Dani and Danny, Part 4

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It was a Friday. Earlier in the week, Dani asked her mom if it would be OK if she spent Friday night at her friend Brianna’s house. Brie, as she was called, had been friends with Dani since elementary school days, and until they went away to separate colleges, they were inseparable.

Her mom said, “Oh, I forgot to mention that your father is going out of town this weekend for a business conference and asked me to join him. We haven’t been away for ages and I’d really like to go. I was hoping you’d be home so Danny wouldn’t have to stay by himself. Couldn’t you ask Brie to come over here? We’ll leave Friday and be home Sunday.”

“Well, I’ll ask her if she’d be able to come over here,” Dani replied.

When Dani called, Brie asked, “Is your cute brother going to be there?” Brie loved to flirt with Danny because he always blushed bright red when she did.

Dani replied, “Yes, but he’s kinda grown up now and has agreed to leave us alone if we want him to.” Brie said she thought it would be ok with her parents to stay two nights with Dani.

“And by the way, do you have any really sexy underwear, you know naughty things?” Dani asked. If you do, bring them, I’ll explain later.

When Friday afternoon rolled around, the Wilson’s had left for their trip when Brie came over for the weekend. Dani explained to her brother, “You know when Brie and I are together, we can get pretty silly. I hope you don’t mind her being here. We will probably just lounge around in our PJ’s most of the time. We’ll try not to bother you.”

Dan said, “No worries Sis. I’ll keep to myself if you want.”

Dani whispered to him, “No peeking at Brie if we’re changing clothes, Dan. We have to suspend our arrangement while she’s here.”

When they were alone, Dani explained to Brie, “I have a little problem with Danny. You see he’s almost a man and horny as hell all the time. I think he’s real shy with girls. He was constantly ‘accidentally’ coming into our bathroom or my room trying to see me without my clothes on.”

“I finally decided to satisfy his curiosity and let him see me nude. Instead, it’s just spurred him on more. All he wants to do is watch me undress and talk about sex.”

“But what’s worse, and you can’t say a word about this, but I think he’s fallen in love with me, or so he thinks.”

Brie was a little shocked, but said, “Dani, I can see how any man would fall for you, you’re so beautiful and sexy. But even your little brother?”

“Actually he’s no so ‘little’ any more. You can see his prick is hard in his pants ALL the time! I don’t see how he can walk with it like that!” Dani exclaimed.

“So what do I have to do with your problem with Danny?” Brie asked.

“Brie, you are gorgeous! Your long black hair accents your dark eyes and pouty lips. Your boobs are bigger than mine. Your butt is rounder than mine and you waist is thinner than mine. Danny’s blind right now, but if he were to see you, you know, in a sexier light, I think he’d find out there are other beautiful women out there to pursue,” Dani explained.

“So what am I supposed to do, try to make out with a teenager?” Brie inquired.

“You always flirt with him, maybe now you could be a little more forward with him,” Dani said. And act sexy.”

“So is this what bringing sexy underwear is all about? You expect me to parade around in front of your brother in skimpy underwear?” Brie asked.

“I warned Danny not to spy on you when you were undressing. And also said we’d be lounging around in bed clothes,” Dani added. “That will guarantee he will try to peek at you.”

“I think I understand,” Brie said. “And I did notice how much he’s muscled up since I saw him last. He’s really very cute and I’d love to see his butt, and maybe the rest of him too!” she admitted.

“I think we’ll order a pizza. You can flirt with him a little while we eat. Then I’ll tell him we’re going up to my room to get more comfortable.” Dani said. “That should get him going. He won’t be able to resist peeking at us.”

As it happened, Brie was antalya escort bayan already wearing a short black mini-skirt and a loose white blouse that buttoned down the front. She had on a sheer black bra, which was hardly necessary, for her ample breasts were firm and beautifully shaped. But, after her conversation with Dani about Danny’s sex obsession, she unbuttoned her blouse down where her cleavage and bra was in plain view, especially if she pulled her shoulders back.

The three of them decided to have their pizza in front of the TV. In short order, Dani noticed Danny’s eyes darting back and forth from the crotch of her short shorts to the opening in Brie’s blouse. And, Brie, already accustomed to boys gawking at her tits, knew how to push them together for maximum effect.

Danny was looking more at the girls than the TV. He almost forgot about the pizza, and was stupidly holding a piece with his mouth opened, but not taking a bite. Brie crossed and uncrossed her legs several times, with Danny catching a flash of panties when she did.

Both Dani and Brie noticed, and started laughing. Dani said to him,”Danny, don’t you like the pizza?

After a while, the girls seemed to get bored with the TV and Dani asked Brie if she would like to go up to her room to get more comfortable? For fun, they might see if they could fit into their old cheerleader outfits from high school.

None of this was lost on Danny, and his already semi-hard dick picked up on it as well. He knew he was going to try to peek at them, but acted nonchalant.

Danny knew he’d have to wait a little while if he wanted to catch the girls changing. He hoped they hadn’t closed the doors to Dani’s room and the bathroom. Eventually he couldn’t stand it any longer and quietly sneaked up the stairs. He’d duck into his room if the coast wasn’t clear.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw Dani’s door was open enough so he’d me able to peek in without being seen. Sure enough, both girls were standing in their bras and panties.

Brie pulled on the tiny white cheerleader skirt with purple trim, so short it barely covered her butt. The costume normally came with satin panties under the skirt, but Brie was still in her small black bikini panties. She pulled on the white jersey with purple mascot, a open midriff type, now on Brie’s large bosom, didn’t even cover the bottom of her bra.

Dani put on another uniform of opposite color, purple with white trim. The girls laughed at how ridiculous they now looked. Then Brie put her arm around Dani’s shoulders and Dani did the same to try some high kicks.

They could still do it and every time they kicked, Danny had a full view of the crotch of their panties. His loose running shorts offered little restriction to his now swollen cock sticking straight out.

Dani suddenly said, “Let’s go down and show Danny how we used to do our dance routine.”

Danny panicked! He scrambled to get out of his hiding place and get back downstairs. He just managed to sit down on the couch when the girls came in. He was breathing heavily and his dick was sticking up making a big tent in his shorts. He grabbed a pillow to put in his lap, but it was too late. The girls had seen.

Dani put her hands on her hips and said, “Danny! What have you been doing? Have you been playing with yourself?”

He replied, “NO, I have not! What do you mean?” His face turned bright red.

She said, “Well, what’s that under the pillow? Let us see!” She yanked it away.

By this time, the fright had blessedly caused his dick to wilt, but he was still semi-hard and a big lump was still showing.

“Truly, Dani, I wasn’t doing anything. Honestly! Just sitting here,” he said.

“Well, you are sure breathing hard to have just been sitting!” she replied. “Anyway, Brie and I wanted to show you how we looked in our cheerleader uniforms. What do you think?”

Danny stammered, “You look great! I mean terrific! Both of you!”

With that, the girls started some cheerleader moves together, shaking their escort antalya hips and shimmying their boobs in front of Danny. He could see their crotches when their short skirts flew up, but because they were both wearing sheer, almost transparent panties, Danny could clearly could see their vaginal slits in front and cracks down their asses.

Danny’s cock stood back up, but there was no pillow to cover his erection. He tried to cover his bulge with his hands.

Dani said, “There he goes, playing with himself again!”

“NO I’m not, that’s not fair, Dani. It’s just that ………,” his voice trailed off.

At this point, Brie looked at Dani and winked while saying, “Dani, my top is too tight, I must have gotten bigger since high school. And it’s hot!”

Dani replied, “Mine too!” Both girls were panting from exertion. And with that, both girls pulled the jerseys over their heads, their see-through bra covered tits in full view. Brie’s jersey got caught on her back. “Dani, help me, I’m stuck!”

Brie turned sideways to Danny while Dani tried to fix her snag. “You’re caught by the hooks on your bra, I’ve got to unhook you!” Dani said. When she did, the bra went free and Danny saw the side of her perfect breast.

Danny’s eyes got bigger and bigger, as did his dick. But there was no way to hide it. Brie made no move to refasten her bra. In fact she let it slip off her shoulders, leaving her nude from the waist up, and precious little covering the rest of her.

Brie sunk down in the couch next to Danny as if he wasn’t sitting there. He couldn’t take his eyes off her tits – larger than Dani’s with nipples that stood out proudly. It was all he could do to keep from leaning over and taking one in his mouth. ‘What would she do if I did try to suck them?’ he wondered.

Dani told her, “If you’re going to get more comfortable, then so am I,” and then removed her bra and sat down beside her, giving her a little hug.

Danny couldn’t believe what was happening. There he was sitting next to two beautiful twenty year old topless girls wearing only skimpy skirts with tiny sheer bikini panties under! And him sitting there in running shorts with a gigantic hard on plain to see.

Dani told her brother, “If you need to take care of that thing, we won’t mind.”

“What are you talking about, Dani?” he answered.

“You know, if you want to jack off that cock of yours, go ahead!” she replied.

“No way!” he blurted. “I can’t believe you’d say such a thing!”

“Well, at least show Brie what you’ve got in those shorts. It’s practically coming out anyway.”

Danny just shook his head ‘No!’

“Let me put it this way,” Dani said. “We want to see your cock. If you’ll take off your shorts and show us, we’ll let you look at what’s under our skirts.”

Danny was in shock! Exposing himself to his sister and her friend was totally wrong, but the chance to see TWO real pussies at the same time was beyond anything he could have dreamed of. Now he was worried he wouldn’t look manly enough for them, so he just sat there.

Finally Dani said, “I guess he doesn’t want to see our sexy panties, Brie. Let’s go back upstairs .”

“Wait!” Danny cried. “I’ll do it. But one of you go first to make sure you mean it.”

Dani said to Brie, “I don’t mind going first, but the way Danny’s been looking at you, I have an idea his cock will get bigger if you show him first.”

“Ok,” she answered. “But you have to make sure he goes through with his part of the bargain!” With that, Brie turned sideways on the couch, pulling her feet up with her toes touching Danny’s hip. She then pulled her little skirt up and opened her legs to him.

Danny gasped at the sight before him. Between Brie’s legs, her panties barely covered her labia, the fabric molded into her slit and totally disappeared between her butt cheeks. “Oh shit! Oh sorry!” was all he could say.

Brie said, “Ok big boy, let’s see what you’ve got!”

Reluctantly, Danny stood up, his dick sticking straight out under his shorts. He antalya escort pulled them down, springing loose his pink headed friend with his balls snugged up tightly in his sack.

“Whoa,” Brie exclaimed. “I can see you ARE a big boy now! VERY NICE!”

Danny started to pull his shorts back up. Dani said,”Hold on Tiger! We’re not through looking. Turn around so we can see your butt!”

His confidence improved, he said,”Dani, it’s your turn to show something!”

Dani thought her strategy of diverting Danny’s attention might be working a little too well, so She stood and in one motion, pulled down the skirt AND her panties and kicked them out in front of her. She stood there for a moment totally naked with both Danny’s and Brie’s eyes drinking in her blond beauty.

Then Dani got back in the corner of the couch and pulled her friend back between her legs with Brie’s back against her chest. Brie had a little shiver when she felt her friend’s furry pelt above her crack and firm titties on her back.

Dani pulled Brie’s hair back where she feel her cheek next to hers. She put her arm around Brie with her hand loosely over her left tit. She told her brother, “Let’s see how you stroke it.”

Danny, no longer bashful, said, “Brie still has her skirt and panties on.”

Brie, now feeling horny leaning against her naked friend, lifted her butt from the couch and stripped the rest of the way. Danny saw her pubic hair was dark but neatly trimmed. If fact, it was trimmed in the shape of a heart. She was absolutely beautiful stretched out laying against Dani.

Brie reached her arms back around Dani’s neck, squeezed and snuggled contently in her arms. Dani cupped both breasts and kissed her neck. Danny was envious of their obvious affection for each other.

He decided jacking off at the command of two naked girls was possibly a once in a lifetime event. So he look his time, holding his balls in his left hand while gripping the base of his dick tightly with his right. His pink helmet swelled up prominently as a drop of clear fluid emerged from the tip. He stood closer to the girls so they would be sure to see the drop make a thin string on its way to the floor.

When he started slowly stroking, Brie opened her legs and Danny saw her open pussy for the first time. He almost ejaculated at the sight of her inter pink lips flared out, framed by dark hairs down all the way to her anus. Meanwhile, Dani was fondling Brie’s nipples, the girl reacting to the tingling sensation in her breast and down low between her legs.

Danny kept stroking, but slowed whenever he thought he might cum. He wanted his visual feast to last as long as possible. He picked up Brie’s panties and held the to his nose as he pumped.

“OMG,” Dani said. “My brother’s a panty sniffer!”

Suddenly, Brie took hold of Dani’s hand and pulled it down between her legs. Dani didn’t know what to make of that, but Brie showed her what she wanted by pushing Dani’s fingers up against her clitoris and making her rub up and down.

Danny held off as long as he could, but when Brie started bucking against Dani’s hand, Danny groaned loudly as he felt the electric charge start in his anus, spread through this perineum, testes and prostate, and discharge through the head of his penis, along with spurt after spurt of cum. Most of it landed on the girls’ uniforms on the floor.

The sight of his huge ejaculation and Dani’s circular rubbing of her clit sent Brie into a massive orgasm. “Oh, oh, ooh!” she cried. As she began to come down from her climax, she stopped Dani’s hand motion because her clit was so sensitive, but held it tightly against her pussy. Dani’s finger felt the tiny organ throbbing, and felt her own pussy get all gooey.

Dani turned Brie’s face up to hers and kissed her saying in baby talk, “Oh baby! Did Mommy make you feel good?”

“Yes Mommy, you made me feel SO GOOD, And Baby wants to do that to you when she gets you upstairs!” Brie cooed.

Dani looked at her brother, whose dick was still dripping cum on the floor and the girls’ clothes, and said, “We’re going up to my room, and the doors will be CLOSED!”
And, by the way, you got cum all over our uniforms, so you’re going to have to do the laundry again!”

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