Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 03

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Big Dicks

If this is your first time reading the succubi series, you need to start at Chapter 1. This Chapter contains a few more aspects from the comic ‘Convent of Hell’ if anyone notices. Remember this story isn’t for the faint of heart. Enjoy!

Ben got home, and all he could hear was moaning. His dad must have just gotten home. But Ben’s worst fears were now becoming a reality. He walked over to his father’s room and found Paulina, the black nun succubus, riding his cock. They were both completely naked. Ben never thought this could happen since his dad had erectile disfunction and refused to use viagra.

But there he was, pounding up into Paulina’s demon cunt. Paulina moaned and told Ben’s father to cum. That sent Ben over the edge. They were trying to kill his dad.

“What the hell are you doing? Get off my dad!” he moved over to Paulina to push her off, but she looked into his eyes.

“What’s wrong Master. I’m only feeding.” she said seductively.

And that was all it took. Ben was seduced. Even though he was their master, and hers, she was sent to do a job. Midaja didn’t want him to have any morals. Because they needed Ben 100% on their side.

“Have a seat, Master. Now watch your pet feed.”

Ben did as he was told. Taking a seat and watching his dad’s cock pump up and down into the succubus’ pussy. He also noticed for the first time that Paulina had long and curly hair, all the way down to her waist. It was very feminine and sexy. But nuns always had their hair cut very short for the reason of it repelling sexuality and it helped their headresses fit. Though it made sense, if turning into a succubus can make women thinner, younger, and voluptious, then for sure it would grow their hair out.

Ben’s father tensed up and began to shoot sperm into the demon’s womb. Paulina slowed her bouncing motions to a slow steady grind. She looked over at her master, Ben, and smiled a wickedly seductive smile, then running her tongue all over her outer lips.

Paulina finished with his now dead father and dismounted him. She stood in the middle of the room and slowly spread her feet apart. Her legs spread and let the semen of his dad leak and drip down her thighs or straight to the ground. The she-demon turned around, and bent over to show her master her perfect black booty.

Ben couldn’t restrain himself any longer. His dick may have been as hard as a rock, but she just killed his dad. And her spell over him was broken.

He jumped up and slapped her ass so hard that it hurt his hand.

“Oooooo. Yessss. It hurts sooo goood, Master.” Paulina didn’t get it yet, Ben was really pissed.

“Oh yea?! Well I’ll make it hurt till your dead you demon bitch!” Ben grabbed her arm and turned her around. Then pounching her in the face to the wall.

Paulina realized he was serious but to Ben’s surprise she just kept on treating it like a game. She grabbed her black tities and massaged them, while smiling at Ben.

“What do you think, this is a game?” Ben grabbed her shulders and tried to throw her, but Paulina quickly rapped her arms around him and pulled his lips to hers for a sloppy tongue twister. She moaned and grinded her pelvis against his. Ben closed his eyes and he was hynotized by her again.

Ben opened his eyes and saw his dad’s shriveled dead body on the bed. But Paulina pulled his mouth back to hers before he could break out of the trance. With her free hand, she removed Ben’s hard-on from the confines of his jeans.

At that point, his dick made contact with her cum-filled vagina, and he snapped out of it. Ben pushed Paulina back to the wall, but she responded by jumping on him and immediately impaling her cunt on his cock. The succubus wrapped her legs around her master and started to fuck him.

But Ben could still see his father. He tried to break free. Ben ran them into the wall, slamming Paulina’s back against it. All she did was moan and increase her humping pace.

The slams continued and it started to become a fucking motion as Ben was tiring of it. Paulina pushed herself off the wall and Ben fell down backwards, with her still fucking him. Ben looked over and saw his dad. He tried to struggle. Reaching up at Paulina to push her off him. The succubus was to strong as she grabbed his hands and pinned them to the ground.

Ben cried no over and over as Paulina contined to ride. She was raping him. And she replied with yes over and over in moans. The black succubus nun moved Ben’s hands to his chest, only to help steady herself as she lifted her body to her feet so she could squat on his cock. Now she bounced at a furious pace. And she was winning the battle of wills against her master.

Ben looked at his dad’s dead body on the bed again, but all he could think of now, was fucking and cumming into Paulina’s cunt. He was still able to avoid getting into it, and avoid cumming.

Paulina recognized this, she was shocked. This was never supposed to happen. Ben was never supposed to be able to resist.

But she would take care of that.

“Oooooooo, antalya escort yeaaahhh. Fuck my black cunt. Fuck me. Fuck me. How does it feel to fuck a black nun. Can you feel my cunt milking your cock?” Paulina squeezed her cunt muscles on Ben’s prick and it brought a moan from him. She was also talking dirty about their interracial fucking. And that really made him hornier.

“Yesssss. Fuck your pet succubus. Give your seed to a demon, spawn from hell.” Paulina’s eyes lit up with flames and turned blood red. Ben saw and it was pushing him to the brink of eruption as Paulina closed her eyes and continued bouncing and talking.

“You love fucking me, don’t you, Master. Fuck the black booty that just sucked your father’s soul from his cock. Do you like sloppy seconds. Now shoot your white spunk from your white prick into my black booty. White on! White on! White onnnn…” She moaned in triumphant victory as Ben came, filling her black pussy with his sperm.

Paulina settled back down and came on her master’s cock. Ben was into the fuck session now. He grabbed her breasts roughly and massaged them.

The she-demon pulled her master’s head to one of her tits. He instinctively wrapped his lips around her black areole. Milk began to pour from Paulina’s breast into Ben’s mouth. He swallowed it like a hungry baby. She moaned, knowing that the milk would lower his will-power and help the succubi in the future.

There was so much that it seeped from Ben’s mouth as he lapped it up. Paulina moved his head to her other breast and pressed him against it, encouraging him to suck. And he did. Paulina was now in full control.

“Yes, Master. Drink my milk. Drink. Drink.” Paulina felt Ben cum inside her again as her tit stopped giving out donations. She dismouted him and got up.

“Come Master. To the Bed.” She moved to the bed. The succubus grabbed Ben’s dead father and rolled him off the mattress. Paulina laid down and spread her legs in anticipation.

Cum leaked from her pussy onto the sheets.

Ben got up, and in his trance, joined her on the bed. He aimed his cock at her entrance and pushed forward.

They fucked for another hour or so. After that, Ben had some questions that needed answering.

“What have you done with the rest of my family?” he looked over at the still naked and lucsious black nun succubus and she gave him a devious smile. He relized that he didn’t want to know the answer, and went to the bathroom.

Ben was sitting on the pot and had just finished wiping himself and flushing the toilet. Suddenly the door opened and in walked his older sister, Jennifer. He must have left the door unlocked. Jennifer was looking really good in her cheer uniform. Ben started to get hard at the site of his sister’s body. Naturally he had already covered himself.

“Jennifer, what are you doing? Can’t you see I’m half-naked. Get out!” Ben still had the common sense to send tell her to leave, knowing that this was improper.

“I know, I’m sorry. I just really need something right now.” She actually spoke to her brother as if he was an equal. This was not like Jenn. She got down on her knees and turned away from Ben. His sister bent over and looked in the lower cabinets for whatever she was looking for.

Ben’s eyes were glued to her ass. It was almost as good as Beth’s. And his sister had to be wearing a thong. He could easily see the outline of her pussy lips. She kept rumaging through the cabinets and her head popped out.

“Damn, its not there. I’ll check up here. Sorry Bro.” Jennifer stood up on her tippy-toes to check in the wall cabinet. Ben had another view of her ass, and now her legs. Thoughts of what he would do to her if she wasn’t his sister passed through Ben’s head.

Ben tried to snap himself out of it. It was his sister! Earlier in the day he had witnessed incest twice. But he didn’t actually want to commit it himself. But Jennifer’s body seemed to be hynotizing him. Her ass looked as if she was purposly swaying it to entice her own brother. Ben was as hard as ever.

Bam! His sister shut the cabinet door.

“Shit! Its not there either.” she turned towards her brother as if to think. “I’m sorry Ben, but I have to check here.”

“Hey wait a minute-” Jennifer ignored her brothers plea and searched around the back of the toilet. She was on her knees in front of Ben, looking for somthing. Her arms reached around the toilet to shuffle the things behind it in search of that thing she wanted.

Jennifer stumbled a little and grabbed Ben’s ankle to keep herself balanced. Her touch was like electricity. But good. Ben started to wish she was a succubus, so he could fuck her. He then realised that he had to get her out of there, before he did something stupid.

“What is it you need anyway? Maybe I can help you find it?”

“Wait a minute. Here it is.” Jennifer sat up on her knees. She pulled Ben’s hands from his crotch and grasped his boner. “I just need your cum.”

“Oh my God.” Ben’s eyes shot wide open in shock. fethiye escort His sister was a succubus! Jennifer gave him a wicked smile and an evil chuckle and then engufled her brother’s cock.

“Mmmmmm….” she moaned while giving her sibling expert head. A blowjob that only a sister can give. Ben sat back and enjoyed the feeling of his bitch sister, now his slave, sucking his dick. He nearly passed out from the pleasure. She was the best at giving head, so far. Her new master grabbed her head and hair in a ponytail, and pushed down.

“Yea, suck my dick, Sis. Suck your brother’s cock. Swallow my cum.” Ben shot his load into her mouth and she swallowed as much as she could. Sperm seeped out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin onto her uniform. Jennifer moaned and looked into her brother’s eyes while swallowing.

Ben’s sister stood up and licked the cum from her lips and around her mouth. Then she ran her finger on her uniform and chin picking up the rest of her brother’s semen, then sticking it in her mouth, moaning and sucking it clean. “You taste delicious, Bro.”

Jennifer turned around, bent at the waist, and stuck her bare, skirt covered ass in her brother’s face. That was all the encouragement Ben needed. He jumped up and jammed his prick into his sister’s snatch.

“Ohhhhh yessss! Fuck me Bro! Fuck me good and hard! Give it to your sister from behind!” Jenn said as she fucked back at her master. She grabbed Ben’s hands and moved them to her cheerleader-uniform covered tits. He squezzed them roughly, pulling at them as if to get back at his snobby big sister. But she only enjoyed the incestious fuck-session more.

“Aagghhhhhh….Yesssss! Fuck your big sister! Fuck her good!”

Talking dirty and refering to themselves in the third person was always a turn on for Ben. Jennifer grabbed hold of the towel rack in front of her to stay balanced. Imposible, since her little brother was fucking her so hard from behind, and she ripped the bar from the wall screaming with pleasure.

Ben felt his cock pulsate, about to unleash a load of sperm into his sister’s cunt. Jennifer felt it too.

“Cum Baby Brother. Cum inside of me. Shoot your wad into your big sister’s womb, and knock me up!”

Ben’s eyes shot wide open and he came. Gushing hot cum poured into his sister’s pussy. Her cunt, just like all the other succubi, milked his cock of everything. Sucking in all his juices from the tube in his shaft.

Jennifer wasn’t finished with her brother by a long shot. She pushed off the wall and sat Ben and herself down on him on the toilet seat. The incest continued as the she-demon started to bounce on her master’s cock. A few minutes later, he shot more sperm into his sister’s cunt.

Ben turned Jennifer around with her still on his penis. Loud slurping sounds filled the bathroom. He lifted her cheerleader shirt above her breasts and sucked her nipples. Jenn gyrated her vagina on her bro’s cock, wanting more cum in her uterus. Her tits tasted like honey to her brother. He roughly squeezed her hooters and rocketed his prick up into her and shot another load. Cum poured down all over his pants and her legs.

The succubus dismounted her master and took position on her knees. Taking her brother’s cock into her mouth, she cleaned everything off, including more buckets of semen that her little bro gave her again.

“Thanks for the fuck, Squirt. Even after all that cock, I’ve still got a case of the munchies.”

Ben grabbed her hand before she left. “It’s Master, or call me your brother, understand, sister fuck-toy?”


She left and went over to the neighbors. Probably going to fuck them of their souls. Jennifer needed her fill.

Ben walked out of the bathroom to find one of the twins. He couldn’t possibly tell which one it was. Especially since she had been turned into a succubus. Thanks to just turning 18.

“Hey there, Big Bro.” it was Jenna. That was her pet name for Ben. She had changed indeed. All her fat had melted away to give her an extremely well developed body for anyone. Perfection as usual for the succubi. Ben’s sister had on a tight mini-skirt, that only covered 1/4 of her thighs, and a tight white shirt that clung to her breasts. Jenna’s tits were poking through, showing the lust for her brother.

“Jessica’s getting a ride from Eric with Jason. She hasn’t become yet. I got a ride from someone else. Their bodies are in that cadillac outside.”

Ben had an instant hard-on. He dropped his pants and grabbed his little sister, picking her up and pressing her against the wall. Jenna lifted her skirt to reveal her pantiless crotch. Her brother slammed his prick into her entrance.

“Aagghhhhhh….Yesssss….Big Bro, Fuck me! Fuck me good!” Jenna gyrated her cunt on her master’s cock. Her pussy lips squezzed his shaft and he pushed in and out of her. The she-demon wrapped her legs around her brother and pulled him in tight to her, ensuring he stayed inside her.

Ben kaş escort grunted like never before. He really loved fucking his sisters. Incest was an even greater turn on than fucking demons. Especially if his sisters are succubi. He left Jenna’s shirt and the rest of her clothes on so he could concentrate on fucking her. The family room wall was taking a beating. The pictures on the wall were falling off. It looked as if it was an earthquake on that side of the house. Jenna’s big brother, also her master, moaned as he emptied his nut sack into her warm, welcoming womb.

“Yesssssss! Cum in my cunt, Master. Fill me with your hot cum. Give me your potent seed. Knock me up! Give me your baby! Impregnate your little sister.”

Jenna continued to talk dirty as her brother poured buckets after buckets of semen into her pussy, while never slowing down.

Suddenly, they heard the door open. They realized that it must be their siblings. Ben tried to pull out, but Jenna wasn’t having any of it. She wanted more of her master’s powerful sperm. All Ben could do was get really quiet and hope for the best. Jenna bounced on her brother’s cock and he pressed her against the wall. They had lowered their noise level. But they were still panting and soft squishing sounds filled their ears.

They heard their siblings go upstairs, they were in the clear, or so they thought. The door opened again, they heard a conversation, but couldn’t understand it, since they were to busy fucking. People started coming down the stairs. Ben saw out of the corner of his eye, Jennifer and Jessica, still human, and ugly, with her. She was staring wide-eyed.

“What are doing in our house, Ben? Who is this girl? I thought you were abstenent. I thought you were different than everybody else.” Jessica’s words started to get to Ben, even though he was shoving his cock into one of his sister’s snatches. Jessica wasn’t able to recognize Jenna. She had changed to much.

Eric and Jason had come home too.

“Dude, Ben. What the hell are you thinking? And who the hell are you?” Jason spoke, proud of Ben at the sight of this hot chick that he was nailing, but upset that his little brother had let himself get caught.

“Oh you know me. Hi Jason, its me, Jenna.” She told them while Ben now slowly fucked her against the wall.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Eric spoke out. But both of them couldn’t help but have growing hard-ons. It may have been their brother fucking somebody, but she was one fine chick.

Jennifer joined in the seduction.

“Its true boys. That’s Jenna that Ben’s got his cock buried in. Don’t you like watching your sister get fucked. And don’t you like watching me.” Jennifer began to rub her hands all over her body. She turned away from her siblings, and shoved her partly-covered bare ass in their direction. The succubus lowered her cheerleader skirt slowly to her feet, “Don’t you want to fuck your big sister’s juicy cunt.”

They were trapped. Jason grabbed one of Jennifer’s ass cheeks and Eric quickly followed by grabbing the other. The brother’s massaged the demon’s ass, worshiping their sister’s body.

“What’s wrong with you guys? What’s going on? Am I the only sane person here?” Jessica was actually speaking the truth, in a way. But she would soon understand. And Ben wasn’t liking this again.

“Look at Ben’s cock going in and out of my pussy Jessica. You want to suck it don’t you. And you want to drink my juice too. Come drink your sister’s juice.” Jenna had here hypnotized already. Jessica moved towards the incestious couple. Jenna dipped her hand into her already filled-by-her-brother’s-dick snatch and pulled out some of their combined cream. She offered it to her twin sister, who sucked every finger clean. Jenna then pulled Jessica’s head towards hers for the inevitable lip-lock. Their mouths closed around eachother’s as the light passed into Jessica while Jenna fucked Ben.

Jessica fell to the floor, but no one noticed since they were to busy with their own siblings. She convulsed and her body changed till she looked exactly like her twin sister again. The new-born succubus stood up, her pants and panties fell off, and stared lustily at her brother’s cock. She licked her lips as he finished cumming in her sister’s cunt again.

“It’s my turn. Sister’s do share everything.” Jessica pulled Ben from Jenna and threw him on the ground. She quickly straddled him and sat on his cum-covered penis. “Fuck me…….Ben……Fuck….. Meeee…eee.”

Ben fucked up into his little sister and enjoyed it thoroughly. Her shirt was draping over her body, being far to large now. Jessica pulled the collar of her shirt down to expsose her breasts. She leaned down and shoved her tits into her master’s mouth. He sucked on them very happily. She began to whisper in his ear.

“Look over my shoulder, Bro. Our sisters are about to do something very naughty.” Jessica looked over as well. Ben could see exactly what they were up to. Eric was lying on the floor with Jennifer riding her 18 year-old, little brother’s cock. Jenna was squating on his face, feeding him the juices of her fuck session with Ben, while she was sucking on Jason’s dick. “It won’t be long now, Master.” Jessica whispered.”Soon, they will cum, and our sisters will suck them of their souls.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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