Daddy’s Boy Has To Be Punished

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We always knew there was a chance we’d get caught, that was part of the turn on for us. Zack and liked the thrill of it. Giving each other head in the showers after basketball practice had become one of our favorite things to do. But today things changed.

We thought everyone had left, so we got to business. Zack was really doing a job on my hard cock, sucking like his life depended on it; while using his finger to massage and probe at my tight virgin asshole. I could feel it building up, about to explode, then… walked in and ruined everything. We knew we were in for it. But to our surprise coach just told us to get dressed and go home.

By the time I was half way home my balls were really starting hurt, and all I wanted to do was get to the safety of my room and jerk off. I knew that wasn’t going to happen when I pulled in the driveway. My dad stood in the front door, belt in hand. As I got out of the car I heard him yell “Jason get you ass in this house right now!” I knew coach had called and told my father what he had seen.

“So my 18 year old son thinks its ok to let another boy suck his cock. Well not in this house it’s not, and now you have to be taught a lesson. Strip!”

I couldn’t believe my ears, I hadn’t been spanked in a few years, and now at 18 I was to go through the humiliation all over again. I did as I was told though; there I stood in the middle of the living room butt naked and somewhat turned on.

I took my normal position behind the couch, hands griping the back and feet spread about 2ft bahçelievler escort bayan apart. Almost instantly I felt the first of many strikes of the belt on my ass. The sting was horrific, shooting from my ass to my thighs. 19 more followed, then my father decided to switch to his hand. Each crack was harder than the last, and my ass was on fire. Finally he finished, but then he began to gently run his hand over it, as if to make sure there was enough heat where he had beaten me. The soft touch of his hand was more than I could handle and my young cock began to harden, while my balls begged for some release. I wanted to hide it from my dad, but due to the way I was standing there was no hope of that happening. Then I felt my father’s hand wrapping around my now stiff cock, lightly squeezing it, forcing a low moan out of my throat. What happened next took me by surprise.

In a low, raspy voice my dad whispered into my ear “Maybe I should give my little boy what he really wants. Maybe I should let him be a fagot. But you’ll be my little fagot, my bitch. You’d like that wouldn’t you J.J.?”

All the while he was pumping my cock with a skilled hand, it felt so good that without even thinking I responded “Yes Daddy. God yes.”

I heard the zipper come down and the sound of his pants falling to the floor. Was this really happening? Was my daddy really going to take my boy cherry? Oh God did I want him to, no I need him to. I felt his finger being to make its’ way in my ass while my father mumbled something balgat escort bayan about how tight I was and how he couldn’t wait to fuck me like the fagot I am. This just turned me on even more. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t care, I wanted it.

Daddy bent me almost completely over the back of the couch and instructed me to spread my ass checks. As I did I felt him spit on my tight little hole and then heard him lube his cock with some more. He walked around to the front of the couch and told me to get a good look at the cock that was about to fuck the shit out of me. I looked up to see my father’s huge member staring me in the face. It had to be at least 9inches long and the width of 3 fingers. I was a bit frightened at first, and daddy knew it, it pleased him greatly.

“I know it looks big J.J., but after the first few minutes you’ll get used to it. But I have to tell you I’m not planning on being gentle.”

I already knew that, but I didn’t really care. With that said he took his place behind me and I felt the head of his enormous cock press against my little hole. In one quick motion daddy forced his whole length inside me while I screamed in pain. My screams only seemed to make him go faster and harder, pounding my ass with all his might it seemed. But the pain had started to fade and without realizing it I began to pick up his rhythm and fucked him back.

“That’s right. I knew my little boy wanted this. You like having you daddy’s big, fat cock pumping in and out of your ass. That’s it batıkent escort bayan my little fagot, fuck daddy back like a good bitch.”

And that’s what I did, as if begging him to ravage me even more so. All of a sudden his pace quickened and he began pounding me with everything he had, I knew he was about to come.

“I’m going to cum fagot, I’m going to fill your ass with my hot load. Tell daddy how bad you him cum, tell him.”

Without hesitation I began to beg him for it, telling him how good it felt and how badly I wanted to feel his cock spurt in my tight ass. This sent him over the edge and in a few seconds I could feel the explosion of cum over loading my hole. The warmth was incredible, and I wanted so bad to be able to cum too. Daddy finished and pulled his semi-hard cock from my leaking asshole.

Daddy walked over to his recliner and sat down. He told me to sit on the couch and relax for a second. After sitting Daddy said that if I wanted to cum now was my chance. He wanted me to jerk off for him. So, I started stroking my already hard cock until I felt I was ready to cum.

“I’m going to cum for you Daddy, just like you wanted. You’re little boy is gonna cum for you.” Before I had the chance daddy jumped up and grabbed a cup that was sitting on the table next to me.

“Fill it with your cum bitch.” I did as I was told.

“That’s a good boy, now I want you to drink it, drink your own juice.”

Truthfully I was grossed out by it, but daddy said that if I wanted to be his little fagot I had to, and to get used to it, because I was going to be drinking a lot of it. Not just my own either, I was going to be enjoying his on a daily bases as well. So I drank it, and said thank you.

Daddy and I have had a lot more fun together since then, sometimes Zack was allowed to join in too. I’m so glad I got caught that day.

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