David Enjoys his Perfect Job Ch. 02

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College Sex

As I played with her small tits she started to moan. They were not much more than a handful, but they were firm, and she had nice nipples.

“Squeeze them, I like that.”

I did, and then I tweaked her nipples.

“What would you like today, the usual?”

“No, I want to try something different.”

That surprised me, Mrs. Henderson was not normally adventurous. I had now seen her over a dozen times, and I had yet to fuck her. So far she had been satisfied with my fingers, and more recently by my tongue.

I wagged my finger at her, then I said, “You naughty girl. I think you want to be fucked.”

Despite being in her mid-sixties, she giggled like a schoolgirl.

“No, it’s something else.”

While I waited for her to continue, I went through the list of all the things clients had asked me in the past. It was a long one, all of which would give your maiden aunt a heart attack if you mentioned them in front of her. What Mrs. Henderson was going to say would not shock me, but she seemed reluctant to go on.

I gave her my best smile, then I said, “It’s OK, you can tell me what you want.”

“I was speaking to my friend Gemma, she says you have a lovely cock,” then she hesitated before adding, “I want to suck it.”

The mention of my Sister’s name sent a surge of excitement through my body.

“Can I?”

I hadn’t answered her, I was too busy thinking about Gemma.

“Of course you can. I would like nothing better than to put it into your mouth.”

I had expected her to giggle again, but she didn’t, instead she frowned. There was something troubling her.

In my best concerned voice, I said, “Tell me.”

She was hesitant at first, then she blurted it out, “I have never done it before.”

For the second time today she had surprised me. How can a woman who likes sex so much, get to her age without having done it before?

I tried to sound casual as I said, “It’s easy. You just put your lips together and blow.”

She gave me a strange look, then she laughed.

“Very good. Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not, but that was how to whistle, not how to give a blow job.”

“I know, but I thought it would make you laugh.”

“It did,” then she smiled before adding, “Can we start?”

I nodded, then I took my shorts off. It was the first time she had seen it, and it was standing to attention for her, ready for inspection. She studied it for a few seconds before reaching down to hold it.

“It’s a big one, nearly as big as my late husband’s, but yours is thicker.”

So one point each. I then waited to see what she would do next, but when she looked at me, I could tell she wanted some guidance.

“Take the head into your mouth, then slowly take in more. Stop when it becomes uncomfortable.”

“OK, but what do I do when you start to come?”

“That’s up to you. I can take it out, or you can swallow.”

“What would you like me to do?”

She had surprised me again, my job was to give the clients what they wanted. I can’t remember the last time any one of them asked me what I would like.

“I enjoy it more when the woman swallows.”

I got a big smile from her, then she said, “I will try.”

Ten minutes later I climaxed in her mouth.

“That was good, but I am not sure I like the taste.”

I handed her a tissue so that she could wipe her chin.

“You will get used to it.”

She then gave me a quizzical look before saying, “How did I do? Tell me the truth.”

“I enjoyed it. It was rough at the beginning, but it got better when you got a steady rhythm going. I have had worse.”

That made her laugh.

“So it was that bad?”

I shook my head.

“Sorry, a bad choice of words. You did very well for a first time.”

She scrutinised my face, and when she saw that I had meant what I had said, she looked pleased.

“Now for you, fingers or tongue?”

“Can I be greedy and have both?”

I just nodded, then I got to work on her. She moaned when I pushed two fingers in, and she almost climaxed when I made it four. I was now playing with her cunt, but I was keeping well away from her clit, I wanted her to reach it with my tongue, not with my fingers. After a couple of minutes I went between her legs. The first lick made her gasp, the second made her arch her back.

“Fuck, I am going to come. It’s a big one.”

I smiled, she always came quickly, and it was always a big one. As she started to climax I lifted my head, but I kept my fingers in until she had finished. As I waited for her to recover I wondered if she would be telling Gemma about today. It was now nearly two months since I had last seen her at Hilltop Mansion, I just wish her husband Peter would go away on business again.

When she opened her eyes I got a nice smile, then I helped her off the table.

“That was wonderful, you have amazing fingers, and an amazing tongue.”

“And you have an amazing…”

She giggled before I could finish. Fifteen minutes later, after showering, she was gone. I now had in my antalya escort hand an envelope that I knew contained a generous tip.

On my way home I kept thinking about my Sister, it must be because Mrs. Henderson had mentioned her name. How often do they see each other? It had been her who had mentioned Hilltop Mansion to my Mother a few weeks ago. Gemma had been there at the time, so she had warned me that Mother might become a member. I was also told that my Mother was thinking of telling Aunty Jane about it. After hearing that, I thought that one day I would turn up for work, and that one of them would be on my client list. But after such a long time, that was now very unlikely.

When I arrived at Hilltop Mansion the next day, Anne was on reception.

“Hi, who have I got today?”

As she handed me the list, the phone rang.

“Hilltop Mansion. Anne speaking, how can I help?”

I was walking away when she called me back. I only had one client today, I hoped that wasn’t them cancelling.

“It’s a new booking. The caller wants to see you today, but with her sister.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“You mean together?”

“Yes, is that allowed?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Should I tell her no?”

“It might be better to check. Is Amy in?”


“Good, then speak to her. Or better still, transfer the call to her.”

I waited while she spoke to the boss. When the call was transferred she looked relieved that she didn’t have to make the decision.

“Thanks David.”

“Happy to help.”

As I prepared the room, I wondered if Amy would allow it, I hoped she would. Two clients at the same time would be a first for me, but would I get two tips? I had to laugh, that would be too much to expect.

My first client was due anytime now, and I was ready. A few seconds later there was a loud knock on the door, then she entered.

As she offered me her hand I got a nice smile, then she said, “David I am Rachel Jones.”

She had a posh voice, and a confident manner.

“Nice to meet you Mrs. Jones.”

“Likewise,” then she looked around the room, as if she was inspecting it. When she turned and smiled at me, I knew it had met with her approval.

“Please get undressed, and then get onto the table. Shout me when you are ready.”

I then went into the side room. Five minutes later she called me. When I returned I had to smile, she was now on her back, completely naked. Her eyes were closed so it gave me the opportunity to look her over. She was quite tall, a large woman, but more muscular than fat. Her breasts were big, topped with nice nipples. I couldn’t see what was between her long legs, but I had a feeling that it was something I was going to enjoy. As I started on her shoulders she opened her eyes.

“Nice and hard please,” then she added, as an explanation, “I play a lot of tennis.”

Each time I went deep into the muscle she groaned, but she didn’t complain. When I moved to her stomach I felt her body tense, but then she relaxed when she realised that I wasn’t going to be massaging her hard there.

My hands were now close to her large tits. I was hoping for some sign from her that she wanted me to touch them, but she remained still, and silent. She might be more responsive if I concentrated on her long legs.

“Time to do your calves.”

I got a brief smile from her, then she said, “Yes I would like that.”

I spent a few minutes on her left leg, then, as I moved over to her right, she opened her legs, only slightly, but enough to indicate that she wanted more than a massage.

“David, it was Hillary Henderson who told me about you.”

Was there anybody she hadn’t told? I was now starting to believe that she was stopping strangers in the street, and mentioning my name, and what I did.

“I want you to do to me what you do to her.”

I gave her a nice smile, before saying, “I will, but you need to tell me what that is.”

She was now frowning, and she looked slightly annoyed. This was a woman who was used to getting her own way.

“And why is that?”

I stopped massaging her, and then I calmly said, “It’s nothing personal. What happens her with a client is confidential.”

I got a stern look from her, then it disappeared, replaced by a smile.

“I understand.”

I felt relieved, it could have turned into an awkward situation if she had become difficult. I got back to work on her leg.

“This is what I would like you to do.”

Good, there was now no irritation in her voice.

“Please suck my nipples, then, when I am ready, I want two fingers in me.”

I just nodded.

“But keep away from my clit, I will play with it myself.”

So she was a woman who likes to take control. I was allowed to do some things to her, but she was the one who was in control of her climax.

“Also, when I tell you to, I want you to come over my tits.”

Her instructions were clear, except for who would be giving me my climax. It sounded if it would be me, but best to check.

“Do kemer escort you want to masturbate me?”

There was a quick shake of her head, then she said, “You now understand what I want. How much will it cost me?”

I shrugged my shoulders, then I said, “Nothing. You have already paid for the massage.”

She gave me a sceptical look.

“But this is extra.”

“No, it’s all part of the service.”

She now looked pleased, happy that there was no extra charge. What I had said was true, but there was generally an unspoken understanding that if the client received anything other than a massage, they would be expected to tip. I would be very surprised if I got anything from Mrs. Jones.

When I lowered my head onto her tits, she closed her eyes. I wasn’t going to get a tip, but I was determined that I would enjoy myself. I sucked hard and deep, and she responded by moaning loudly. I rolled her other nipple between a finger and thumb.

“That’s good, do it again.”

For the next few minutes I worked her nipples aggressively, only stopping briefly when I wanted to suck the other one.

“Finger me.”

As she said it she pulled her knees up, then she spread her legs wide. I was eager to get my fingers in her, but first I needed to get my cock out. As soon as my shorts were off it sprang out. I then leant over her. When my cock pressed against her she opened her eyes, from the look on her face she seemed to be impressed with it.

“That’s a big cock,” then in a dreamy voice she added, “A very big cock.”

While she was still looking at it, I pushed two fingers into her cunt. It was nice and wet, and they went in without any resistance. There was room for at least another, but she had only asked for two, so I didn’t add more. As soon as I started to stroke my cock, she put her hands between her legs. When she groaned I knew she had found her clit.

“Don’t forget. Only come when I tell you to.”

I nodded, she then closed her eyes. I could see the concentration on her face as she worked herself towards an orgasm. This was going to be tricky. She wanted me to come when she climaxed, but how soon would that be? I needed to be on the edge, ready for her command, but if I got it wrong I would come too early, or too late.

Ten minutes later she was still rubbing her clit, moaning and groaning, but apparently still no nearer to reaching it. I was now only giving myself occasional strokes, anymore and I would explode prematurely.

“Mrs. Jones, would you like me to fuck that nice cunt of yours.”

She opened her eyes.

“I don’t want to be unfaithful to my husband.”

So, she had a line that she didn’t want to cross, but I could see that she wanted to.

I raised my cock higher, so that she could see its full eight inches.

I thought that would persuade her, but instead she shook her head, then she said, “I am going to finish myself off, get ready to come.”

Her eyes were now closed again, and the fingers on her clit were working overtime. Her breathing had also changed, she was almost gasping. My hand was on my cock, as I frantically tried to keep up with her. When she climaxed it was a big one, her head rolled from side to side. I tried to ignore her, to concentrate on my release. A few seconds later I managed it, spurting most of it onto her big tits, but some went onto her chin.

I waited until she opened her eyes before pulling my fingers out. She didn’t seem to notice. I tried to hand her a tissue, but she refused. Instead she started to rub it into her tits. When she realised there was some on her chin, she removed it with a finger, and then wiped it on her nipple.

Looking at me she said, “I always do that. I like the feel of it on my skin.”

Five minutes later she was dressed, ready to go. She hadn’t showered, and I wondered if it was because she didn’t want to wash my juices off her tits.

“David, that was very good. I have something for you.”

She then took out an envelope from her jacket pocket, and handed it to me. I was surprised, almost shocked, I hadn’t expected anything. I muttered a quick thanks. It was a small flimsy envelope, it didn’t feel as if there was anything in it. She must have seen me inspecting it, because she laughed.

“Yes, there is something in it,” then she added, “It’s a piece of paper.”

I was now even more confused. She laughed again.

“Let me explain. I am not who I appear to be. I have been employed by Hilltop Mansion to assess you, but don’t worry you have passed.”

“So what is in the envelope?”

“It’s a bonus, a big one. Inside is a sheet of paper that tells you how much you will receive.”

I was now slightly annoyed. I felt as if I had been deceived.

“I thought I was doing a good job, so why did they need to test me?”

“It’s not personal, they check most people.”

“Will this happen again?”

There was a brief hesitation from her, as she decided if she should tell me, then she said, “They might, but it will not be for some time, and konyaaltı escort it will obviously not be me.”

“So is this your job?”

“Yes, not just here, but for other places like this. I travel all over the country, sometimes even overseas.”

We shook hands, and she was about to leave, when she turned back to face me.

“I don’t normally tell my clients this.”

I had to smile, today I was the client.

“I look out for three things. Confidentiality is the most important one. You didn’t tell me anything about Mrs. Henderson, that was good. The second one is asking for extra money. Management hate that, that’s what happens in brothels, they like to think they are better than that. The last one is also important, do you give the clients what they want? Today was excellent, you gave me exactly what I wanted.”

“Thanks for telling me.”

“You are welcome.”

“I am glad I passed. So if I had failed I would not have got the bonus?”

“Correct,” then as she was closing the door, she added, “And you would now not have a job.”

I had to sit down, my legs were shaking. I felt as if I had just dodged a bullet. One wrong word, or action, and I would now have been clearing out my locker. I took a few deep breaths, then I muttered to myself, “Pull yourself together.”

Then I remembered the envelope. Once I had read the note that was inside, my mood changed. She had told me it was a big bonus, and it was. I now had a smile on my face that would stay there for the rest of the day. However it turned into a frown a few seconds later, when there was a knock on the door. I didn’t have another client, so who was it? It was Anne from reception.

“Amy wants to see you.”

“What’s it about?”

She shrugged her shoulders, then she said, “I don’t know.”

I thanked her, then she left. After quickly showering, I made my way to Amy’s office. With some trepidation I knocked on the door.


She was behind her desk, and she was smiling, but I was still wary.

“David, thanks for coming. Take a seat.”

I sat in the chair as if I was being interviewed, and I mentally prepared myself for bad news.

“Two things,” she then gestured to some papers on her desk, before adding, “The report on you is excellent. Well done.”

I relaxed a bit, so far so good. I even managed a smile.

“The second matter is a bit delicate. I got a call earlier today from a new member, she wants a massage, but she also wants her sister in the room with her. Now normally we do not allow that, but in this case I have made an exception. I hope you don’t mind.”


I didn’t have a problem with it, but even if I had, I would not have disagreed with her, she was the boss.

“I had quite a long conversation with her, and it quickly became apparent that she is coming here just for a massage. I believe that she genuinely thinks that is all that goes on here.”

She then shook her head, as if she couldn’t understand how somebody could be so naive.

“She wants her sister with her because this will be her first massage, she is nervous.”

Amy shook her head again, then she gave me a big smile.

“I am sure I can rely on you to give her the massage she wants.”

“I understand.”

I did, in a polite way she was telling me not to say, or do, anything that was inappropriate. This client wanted just a massage, and I shouldn’t try to give her any extras. I thought she had finished, and I was getting up from my seat, when she spoke again.

“There is one other thing, the two sisters have made an appointment for today,” then she looked at the clock on the wall, “In forty five minutes. Is that a problem?”

“No, not at all.”

“Good, thank you David.”

When I was back in my room, I looked at the piece of paper again. I still couldn’t believe how big the bonus was. For the next half hour I thought about all the ways I could spend it. Top of the list was a nice holiday, somewhere tropical, but there would be quite a bit left over for other things. As I relaxed in the chair, with my hands behind my head, I reflected on how good life was at the moment. All I needed was my Sister to come back for a ‘massage’, to make it perfect.

It was now time for the sisters. Would they be old, possibly spinsters that lived together, with a house full of cats? There was then a loud knock on the door

“Come in.”

I thought I was going to have to say it again, but then they entered. They were not spinsters, and they did not live together. Only one of them had cats, two, Mork and Mindy. How did I know that? It was easy, they were my Mother and Aunty Jane.

I don’t know who was the more surprised, them or me. My Mother was the first to speak.

“David, what are you doing here?”

Aunty Jane gave her a dismissive look, then she said, “It’s obvious, he works here.”

“You never told me about this.”

“Sorry,” it was the only thing I could think of saying.

“I do like this place. I wasn’t keen to come with your Mother, but now I have seen it I might become a member. You have done well to get a job here.”

That surprised me, my Aunty Jane praising me. Was it a first?

I looked at both of them in turn, then I said, “What happens now?”

I got a puzzled look from Aunty, then she pointed to the table.

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