Dark Country Road

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I just moved out on my own into a fairly rural area, surrounded by lakes and forests. I had just gotten the hang of driving to and from work without getting lost and had found that the most convenient route took me through the state forest. The road is very long and winding. In addition, the city felt that the area was desolate enough at night that it did not warrant many street lights; there is really no need when so few cars drive in the area at night.

My coworkers and I had shared dinner and a few drinks after a long Friday at the office, so I was driving the road at a later time than usual. Having grown up in the city and driving through rush hour traffic most days, I was reveling in my ability to travel over the speed limit. I was probably going about 60 on a road with a 30 mph speed limit when, in one of the most desolate areas of the route, I saw red and blue lights strobing behind my car. Naturally, I pulled over and powered down the window with my license and registration at the ready. Thanks to my plans, I had dressed to impress, wearing a tasteful, but short skirt and low cut blouse to work along with a pair of my highest, sexiest heels. Thinking that I really did not want a moving violation on my insurance, I hitched my skirt up a bit further and released to top two buttons of my blouse, just revealing the new lacy red bra beneath. Hopefully, I could flirt my way out of this one.

Shortly after, an officer appeared at my window. The officer was tall, with dark brown hair and icy grey eyes. From what I could see, he was in great shape; his biceps were large, but not bulging and it looked like the rest of him was in the same fine shape. Flashing his light in my face, he asked “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

I respond, “Yes officer, I’m so sorry, I was traveling over the speed limit,” batting my smoky eyes.

He continues to look at me, running his flashlight slowly from my face, past my cleavage to my lap, then quickly over the rest of the car. “Have you had anything to drink tonight, Ma’am?”

“Yes sir, I had two drinks about two hours ago with dinner,” I respond as I breathe deeply to display my cleavage to its best advantage.

“Ma’am, please step out of the car, I will need to perform a sobriety test.”

I stepped out of the car onto the darkened road, deliberately flashing a glimpse of my lacy panties as I got up. He grasps my elbow, dragging me to the side of the road and asks me to turn around and face the hood of the car. I turn and face the car and he forcefully pushes my face against the hood, orders me to place the palms of my hands on the hood and then kicks my feet apart. “Ma’am, do you have any weapons or sharp objects on you?”

“No, sir,” I quickly respond. However, I was a bit perplexed, as I was unsure of what had caused the officer to treat me like a dangerous suspect. “Excuse me officer, have I given you reason to suspect that I am dangerous?”

“No ma’am, halkalı bdsm escort this is standard procedure.” The officer then begins to slowly run his hands along my body, starting with my shoulders. His warm calloused hands cup my shoulders and run down the length of my arms and continue down the sides of my chest and hips, to the outside of my legs. He then turns his hands inward and continues up the inside of my calves and thighs. Although the situation was somewhat concerning, I began to feel more aroused. The short glimpses I had of the officer revealed an attractive man and his actions were beginning to have an effect on me. I could feel my nipples pearling and my cunt warming up and becoming wetter by the second.

The officer slowed his journey up my body when he got about halfway up my thighs and stated, “Ma’am, I have reason to believe that you may be carrying dangerous contraband, I will need to perform a full search.” I hear the clink of metal and the next thing I know he has my hands behind my back and cuffed so I can’t move. My brain kicks into high gear, bouncing between fear and arousal.

The officer begins a more thorough search, staring with my chest. He quickly unbuttons my shirt and unclasps my bra; producing a knife from his belt, he cuts the bra away from my shoulders, leaving my breast bare against the hood of the car, causing me to whimper with fear. His large hands sweep around to grasp and squeeze my breasts tightly. As his fingers came into contact with my nipples, I gasp and he remarks, “I see I have a slut on my hands. I’m going to enjoy this; and you might too since you were presenting yourself to me like a bitch in heat in that car.” I realize at that moment that this will not be a routine traffic stop; my actions to arouse the officer were more effective than anticipated and he has no problem with taking advantage of them.

The officer continues to focus on my breasts for a while, massaging and pinching them, heightening my arousal, and then begins to move his hands lower, past my stomach. Squatting down behind me he quickly removes my short skirt and panties, leaving me bare to his gaze in only my stockings and heels. Slowly, his hands advance up my thighs until he reaches my apex. “Obviously you are a slut; since a standard pat down has your panties soaked,” he growls. “You are to leave your legs in this position or I will restrain you further, do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” I manage between aroused pants. I can hear rustling behind me, but I am unable to see what is happening. Suddenly, I feel a cold, blunted object come into contact with my pussy lips; I realize that he is pushing his nightstick against my opening. “If you obey my commands, I will make sure you enjoy every second of this. If you disobey, you will be punished; are we clear?” he demands.

“Yes, sir” I pant.

“Good slut.” He begins to rub the baton between the lips halkalı elit escort of my cunt which are soaked with moisture. I can hear myself groaning and the exquisite feeling of the baton sliding over my clit; producing a quick jolt of pleasure with each pass. Then, I feel the baton slowly advance toward my channel. I let out a helpless cry as the 1 ¼ inch diameter pushes slowly into me. “Slut, you are not to come until I give you permission; disobedience will be punished, understood?”

“Yes, sir,” I cry. He slowly moves the first two inches of the baton in and out of my pussy, taunting me with the delightful pressure. Suddenly, he shoves the baton into me as far as it will go and I cry out at the mix of pain and pleasure. He begins to piston 9 inches of solid plastic in and out of my cunt, heightening my arousal. I feel the amazing pressure building, signaling my impending orgasm. He continues to piston the baton within my channel and my orgasm gets closer and closer, “Please sir, I can’t hold it any longer!” But he continues to ram the rod within my cunt. Just as I reach my peak, he stops. “I can see that you have little control, Slut; you forced me to stop before I was ready. You are to keep this in your cunt until I say otherwise.” I immediately tighten my muscles in an attempt to keep the smooth object in my cunt. I feel a rush of wind against my ass, and hear a crack as his palm comes into contact with my rounded cheek. I squeal in pain; “Slut, you need to be punished for your lack of control; if it continues, each punishment will be more severe.” His palm makes contact again, causing me to cry out; each time I am fighting for control over my muscles in order to keep the baton in my cunt, lest I earn more severe punishment. After the first couple of smacks, I feel a delicious burning on my ass and it becomes more sensitive as the officer continues. At ten, he asks, “Have you learned your lesson Slut?” “Yes, sir,” I respond quickly.

I hear the sound of a zipper behind me and am suddenly spun around and pushed to my knees on the rough road surface in front of the vehicle. The sudden movement jostles the object in my cunt, almost causing me to explode. He must see my reaction on my face, for he growls “Remember the rules, Slut.” Panting with the exertion of holding off my orgasm and keeping the baton in my cunt, I momentarily fail to notice the member in front of my face. He lightly slaps my cheek and I finally look up. In front of me is the officer’s glorious cock; it looks to be about 10 inches in length and close 2 inches wide; his cock put those of every one of my boyfriends to shame. “Slut, if you please me in this, you will be rewarded” he remarks as he points his cock at my lips. Although I am sexually active, my partners were pretty vanilla, so oral sex is not something that I have attempted. Regardless, I immediately open my mouth, sucking the tip of his cock into my mouth and halkalı escort begin to lick the smooth head, wanting to earn my reward. I discover the ridge behind the head of his cock and explore that area while I adjust to the size of his cock. As I begin to move his cock in and out of my mouth, I find that I am slightly off balance thanks to the hand cuffs. Seeming to realize the problem, the officer bends over and un-cuffs me, allowing me free reign.

With my hands now free, I grasp the side of his hip and begin to slowly move my mouth over the first four inches of his cock, sucking and licking the bulging veins along the length as I go. My other hand massages his balls as I suck, rolling and squeezing them gently. I can hear him groaning above me as his hands tangle in my hair and begin to guide my head in a rhythm that he finds pleasing. After a couple of minutes, he begins to hold my head still while pushing his cock into my mouth, advancing further into my mouth, then my throat with each thrust, causing me to gag. After a couple of thrusts, I begin to pick up his rhythm and stop gagging quite as much as he pushes his cock down my throat. Suddenly he thrusts his cock deep until my nose is pushed into his body so I can smell the strong musk emanating from his skin. As he holds my head in place, I can feel jets of sperm pulsing down my throat as he reaches his climax, finally pulling his cock out of my throat.

“You have pleased me, Slut; get back into position on the hood of the car.” I return to the car and bend over the hood with my feet splayed; still clutching at the baton with my cunt muscles. He grasps the handle of the baton and pulls it out of my cunt. “You have earned your reward.”

The officer presses his hips behind me and I can feel his still erect cock brushing the small of my back. He pulls back and I hear the tearing of foil behind me, then nothing. Suddenly, he returns and drives the full length of his rock hard cock into my sopping pussy. With each thrust, my breasts are pushed against the car hood, stimulating my nipples further. My cries fill the deserted night as he pounds into me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. His long fingers reach around me and begin to massage my clit, throwing me over the edge into a screaming orgasm; I hear his grunt behind me as he follows.

I lay dazed on the hood of my car after what might have been the best sex of my life and I feel him pull away and hear the rustle of clothing as he puts his uniform back in order. He gently raises me off the car, buttoning my blouse back up and pulling my skirt back on and places a ticket in my hand as he walks back to his cruiser. I am too exhausted to be angry that I still got a ticket as I stumble back into my car and drive home in a haze. I stumble into my apartment and immediately crawl into bed.

The next morning, after taking a shower and drinking my coffee, I rifle through my purse to locate my phone and the ticket falls out. I pick up the piece of paper, pissed off that he had the nerve to give me a ticket and look to see what the night would cost me. Then I notice that the paper actually isn’t the ticket I assumed it was; in fact, it is a piece of paper with the name of my officer, Ryan, and a phone number scrawled on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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