Daddy Dearest Ch. 02

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“Hi Dad, just thought I would drop by and see ‘whatsa happenen’!”

“Hi Charley, I see you are off from school today sweetheart, have you got something on your mind? Come here and give your old man a kiss.”

“Yes, somethings bugging me. I am going to do a bit of shopping then I intend to stop by your house – unless you have some other plans? We can blab about it then, okay?”

“Great,” as I put my arms about my gorgeous oldest daughter. Holding her against me for a quick kiss I discover she is making a 3 point suspension against my body, two spikes in the chest and, the pressure of her feminine mound against my groin, as she brazenly arches her back. Wow, I just don’t know what to make of this first time experience from my quiet, conservative, scholarly and soon to be a 24 year old professor. Blond and statuesque, truly a winner for life’s adventures.

“See ya.” And she left my office.

* * * * * *

Sitting on the couch across from me I enjoy the fantastic view of her crossing her shapely long legs, while I relax in my recliner. She sips her scotch on the rocks, and puts the glass down on the coffee table. She then looks me straight in the eyes and blurts out, “So tell me Daddy, how long have you been fucking Audra?”

I almost choke and drop my glass. “How the hell do you know about that,” I stammered?

“Well, I cut a class a few months ago, and to fill in my day, I stopped off to see you at home. At first I thought you were out, but then I heard noises coming from your bedroom. I looked in and saw you and Audra going at it and I got ready to dial 911 because it appeared you were raping my sister – only to observe her intense need, to realize no rape was involved – totally consensual! I was shocked at first, but then became aroused when I realized the sheer beauty, and great pleasure, that two adults were giving each other. Not wishing to create problems, I just left.”

“I’m so sorry my dear. After Audra became 18, Mom gave her condoms because she knew she was hot stuff, with a strong urge to be functional, that is with the boys she was dating. Unfortunately she was having so many problems in finding someone that she could love, and enhance her needs for getting fucked. You know, a relationship that has meaning. One night she came to me and started this secret tryst with me to keep her comfy, instead of having hot pants for whoever she dated. Oh, she is still getting nailed occasionally, but her selection of partners improved considerably. As for myself, I was so happy to thrill her, while making myself quite comfortable, at the same time.”

“Dad, you’re terrible, what if you knocked her up? Don’t you realize the danger here, that is, if authorities found out, even though she is an adult? What would you ever do with a baby, lock it in a closet and hope it never gets out?”

“Charley, we had fun for 6 months, and now that she is living with a boyfriend, she only comes over occasionally for a good time; the little nymphomaniac still likes a bit of variety, and wants to cheer me up. Even in my horniness, I saw the danger and decided my family was large enough, so I went and did the honorable thing, and had a vasectomy. You could say that I am now an animated casino şirketleri fully functional dildo; however, I am quite happy about it. Thus I can see no logical problems. Sexual relief is now just a rub away, and a lot more intimate, and loving. We both enjoy the intense fun of a good hot time together.”

“As you know Dad, my major is philosophy, and I am looking here at two hedonistic creatures resolving their sexual tensions in a communistic, but rational fashion – and I honestly cannot find fault with your logic. Jesus Dad, give me a moment to think about this!”

“Let me go and refresh your drink Charlene.”

Going to the kitchen I measure out a couple of double scotchs with the hope of keeping the situation mellow. I give Charley back her drink, and slip back into my recliner. After she takes a couple of sips, she puts the glass down and uncrosses those beautiful legs. She clears her throat to speak looking directly into my eyes. I notice a slow scissoring of her thighs while her breathing increases. My brain shouts, “good grief, I know whats coming!”

“Dad, as you know I too am a bit isolated from the real world, and I guess through heredity, have the same intense needs as my sister, that forces me to use males like Kleenex tissues. With Audra tied up with her beau now, giving you a bit more slack, would you like to take on another correspondent joining your little sex cult? Now if it will interfere with you getting into a relationship, I will back off.”

With that said, I toss about ½ my scotch down my throat, cough, catch my breath, “Wow girl, this is totally unexpected, but since I have been blessed by nature as a satyr, there is no way in hell I can refuse you my Darling.”

As I start to rise from my recliner, Charley opens her thighs and I can see the gusset of her panties is soaking wet. I walk to her, sit down on the couch and pull her into my arms while my cock hardens immediately. I start softly kissing her lips while her arms wrap around me and pull me tight against her. Her tongue pressures effortlessly into my mouth, while my hand slips under her dress to put my fingers onto her wet panties, and slowly caress what I believe is the swollen lips of her cunt.

As our lips separate she moans the feminine verse “Oh Daddy, I really need you!” While I respond in the masculine “Yes, Charlene, I really want you!”

We break apart and she decides to take a quick shower first, and heads for my bathroom. I quickly go to my bedroom, remove my clothes setting them down beside my daughters.

Entering my bathroom I see the distorted naked beauty of my daughter, and my excitement climbs. Opening the shower door there is no longer optical obstructions, and I am overwhelmed by her pure beauty.

“Charley, I am a bit dizzy, I have never been with a woman of your beauty.”

She laughs and looks at me, “tonight it’s your job to perform Mr Dildo. I need no sweet talk,” as she moves out from under the shower head and moves into my arms.

Her wet body with its radiant heat makes me tingle all over, as my cock presses into her thighs, that she moves apart slightly to let its hardness slide up against the hot folds of her pussy. She then grinds her cunt along my casino firmaları shaft while our lips meet and tongues duel. She stops her undulations, while I pick up where she left off with my thrusting cock now sliding along the length of her slippery pussy.

“Whoa, slow down mister,” as she separates and pushes me under the stream of water. “Yes, I love the animated part, but you are one dildo that I have no intention of wearing out – but using for both our pleasure.”

With that said, she knelt down in front of me and started stroking my cock, to put her lips on the tip and roll her tongue around it while enjoying the presence of some precum, before swallowing the whole thing down her throat; while she manipulated her throat muscles and simultaneously lashed my cock with her tongue.

“Oh shit!” I cried. “I feel I got my cock stuck in a washing machine! Where the hell did you learn that?”

Popping my cock out of mouth she stands up and turns the water off. “Daddy, I am not a virgin, but I am not about to recount how many one night stands I enjoyed for my education. Now get your ass out of this shower, dry off and meet me in bed because I am going to fuck your brains out!”

“Say girl, your the one with the pussy, and that makes you the fuckee!”

“Let’s get this show on the road, we can quibble after you’ve filled my pussy with your hot sperm… Opps, I should say ejaculate. Audra told me how much you love to cum into her pussy, but left off the fact that you were fixed.”

“What the hell, can’t you girls ever keep a secret?”

After we dry off my girl scrambles off to my bed.

“Come on Daddy, lie on your back and lets start. I wanted to do this with you long ago, and I am glad that you had the good sense not to abuse me so that I am able to come to you as an adoring open minded adult female seeking your pleasure – while enjoying my sexual relief.”

She then climbs above my body, plants her knees above my head and takes my cock, and starts administering to it with her delightful mouth. I see her pussy floating above me, her natural golden maiden hair sparkling with drops of girl dew announcing how juicy, and ready my daughter is.

“Aren’t we the eager beaver,” as I pull on her hips to move her bloated pussy lips closer to mine. Upon contact I feel her shiver with delight while she sensuously slides her lips and tongue over my cock, stopping only when her lips collide with cock base.

Hot Damn is she juicy and tasty! My tongue penetrates her lips, and starts dancing about the entrance of her vagina – while she urges me onward with squeals of delight. “I feel like such a bad little girl Daddy, with you licking my cunt like this. Oh God! Don’t stop, if I cum don’t worry, uhh, because the only way I will be sated is when you ejaculate into by womb. Mmmfff.”

Slurp, “It’s wonderful to be doing this for each other as wild animals. Now I will be going after your little love button.” I then circle the hood with the tip of my tongue while my daughter starts undulating. When I am in direct contact with her clitoris, my daughter starts shaking and pulling away.

“Daddy STOP it, it is too intense, I need your firm prick buried in my cunt now. Please fuck me!”

She güvenilir casino rotates her body and straddles me. Grasping my cock she steers it toward her vagina. “Hold still Daddy, and let me do the honors.”

I feel myself slowly sinking into her as she agonizingly reaches for the base of my cock with her torrid pussy. When her groin bumps against me, and I feel her ass kissing my testicles, we both gasp a sigh of happiness while adjusting our bodies to the realities of what we wish to accomplish.

“When I was still a virgin, and celebrating my 19th birthday, this is exactly what I dreamed of doing with you to celebrate the occasion – giving my cherry to the one I truly love! Oh! oh, Daddy dear, I love you so much, and now can comfortably deal with this secret, uh family secret, now that I am older. Mmm, Thank you so much for loving me, and finally letting me come to you. God, I am so hot, now lets get into some serious fucking.”

“Thats it Daddy, slow sensuous and tender, I love your hands on my tits. Since this is our first time, I feel as if I am finally giving my virginity to you. OOh, Dad, your so big and I feel so filled I don’t want this ever to stop. [pant] Please let me lead the tempo until you are ready to change position. You see, I really am here for you, even though selfishly interested in cumming all over your hard cock. Ohh! Hold me close and feel me.”

I pull her body down and press her beautiful tits into my chest while she tilts her head to put her lips lightly on mine while her tongue slides against mine replicating the rhythm of what is occurring within her pussy.

“Oh Charlene, I love you” as our rhythm increases and I feel her lips upon my neck, while enjoying her gasps of pleasure.

“Hold me, I really need this bad and you feel so good. I want it all the way, oh, deep inside of me. Oh my lover, fuck me hard!” Now her nipples are digging into me telegraphing her excitement, while I feel her sucking on my neck in a passion that is matching mine.

“Oh Daddy, I am so close,” as she starts bucking frantically – while I am hanging on for dear life.

“Argh, I am coming Daughterrrr.,” as I feel her lurch and cry out while I am pouring my churning cum into the depths of her pussy; that is now spasming excitedly, her cunt clenching onto my invading penis – while she is matching my discharge into her with her own juices, now mixed with mine oozing past our intimate carnal connection.

She moves up to look into my eyes with a big grin on her face after feeling me completely drain my last heated discharge into her cunt after a few cycles of orgasming together. Feeling me start to shrink within her, she lovingly undulates a few strokes before she lifts off of me, leaving with a beautiful dripping cream pie with strings of cum still attached to my cock as proof of our beautiful adventure together. Moving further apart she bends over and gently covers my face with tiny kisses, accenting her gratitude and intense love.

“That was wonderful Dad. Now lets get a bit of rest. You do realize I am spending the night with you lover! You could say I am making up for lost time.”

“Yes darling, I am quite drowsy. Please wake me up when you need me again. I love you?”

“I will Daddy, and I hope Audra sees your hickey that I gave you, so I can win the bet.”

“You girls are terrible! Have you no modesty whatsoever? Oh well, wake me up when you are recharged for your next fucking. Goodnight Charley.”

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