Daddy’s Little Angel Ch. 01

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While this is posted in the incest category, there will be some non-consent/reluctance theme related. If this isnt for you, please turn away now. All characters are 18+ older.


Mike sighed as he glanced at the alarm clock on his nightstand. 2:32 A.M. He rubbed his eyes and sat up, sliding on his slippers. There was no use in trying to sleep, he had tried for the last 4 hours and yet here he was, wide awake. He shuffled out his bedroom door, grabbing his green plaid robe and slipping it onto his 6’1 frame. The house was a little chilly at night and he was grateful for the extra warmth it provided. Tessa, his daughter, had bought it for him the previous Father’s Day. He made his way downstairs, the sound of the grandfather clock the only noise in the entire house. When he made it to the bottom he peeked out the side windows next to the front door, the porch light illuminating the empty porch and he made his way to the kitchen and started a pot of coffee in defeat. He yawned as he checked his cell phone again, time seemed to be passing agonizingly slow and it was driving him mad.

He ran a hand over his face feeling older than he was, he was pretty sure she was going to be the death of him! This was the fifth day in a row she hadn’t been home by curfew, and the previous night she had come home drunk. He had grounded her and drove her to school, insisted on picking her up but she simply skipped the moment he pulled away to work. Everyone told him it was just a phase, all teens rebelled. He needed to be tough and strong, but all he wanted was her to just return safely. Worry had the acid in his stomach turning as multiple scenarios ran through his mind, each one worse than the last. He pulled open the junk drawer beside the stove and unraveled a couple tums as he pulled his

DAD mug from the cupboard. He had just finished pouring his coffee when he heard the sound of a car pulling into the gravel, and he hurried to get a peek at who had pulled in. The headlights shone directly into the windows, blinding him from seeing who was behind the wheel, just the silhouette of Tessa’s 5’4 form walking to the front door. She carried her heels by the straps and she was tiptoeing as she fumbled with her keys.

The car sped away, a few rocks peeling in multiple directions and Mike reached forward and opened the front door, more than prepared to give her the stern talking to that she deserved. But what he saw when he opened the door had him frozen in his place. Tessa’s dark brown hair was a long tangled mess around her face and beneath her left, almond shaped eye, was a large dark bruise that only seemed to be getting darker. She had a swollen lower lip that was split open. He took in the complete sight of her, the strap to her knee high blue dress was torn, her stockings had tears and runs through them and the hem was ripped, revealing finger shaped bruises on her porcelain white thighs. A dark rage burned through him and he quivered in his place as he tried to reign in the emotions running through him. Her eyes opened wide and her red lips parted in a surprised gasp.

“What happened to you?” he asked, trying his damndest to remain calm. He had a pretty good idea already what had transpired, but he needed to hear the words from her lips.

“I…I fell.” she explained lamely. But he knew there was no way that she could possibly believe that he would fall for that.

“Give me some credit Tessa, I wasn’t born yesterday.” But when she looked up her caramel colored eyes were filled with unshed tears and he pulled her into a fierce hug, her arms wrapped around his waist and she leaned her head against his chest, her heels forgotten just outside the front door.

“You have to tell me what happened Angel, was this Luke? Did he do this to you?” Mike demanded. Luke was her much older boyfriend. He had once been a neighbor, but that had been many years ago. And when Tessa had enrolled in the running start program two years ago, she had run into him there. If Mike had known signing the permission forms would have led her to Luke, he would have never agreed to it. There had always been something just a little off about that kid that he had never been able to quite put his finger on it.

She shook her head furiously but offered no other explanation as she clung to him desperately, tears already soaking into his pajama shirt. He rested his chin on top of her head and held her tighter. He held her until her sobs quieted down and he led her to the kitchen where he pointed to the stool that sat beside the island counter.

“If you are not going to tell me the truth, I will just drive over there and ask him myself!” Mike warned as he fetched her a cup of hot coffee. He could smell the liquor on her breath and she could use the sobering up.

“No Daddy, please! I’m fine, I’m a clutz and I fell. Luke was nice and gave me the ride home! You always think the worst of him,” she accused, feeling defensive.

“Where did you fall then? How did you get bruises on your thighs?! Why is your dress torn? I may be older than you, but I am no idiot Tessa. I am not going to just sit by and allow him to treat escort dikmen you this way.” She clasped her hands over her ears tightly and started shaking her head furiously.

“SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!! You have no idea what you are even talking about!!” she screamed, reminding him of the tantrums she had often thrown as a small child. She stood and shoved the stool behind, knocking it over as she made her way towards her bedroom.

“You get back here young lady! I am not done talking with you!” he shouted. But Tessa continued forward and up the stairs without so much as a backward glance. He sighed again, exhausted and drained. He was simply grateful to have just the one daughter, he wasn’t sure he could handle the stress of more.

Mike couldn’t fathom why she protected Luke so stubbornly, he was beneath her and they both knew it. She had never been quite the same since her mother had passed; to a little girl it didn’t matter that her mother died serving her country or received high medals of honor, she had wanted her mother home with her, baking cookies and helping her with her hair or math homework like all the other mothers. Mike hadn’t handled the loss very well himself either, he had lost himself in his work most days, the distraction kept him from thinking about her. It was much easier to simply pretend she was still overseas than deal with the chest crushing weight of the loss. He set his coffee down and pulled his travel mug from the dishrack and transferred his coffee before making his way upstairs and getting dressed. He exchanged his robe for a zip up hoodie and his slippers for socks and a pair of tennis shoes. If Tessa wasn’t going to give him an answer, then he would demand one from Luke; whether she liked it or not.

What kind of father would he be if he didn’t stand up for his daughter? It was his duty to

protect her and he couldn’t simply let it slide that she had come home disheveled and hurt. He grabbed the keys to the silver Prius, his wallet and made his way downstairs, grabbing the coffee on his way out the door. He ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair as he breathed in the early crisp morning air. It was a 15 minute drive to the tin can Luke called home. Mike only knew its location due to a call he had received from the local sheriff to pick Tessa up. It had been the first time he met Luke and discovered their relationship. He felt the adrenalin pumping through his veins as he got closer and closer to his destination, his drowsiness fading fast.

His car was nearly silent as he pulled up the dirt driveway that was overrun with weeds. A massive pit bull appeared from the front yard, a thick metal choker the only thing holding him back. He snapped his massive jaws threateningly and Mike leaned back against his car as he studied the blue nosed pit. The dog’s chest was massive, he had to be almost three times the normal size of any pit Mike had seen before. What the hell was Luke feeding him? He hugged the side of his car as he made his way to the front door, crickets chirped in the fields and the wooden stairs creaked as he strode confidently across the porch and knocked on the front door. He knew Luke was home, his car was in the driveway, and he wasn’t leaving until he got answers.

Mike waited for several minutes, the sound of the pit’s persistent barking filled the night and he rolled his shoulders as he waited for an answer. After a few minutes without a response he pounded on the door again, batting away the mosquitoes that buzzed incessantly around the fluorescent porch light. The door suddenly jerked open and Mike took a step back. Luke was about 6’4, and Mike felt the words freeze in his mouth as he tilted his head back to look up at him. Luke shook his shaggy blonde hair out of his eyes and glared down at Tessa’s father.

“Can I help you, old man?” Luke wore a tank top that revealed his rather large arms, his right bicep revealed a tattoo of what looked to be a wolf ripping its way free of his flesh.

Mike cleared his throat and stood straighter, doing his best not to let the kid know he was a little intimidated.

“I want to know what you did to Tessa,” he announced. Luke gave him an amused smirk as he folded his arms across his chest. His shirt was a little tight, outlining every muscle in the kids torso; there was no mistaking that he lifted weights. You didn’t bulk up like that without some vigorous exercise.

“Nothing she wasn’t asking for. Your little Angel likes it rough.” His fists clenched as he listened to the taunts that spilled out of the punk’s mouth. He wasn’t nearly as young as Tessa, but he wasn’t much older than her either.

“You are going to stay away from Tessa, you hear me? If you contact her in anyway, I will call the cops,” Mike announced. Tessa may try and excuse it and forget it even happened, but there was no way he was going to let it continue. Luke chuckled as he rubbed his forehead and shook his head in disappointment.

“You just made a very big mistake!” Luke swung, but Mike had been prepared and leaned out of the way, grabbing Luke’s wrist and using the momentum to escort elvankent throw him forward, nearly right off the edge of the porch. He laughed as he turned and raised his fist into a boxer’s stance. Mike held up his palms, trying to diffuse the situation. He did not want to start a fight with the kid nearly 20 years younger. Mike himself wasn’t out of shape, he lifted some weights in his garage and did a lot of cardio, he was on the lean side of healthy. Luke’s size was just big enough to make a difference.

“Listen to me, young man, if you hit me I will press charges,” Mike warned. Luke didn’t hesitate, he closed the distance between them and punched the him in the face. Mike stumbled back, nearly losing his balance, pain exploding from the middle of his face and he brought a hand to his nose, fingers coming back red.

He brought his attention back to Luke just in time to block the second blow, but Luke was pretty experienced with bare knuckle fighting and simple brought his other fist in for a surprise uppercut. Mike backed away, pain radiating from his chin as he glanced at the distance between himself and his car. It was time to involve the authorities, this was getting way out of hand. But Luke wasn’t finished with him, he rushed Mike, grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and pulling him back towards the front door of his house. Mike swung, his fist catching the younger man’s cheek, the sound of bones grinding against one another made him cringe, and Luke threw the man against the side of his house in anger, slamming his skull against the wooden panels until he fell unconscious, blood running from the small gash in his right temple.

Mike awoke with a slap to the face, his cheek burning as he opened his eyes, wincing at the sudden throbbing in his skull. He lifted his head and found himself on his stomach, his wrists bound behind his back with duct tape, a thick piece across his mouth and his ankles were bound as well, ensuring he wouldn’t be going anywhere. The more he moved the stronger the throbbing in his head got. He rested his head back down on the couch cushion and slowly observed his surroundings through slitted eyelids. Luke sat beside him in a beaten up chair, some of the fabric was torn and it looked as though the dog outside had chewed off part of the armrest.

Luke leaned forward and peeled the tape away from his mouth, pulling a bit of hair with it. Mike had the faint taste of blood in his mouth and he could feel the bruise on his jaw as it rubbed against the rough material of the couch.

“How much will it take for you to leave us alone?” Mike finally asked. Being the IT executive of a very popular company that sold computer equipment. He has started out small, but with hard work and good investment, his business was flourishing. He had a nest egg set aside, but he was more than willing to part with it if it meant that he would never have to deal with this punk again.

Luke laughed and shook his head. He stood, making his way over to the small safe near the TV. After spinning the dial this way and that he turned the handle and pulled it open to reveal a large stack of cash and a 9mm glock. He pulled the gun out, tucked it into his waistband shut the safe door.

“I know my choice of surroundings has you confused as to my financial situation, especially with the rumors of my wasted inheritance, but I don’t need your money old man.” Mike clenched his teeth but let the comment slide, he wasn’t in the best condition to be arguing about what insult suited him best.

“Then what do you want?” he demanded.

“A little more respect in my own damn house would be an ideal start.” He grabbed a beer from the nearby coffee table, immediately spitting it out after one swig. He cursed and made his way to the kitchen, complaining about warm beer. Mike took the opportunity to get a better look at his surroundings. The interior was in very poor condition, there were holes in wall that revealed the sheet rock underneath. Where there wasn’t damage there was graffiti. Luke returned with a fresh beer and made himself comfortable on the coffee table beside the couch.

“Let us get one thing straight between us, old man. I love Tessa, I knew from the moment I saw her that day I moved in next door.” Luke’s entire face lit up at the memory, Tessa had been wearing a mid thigh black dress. Her hair had been down, framing her oval shaped face. She had welcomed him to the neighborhood and brought over a basket of baked goods. Then when they had reunited at school, it felt like fate was finally in his favor. She had approached him and point blank asked if he was dealing drugs to students.

“If you love her, then explain why my daughter came home with bruises and a torn dress.” Luke took another swig of his beer.

“There is something you need to know about your angel. I didn’t do anything to your little girl that she wasn’t asking for.” Mike pulled against his restraints, the sticky material pulling against the hair on his arms and he grunted at the pain. He flopped around for several minutes as he tried to free himself before the reality escort emek sunk in.

Luke picked up an empty bottle, broke it against the side of the coffee table, instantly breaking it leaving behind a jagged edge weapon. He pointed the sharp points at Mike as he leaned closer, the tip digging into the flesh just beneath his jaw.

“I know your first reaction is to object…to defend your daughter’s honor, but you need to know that I truly care for her. Now I reacted hastily, and for that I apologize. But now is not really the best time for me to be dealing with cops; I’m sure you can understand.” A sudden sense of dread filled him, settling in the lower pits of his stomach. For the first time since he pulled into the driveway he had to wonder if maybe he wasn’t going to leave.

“Are you going to kill me?” He wanted to sound brave, but his voice wavered. He hadn’t really thought this all the way through. He had known that Luke was bad news, but he hadn’t anticipated such violence.

“Not if I don’t have to. Tessa loves you, and because I love her, I try to avoid doing things I know will upset her. But I need to know that I can trust you, that you’re not going to run and snitch.” He pulled the broken beer bottle away from his neck and set it down on the table. He ran a hand through his shaggy blonde hair and stood, tearing the tape free from Mike’s legs and lifting him to his feet.

“Don’t make me use this,” he warned as he pulled the glock from his waistband. Mike swallowed hard, and nodded that he understood. Luke motioned down the hallway with the muzzle and Mike led the way. Every step caused more fear to pump through his system but he obeyed and made his way down the long corridor. They passed master bedroom on the left, the door was open, revealing a large King size bed, the bedding was ruby red with intricate swirls of black, Luke gave him a shove.

“Last door on the left.” The first door was closed but Mike could hear sounds coming from the other side of the door that told them they were not the only ones in the house. Luke fetched a ring of keys from his pocket and unlocked the handle, the deadbolt and then punched in a 6 digit pin before he opened the door; revealing a brightly lit garage.

“Move!” His feet suddenly felt like lead and when he didn’t move fast enough Luke shoved him forward. He stumbled over the short ledge, catching himself on the door as he looked upon a sight he had only seen on TV before. The garage had converted into a growing room, over 40 marijuana plants filled the space in rows.

“You see why I can’t afford to have cops sniffing around.” He felt the barrel sticking into his back and Luke pushed him further into the room. The temperature was warm and he felt a trickle of sweat run down his temple as he took a few more steps into the room.

“You’re a drug dealer,” Mike announced. But he wasn’t surprised, he knew the family that Luke had come from.

They had once lived just right next door, his parents were both huge corporate lawyers and it had them traveling a lot. But when they both died in a plane crash, Luke had changed. He had sold his parent’s house and bought himself the land he currently resided on.

“I prefer to think of myself as an entrepreneur; I have my hands in many cookie jars Pops.” He felt his eye twitch, but let it go. It was not worth getting shot over.

“Why are you showing me this?”

“Because I need you to understand how important it is to me that you keep your mouth shut! I stand to lose too much, and even though I made a promise to your daughter; I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission.” One look into the kid’s indigo blue eyes and Mike saw that he meant every word. Luke shoved him back down the hallway and after securing the garage, he opened the door to the first bedroom where they had heard noise coming from.

The giant room was split in the middle, each side decorated vastly different from the other. To the right was a twin bed, covered in stuffed animals and a frilly pink comforter. Currently there was a thin blonde bent in half, ankles behind her ears as a second young male pounded her long thin frame into the mattress. She wore her blonde hair in big tails, her makeup done lightly giving her a softer look. There were porcelain dolls on a shelf above the bed, and pictures of unicorns and winnie the pooh on the pink walls and his stomach turned. The left side of the room didn’t even have a bed. The walls were a dark crimson, a soft circular fur rug was rolled out on the floor and covering the walls were all all sorts of sex toys. Everything from paddles to cuffs to different types of whips and some instruments he had yet to see before.

The two young sweaty bodies were currently entwined with one another, neither acknowledging the fact they were not alone. Mike could hear the sound of the young stud’s cock thrusting in and out of her, his hands wrapped in her pigtails, her tits jiggling while he fucked her as hard as his body could handle. They watched for several minutes, the thick scent of sex permeated the air and Mike felt himself grow hard at the sight before he turned away. He noticed camera’s in the corners of the room, special lights drilled into the walls and he realized what he was seeing. Porn, there was no mistaking what was going on. He had seen enough videos himself that he even knew the particular audience they were trying to appeal to.

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