Dare Gone Wrong

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Megan Walker stood in the middle of a very large but very dirty, run down adult bookstore. Her tight designer jeans and white satin blouse made her stand out even more. Her large breasts were being held down by a very very shear bra that let her nipples stand out and be seen pressing against the inside of her shirt. Holding the hand of one of her best friends Rob. Just barely 5 foot tall, her wavy dark hair stopping just above her shoulders was tucked behind one ear and her dark brown eyes were roving over each item on the shelf before her.

“God I didn’t realize that they would be so expensive.” She whispered to Rob.

“Just pick one silly they all go in the same place.” He grinned at her.

Megan was buying her first toy. She knew she didn’t want just any toy. She wanted the best toy. However, for Megan this meant a trip to the very seedy Adult Book store. When she had first come in Megan could not believe her eyes in the front where all the magazines for any fetish you could ever want, and many no one should ever have. Then a few aisles back were the entire collection of blow up dolls, fake vaginas, condoms, and all the other things men would be more prone to buy. On the very last three aisles there were vibrators, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, and many combinations of different items of pleasure.

“Rob why do they call it a book store? I have yet to see a book.” She giggled. “There are books over in the back by the arcade.” He smiled down at her. His strong voice a lot louder then Megan had wanted it to be at that moment. Her face blushed bright red as she glanced around the store. It seemed that they were the only ones in the store. Well besides the gritty clerk behind the front counter he was defiantly one of the reasons that she needed a big strong man to accompany her. Rob defiantly counted as a big strong man that could protect her. At 6′ tall his shoulders made him seem even larger they were very strong and wide. His face was very handsome a nice square chin grey eyes and dark brown hair that fell just above his ears.

“Arcade? They have video games here?” she said, “No wonder men like it here.”

He couldn’t help but laugh right out loud sending a new blush over Megan’s face.

“No not video games, adult videos. You put a token in and sit in a booth watching movies. Here you want to see come with me.” He said not really waiting for and answer he pulled her behind a curtain and into an even more uncomfortable area of the store. There were three square-shaped booths connected on the other side to three more booths and then a bit farther back there were booths that had TV’s in them. On the outside there were even pictures of naked women, some in fetish like situations others were girl on girl, and group orgies.

“What are those?” she said pointing at the six square booths connected to each other in pairs.

“Glory holes.” He said with an evil grin.

“Glory holes?” She asked.

“Yes a man goes in one and uses it to masturbate then he sticks his cock through a hole in the wall and who ever is in the other one brings him off.”

“What if it’s another man?” She asked

“It doesn’t matter that’s what is exciting about it I guess… you never know who is doing what to you or what part they will use or what they will do. It could be a man a woman, a stranger, or your teacher from school. It could be anyone.

Megan shifted a little at the thought of it sending a tingle into her clitty. Rob could feel her movement and knew from years of friendship this ment that Megan was getting turned on.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll bet you any toy in the store that you don’t have the guts to go in there and service a man.” He said grinning again.

Megan trembled slightly. “Oh really?”

“Yes really I don’t think you have the guts little girl!” he announced a bit louder.

“SHHh.” She slapped his hand hushing him. “Any toy? You don’t have that kind of money.”

“I do so I have my credit card. Besides you won’t do it anyway.” He teased.

“Oh… really? So you’re challenging me huh?” she smiled.

“Aww hell I DARE you.” He teased knowing that Megan very rarely turned down a dare.

“What if no one comes?” she said up to him.

“Well if no one comes in an hour I’ll buy you a toy just for being a good sport.” He smiled

“Ok. 1 hour.” She said glancing around at the empty story.

Megan was nervous but didn’t want Rob to know that so she walked briskly toward the first booth and got into it. There was a nice bench that was padded and the floor was also padded just against the wall. Hmm she thought, this must be to kneel on in case a cock gets put through the whole. Touching the bench she closed her eyes thinking of different ways to service a cock in this booth perhaps you could get on the bench in back, on your knees and slide your cunny back against the hole. That would probably work but could be dangerous. Hmm the best way must be to give oral. That naughty Rob, she thought. He will probably put his own cock through the hole. Her cunt pendik escort was dripping wet by now at the thought of this. Megan and Rob had been best friends for 10 years since he was 10 and she was eight. They dated a bit in junior high when they were both kind of outcasts never really fitting into any mold but it was just to strange. In high school Rob was very athletic and everyone seemed to like him he was mister popular. By the time Megan had gotten to high school Rob was a junior and while still friendly to her it was more of a little sister friendly but it was at that same time Megan was feeling much more then sisterly love for Rob. Every once and a while she would press up against him a bit more then needed when they were snuggling on the couch watching a move. It was just in the last year that Megan had caught Rob starring at her full breasts. She didn’t mind, in fact she gave him every opportunity to stare at them wearing low cut shirts and “accidentally” bending a bit more then needed.

Her thoughts were suddenly halted by the sound of someone entering the booth across from her she heard the door close then latch and the man sitting down on the bench. Once his door was closed Megan could not see through the hole it was dark in his booth, hell it was dark in her’s but she could attest see the hole and the pad on the floor. It’s just Rob, she told herself. You know it is there’s no one else in the store its just Rob. She heard the man moaning softly his deep voice filling her ears. MMMM she though he’s getting so hot knowing she is going to suck his big dick. She watched the whole waiting and waiting finally a large very hard cock was pushed through the whole.

Megan swallowed hard and took it in her hand stroking it softly gently. She heard the voice on the other side of the wall moaning more. Oh god she was turning Rob on so much she though Oh god she had to have him in her mouth. Megan fell to her knees on the pad on the floor and opened her mouth wide licking the tip of the cock softly she licked off a few drops of precum from his slit and sucked the tip in her mouth her plump lips stroking the head of his cock. She slide her mouth up and down his shaft sucking and licking sending her tongue swirling around the cock each time her lips touched the wall. She was shoving the cock down her throat sucking deep licking and sucking that big cock. MMMM she moaned softly sending vibrations up the cock MMMMMM. She heard him moaning louder and felt his cock twitch then her mouth was flooded with hot thick cum. She swallowed the delicious cum down her throat. Gulp Gulp gulp three good mouthfuls flooded her throat before it had stopped cumming. She licked the head off the cock then it was pulled back through the hole.

Rob stood outside the booth waiting for Megan to exit. After a few minutes he heard someone exiting the other side. Covering a grin he turned as if inspecting the pictures on one of the quarter arcades. Glancing over his shoulder to check out the guy that just had Megan’s lips wrapped around the cock Rob’s face when sheet white. He nearly collapsed gawking at the man.

“Well, well, well.” The man said in a joking manor. “If it isn’t Robert Wilson. What on earth are you doing here?” said the man as he was slapping Rob’s shoulder firmly and smiling down at him.

“M-M Mister Cooper” He said staring at him with his eyes wide then darting to the booths then back to Mister Cooper.

Mister Cooper cleared his throat glancing at the booths. “So you caught me hmm?” he said to Rob. “You know how it son sometimes you just need a little help. Have you ever tried it?”

“N-No I-I can’t say that I have.” He stammered out.

“Well the person in there now is great you should try it. I won’t tell your girlfriend.” Mister Cooper Said nodding toward the booth.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Rob stammered out nervously again. Mister had always teased him about he and Megan. Rob had always thought of Megan as a little sister. A hot hot hot little sister but he’d never think of touching her. He Defiantly would not touch her without Rick’s permission. Rick was Megan’s stepfather. He married her mother when Sarah was 12. Rob remembers that day well because he was even invited to the wedding and a year later he was invited to the party when Rick – adopted Megan as his own daughter. It had been 3 years since Megan’s mother had passed away and Megan had always though of how lucky she was that Rick had adopted her otherwise she would of ended up having to move across the country to live with her grandmother after her mother passed.

“Aww come now you don’t have to be nervous Rob. I’d approve of you and my baby dating I know I can trust you. Better then some of these guys she’s starting to meet in collage.” He smiled.

Rob couldn’t say anything just stared up at Rick still white as a sheet.

“Robert you don’t need to be embarrassed all guys come to places like this. I’d rather you be here then banging my daughter.” He chuckled

“She’s not my girlfriend.” He mumbled out his throat incredibly maltepe escort dry.

“Then if she’s not your girlfriend go try out that booth. IT was the best head I ever got in my entire life Rob this I promise.” He smiled turning toward the booths again. This time however his smile was wiped off his face when his eyes me the eyes of the very daughter he had just spoken of walking out of the booth. Her face went sheet white and she just stood there starring at him.

“Megan?” He said to her the most quite but stern voice Megan had ever heard. “Megan come over here right now.”

She stumbled forward and stood a foot from him starring up at his face no true words forming just embarrassment that he caught her and Rob coming out of the glory hole of a dirty bookstore.

“Daddy,” she said, “Please don’t be mad at Rob he we were just joking around. Were grown ups daddy. Please don’t be mad at him it was my idea to come here.”

“Why would I be mad at Rob?” he asked her flatly.

She glanced over at Rob then back to her father. “I um he…”

“He what.” Rick asked her stepping so that Megan’s chest was against his waist.

“I, I mean it was just a dare I know we should be trying these things out at home and not an adult book store daddy but I just… He I mean.” Her words were hurried and mumbled.

Rick reached down and wiped a tiny drop of cum off of the corner of her mouth. He stared down at her the in a way that made Megan tremble. He pressed the cum to her lips and she reluctantly opened them. He rubbed the cum against her tongue and she instinctively sucked it off.

“Do you like Daddy’s cum?” He asked her.

Megan stared up at him then looked over at Rob then back toward the glory hole. Then back to Rob who was still silent still pale white and shaking his head in an “it wasn’t me” manor. After finally relaxing it was her father Rick not Rob who she had just given oral sex to Megan began to cry silent tears.

“Yes baby. That’s right you should be crying. What a sluty little thing to do to go into a glory hole and suck off a stranger. Let alone sucking off your father! You’re a dirty little slut.” He said sternly his wheels turning inside his head.

Rick’s cock was twitching inside his pants again the thought of his sexy little daughter licking his cock like that made him want her again. He had to have her again but how. If he came on to her she may turn him down or think he’s dirty. However, this gave him an opportunity. A thought crossed his mind.

“Daddy no please it’s not like that it was just a dare I swear daddy. I’ve never even been with a man.” She mumbled out.

“Then why are you here?” He asked firmly taking her wrist.

She blushed and was unable to answer him how could she tell her father that she wanted a toy to play with. That she wanted to take her virginity with a big hard synthetic cock. She was 18 years old and the farthest she had been with a guy was playful petting she felt like such a looser. She couldn’t tell him she just couldn’t bring herself to.

“Well?!” He asked more firmly.

“I um…” She glanced over at Rob as if begging for help he only managed an I’m sorry sort of grin but behind it Megan could see he wanted to laugh.

“Um is not an answer.” He stated more loudly Megan noticed that there were a few men scattered here and there now some of them watching her some to busy with their sexual needs to care about what was happening.

“I just was looking for something.” She mumbled.

“You were looking for a big thick cock to suck?” He asked her. “Why Megan, why would you just suck any mans cock that stuck it through the whole what could possibly of made you do such a thing?” HE then glanced over at Rob. “Or who?”

Rob blushed for a moment still slightly smiling as if holding back a laugh.

“Ohhh I see you thought you were sucking Roberts cock now did ya?” Rick asked his daughter. “You want your hot little mouth around his pole and you thought he was gonna put it in there.”

Megan’s face was even redder she felt like her knees were going to give out. How could her dad embarrass her like this. Oh god she thought how could he say that. Oh god she thought again I just sucked my daddy’s cock.

“Rob?” Rick asked “Was that what was supposed to happen? Did I take cuts?”

“No.” he said then shifted his stance the way a man does when trying to hide a hard-on. “It was just a silly bet.”

“A bet?” Her father asked. “What Kind of bet”

Megan could not believe Rob was going to get his own ass out of trouble and leave her to take all the heat.

“I bet Megan that she would not go in there and service a man. Actually I guess it was more of a dare.” He grinned evily.

“A dare… hmmm and what did my princess win?” He smiled at Rob with a devilish grin.

“Any Toy in the store!” He stated flatly.

“Any Toy in the store?.” Rick asked. “And princess why did you need a toy?”

“B-Because I I’m grown up now daddy and I just wanted one. I couldn’t afford kartal escort a nice one and I just thought that I’d go sit in there for an hour and then no one would come. The store was empty and Rob said that if no one showed up after an hour he’d buy the toy anyway. Then when you came in I just figured it was Rob because..” She stopped short realizing she basically just said she wanted to suck Rob’s cock her face felt flushed again.

“OHHHHH.” Her father said more loudly. “So you want to suck Roberts cock do you?”

A small group of men were standing close now watching the drama unfold.

“N-No daddy I just… I just wanted a toy.” She mumbled.

“So you’re a cock sucking slut now is you? Suck a man to get what you want?” He said his voice sounding more hurtful then he had ment it to. He didn’t want to make her feel hurt he just wanted to feel her body around his cock.

“N No daddy.” She said tears rolling down her cheeks now.

Rick took his hand and put it under her chin so that she had to look up at him. She stared into his eyes.

“Baby I am sorry but you have to learn what being a cock sucking whore is like.” He said

Megan was shocked at his language and nervous of what it ment. Was he going to throw her out onto the streets? Hit her? She didn’t know she trembled nervously and took a step back.

“No-no baby no moving away from me!” He exclaimed and took her by a hand full of hair. Walking slowly with her he moved into an even darker part of the store it looked as if it they used it for D/s conventions and shows. There was a decent size stage and a few rows of movie theater style chairs. Rick walked Megan up the stairs on one side of the stage and to the middle Rob following behind them.

“Daddy please.” She whispered gazing out and seeing that there were at least seven men taking seats in the chairs.

“It wasn’t daddy please when you were sucking my cock now was it Megan?”

Oh crap did he just call her Megan. He hadn’t called her Megan since she was 14 and got sent home from a slumber party when her friend’s mom caught them smoking. She glanced up at him nervously his hands moving toward her blouse pushing her arms above her head and ripping it off her torso. Next her bra ripped right off her body. Her father not taking the time to undo the silly hooks in the front. The harshness of him ripping off her bra left marks all over her breasts from the pressure of the straps and underwire. She let out a soft moan.

“OH So you like to be naked for these gentlemen.” He said softly into her ear. Just wait. You will see what is is like to be a cum sucking whore.

His voice echoed in her ears as his hands ran down her body and to her jeans pulling them down her body then taking off her shoes and pulling them the rest of the way off. Megan Cooper was standing naked in front of nine men on a stage. Her skin was cool goosebumps quickly covering her body. Her brown aerolas crinkled sending her nipples to a hardness she had never accomplished before.

“HEY I think She likes this shit man.” A big black man hollered from the audience.

“Hell yes look at that fresh little pussy just waiting for a cock.”

Megan crossed her legs slightly trying to cover her sloppy shave job. Megan had just started shaving her cunt after seeing that almost every picture on the Internet the woman was atleast mostly shaven if not all. Megan wanted to be sexy and hot even if no one ever saw it so she shaved her cunt bald.

Rick knelt down and touched her pussy with his finger then slide it from the very begining of her slit all the way down across her clitty teasing her hole then to her anus. Pulling his finger out from between her legs Rick licked it. OH God in heaven it tasted so good his prick ached against his jeans and he could not contain himself any longer he had to have his daughter.

“Get on the floor.” He shouted in her face.

“Please daddy no?” she whimpers

The back of his hand met with her right cheek not too hard just enough to show her he was serious. She laid down on the hard wood floor on her back.

“Spread your legs open.” He said “Show these men and little Robby here what you have.”

Megan closed her eyes tears dripping down her cheeks and she spread her legs open her cunt glistened in the stage lights.

“Look man she’s all fucking wet she wants a cock in there.” Sad a younger guy toward the back of the group.

“Now if you want Roberts cock in your mouth so bad then he can be first.” He paused for a moment. “Well since you just sucked the cum from my cock I guess that makes him second.”

“daddy please.” She whimpered.

Rob didn’t waste any time his prick had been hard since Megan had brought him into this place and now he was going to have the pain of his tight jeans eased. He pulled his prick out of his pants and knelt infront of her. Megan leaned on her elbows half sitting up half laying down and opened her mouth starring at the throbbing cock infront of her the hard hard cock. Rob wasted no time his cock was shoved down her throat in moments bucking his hips hard fucking her mouth. His hands wrapped in her hair and he fucked her mouth like only a young man could fast hard and with such power Megan was nervous he’d rip a hole through the back of her head.

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