Dean and Marie Ch. 02

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This is chapter 2 of Dean and Marie- His little bag of tricks. You need to read the first chapter before reading on for any of this to make sense. Of course as always everyone is over 18 and then some.


Dean and Marie arrived for work on Monday and they went about their prospective jobs as if nothing was going on. Dean’s biggest problem was he wanted to hug Marie when he got close to her but he knew with prying eyes of those around him that it would be a mistake to do so. He did manage a chance to ask Marie what they were doing this evening and she just replied, “You will have to wait and find out won’t you.” The day drew off to a close finally and they could hardly wait to leave the building. Marie was fortunate in that she got to leave earlier than Dean due to the nature of their specific jobs.

Once Dean was out of the building he hurried home to take a quick shower and then waited for Marie to show up. The clock on the wall continued to drag along in what seemed like eons more than minutes. His wanting to see Marie had just about consumed every thought in his head from the time he saw her at work that morning.

Dean looked around to make sure that he had everything he needed for their encounter and he had remembered to take along his little bag of tricks. At this point he did not care if she was late or not he was taking it with him and he knew she would be late. At 7:30 he heard a car come to a stop and he looked out the window hoping it was her. He was disappointed to see that it was just old man Hurly, his next door neighbor, pulling into the drive next to his.

Dean glanced again at the clock realizing that Marie was fifteen minutes late already and he wondered just how long she would continue this torture, at least he thought it was torture. At 8:00 Marie finally pulled up in front of the house and Dean walked out to see her. He managed to control himself and not look like he had been stewing over her impending arrival. He got in the car and gave her a peck on the cheek and replied “What kept you.”

Marie calmly said “I wanted to make sure that I was fashionably late because I knew you would be watching for me.”

Dean looked at her and calmly said “I am going to show you fashionably late a little later this evening and I hope you enjoy it.” “So where are we off to this evening that you were so secretive about earlier today when I asked?”

Marie just looked at him and grinned and laughed a bit and put the car in gear and slowly drove down the street. Dean also had a smirk on his face but it was not because Marie had not answered him it was because he knew what Marie was going to face later that evening and she did not. Marie glanced over at Dean and said, “What are you smiling at?”

Dean just smiled some more and told her to just keep on driving since she was the one who thought she had all the little secrets for the evening. Marie Drove for about 45 minutes and then turned off onto a gravel road outside of town. Dean looked at her questioningly and she laughed at him provoking him to say “Where in the hell are you taking me.”

“Just hold onto your britches buster because we are almost there,” Marie said with a smirk.

“You know two can play this game and the next time it will be my turn,” Dean said with a smirk.

“I don’t see that happening either since the next time we are taking my little bag of tricks and I have something planned for you that requires a place where I can wield all the tools of my trade,” replied Marie with a glint in her eyes.

Dean laughed a little and then cautiously said, “What trade are you referring to exactly if I might ask?”

“Oh I am not going to reveal that today you are just going to have to wait and find out, but I have a feeling that after tonight I will know exactly how to treat you when my little bag of tricks and I decide to come out and play,” Marie stated as matter of fact.

With that Marie pulled up to a quiet little spot on the edge of a pond. It was a gorgeous place right out of a painting. Dean was very impressed with what he saw at first impression until Marie told him to look to his left. On Deans left was a cute little cabin that butted right up to the edge of the water. There was a deck on the front of it that allowed you to stand on it to enter the boat that was tied to a small dock.

Dean just stood and looked it over before replying, “I could live at this place and never ask for another thing it is just magnificent.”

Marie laughed at him and said, “Well if you don’t need another thing then I just might as well turn around and go home then.”

“Whoa lady, I think you got things mixed up there a little bit from where I am standing. You are already here so I don’t have to wish for the two most beautiful things, I already had one with me on the trip here.”

Marie just laughed and said “I knew you were full of shit when I met you years ago and you just confirmed I was right.” Dean laughed at her and told her that maybe just maybe she might have got him on that kağıthane escort one but he was not taking it back. Dean truly did think Marie was beautiful and there was not anything that would make him tell her otherwise and he told her so. This just caused Marie to blush a bit and Dean knew at that moment that they were somehow now dependent on each other to at least fulfill each other’s fantasies.

Dean grabbed his bag out of the car and Marie went to the trunk and collected the items she had brought with her. Dean looked at her with a puzzled look on his face at the numbers of bags Marie had in the car. “You sure do bring a lot of stuff with you for one evening, no wonder it took you so long to get to the house tonight.”

“Oh I have been packing things to bring along for quite some time now not that you would have noticed, but you will.” Marie said in jest.

“Help me get all this stuff up to the cabin and unpacked before it gets dark since we don’t have long,” Marie said as she directed him back to the trunk. Dean carried an armload of items along with his bag to the cabin and then went back for another. Marie made sure that Dean had to make an extra trip so that she could hide her bag of tricks out of Dean’s sight while he was gone.

Dean came huffing through the door with the last load and plopped down on the closest couch, wore out from carrying all the items Marie had packed. Marie told him to get up and help her put things away. She told him where to place each bag and then they got busy unloading all the stuff she had brought with them.

“Why on earth do we have canned food with us and here is a bag of fresh vegetables and another with frozen items in it.” Dean said as he looked at her.

“Well we have to have something to eat while we are here”, Marie said with a big grin.

“You have enough stuff in here for at least a week for crying out loud,” Dean stated with a weird look on his face.

“Don’t be such a goof and go put them in the refrigerator and I will explain as we go,” replied Marie.

Dean started to pack everything away and then he looked back at her and said, “Do you leave the refrigerator on in this place all the time or did we just get lucky someone forgot to unplug it,” Dean asked while putting things away.

“Oh, no I plugged it in while I was here a week ago and decided to leave it on in case I needed it,” Marie told him as she continued to pack things away as well.

“You have been planning this for while it seems to me,” Dean said as he opened the freezer compartment to put the frozen items away.

“You might say that I have planned for a little while, actually for a bit longer than that,” Marie said as she slapped him on the ass as he bent over to pick something up that he dropped.

“I just have one question to ask; why did you pack so much for one evening?” Dean said as he jumped back trying to protect himself.

“Because we are going to be here longer than one evening,” Marie stated as she took aim again.

“I know it’s not that far out here but don’t we have to be at work in the morning?” Dean asked as he took cover behind a chair.

“That’s two questions and you said you only had one,” Marie remarked smartly.

This continued back and forth for a bit with Marie trying to snap Dean with the towel and Dean dodging her attempts. Dean finally had enough and told her she won for now but this wasn’t over. Marie told Dean that they wouldn’t have to be back to work until the following Monday since they were at a conference for work.

“Don’t you think that is going to be just the least bit suspicious since we are not at the meetings? They are going to ask us questions that we can’t possibly answer,” Dean said with just a bit of concern on his face.

“Oh I have that taken care of already. In that packet over there are all the brochures that are given out at the conference along with the details that we would need to cover our tracks if anyone asks questions about what we learned. We simply just have to spend a little time going over them and we should be good to go,” Marie replied with just a bit of sassiness in her voice.

“Just exactly where is this conference anyway,” Dean asked.

“Oh it’s in Detroit,” Marie replied.

Dean just looked at her and then said, “Won’t someone want to know about the costs of motels, airfare, etc. for while we are gone to this conference and where did you get all the brochures and information about it at?”

“I have a friend in California that I met through work and she attended the same conference when it was in Sacramento. I asked her to get two extra copies of everything so we would have them and to take notes for us so we could go over them and we are staying with friends of mine while we are there to save the company money since that was the key to us getting to go, I saved them money,” Marie said with a laugh.

Dean just looked at her with amazement and then said, “Such a beautiful woman and smart too. kartal escort I am one lucky man.” Dean and Marie got back to unpacking everything and then Dean noticed a small fireplace in the corner. He went over to it and realized that he had seen some wood stacked outside the cabin. He headed for the door when Marie noticed him leaving and she asked him where he was going. Dean just smiled at her and said “Out to get some wood for the fireplace so that I can build a fire that might even match the glow that I see on your face right now,” which caused Marie to blush a little more.

Dean opened the door and mumbled under his breath “so smart, so smart, I am a lucky man.” Dean gathered the wood and came back into the cabin and quickly started to build a fire. Dean turned around from building the fire and noticed that Marie was coming out from the other room with freshly washed hair.

She looked at him and pointed in its direction and said, “The shower is in there buster go try and see if you can clean some of that sweat you just worked up off yourself.”

Dean headed toward the shower and climbed in and quickly cleaned himself. He felt like a high school boy hiding out with his girlfriend hoping that they wouldn’t get caught. After walking out of the bathroom Dean noticed Marie had curled up on the sofa. Dean walked over and gently picked her up and slid up next to her and they cuddled close while they just looked at the fire and enjoyed their closeness.

Dean held Marie and they watched the fire for a time and then Marie asked him “so when do I get to find out about this little bag of tricks you keep promising me?”

“Are you that eager to find out what I have in store for you brat or do you want to go to bed with a sore ass?” Dean replied

“Well I was late you know,” Marie said with a giggle.

“You won’t be giggling when I finish with you but if that is what you want then by no means am I going to wait until tomorrow,” Dean shot back at her. Dean grabbed her by the wrist and told her to stand up and move to his right. Marie quickly complied with the request as Dean slowly pulled her over his lap and laid her into a proper spanking position.

Dean lifted his hand and started to smack her ass over her bathrobe. Dean knew that Marie could feel the smacks his hand was delivering but he also knew that this was simply a warm-up for what he was planning for Marie. Dean had delivered about two dozen well placed blows to her ass and then just sat there and caressed her ass through her robe. He knew that it would have an effect on Marie and she began to move her ass up towards his hand as she enjoyed the attention she was getting from Dean.

Dean slowly started to pull Marie’s bathrobe up her legs as he continued to caress her ass. Marie began to make appreciative noises to Dean indicating she was enjoying what he was doing to her. When Dean finally had her robe up to her thighs Dean came to the realization that Marie might be naked under the robe and for some reason he did not know why he had not thought of that in the first place.

Dean moved the robe up her thighs until they met her shapely ass. She was indeed naked under the robe and Dean began to message her ass in slow circular motions. Dean pulled the robe up and over her ass and then began again to redden it. He started with even sharp swift slaps across her shapely ass. Marie began to move around a bit more as the color in her ass changed again from pink to a redder hue.

After giving Marie almost thirty slaps to her ass Dean stopped for a minute and began to rub her again in a loving manner. Marie was quite responsive to the attention he was giving her and she began to spread her legs apart letting him know that she was ready for him to continue. Dean moved his hand between her legs and began to reach lower with his right hand until he started to feel wetness that showed her arousal.

Dean continued to slowly rub across Marie’s pussy and gradually slipped a finger into her wetness causing a slight “hmmmm,” from Marie.

As Marie got more and more into what Dean was doing he finally pulled his fingers free from her quivering pussy and said, “that is enough of that for now I am hungry and it is getting late you know.”

Marie looked back at Dean with a scowl that could have brought a man to his knees before replying “what do you mean you are hungry? Now? I think you have a job to finish before we even think about eating. Are you totally insane?”

Dean simply replied “I might be insane but I am definitely hungry. So what are we going to make for dinner?”

Marie got up from Deans lap and said simply “You are a dead man.”

Dean just looked at her and laughed and said “You can wait till after dinner and I promise that when I am through with you, you will be glad that we ate first and did not have to worry about it when we were finished, because you dear lady will be exhausted.”

“You think quite highly of yourself don’t you Mr. Murphy” came her exasperated küçükçekmece escort reply.

“Yes and I don’t mind saying so as a matter of fact and just how highly will have to wait for after dinner.” Dean said with a smile on his face and lust in his heart.

It did not take the two of them working together to make a nice meal of Cheeseburgers and French fries. This was a meal that the two of them had shared on more than one occasion and it was impossible at this point to even eat a cheeseburger without thinking of Marie.

After dinner they both cleaned up the dishes and each grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat down just to relax for a bit. It was not long however and Dean looked at Marie and said “Well I guess it is about time to see just how in regard I think of myself, let’s hope that you do as well.”

Marie trying to be the brat that she so longed to be for Dean just said calmly “I think I am out of the mood for this evening, let’s just go out on the porch and fish for a while.”

Dean quickly said “What a great idea I will get the fishing poles out of the closet. I saw them when we were packing things away earlier.” He leapt out of his chair and Marie stopped him after only two steps.

“If you think I came up her to fish you have to be out of your mind buster, get back over here.”

Dean turned around with a smile on his face and simply said “gotcha.”

Marie was ready to kill him at that point but he turned around and sat close to her and began to cuddle her closely. Suddenly Marie smacked Dean across the chest and he said “What was that for?”

Marie replied, “Gotcha” to which they both had a laugh.

They sat together for a brief time when Dean looked at Marie and said, “Do you trust me?”

Marie just looked at him and wondered why in the world he would say something like that for and then replied. “You know I trust you or I wouldn’t be here with you now. You really are a dork sometimes you know that.”

Dean then told Marie to stand up and slowly remove all of her clothes. Without hesitation Marie stood and removed each item of clothing slowly for Dean hoping to cause him as much angst as she possibly could. Dean was impressed with the little show that Marie had put on for him and he stood and calmly walked to Marie.

Dean took Marie in his arms and held her tightly to him as he ran his fingers through her hair. He kissed her ever so gently on her lips and guided her over to the rug that was in front of the fireplace. He instructed Marie to get down on the floor and to place her legs wide apart and then place her head on the floor. Once she was in that position he told her to reach back through her legs with each arm and place it along her legs.

Dean reached into his little bag of tricks and produced a roll of hook and loop that some people may refer to as Velcro that was about a foot wide. Dean took a piece of it and laid it under Maries left leg and arm and then fastened it over the top forcing Marie to keep her left arm next to her left leg. He repeated the procedure with the other arm and leg which in all essence bound Marie to herself. She lay on the floor with her legs spread wide and her ass in the air spread so that Dean could see all of her pussy and her cute little button of an asshole.

During all this time Marie never said a word, she only complied with Deans wishes. Once Dean had Marie just how he wanted her he asked her if she was okay and she replied “sure for now.”

Dean told Marie that he was going to give her 20 smacks across her ass and she was to count each one of them by saying one sweetheart, two sweetheart, etc. Marie tried to look back at Dean and she could not see him so she asked “Don’t people normally tell people to say sir or master or something like that when they make them count.”

Dean replied “I am sure that they do but in this case I want to hear you call me sweetheart so we are going to do it this way.” Of course it was said with a smile and a laugh.

Marie said “Oh brother, you really do think highly of yourself.”

This was simply met with a quick smack to her ass and a “that did not count by the way it was just because I felt like it.” “Now we can begin unless you have another comment you would like to make before we get started.”

Marie had no comment so Dean simply applied the first smack to her ass with his hand and Marie said “one sweetheart.”

Dean again gave Marie several smacks to her ass and she started to wiggle around a bit. Dean told her she needed to stay still because they were just getting started. Marie simply moaned and said nothing.

Once Dean had given her all twenty that he had promised Marie he walked over to his little bag of tricks and picked out a leather paddle that he had purchased just for this occasion. Before showing it to Marie Dean ran his hand across the outer lips of her pussy and noticed that Marie was very much aroused from the spanking she had received. He ran his hand through her folds and then up over her taint to her cute little star. Marie lunged forward as much as she could in that position and moaned as Dean continued to stroke her pussy and ass. Dean took some lubrication from her pussy and again placed his finger against her asshole to which Marie backed into his finger impaling herself up to his first digit.

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