perhaps you can paint for me in the future.”

He let the fabric that was her top fall to the floor as he put his knife in his pocket and picked up the nine tails. He walked over behind her, so he had the full view of her freshly deflowered cunt.

With the grace of decades he lifted the nine tails in the air and brought it down on her bare ass and exposed pussy. She screamed as the leather bit into her tender unprotected flesh. Her screams were music to his ears. He brought the whip up and let it fall against her again and again, on her back, it curled and hit her breasts and stomach, it hit her legs, it hit her arms, it covered her whole body in welts.

By the time her first whipping was finished Kalona’s cock was at its full 14 inches long, 3 inches around, and hard as a rock.

“Alright slut,” He said pulling his tanktop off, and un-zipping his jeans. “Lets get this party started.”

*******part 6********

Kali heard his shirt fall, his zipper drop, and then his jeans and boxers fall to the ground. Somehow it stirred a primal instinct in her body. She felt her body longing to have him inside her, suprise, as she still hurt from the whipping she just received. That is until he walked to stand in front of her.

Wanting her fear Kalona walked over in front of her, pulling her head up by her hair, making sure she saw the monster between his legs. He smiled in satisfaction as her eyes widened and a small terrified sound escaped her lips. He released her hair and let her hide her face as best she could in the position she was in.

To her it seemed like an eternity between him releasing her hair and feeling the head of his massive cock against her battered and beaten pussy. To him it seemed all too soon. Even though he waited patiently till she was 18 before he even had his men follow and stalk her for the pictures he got, he didn’t give a damn about her well being. Using her father’s semen, he burried himself in her.

With his massive intrution of her body she screamed. She felt the tears start to flow down her cheeks. She wished it wasn’t real. But what she didn’t realize was he only had the first 11 inches in her.

He listened to her screams and sobs as if they were music, to him they were. At first he stayed still, with only what her body naturally allowed in her. He waited for her sobs to stop before pulling back slowly. As soon as he started to mover her body began to buck.

Usually he would check the restraints before giving a new slave her first experience with his legendary member. But in this case, Jerry had restrained her. Jerry never messed up the restraints, not after that bitch Carla.

She couldn’t stay still no matter how hard she tried, even though she could hear him chuckling and knew it was only entertaining him. The pain from his size was just too much. Her cervix couldn’t take the pain from the intrution. It throbbed painfully, rather steadily.

He pulled back so the tip was the only thing still inside her. He waited for her body to calm down a bit before using enough force to send his full 14 inches into her. This time she didn’t scream, didn’t cry, didn’t wail, didn’t buck, cause the pain was equivalent to someone shoving a knife into your kidney and twisting it, its too much pain to do anything.

He leaned over her body carefully, making sure the full 14 inches was still in her, and pulled her hair so his lips were right next to her ear.

“In a month or two your body will get used to my size,” he chuckled, knowing it would probably be 4 or 5 months. “But for now, prepare yourself for pain.”

He straightened up really fast letting his dick push harder against her cervix. He started to steadily thrust into her. Feeling every millimeter of her love tunnel grip him. Grabbing her hips to hold her just right as he batered, bruised, and abused her sweet young form.

It took all he had to wait for her to lose consiousness before he let his cum fill her body. Even after two weeks of not letting himself orgasm, it was more semen than he though possible to be held in one man, even of his size. It took about ten minuets before the flow slowed and eventually stopped. By the time he pulled himself out of her limp body, there was nice puddle on the floor and streams of cum racing down her legs.

After pulling out of Kali, Kalona pulled his watch out of his jeans. Judging the time, they had only done an hours worth of time. For him, this was an embarrasment, but she was the tightest whore he had ever used. Out of the back pocket, he got his digital camera.

He took a few pictures of her in her current position, admiring her helplessness. After satisfying himself with her in this position he went over to the far corner and tugged on the chain, testing its strength against his. This chain was set up for her to be able to move in a certain amount of space, similar to a dog chained up in the front yard. Only she would be confined to the corner and a twelve foot radius from it.

Confident in the strength of the bolt and chain he went back over to her. Circling her like a tiger and its helpless prey. Slowly he undid her restraints, letting her fall to the floor. Liking her new position, he took more pictures. He easily tossed her over his shoulder and carried her to the corner. He locked her collar to the chain and admired her shortly before noticing his need to relieve his bladder.

Soon she awoke to what she first thought was warm water, and soon found to be Kalona’s golden stream . . .


Downstairs Jerry was looking over the vast selection of slaves Kalona keeps in the cells on the second to bottom floor of the dungeon. Currently he was looking at the young red heads, they were always a turn on for him.

On his second time past the red heads he spotted one that looked to be no older than 14. He walked past them a little bit, wanting to know what they talked about, you’d be supprised to know what a slave would say when they think they are alone.

“Ella, m…mm….myy nnammee iiissss Ella.” A small, weak, scared, voice said.

“… girl has a pretty name……”

“…..they gonna strip that from you first……”

“…then your clothes…”

He pretended to look at the blondes in a higher cage as he listened to them.

“…I never seen dat guy here before…..”

“..he be…important…”

“…been past us twice….”

A couple of the others chimed in.

Slowly he walked back over to their cage and looked in.

“Who is Ella?”

He didn’t expect a verbal answer, and he didn’t get one, all of the others moved away from the one he spotted earlier.

He didn’t realize Kalona had come down till he reached around Jerry and undid the lock on the cage.

“You’ve always liked them young Jerry, you’ve always liked them young.”

******part 7*******

Kali awoke in a large bed chamber. She kept her eyes squinted so as to access her new surroundings. She knew she still had the heavy chain attached to her collar. She groaned when she realized she was naked laying on a marble floor.

She slightly tilted her head to be able to scan the room. A quick glance proved that she was alone. It hurt to move but she knew if she remained laying on the stone floor it would only prove to make her sorer. The first thing she noticed after sitting up was the various styles of torture/bondage/sex racks and devices bordering the room. Alot of it she didn’t recognize. She didn’t want to know what any of it did.

Glancing back behind herself she noticed the bed fit for an emperors bed chamber. It was made entirely of black marble instead of wood. Instead of four posts to hold up the canopy it had six. Each post had a series of various sized steel rings running up to halfway to the canopy. The canopy was a deep silver. The bedding itself was black, silver, and crimson red. She sighed in relief and leaned back against the bed, at antalya escort least she was alone for the moment.

She wasn’t alone for long though. All too soon the mahogany doors opened and Kalona stepped in. He paid her no mind as he gracefully removed his black silk shirt. He simply enjoyed making her squirm with dread and anticipation. He knew her feeble mind would be running down an entire list of things she thought he might be getting ready to do to her. Continuing to ignore her he set his shirt on his tool table.

Kali sat frozen in fear as Kalona came in and removed his shirt. When he walked to the table she started to tremble. She didn’t want the attention of this evil demonic man. She didn’t want to know what was going to happen. She just wanted this nightmare to end. She shrank back against the bed as he walked past her, disappearing behind a crimson and silver curtain. The suspense was killing her more than anything he would actually do to her.

A few minutes later he re-emerged dressed in a deep lavender shirt with lavender pin-striped pants to match. His hair was down and much to Kali’s surprise It was much thicker and longer than her own waist length hair. It flowed around him as a dark sensual deeply mesmerizing cloud that you would be content to lose yourself in eagerly.

After retrieving something from his night stand, Kalona sat down on the edge of the bed behind her. Kali was somewhat relieved that he was behind her and she didn’t have to look at him. She tensed in fear as he grabbed her hair. She relaxed, if only just a little, as she felt the brush running through her luxurious mane of hair. Before long he had her hair done in a very elegant french braid running down her back.

“I’m pleased to have found you awake my pet.”

She contemplated not replying to him, but a firm tug to her freshly plaited hair quickly served to change her mind.

“Why is that Master?”

He chuckled, a little disappointed that he had no excuse to reprimand her further.

“It would have been much harder to fix your hair had you been still sleeping on the floor. It would have made us late for our plans tonight.”

She froze, him having plans didn’t spell out anything good for her. She was still sore from him pounding into her last night, not to mention her own father deflowering her.

She was shocked back to reality as Kalona reached around and somehow effectively slapped her.

“I….I…..I’m sorry Master. What plans have you graciously decided to allow me to join in Master?”

He knocked her to the floor as he stood, stepping over her.

“Well my worthless little whore, we are going to a party, and your helpless, delicious, inviting, sensual body is the main attraction.”


Ella was scared, very very scared. She had spent the night alone in a dark, windowless, cement room. She missed her mother and her brothers. She missed her dogs and she missed school, of all the things she actually missed school. She had lost count of how long it had been since she was taken.

She was helpless in this new place. She didn’t like what the other girls in the cages had told her. She had heard things about the underground sex slaves but until a few days ago she had only thought people were trying to scare her, now she knew those things were true.

She squealed as the door opened. She backed herself into the corner. The man who had asked for her by name in the cages last night stood in the doorway. She couldn’t help but look at him, everything about him screamed male model. His golden spiked hair, his deep piercing Ice blue eyes, he had a shirt on today but from last night she knew he had a very well defined six pack. She was scared and intrigued by this man all at the same time. She darted her eyes back and forth trying to find an escape as he was quickly moving towards her. He stopped an arms length away.

Jerry stood staring down at his frightened new prize. He appraised her anew today. He knew she stood out in the cages but now he saw just how stunning and innocent his new little slut was. Her blazing red hair fell to where the tips of her nipples would be if she wasn’t dressed. The babydoll curls in her hair had to be natural. Her milky white skin and the freckles across her nose and cheeks made it very believable that she was of direct Irish decent. The outfit she was wearing made everything perfect, from her emerald top, to her black and green school girl skirt, all the way down to her Rainbow Chuck Taylors.

He was getting impatient though. He wanted to feel his new whore struggling against him. Except first, he needed to know a few things about her. He squatted down in front of her, trying to give her a false sense of comfort.

“Hey sweety, your name is Ella right?” He flashed her a friendly smile.

She was timid but relaxed a little. “Yes my name is Ella.”

He nearly creamed himself at the sound of her voice, she had a slight Irish accent, so he knew she had grown up in Ireland for probably the first six years of her life, then relocated to America, it was just enough accent left to make her voice extremely mesmerizing. He mentally shook himself, he didn’t want to end up in the same situation all over again.

“How old are you dear?”

She didn’t know the exact answer at this moment, she had had a birthday coming up before she was taken but she didn’t know how long she had been gone from home.

“What day is it sir?”

He was a little puzzled that she would ask such a question but he wanted his answers. “its the twelfth of August dear.”

Oh god she thought, it was a week since she was grabbed, a whole damned week.

“Well sir, in that case I’m 18, my birthday would have been two days ago, on the 10th. Please sir, Please, I……I….I just want to go home, please let me go home.”

Jerry chuckled, “I know you do dear I know you do. But you can’t leave just yet. We need to get to know each other better first.”

In one fluid motion, Jerry stood, bent over, grabbed her at the waist, and easily threw her over his shoulder. The cute fluffy plaid skirt she was wearing gave him a great view of her peach shaped ass and her nice fat pussy lips through her lime green lace thong. he knew her bra probably matched. He was going to have fun with this little cunt.

She kicked, screamed, cried, and begged for the whole trip up to the breaking room, the very room he had deflowered his own daughter in just the day before. He carelessly dropped her to the floor and locked the boor behind himself in another very graceful motion.

He didn’t want her voice to control him, he didn’t want her to talk anymore. He just wanted to teach her young body what it meant to belong to him. He grabbed a ball gag from the table and walked over to his little whore. Damn it felt good to be back in business.

He grabbed her by the hair and lifted her to her feet. He made her walk to the center of the room where there were two chains hanging from the ceiling with wrist cuffs on the ends. With no care for her feeling he roughly locked her left wrist into the left cuff. and toyed with her for a minute just like that.

“Please sir don’t hurt me, Ill be good, please sir I just want to go ho…” He pleading was cut short by his left arm wrapping around her throat.

“Shut up you little Irish slut, I don’t want to hear another word out of you.”

He forcefully put her right wrist into the cuff hanging on the right chain. Stepping around her he enjoyed the sight of this dirty little whore helpless to avoid anything he would do to her.

“plea….” Before she could finish the first word he had the ball gag in her mouth and locked into place with her hair still free flowing.

She was taller than most girl, probably at 5’11” so it wouldn’t be hard for him to enter her from a vertical position.

He enjoyed the sight of this little girl, tears streaming down her face, gag in her mouth, the only thing wrong with this picture was the clothes were still on her. Jerry enjoyed knowing he was about to ruin her life.

He pulled his knife from his belt and toyed with it for a minute. Tossing it back and forth between his hands watching the fear in her eyes grow with each catch.

“Ella, you’re about to learn what its like to only exist for someone else’s joy. I’m going to enjoy breaking you.”

In a flash he was up against her, holding the knife to her neck. He enjoyed the fear and hopelessness in her eyes. He smirked at his little cunt.

“Let us begin.”

Swiftly, he cut through her thin T-shirt, revealing her lime green bra. Quickly he removed that to reveal her perky D-cup breasts. Sheathing the knife he stepped back and slowly undid his shirt one button at a time, slowly revealing his well toned muscles.

” Were even now darling” He said sarcastically.

It took a hell of a lot for him to drag this out as long as he had, his patience had dwindled down to just about nothing over the years. It seemed an eternity to him since he had left the business, now it was all back in place. Turning away from her he walked over to this rooms tool table. Scanning the various torture instruments he grabbed a couple of nipple clamps and a couple of 5 pound weights to attach to them. He scanned the assortment on the table one more time before returning to his worthless little whore.

Jerry didn’t look at her face as he put the clamps on her large light pink nipples. What he wanted to see in her eyes was there as he attached the weights to the clamps. Her entire being shook as the weights swung for a minute. her entire face looked like she wanted to scream.

He quickly stepped behind her. Running his hands down her chest, he stopped to violently squeeze each large breast and tug lightly on the clamps. Running his hands down her amazingly flat stomach, he stopped to finger her belly button. Mentally he noted to have her naval pierced. He slipped his hands under her skirt, he easily tore her lacy green boyshorts off of her amazing ass.

The full realization finally ran through Ella’s mind. This wasn’t a dream, this was a very real living nightmare. He was going to rape her, and there was nothing in the world she could do to stop it. She shuddered as she heard him undo his pants, nearly fainted when she heard them hit the ground.

“I own you Ella. I own every part of you. You don’t breath without my say so. You don’t eat, sleep, dream, or even cry without my say so. You are nothing. You are a slave.”

Jerry couldn’t wait any longer. He reached down and hooked her left leg with his left arm. Leaving her weight on one leg and on her arms. He didn’t care about how it would feel to her, he just wanted the sweet sweet release. With precision he lined his throbbing 11 inch cock up with her virgin hole. He grabbed her hair with his right hand, pulling back so that he could look at her face while he robbed her of the only thing a girl possesses to make a man go wild.

Ella had heard that the first time hurt. She had never imagined that it could feel like your entire body was being ripped in two starting at your crotch. She was only a minute into this and she hated it. She could feel every movement he made. He was tearing into her, only caring about himself. She wanted to pass out but the pain from it kept her barely above the cusp of unconsciousness.

Jerry was in heaven. He continued to hold her hair as he pounded into her. He let her leg drop as he reached up and tugged oh the weight attached to her left nipple. The result was astounding. Her entire body tightened. Her pussy gripped every inch of his cock, like a vice clamping down on a string.

Without removing himself from her he released her arms. As she started to fall he went down with her. In a few adjustments she was face down ass up with both of her wrists in his left hand. The longer he stayed in her the more he could resist her body begging him to cum and get it over with.

Ella desperately wanted this to end. Her arms felt like they were being ripped from their sockets. Her insides hurt from accommodating his large cock in her no longer pure vagina. She couldn’t see past the tears in her eyes. She couldn’t stand the taste of the ball gag in her mouth. Her nipples hurt from the clamps and weights. Eventually to her false relief, she felt Jerry pull his extremely large cock out of her body.

Without letting go of her wrists Jerry made Ella stand. He forced her to walk over to the windows on the far side of the room. On their way past the tool table he grabbed a spreader bar, ankle cuffs, hand cuffs and a ring gag. As they reached the wall of windows he cuffed her hands behind her back. She started trying to struggle in vein. In mere seconds he had her laid out on the ground. Taking advantage of her new position he attached the ankle cuffs.

“Spread you legs.”

Ella was scared, but she wasn’t going to let him do anything else to her with out a fight. That was a big mistake.

“I SAID SPREAD YOUR LEGS BITCH” Jerry was getting frustrated but when you picked a redhead you had to expect a good bit of defiance and fight out of the little whores.

She shook her head to tell him no.

“I’ll give you ONE LAST CHANCE. Spread your legs of be punished.”

Still she refused to comply. He was going to have alot of fun with this one.

He reached up above him and pulled down a hook. Grabbing her cuffed wrists he lifted her to her feet and attached the cuffs to the hook. Stepping back he lifted the hook to make her balance herself on her tip-toes.

“I gave you a few chances to be a good little girl, but you fucked up.”

He removed her Chuck Taylors and tossed them across the room after checking her shoe size. Stepping back away from her he laid the small spreader bar back on the table and picked up a walkie-talkie. Stepping across the room he called for Vino.

‘Click-click’ “What do you need sir?” Came Vino’s voice over the radio.

“Vino, can you bring up a pair of lime green stilettos in a size 8, and be ready to help me punish this little whore.”

‘Click-click’ “Right away sir, I’ll be there in 5.”

Jerry was studding the assortment of spreader bars on a rack when he heard the lock click on the door. He smirked as Vino stepped over to him.

“Here’s what you asked for sir.” Vino said as he handed the shoes to Jerry.

“Thankyou Vino, while I go put these on that defiant whore Id like for you to pick a bar that will make her do a split. Then bring it to me.”

Vino nodded, being the eldest son of Kalona made his life alot of fun, but he never got to participate in the breaking of a slut. This was a treat to him and he wasn’t going to risk fucking it up. He grabbed a six foot bar and walked over to Jerry who had just finished forcing the shoes onto his whore.

Jerry smiled at Vino’s pick. “Help me spread this whore out.”


Kali filled with dread as they got closer and closer to the destination. She was already uncomfortable enough as she was entirely nude the whole ride. Not to mention the rope tied around her breasts and around her back binding her arms behind her as well. Kalona had done nothing but leer at her and toy with her helplessly exposed body for the whole ride as well.

As the hummer pulled up to a decent sized brick house in an upper class neighborhood she could only look out the windows and start to freak out. Lined up in the private circle drive had to be at least 15 private vehicles. Kalona barely waited for his driver to open the door before shoving her out of the suv.

“Get up and walk you worthless cunt, don’t make me look bad in front of my friends.”

She could barely get to her feet let alone balance on the 7″ stilettos that Kalona had put her in but she did her best to stay right behind him as he led her to the front door of this very looming house.

Upon entering the house Kalona shoved her roughly through the walkway and dead center into the living room. Kali froze as her dread turned to pure loathing of her situation. Kalona forced her to her knees in front of a room full of 20 men.

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