David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 04

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Wednesday had finally arrived and I picked up the keys from the agent for the studio and started work on preparing it for business. I had organized various trades’ people to come in and work their magic and was prepared to be stuck in the place for much of the day.

The mobile rang. It was Mike.

“Yes Mikey,” I said cutely.

“Oh Dave! I’m such an idiot! I forgot to tell you,” he said apologetically.

“You remember Viv?” he asked.

“Vivacious Viv?” I queried. “Vivienne Greene?”

“That’s the one!”

“Oh, yes! I remember Viv!”

“Well, she’s getting married!” he shot back.

Oh god! Poor man!

Vivienne was a woman who knew what she wanted and usually got it. ‘No’ was not an acceptable answer in Viv’s book.

“Who’s the unlucky victim? Anyone we know?” I asked.

“Some guy named Gerald. Never met him,” he responded.

“So what’s the deal? You didn’t ring just to give me this earth shattering news now did you?”

“Nooooo. We’ve been invited to the wedding. I RSVP’d for you while you were away. I thought you might enjoy seeing Viv finally shackled,” he laughed.

To say that Viv was strong willed was a slight understatement. Somehow Mike and myself had both escaped her advances and not for the want of her trying. Circumstances just worked it out that way. Mike got married, I left the country. Not that we did those things to avoid her. She was one hell of a looker and knew it. It was more the intimidatory way she tried to woo us into her bed. We weren’t looking to be another notch on her gun so to speak.

So to see her get finally hitched up and settled down was worth it.

“So when’s the wedding?” I asked.

“Saturday. Sorry for the short notice,” he said sheepishly.

“Shit! Now I gotta work like all hell to get this place ready for Monday. No rest for me I suppose.

“Where it is?” I added.

“At her parents place. You know, the big ranch out in the middle of nowhere. We’ve been invited to stay overnight Saturday and attend the wedding breakfast on Sunday.”

“Ok,” I replied. “You can take my gear up there in your car. I’ll take my bike. It’ll relax me after these next few days.”

“No probs. See you up there. Wedding’s at 2 pm.”

Oh well. No fooling around with Amber this weekend. My dick throbbed as I recalled the recent events and I squeezed it, causing it to grow even more.


Saturday raced up before I knew it. Amber had called the previous day and I had to tell her the bad news. She took it ok. I helped by telling her to do some internet research on Mike’s computer while she babysat Christopher for the weekend.

Maybe she could find some useful information for our playtimes.

It was a three-hour ride to Vivienne’s parent’s country mansion. Despite the long hours I had put in during the week, the ride re-invigorated me. I arrived mid morning, taking advantage of the still morning air to enhance the experience. Windy conditions are never really pleasant on a motorbike.

Viv’s father, John met me at the door. A very likeable bloke, his family had money behind them and he had increased his part of the fortune. He was a ruthless businessman by all accounts. Viv had that same streak in her, just directed at sexual conquests instead.

The family home was a massive three-story affair with god knows how many rooms on countless acres. A fifty meter swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, ten pin bowling alleys. Being rich had its advantages.

I was amongst the first of the guests to arrive and breakfast was still out so I grabbed a bite to eat.

“Hello David,” the silky soft, distantly familiar voice said behind me as I bent over a table to pick a morsel to chew on. I froze and the hairs went up on the back of my neck. Somehow she could always tell Mike and I apart.

I slowly turned around.

There she stood, not more than ten feet away. Still as gorgeous as ever. A marvelous cascade of red hair formed around her fine-featured pale skin. Deep brown eyes, big, like a frightened doe’s stared soulfully out.

A light summer dress wrapped her sensual form, hiding little. Large breasts pressed against the material, straining to escape. A narrow waist flared to alluring wide hips and perfect legs.

Vivienne the Vixen. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I tried to back away. The table halted any progress.

“Hello Vivienne,” I said cautiously. After all these years she still had this unnerving effect on me.

She glided up to me, closing the distance. Escape was impossible. She was uncomfortably close. Her body almost touching mine. Sweet perfume drifted off her skin into my nostrils making me slightly giddy.

“I’m so glad you could come.”

The words dripped from her mouth like honey as she lifted a knee and rubbed it along the inside of my leg.

“It’s my pleasure Viv,” I said trying to sound confident and failing miserably.

“I’m sure it will be,” she responded cryptically. “I have to go and get ready. We can chat later.”

She leant forward and gave me a peck on the cheek and then drew my earlobe into bizimkent escort her mouth and sucked and nibbled on it for a moment before turning and walking away, her hips rolling with erotic allure.

My heart pounded in my chest.

She must have been a Siren in her last life. Luring unsuspecting sailors to their doom.

I slumped in a chair to recover.

“Dave!” Mike’s voice called across the garden as he waved.

I waved back weakly.

He strode up laughing, “You look like Vivienne just ran over you with a semi!”

“B triple actually,” I snapped back.

“Silly boy! You didn’t bring any protection now did you?” he chuckled.

I cocked my head to one side giving him a quizzical look.

“I can hide behind Lisa. You know how Viv is. If you’re single you’re fair game.”

I should have brought Amber and had her pose as my wife. Then again maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. Catch 22.

“Your stuff is in your room, next to mine and Lisa’s. Catch you around,” he said as he strode off back to the house.

I suppose I didn’t have anything to worry about really. Viv was getting married and that would put an end to her man hunting. I needn’t be so flustered by her presence or teasing. I was determined to be more confident now that I had reasoned it out.

Relax, enjoy and wish Viv all the best.

I walked back to the house, her cryptic comment nagging me somewhere in the back of my head.


A shower and change into clean clothes had settled me. The hot water eased the tension from my body. A week without release had me stroking myself under the spray, images of Amber’s naked, hot tight body bringing my erection to maximum hardness.

Relief was only a moment away, but I decided to hold off. I’d try and catch up with Amber on Sunday night. Our mutual release would be so more satisfying after being apart for a time.

I strode downstairs and out to the garden setting where the wedding was to be held. There must have been three hundred people there.

The setting was outstanding. Flowerbeds in full bloom lined the avenue the bride would walk for a clear fifty meters. Large eucalyptus trees formed a green backdrop past the gazebo where the bride and groom were to be wed.

A small army of caterers busied through the crowd of guests, serving the finest of food and drink.

Schubert’s Trout quintet played from a remnant of the orchestra that was taking a break.

I looked for Mike. The small groups of guests making it hard to navigate around and search for someone. I finally found him near a small lake with Lisa and a few other guests.

He waved as I approached. “Dave! Over here!”

Although the affair was semi formal, the ladies had dressed to kill at this particular wedding. Lisa was a vision.

Blood rushed to my cock.

“Wow! Lisa! You look absolutely stunning!” I said to her.

“Thank you, David,” she replied with big smile.

Her strawberry blonde hair was piled up on her head with gleaming ornament holding it in place. Wispy locks fell at the side of her angelic face. Sparkling earrings hung low off her lobes.

A backless sleek dress hugged her form, neckline plunging down to her navel. Her braless breasts held fast only by the tautness of the material against which they pressed. The dress finished mid thigh revealing her perfect legs. High-heeled footwear completed the masterpiece.

My heart rate increased dramatically.

Before my ogling became obvious, fortune sent a waiter to us with a tray of drinks. I grabbed a glass of champagne and quickly downed half of it in one gulp.

“Bit thirsty hey Dave?” Mike chuckled.

“A tad warm out here,” I replied, pulling at my open necked collar.

Truth was, all the female flesh on display was driving my libido to breaking point and Mike knew this.

“Why don’t you have a look around the house?” he offered. “Lisa and I walked around a bit. Some incredible stuff in there.”

“Good idea,” I said nodding.

I excused my self from the group and made my way to the house, eyeing off the pretty ladies as I went.

The mansion was truly magnificent. Johnathon Greene had spared no expense on his private life. From priceless artworks to gold plated toilet furnishings, the man had style and showed it.

I made my way from room to room, grabbing another champagne on the way. A number of other guests were wondering through the house marveling at the grandeur.

Eventually I made my way up to the top floor. If a door was closed I left it alone, otherwise I’d peek in to see if was empty and perhaps walk in for a look around.

A door ahead to my right was slightly ajar. Pushing it open a little more I peeked my head around the corner. It seemed empty.

I walked in. A nicely appointed bedroom. A classic four-poster bed against one wall. Beautiful decorations and hardwood furniture as many of the other rooms sported.

A soft voice spoke from behind me, “Hello David.”

My heart stopped.

No, please God, not this!

I turned bostancı escort slowly.

“I’m glad you came up. Now we can have our little chat,” Vivienne said seductively.

My eyes locked onto her image.

She was dressed in the most magnificent white wedding dress imaginable. Backless and strapless, her full bosom straining at the cups that held her in. Her flame hair perfectly arranged around her face, diamond tiara crowning the achievement it sat on.

Ruby red lips contrasted her pale skin, complementing the cloud of hair around her face.

I looked at her eyes. They held me, almost sucking my soul out with their apparent innocence.

“You know, David,” she started. “You’re the one man I never really got to know.”

I translated that as, ‘We never fucked.’

“And now, that I’m about to get married…”

She was moving as she spoke. Moving slowly backwards towards the door.

“And it’s one little issue I’d like to settle before I do.”

She backed up against the door and pushed it closed. A hand snaked behind her and the lock snapped loudly into place.

Music drifted through the open doors to the balcony. The ominous opening bars to the Scottish Fantasy setting the tone.

Something bad was about to happen.

“Viv! No!” I stammered.

“You’re a married woman! I mean about to be married!” I added desperately.

She looked at me unblinking.

“A bit late now honey,” she purred.

“What do you think people would say?” she asked. “Finding you and me alone in a locked room, my breasts naked for your taking.”

“But,” was all I managed to blurt out when she grabbed the top of the dress at her bosom and pulled it down.

Her large breasts spilled out over the top of the material. Heavy and pendulous, still defying gravity despite their size. Pale nipples sat high on the mounds, engorged and erect.

I stepped backwards, another bloody table blocking my way. I looked for escape options.

The door? Locked.

The balcony? Three stories down. I don’t think so.

I scanned the rest of the room. I was trapped. The spider had her prey.

She glided up to me, breasts swaying with her gait.

“Daddy will be here soon to escort me down,” she said, as she looked me in the eyes. “Better make this quick.”

All my resolve vanished as she knelt before me, unzipped my trousers and fished out my cock, now growing in her cool hand.

“That’s a nice piece of meat between your legs,” she said as she squeezed my length and stroked me a few times before undoing my belt buckle, pushing my pants to the floor.

Her other hand came up to cup my balls. She hefted the weight.

“These are heavy,” she purred. “You must have a full load for me.”

At that she licked her lips and slid my glans over them and deep into her oral cavity. Her tongue licking the underside of my cock as it penetrated to her throat.

“Gahhhhh!” I grunted and gripped the edge of the desk behind me.

Her slippery mouth quickly worked my cock into a full erection, not that it was too difficult after nearly a week of abstinence.

She removed her mouth from my raging member; drool running off her lips and over my cock. Standing, she grasped my shoulders and swapped place with me so her backside was against the edge of the desk.

She sank her tongue into my mouth and assaulted me with it. My hands reached up and cupped her pillowy breasts, kneading the soft flesh and pulling on the nipples.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned into my mouth.

Suddenly she pushed my face from hers, hiked her dress up to her waist and pulled her panties aside, exposing her gash.

She looked directly at me. Her eyes were ablaze with lust.

“Fuck me!” she commanded.

Trance like I moved forward, holding my cock in my hands and pointed it at her sex. Her other hand descended to join the one holding her panties aside. Fingers on both sides gripped her labia and spread her swollen pink vulva open for me.

Her juices glistened at the gaping hole as she pulled harder, all of her labia now stretched wide.

“Fuck my cunt!” she panted.

I grabbed her around the waist and pulled us together, my cock sliding deep into her tight orifice.

“Aghhhhhh!” she cried and threw her head back, displaying her long slender neck adorned with a beautiful diamond necklace.

“Ughhhh!” I grunted as the force of the penetration wrapped my cock in a sheath of tight muscle.

Viv’s hands moved to grip the backs of my arms as I plunged into her pussy, the motion gathering her cream onto my shaft, making each thrust easier.

“Oh! Fuck your cock feels good!” she grunted as we frantically rutted, minutes from her wedding.

“Take me from behind,” she ordered.

I pulled out and she turned over, pulling her wedding dress up.

Her tits mashed against the tabletop, she spread her legs wide and tilted her hips up slightly.

“Fuck me like a whore! Fuck my slutty little cunt!”

I drove into her with all the force I could muster. Holding her hips I hammered my cock büyükçekmece escort into her tightening tube.

“Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!” she grunted with each thrust.

“That’s it! Fuck my hot little pussy.”

I couldn’t take it any longer. I was bursting for release. With one last massive thrust I buried my pole deep into her channel and erupted.

Cum surged up my cock almost painfully and exploded out the head, splashing into her pulsing cunt.

“AGHHHHHHHH!” I growled, throwing my head back, and gripping her hips tighter, pulling her hard onto my shaft. My eyes rolled back into my head as my whole body went rigid with the force of my climax.

“Fuck! Oh! Fuck! Oh fuck!” I heard dimly as Viv screamed on her engulfing orgasm.

I felt her pussy tense up on my shaft as her whole body shook on the desk.

Time stopped as my orgasm held. I could not breathe. I could not move. There was no thought by for the pulse in the head of my cock as my semen splashed into Vivienne’s cunt.

Time restarted and I gulped a huge lung full of air. I was still embedded deep in Viv’s pussy, our organs twitching post orgasmically.

I shook my head and staggered back, my cock slipping out of the clutching orifice. I stared at her gaping hole. Semen had pooled in the depth of her vagina, unable to run out due to the angle of her hips.

It was one of the most sexy and obscene sights I had encountered.

One of her hands reached back and slipped the panties back into place, covering her sopping hole. She looked back at me and smiled.

“Key’s still in the door if you want to let yourself out.” she informed.

I looked at the door numbly, then bent down and pulled my pants back up.

As I unlatched the door and turned the handle she called out in a silky voice, “See you at the wedding.”

She was standing there as though nothing had occurred. A slight blush on her cheeks the only sign betraying the activity that had just taken place.

I left as she blew a kiss after me.


The wedding guests were assembling at the seats in preparation for the event by the time I got back to the garden.

I had stopped off at a bathroom to clean myself up and regain some composure. As I exited the house I grabbed a glass of champagne and skulled it to settle my nerves.

Mike and Lisa were sitting near the central aisle, close to the front. They had left a seat for me right next to the aisle. I sat heavily into it.

“We were getting a bit worried about you,” he said.

“I got waylaid,” I replied.

He gave me an odd look and little smile played across his lips.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, nothing that some alcohol won’t fix,” I said as I grinned a little at him. I was returning to normal, although a little light headed from the champagne and lack of food.

A massive trumpet blare suddenly sounded the opening bar to Mendelssohn’s Wedding March from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The orchestra following in full flight.

Every head turned to look behind.

Vivienne stood at the head of the path, her father Jonathon Greene ready to escort his daughter to the culmination of her betrothal.

She was truly gorgeous. From the veil covering her head to the end of the long train of the white wedding dress that shimmered in the spring sunshine, she was a sight to behold. The posy of brightly coloured flowers she held in her hands providing the only contrast to the splendour of her dress.

They commenced the bridal walk, proceeding agonisingly slowly down the aisle towards the gazebo where the ‘lucky’ groom waited.

“Oooohs” and “Ahhhhhs” followed her as she passed the throng. “Gorgeous” and “Lovely” were common words floating through the crowd.

As she walked gracefully along, she held her head high, looking straight ahead, until she came closer to me. At that point her eyes moved to mine and a small smile rose on one side of her face.

I blushed. She was so close now. It might have been my imagination, but I could almost smell the scent of our coupling not more than twenty minutes earlier.

My cock started to swell as I dropped my eyes to her belly and my mind’s eye bored past her dress through to her sex. I could see her pussy lips, ragged and open, my semen running from her hole, soaking her pristine white panties.

I tore my eyes away from her as she glided past and sat numbly looking ahead.

The rest of the ceremony was a blur. Jonathon delivered her to the groom, the priest read passages, “Do you, blah, blah, blah” to each of them and then pronounced them husband and wife upon which they then kissed.

I sighed relief. Finally. Thus ends Vivienne Greene’s illustrious man-hunting career. It was almost worth the price I had just paid to see it happen.

The newly weds stepped out of the gazebo as the orchestra struck up Handel’s Royal Fireworks. Fitting indeed.

They walked out into the rising crowd, confetti showering around them, welcoming congratulations from family and friends.

I quickly made may way to the nearby tables, adorned with food, intent on satisfying the gnawing hunger eating away at my insides.

Eventually the crowd dispersed into smaller groups around the tables and throughout the garden. The happy couple had disappeared for the inevitable photographs, the lake setting a perfect backdrop for them. It’s one I would have chosen.

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