Daddy Darren

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When Darren came into my mother’s life in 1972, I think she seized the opportunity to introduce into our home what she hoped would be a controlling influence. I had just turned 15 and had started to mess with boys, which I think she knew, or at least strongly suspected. My brother, Toby, and I were also becoming petulant and unruly … just the sort of kids that they make documentaries about these days!

Darren was about ten years older than her at 45, a still fit, ruggedly handsome, strong, self-confident army corporal, a London East End lad who’d made the army his career. And he was extremely sexy in a burly, almost thuggish way. I remember being attracted to him immediately but I tried hard to put these feelings out of my mind, just happy that my mother had met someone so handsome and charismatic, and yes, having someone that sexy whom I could show off to friends as my mother’s boyfriend, possibly my next dad, thrilled me as well! I even put aside those pangs of jealousy when they were first dating and I’d hear the muffled sounds of their lovemaking from my bedroom at night.

They married after just three months, and Toby and I were really happy about it. Our own dad had moved away to Australia, and we welcomed having a man around again. Many years later she confided in me that all she really wanted from Darren was the sex and the controlling hand on the family. She never really loved him and I always like to believe that I suspected that.

Darren was strict with us and it began to work. I went out less at night, tried to be a little less flighty, and we certainly never played our mother up again, and never have since. That change lasted with Toby but with me, it started to slip again after about eighteen months. Darren was very different dealing with me than with my brother. Although his exterior was stern, his eyes showed something else, almost a conspiratorial interest in my behaviour. I started to flirt outrageously with boys again, and they were getting older and older.

But also, my repressed lust for Darren was subordinated into a deliberate action of my part to seduce men and I was no longer interested in boys. One night, when I had only just turned 18, I met a 25 year-old private from Dad’s and I pulled every trick in the book and was successful: we had sex in the back of his car. It was actually a little disappointing because it was a cold night and very cramped in his car, and I soon forgot about it. For about a week and a half, anyway!

Then, one afternoon, I came home from school early, skipping a couple of classes because I wanted to go into Southampton to meet a guy who I’d met at a club recently. I’d forgotten that it was Darren’s afternoon off and he was already there, in the garden, cutting a hedge. I thought momentarily that he looked angry but when he saw me he smiled, perhaps a little deliberately, and grunted a greeting to me, saying he was nearly finished and he’d see me inside. I thought little more of it, having my mission in mind, and went back inside to work out how I was going to con him into letting me go out when I was officially being punished.

I went up to my room and changed into just a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, intending to return and change once I’d wound him round my little finger. Little did I know what was going to follow.

When I came back down, humming happily to myself, having decided on a story, Darren was sitting in the living room, sprawled on the sofa. It didn’t occur to me that he wasn’t reading or watching TV, he was just sitting, watching me come down the stairs. I merrily wafted into the kitchen to make us a coffee. I was waiting for the water to boil when I realized he’d come through and was standing there. I remember thinking how sexy he looked in his tiny tight army issue shorts and an army vest, thighs and arms as strong as ever. His chest was even more impressive, and I remember noticing his hard nipples showing under the vest. I can’t recall now what I started to say but I know it was light, flirtatious and designed to loosen him up. Suddenly I heard him saying: “I just want to know, Louise, what you were doing a week ago last Saturday evening?”

My memory responded like lightning and I spun round and must have looked shocked and guilty. For once I hadn’t got a smart answer and just stared.

“So it’s true?!”

“What … what’s true?”

“You know, Louise … you fuckin’ know!” he said in a cool, calm voice, moving closer and grabbing my forearm in his big fist. It didn’t hurt. His grip was just massive and firm, totally controlling.

I must have flinched and backed away because he said: “I’m not going to hurt you, Lou. I just want to hear you say it.”

“Say what, Darren…say what?” I was already beginning to recover fast and my mind was already working on a story. I just needed a delay, about a minute would do.

But then: “Tell me that you fucked Terry Falconer … in his car … in the car park … in the fucking public car park!” His voice sounded bitter, disappointed. casino şirketleri “Go on, Lou, tell me!”

He knew too much! There was no way I was going to get out of this.

“How …..?”

“How do I know? How do I fucking know? Because that cunt can’t keep his friggin’ mouth shut and he only told half the barracks when he was pissed last night! That’s how I got to hear, second-hand from some fuckin’ squaddie!”

The anger had welled up momentarily but now he brought it under control. His voice was calm again. “Louise … how old are you? Eighteen! God, hrdly more than a girl”

He pushed me back firmly against the counter and he was just inches from me. I could smell his delicious musk, could almost feel his gorgeous body heat and I was looking into those eyes that were normally so playful but were now flashing with anger.

“God, Louise, your mother is so worried about you and I always defend you. I honestly felt that the worst could be fumbling with kids from school. But going out and deliberately fucking men! Why, Louise…. why?” And I saw the genuine hurt in them and that was an arrow that went direct to my heart.

“Sorry, Darren,” I whispered.

He just stood looking at me, the hurt showing more and more. It was too much for me, this unexpected display of genuine emotion from a man who had only been my ‘father’ for eighteen months. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks.

“Baby, don’t cry … please!” he whispered. I don’t want to hurt you – I just want you to understand that it’s … wrong.” The way his voice broke over that last, whispered word, and the pause, made me wonder immediately just how wrong he really thought it was. I’d found a chink in his armour and I instinctively played on it.

“But how wrong is it, Darren?” I sobbed a little, careful not to be overly dramatic. “Really? How wrong is it?!”

I let my body shudder with a single sob, the tears still flowing, and Darren broke, drawing me into his arms and hugging me to him. “Oh baby, please don’t cry,” he whispered, kissing my neck. That in itself was lovely but what really excited me was his thick semi-erection pressing against my belly. And as he held me, stroking my hair, it dawned on me that it was not that I had been with a man but what was eating away at Darren was that it hadn’t been him! He was actually jealous!

I allowed my self to melt against him so that I could feel that gorgeous fat bulge press into me. My mouth was right next to his ear. My voice was soft and seductive. “Would it have been better if it had been you?”

I felt the shock course through him and then he was completely still. Not a word was said for what seemed like ages. I just inhaled that manly musk and my nerve endings sensed every throb of the blood pulsing in his growing erection. I genuinely believe that it was only then that he realized that his excitement was evident, that he had a hardon, and was completely fazed by that.

Then, in probable horror that his stepdaughter knew what he was feeling, he pulled away, holding me by the shoulders, and I could see his face again. It confirmed what I thought.

“What? WHAT? What the fuck are you saying?” The anger was back, but he was so fazed that his voice croaked.

I smiled as seductively as I could. “It’s OK, Darren … Daddy. I don’t mind. I really don’t.” I was back in control.

For the first and only time ever, Darren raised his hand to slap my face. It hovered over me as his other big paw held my shoulder. I must have flinched a little but like to think I didn’t. But he didn’t hit me. With his hand shaking, he hissed, “You fucking little bitch! What are you trying to say? My God, Louise!”

I just smiled again. “It’s OK, Daddy! I really don’t mind!”

His hand returned to my shoulder and he pushed me back against the counter so that I was bent back over it. He actually looked magnificent when he was angry and my body was reacting appropriately, not resisting him, compliant. And I noticed that, although his face was angry, his eyes showed a flash of excitement… interest … lust.

“My god,” he growled. “How can someone so young be so…so…” His voice tailed off. I maintained my eye contact.

I continued to smile and my eyes dropped deliberately to his shorts. The green material, softened by years of wear, defined the flesh beneath magnificently. His eyes dropped to look and he realized he couldn’t deny his excitement.

Our eyes met and locked. What seemed like minutes passed. I could see the struggle going on behind them and then he slowly pulled me to him but this time his lips sought mine and he kissed me. I’ll never forget that first real kiss between us … it electrified us both, defining the moment that everything changed. Darren’s tongue played against my lips, then pushed in and slid against mine as me moaned and I could feel his big body shake as he held me in his strong arms.

He broke off, holding the back of my head in his hand as his lips brushed my ear.

“Oh baby!” casino firmaları he breathed. “Why him? Why him? God, if you only knew how much I wanted to be that first real man…” He trailed off and I could hear his heavy breathing in my ear as he kissed it. “Jesus baby, you’ve no idea how I dreamed of it.”

I could feel his cock twitch and throb against me and I moved against it so that it rolled from side to side in his shorts.

“Well, don’t let’s count him then, Daddy,” I whispered. “He wasn’t any good anyway. Let’s pretend it never happened.” I dropped my hands to his shorts at the back and caressed his firm buttocks pulling him harder against me so that he had no doubt about what I wanted. “You can still be the first … in my mind.”

He gradually pushed me back at arms length and the expression on his handsome face gradually changed from one of pain to one of intense lust as I looked at him with that practiced coy-but-taunting look that I had used to advantage many times before.

Smiling at him, my eyes firmly locked onto his, I reached down and found that incredibly thick bulge and felt his cock jump as my fingers found its shape and squeezed it. With my other hand, I undid the clip and then unzipped him, pulling the flaps aside. I looked down and could see the fat shaft of his still trapped cock. I reached in and actually gasped as I felt the warm flesh and pulled it out.

It was beautiful, all that I had imagined and more. I swallowed hard and fell to my knees, holding his cock so that I could stare at it. It was much more veined than I had imagined … veined and strong and fierce. The foreskin was retracted from the head but a small movement and it rolled over it half way before I slid it back and stroked my cheek with it. Darren groaned and when I looked again a little pearl of precum had leaked out and I stuck out my tongue and licked some it off the tip, spearing the rest over the fat, taut knob with my tongue.

“Ohhhh Daddy…..!” I moaned, tasting the saltiness. I wiped his cock along my lips, making them glisten with it, looking up into his eyes. They were half-closed in ecstasy but staring down at me, absorbing the moment his baby girl first licked his cockhead.

“Ohhhhh FUCK!” he groaned. “Jesus baby!!!” I ovalled my lips over the head and slid them over it slowly so that he could see them stretch over his knob. He quivered and moaned even more deeply. I had his knob inside my mouth … my Daddy’s big knob! I was so excited, pulling his shorts down his legs, revealing his heavy swollen balls which I now held in my palm and massaged gently as my tongue tickled the underside vee of his cockhead. They felt so heavy in my hand, the sac so warm and soft, slithering around as I played with them. Then, holding his cockhead in my mouth, my tongue licking against it, I reached round to stroke and caress his firm hard buttock cheeks and the deep cleft between them.

“Ohhhhh fuck, baby, where the hell did you learn all this?” He shook his head in disbelief as he looked down at me, a look of admiration and astonishment on his face. I took him out of my mouth and, as my hand slipped up and down that wet shaft that I couldn’t even get my fingers round, I smiled sweetly up at him and said:

“I’ve had a few years experience, Daddy. “

His mouth hung open, a look of genuine amazement on his face. “What? Since when?”

“Since I was 15,” I grinned.

I kissed his knob, my lips pouting, as I looked up into his eyes naughtily. A pearl of precum oozed from the big hole and I smeared my lips with it.

“Ohhhh Jesus, you sweet fucking little cunt!” he hissed, and reached down to pull me under my arms to my feet. He held my face in his hands and kissed me full on the mouth, a long, feverish, lip-mashing kiss that made me breathless. He bent his knees and pushed his cock between my thighs so that it pressed lengthwise along my shorts-covered cunt cleft and then he lifted me a little in his arms so my feet left the ground. He carried me out of the kitchen like that and I curled my legs round him as he effortlessly walked through the hall, up the stairs and into his and my mother’s bedroom, where he finally put me down on the bed. I shook my hair into place and slid back over the satin bedspread, leaning back on my elbows, my eyes on his huge boom of a cock straining from the vee of his open shorts. He grabbed it in his hand, squeezing it so that its veins bulged obscenely.

“Do you want this, you little slut?” he hissed, hooking his shorts down his powerful thighs with his other thumb.

I drew my legs up, opening my thighs, and ran my forefinger up the deep cleft where my shorts cut into my pussy. “Yes Daddy,” I whispered, smiling sweetly up at him. He scrabbled to remove his shorts from his feet and knelt on the bed, his hands tearing down my shorts and flinging them aside. I tore my tee shirt off, exposing my breasts, not as full and heavy as they are now but already sizeable and already with the swollen aureolae which set off my hard güvenilir casino nipples in a way that drove guys wild. He groaned, his eyes darting between my plump pussy lips and my tits, unable to take in all that was suddenly on offer to him. “Ohhhh fuck! You shave that gorgeous little pussy!” he gasped

He suddenly dipped his head, at the same time as his hands slid under my bottom and lifted me, ad his mouth went to my cunt. I gasped as he placed his mouth over it and I felt his tongue press between the lips and enter me, his breath warm and soft on my shaved mound. My hands grabbed his head, my fingers caressing it as he tongue fucked me savagely, unable to comprehend the extent of the treasures that were suddenly on offer to him. His eyes were wild with fiery passion but extraordinarily warm and loving at the same time.

“Aaaaahhhhh, God Daddy!!!” I gasped, still leaning on my elbows so I could watch, loving the huge muscular bulk of his naked body. “Ohhh yessssss!”

He leaned back to look at my now open pussy and groaned again. “Awwwww FUCK!!! Look at that sexy little clit…!” He gazed at where my already engorged pearl had emerged from its sheath. He shook his head unbelievingly and chuckled softly: “Fuuuuuck, I’ve never seen anything as sexy as you, baby. You’re a fucking wonder!”

He knelt up and shuffled forward, aiming his cock at my pussy and I watched as he stroked the big swollen head over and around my erect clit, coating it with his precum. I whimpered and arched up every time it slid over the sensitive nub my hands pressing into the bed.

“Fuck, baby, you got me so wet … and so are you,” he groaned. Looking me in the eyes, he wiggled the head into the lips of my pussy so that it was ovalled out over the tautly flared head. He leaned down and, with his lips against my ear, whispered: “Here it comes, baby … Dad’s cock!” And he pushed in. I felt my cunt spread, the inner lips stretching wider than they had ever been. As I arched up, I could feel his cockhead pushing through my soft inner flesh as I gazed at the huge width of his shaft sink into me. I yelped with pure joy as I felt him fill me with cock and now my arms went round his shoulders, his huge muscular shoulders, and I gasped with satisfaction as he pushed right in. He stopped when there were still a couple of inches to go, savouring the moment, looking down too to where my pussy stretched for him … and then he sank fully into me. I clutched him to me, kissing his neck as my entire body filled with wonderful warmth, reacting to his total invasion of me.

I kissed his neck over and over, gradually moving round to the front. I kissed his chin and I felt a small tear trickle from my eye, the wonderful pain of his cock inextricably bound up with the infinite pleasure of it at the same time.

I sought his lips and he reciprocated, giving me the most wonderful deep kiss as my cunt adjusted to him. I clenched it and he moaned into my mouth. It drove him wild with desire, his kiss becoming frantic, his lips grinding against mine, his tongue probing and duelling with mine. My nipples, chafed by his hairy chest, tingled and hardened even more.

“Oh, my darling!” he moaned in my ear. “My sweet baby.” He slowly drew his cock out, seemingly dragging my flesh with him it was so tight. Half-way and he sank in again, repeating that half-withdrawal over and over until my pussy fully adjusted to him, and then he increased the length of his strokes, more and more, lifting himself over me on stretched arms, gazing into my eyes and then down to my tits. He ducked and kissed them, his lips hot on them, teasing them so that seemingly electric shocks shot through my entire body, competing with the surges of excitement that his cock was dealing my hungry cunt. As my body shook and convulsed, he gently bit my nipples and kissed them, alternating the pleasure and pain.

I was gazing up at him admiringly, thinking how wonderful this moment was. “Darren…..! Daddy……! I love your cock … I LOVE IT!” I cried out.”

He smiled at me, softly replying: “My cock loves you, baby … oh fuck, does it love you!”

“Oh God yes, Daddy…. fuck me … fuck me Dad!!!!

He lifted my legs, pushing them back as he fucked me, his cock slurping wetly in my cunt as both of us lubricated more and more. The loud wet sound of our fucking increased our excitement. I could feel his heavy balls slapping against my ass. I looked over at the mirror on the wardrobe door and could just see his taut buttocks swinging against my thighs and the odd glimpse of that thick tool.

“Oh Jesus, baby, I can’t keep this up for long … you got me too excited!” he panted as he lifted my legs over his shoulders and positioned himself over me so that he could slam his tool almost vertically into my cunt. Sure enough, his cock felt iron hard, explosive inside me, as he fucked faster and harder, the veins on his neck standing out. The feel of his cock, fully expanded, coupled with his exclamation, tipped me over the top and I screamed out, almost sobbed, as I felt my own orgasm surge inside. His cock triggered the convulsing spasms as I came hugely over his cock, making him slow in amazed wonder as his daughter thrashed and mewed beneath him, my cunt pulsing around his cock.

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