Craving Lust

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This story is a novel, meaning it had a plot, climax, beginning and end so if you are looking for just sex, this story is not the right one for you. I took my times when I wrote this story, I really wanted to build up the plot and make the characters more real. This is my first story ever, hopefully you’ll like it.

This is a work of fictional. All characters, places, names and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used factiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dread, is entirely coincidental.

If you want me to write more, comment and rate.



As she looked around everyone in the classroom seemed confident to Taylor. Like they all knew the answers to the exam that was soon to begin. She bit her lower lip nervously as Mr. Glasgow handed out the exam to the class. When she got the paper, she though that it was easier then it looked. Picking up her mechanic pencil from her desk she slowly stared to work though the questions. When she got stuck on one of them she decided to the next one, without wasting the precious time. The feeling of fear and confusion ran trough her body as she went on to the next question and found out that she actually knew that one.

She realized that not knowing one question or getting stuck in it didn’t mean it was the end of the world, or that she was a complete failure. In about an hour Mr. Glasgow looked at his clock, then at the class, which was mostly empty, a couple of students were still writing, hoping to complete the last questions, including Taylor.

“Pencils down, the time have run out. Please don’t forget write your name and class on the paper and hand it in to me. I hope you all did well!” said Mr. Glasgow and wrote the scores necessary to get a certain grade on the blackboard.

When Taylor heard his voice her pencil shook and a lump of nerves formed in her stomach, she wasn’t done yet, and she knew she had the answer on the tip of her tongue, she just had to write it down, but she didn’t have time for that. With a slight sigh she wrote her name and class then stood up from her desk gathering her books and bag. Walking past the teacher’s desk she put her test on top of the others and walked out of the classroom.

She wasn’t satisfied with her test and she wished she would have a little more time to finish up the last touches on it. With a sad expression on her face she closed the door and looked around the corridor. Jake was nowhere to be seen. She sighed and felt disappointed as he promised her he’d wait until the exam was over. Then they where supposed to go out with Nicki and Vincent to dinner, later that night they would watch movies and have a pleasant evening together. Now that was ruined, since he never showed up in the first place. Taylor knew he had a good excuse; he would never bail on her just like that. Still it better be a hell of a good one, because she was already in a bad mood.

“That jerk, he promised he would wait on me so we could go to dinner together.” Taylor said quietly to herself, she walked a couple of steps forward. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice behind her, not expecting it she jumped a little, startled, turning around she smiled in surprise.

“You startled me, Nicki” Taylor said smiling, forgetting everything about the exam. Seeing that friendly smile always made her in a better mood. Taylor was happy about having Nicki as her best friend; it was only a coincidence that both their boyfriends played for the same basketball team on campus. Nicki and her met and started talking at one of the matches and slowly became good friends; Jake and Vincent were best buddies görükle escort bayan so they all became a perfect match. The pack of the four of them could do everything together, except for the personal couple time which they had from time to time. It meant that Nicki and Vincent would do something just the two of them and the same went for Taylor and Jake.

“The jerk is with my boyfriend; they went to shoot some ball. Vincent challenged him, and you know that Jake never backs out of a challenge. He said he was sorry and had those cute puppy eyes and that he will make it up to you. He sent me to tell you that, but hey, that’s not too bad is it? I though you liked me, sweetie.” Nicki said with a shy smile on her face, a slight grin was hidden behind it.

Taylor shook her head and smiled, she looked at Nicki knowing that she couldn’t be mad at Jake anymore, it was sweet of him to send her Nicki, and he knew how much she liked her.

“Yes, I like you a lot, but still he could have at least texted me, I wanted to kiss him and hoped that it would make me feel a little better…” Taylor said quietly and looked down at the floor stamping on a cigarette bud that lay there.

“Oh, sweetie, it couldn’t have gone that bad, right? Not after I went though the questions you needed help with? Yesterday you said you’d understood it.” Nicki was referring to the exam that Taylor took and the help she’d given Taylor on questions she was stuck on.

Taylor felt the tears forming in her eyes as she looked up at Nicki. After all Nicki did for her she couldn’t even pass this stupid test! When Nicki saw this she hugged her tightly, rubbing her back, hoping to make her feel batter. Taylor could smell the sweet scent of the perfume as she breathed in. She put her head on Nicki’s shoulder and just stood like that for a while happy that Nicki cared for her.

“I’m sorry Nicki, with all your help, it still went to hell” Taylor sobbed and put her arms around Nicki. The warmth was comforting and Taylor didn’t want to let her go. Nicki didn’t push her away, knowing that Taylor needed her more then ever now. She knew Taylor wasn’t a star in math and she tried to help her in that subject if Taylor needed her help or asked for it.

“Honey, it will be okay, I promise,” Nicki’s words where sweet and caring, Taylor felt herself melting into her best friend’s arms.

Taylor felt the tears running down her cheeks and the anger towards herself grew even more. She tired to calm down but it was hard. Slowly she stopped crying and held on to Nicki feeling lucky to have her as a best friend. Unwillingly she pulled away from their warm embrace and saw Nicki smiling at her. Nicki saw that Taylor stared to calm down a little; she waited a few seconds before she spoke.

“One test isn’t the whole world sweetie, you will have more chances to score an A in math I promise, and I will help you with that. Your next test is on Monday right? We have plenty of time to study, come by our apartment Friday night and we’ll have a sleepover, some fun, and study. The boy’s will find something to do then, we’ll shove them out of our way. We both could use some girly time without them, it was a long time since we did something together just the two of us. What do you say, dose that sound like a good plan?” Nicki said in a tender voice, really caring for her friend.

“Would you really do that for me? But don’t you and Vincent have plans for this weekend? Weren’t you supposed to go to that romantic getaway trip to the city then?” Taylor asked concerned, still knowing that her friend would cancel any of her own plans just in order to help her with bursa otele gelen escort her studies.

“Yes, but I can’t have fun with my boyfriend when my best friend in the whole world is here sulking and stressing over a stupid test! Besides Vincent cares about you too and wouldn’t mind, we can always go next weekend. No big deal.” Nicki took Taylor’s hands in her and squeezed then lightly, letting her friend know that she was there for her no matter what.

“Thank you Nicki. How can I ever repay you?” Taylor asked feeling better about her next math text already. Taylor knew that with Nicki’s help she wouldn’t fail, before they had only gone over the problems quickly before class, this time they could study for real. Taylor lit up and her sad face was forgotten. She smiled even brighter.

“Don’t mention it, but since you mentioned it you can help me with history, you know I suck at it. And just promise me that we’ll have fun and that the frown on your face will turn into a smile.” She paused for a short while then added, “About that kiss you mentioned earlier, if you want to, since Jake isn’t here I don’t mind being his replacement for once…” Nicki said with a grin and saw how Taylor’s eyes widened at that remark.

“Huh, really?” Taylor asked and moved up closer to Nicki. She touched her hand softly, looking her in the eyes making sure she was okay with this once more. Nicki nodded her head. Taylor was smiling at the fact that Nicki was enjoying this as much as she was.

The girls had kissed many times before in spin the bottle when they play it together with friends, Jake and Vincent. There the kiss required tongue and was supposed to last at least for thirty seconds. Their friends seemed to think them kissing was hot, so did their boyfriends, of course all of them knew it was for fun and never took it very seriously, especially after a couple of shoots of alcohol.

Taylor leaned in slightly towards Nicki and touched her forehead against hers. She could feel her hot breath on her face was she waited for Nicki to lean in the rest of the way and let their lips met like so many times before. Still somehow this time seemed different to the girls, this time both of them would be sober and clear in their heads as they kissed unlike they other times they’d done it.

Taylor knew that Nicki loved to tease her and did it any opportunity she got, she was being annoyed by it but she knew Nicki was doing it to increase their pleasure, even without realizing it most of the time. When she felt Nicki’s hands slowly inch up and touch her neck gently it felt like time slowed down, stretching out like warm taffy. Her every movement made Taylor want to scream out of pleasure and her every breath made her long for her even more, with hungrier lust and passion.

But Taylor knew she had to keep these feelings for herself, she knew that if Nicki knew about them, she would hate her. She had a boyfriend whom she loved more then anything and the same thing went for Taylor. But lately she just couldn’t deny the feelings she felt for Nicki, she wanted to be more then friends with her, and all the nights she been dreaming about her when she was with Jake in bed made her go crazy. She was falling for her, knowing she would never be able to be with her. Taylor snapped back into reality when Nicki licked her earlobe then nibbled on it with gentle movements.

Taylor didn’t hear anything around her, the sounds disappeared into the distant and became a blur to her. Her whole attention was now focused on Nicki. She smiled and moved in closer to Nicki, closing the gap between them, their bodies were pressed bursa escort bayan against one another and Taylor could feel the outline of Nicki’s bra under her blouse. Nicki noticed a slight blush on her cheeks as her fingers travelled upwards Taylor’s face.

Nicki ran her fingers along with Taylor’s jawbone and tilted her head slightly so her neck would expose to her. When Nicki did that Taylor knew she was defeated then she felt a rush of heat run through her body. It was a comforting heat, a welcoming heat. She tensed up; Nicki felt that and licked her neck with the tip of her tongue gently to see Taylor’s reaction.

This made Taylor shiver and a soft moan, which she tried to muffle with her teeth clinched together, but it somehow managed to escape her lips anyway. She was enjoying what Nicki was doing to her and Nicki herself didn’t seem to mind, neither did she stop her movements. When she didn’t do that Taylor leaned away from Nicki, trying to speak, the words didn’t come out as strong and collected she wanted them to.

“Ni-Nicki… maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…” she stuttered in a protest she knew she wouldn’t be able to win, words came out in a stutter. Thinking went out the window for the girl, hell, even breathing was getting harder.

This seemed to annoy Nicki so to get Taylors attention back and her thoughts into the right place she sank her mouth deeper into Taylor’s neck, sucking at the sensitive skin, making Taylor moan louder and pressing herself harder against Nicki. Nicki’s right hand moved upwards Taylor’s body, slid under her sweater and found her breast underneath her bra, she placed her hand on it slowly massaging it in circles. Nicki felt her nipple harden when she teased it with her fingers, rolling it in small circles underneath her fingers, Taylor squirmed under her touch.

She knew Taylor wouldn’t be able to take much more so she leaned away slightly, giving her some time to process what just happened. She slipped her hand down her side then she placed both her hands on Taylor’s hips and smiled. Taylor was breathing heavy likewise herself, she panted as she tried to get her breathing under control again. Nicki had made her hot, Taylor wanting her so badly.

“Kiss me!” Taylor hissed as she was able to find her words again. Nicki didn’t hesitate to disobey; leaning forward to her best friend she knew that Taylor felt something for her. She liked Taylor a lot too; they could fool around together and not have any guilty feelings or obligations to each other afterwards. Both girls had loving boyfriends, who would do absolutely anything for them; none of them would ever cheat on them, which they were both aware of. Not knowing what it was that she was feeling for Taylor, Nicki felt fear creeping up her spine, making the small hairs on her arms raise. She had a loving boyfriend, and so did Taylor, she knew that this was a one time thing, and that it would never repeat itself again after today, at least without alcohol.

Their lips met in a sensual way with much more passion then they excepted, the kiss was quite long, both girls wanted to stretch it for as long as they could, the forbidden territory was desired and longer for. None of them had the courage to French kiss right now, since they knew that would end with something complete different, which would lack the aware self control they had now, no matter how small. Taylor felt her lips touch Nicki’s again and again each kiss with more passion and lust then the next, wishing the moment would never end she put her hands around her neck.

Suddenly Nicki heard footsteps nearby, Taylor didn’t seem to notice or mind them she was so caught up in their kiss. The footsteps came closer and she recognized the voices of their boyfriends. They where coming back from the gym which was located at the other side of the building. If they got caught like this, the result wouldn’t be very pretty.

A/N: This is the end of part one. More to come – hopefully. What did you think about it, like/dislike?

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