Debbie’s Uncle John

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It was a regular day in many ways, skies were grey and people were millin’ around as usual. I was on my way to visit my sister for no particular reason other than to break the tedium of having nothing to do on a Wednesday morning. I knocked on her door, but it seemed nobody was home. I was set to depart when my niece, Debbie, opened the window from the front bedroom and shouted down to me. Debbie was home alone, her father at work and her mother off visiting her in-laws with Debbie’s two younger sisters. Debbie was eighteen, and my sister’s oldest daughter, ten years my junior and my favourite niece. I had always got on well with her, and she was only too happy to invite me in, even though I’d disturbed her day off from college.

She answered the door wearing a dressing gown and a towel around her head and greeted me with her familiar beaming smile. She invited me in and we embraced. As I kissed her on the cheek, she apologised for still being a little damp as she’d just stepped out of the shower to answer the door, I told her I didn’t mind, and we made our way to the living room for a little chat.

We talked but never really said anything. As we talked, I sensed that there was an undercurrent of something else happening between us, a kind of chemistry that hadn’t been there before. She sat opposite me in her bare feet and her peach dressing gown, from which she revealed enough of her legs for my eyes to wonder towards her thighs. She caught my glances on occasion, but they were always met with restrained approval rather than distain.

For the first time, I’d noticed she was a woman. Her big brown eyes had the look of mischief, her lips were full and ready and her skin looked soft and silky. She held the top of her dressing gown together as she leaned forward in her armchair to scratch an itch on the sole of her foot.

She looked into my eyes as her hand drifted slowly up her leg, her fingers fondling the inside of the top of her glistening thigh as we made irreverent idle chit-chat to divert ourselves away from what was really happening. I kept on thinking how wrong this was, how dangerous this was, how devastating the consequences could be. Here I was, sexually aroused by my teenage niece, this was so wrong! Yet, I couldn’t help but be turned on by her.

There was a lull in the conversation, and we both sat and stared at each other. She playfully stroked the top of her dressing gown, and stroked the back of her calf with her foot, slyly smiling at me as she did so. I sat nervously as I observed her surreptitious performance, trying in vain to hide the bulge in my blue jeans. I wasn’t sure if she was toying with me to get a reaction, or simply enjoying being sexual, flirting with me because she enjoyed this new reaction she was getting from men. All the while I repeated to myself that she was my niece, and I had to be very careful in handling this.

This was SO wrong!

A telephone rang, shaking me from my thoughts. antalya escort It was Debbie’s mobile phone which was in her bedroom. She jumped, startled as it rang, and quickly ran upstairs to answer it, clutching her gown as she dashed. I sighed with relief as she left.

I had time to gather my thoughts, compose myself and I was making plans for a quick getaway, when Debbie shouted me from her room. “Come upstairs Uncle John, I have something to show you!”, she said provocatively.

My heart skipped a beat upon hearing her words. My legs froze were I sat and a million thoughts raced through my mind. I was so conflicted; anguished, worried, fearful, yet curious, aroused. I was half wanting to run upstairs and fuck her there and then, and I hated what I was thinking. It would have really helped me out if my sister had got home around about that, but no such luck.

Cautiously, I went upstairs and into her bedroom. She was sat on her bed, still in her dressing gown, with an opened photo album sat besides her. She was drying her hair, running her fingers through her long brown locks. She smelled so fresh and clean and nice, the aroma of her perfumed shampoo filling the room.

She looked up excitedly as she noticed I had entered her room. She told me to sit down and look at some of the pictures of her from her recent holiday whilst she dried her hair. She winked at me as I sat on the chair opposite her, then continued to dry her hair as I flicked through the pictures, not really paying attention to any of them.

I looked at them vacantly, intensely as I tried not to watch her. I glanced at her a couple of times, she stared right back at me and smiled. I was so nervous; I really had no idea what to do next. I half concocted a plan to leave, just get out of their and get my composure back, go home and start the day over, but I was paralysed.

She finished drying her hair and smiled at me as she went to the bathroom to get a brush, and returned and sat on the arm of my chair and began brushing her hair. She sat cross-legged, her thighs right there in front of me as we flicked through the photo album together. She pointed out a particular picture she wanted to see, and made a joke of it. We laughed together even though her words passed me by completely. I was totally captivated by her smell, her hair flowed in front of my face as she brushed it, flaunting it in front of my face.

She finished brushing her hair, got up and walked over to the table by the window to put the brush down and put some perfume on, and then walked back over to where I was, took the album from my hands and sat on my lap. I sighed as she leaned back, careful not to expose any more of herself than she wanted to. I closed my eyes as her aroma hit me. She carried on pointing out photographs to me as if to carry on the deceit. Her legs were crossed elegantly, her toes curled, she was perfectly still.

My heart was beating faster, I was breathing serik escort harder as she turned the pages. I was completely overwhelmed at this point. I gently ran my finger up and down her bare right arm, and softly planted a kiss on her neck. She leaned back slowly, still continuing the deceit of talking through each photograph, and moved her hair from her neck inviting me to kiss her again. I covered the back of her neck with kisses. Slowly, she shifted on my lap, moving back towards me. By now, I was totally taken with her, there was no going back.

I let myself get lost in her hair; it flowed through my face as my lips moved around the back of her neck and behind her ears. She discarded the photo album and gently parted her legs, revealing the top of her thighs. She took my hands and placed them on her legs, guiding my hands up and down her thighs. She moaned softly as my hands moved upwards, clutching the inside of the top of her thighs whilst she untied her gown. She turned on my lap to face me, and looked into my eyes. I had a moment of clarity when she looked at me, I just thought “Shit! This is my niece and I’m about to fuck her!”.

She sensed my apprehension, and just as I was about to get her off me and get up and go, she leaned forward and kissed me. Her kiss was magical, so sensuous and soft. Suddenly, it seemed right. Our tongues intertwined, her arms round my neck, my hand caressed her soft face and then ran through her luscious hair. She retreated, and then turned so that she sat on my knees and I could see her full figure.

She pulled her robe apart and softly let it slide off her upper body to reveal her heavenly breasts. My heart stopped as soon I set eyes on her breasts, her pert, young, perfectly formed nipples standing to attention on her shapely, perfectly formed bosom. She heaved as my hands drifted towards her breasts. I cupped one of them, sculptured it perfectly in my grasp before gently kissing her nipple. She leaned forwards and breathed heavily, whispering “Oh God! Oh, God! Yes!” She started undoing the buttons on my shirt as I kissed and fondled her breasts. One by one my buttons fell and my shirt surrendered. She ran her hand across the hairs on my chest, feeling my muscular frame.

She leaned forward and took my nipple in her mouth, kissing, sucking, biting it as I did the same to her. My shirt evaporated in the passion, and soon Debbie’s attention turned to my crotch. She slowly removed my belt and undid the buttons on my jeans as I ran my hands up and down her body. She stood up, and in doing so, her robe fell off completely and revealed her nudity in full. I could see her pussy lips were parted beneath her neatly trimmed pubic hair, my heart melted at such a sight. She took my hand and I stood up in front of her.

My jeans fell, and she gasped at the sight of me in just my boxers in a state of readiness. We embraced, and then she sat me on the bed and side escort very slowly removed my boxer shorts. She looked at me as I lay on the bed naked, and we smiled at each other before she kissed me gently on the lips, planting gentle kisses as she worked her way down my body. She softly ran her fingers up and down my shaft, and I gasped as she did so. She worked her hand up around my cock and my balls, and then rubbed her tits over them.

She kissed my balls and gently bit them, working her way up my cock before placing her mouth over it. I was totally lost in the moment, her touch was so sensual it flamed my fires and sizzled my soul. I was in heaven! I ran my fingers through her locks as her mouth lifted up and down on my cock. I panted as I came in her mouth, she gasped as I did so. She guzzled my hot juices until I was dry, and then she looked up and smiled at me with that old familiar beaming smile. She was completely flushed and sweating as she wiped some of the juices from her chin. She got up and then lay next to me. We kissed passionately, then I worked my way down her body, planting kisses all down her neck, her breasts, her stomach and up her legs until I reached her burning pussy. She was so hot.

She shrieked as my tongue entered her perfect pussy. I bit and kissed and licked in and out of her pussy, working my way round her lips and clit, slipping a couple of fingers in as I did. Her juices flowed as I licked, and she panted heavily, almost screaming as she orgasmed.

We lay on the bed next to other, and we turned to each other and smiled, and laughed. Amidst the hedonism however, I again realised just whose bed it was I was lying naked on. I looked at my niece and stood up to leave. “I gotta go.” I said insistently. I was ashamed of what I’d done, I just wanted to get out of there and forget anything had happened. Debbie begged me to stay, grabbing me and physically forcing me not to leave. “Fuck, this is so wrong Debbie, we’ve just got to forget this ever happened, we need to stop now!”

Debbie looked at me, and pushed me back on the bed without saying a word, before sitting on top of me to force me to stay there. Then, she said insistently, “John, please fuck me!” I looked at her, but tried to wriggle out, muttering a rejection of some sort to her proposal, but she stood firm. She lay on top of me, looked me in the eyes and kissed me the lips, before whispering “Uncle John, your little niece wants you to fuck her hard. Please Uncle John, fuck her hard!” That got me, I just said “Oh, Fuck it!” before grabbing her and kissing her.

I rolled her onto her back then got up and she squealed as I pulled her to the edge of the bed and parted her legs. I guided my throbbing cock inside her pussy, and fucked her. We both heaved as we fucked, our hearts racing, sweating profusely. She screamed out “Yes! Fuck Yes!!” She gave out a load roar as I thrust my juices inside of her. She orgasmed shortly after me, and we both collapsed on the bed, dripping with sweat. In the aftermath, we lay on the bed, amazed at what just happened and we told each other that we loved one another. We lay in each others arms in that moment, the future uncertain, but the present was most definitely certain.

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