College Visit Ch. 03: Evening Together

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Things finally start to heat up between us…


After the powerful emotions of our moment on the Observation Deck of the Prudential Center, I didn’t want to give Lexi a lot of time to dwell on negative emotions. With that in mind, I led her to the elevators. To her surprise, we didn’t go back to the high-speed set for getting back to the lobby. Instead, I led her to the regular elevators and pushed the button for the 52nd floor. She looked at me uncertainly with a puzzled expression, not yet back to her usual perky self.

Enough of that, though! We were the only ones in the car, so I quickly swept her into my arms.

“It’s time!” I exclaimed dramatically.

“Time for what?”

“Time for more!”

“More what?”

“More Boston. More drinks. More me! Remember? That’s what you wished for, and I know just the spot to deliver at least three out of four!”

The elevator doors opened onto the entryway of Top of the Hub-dark wood, soft leather lounging chairs, and a panoramic view of the evening skyline.

“I don’t know about you,” I said to her, “but I could use a drink!”

“Oh God, yes!” she agreed with the beginnings of a smile.

The hostess conducted us to a low table flanked by leather chairs. We were tucked into a corner, which was fine, and right up by the windows, which was amazing. Minutes later, she was sipping a violent orange mango mojito and I was enjoying an Irish whiskey Old Fashioned. The crisis seemed to have passed, and we sat knee to knee again, watching the traffic far below and the contrails of planes headed for Logan or for Europe as they streaked across the darkening sky. Lexi chatted happily about places she’d go if she was on one of those planes, and although neither of us mentioned it, some of them sounded pretty damn good, especially if we could have gone there together. Just the idea of her nubile young body stretched out on a beach in the Greek islands was enough to make me slurp the rest of my drink and think about a refill.

Flash forward 30 minutes. The dining room was more crowded and noisier, but Lexi and I were in our own little world. A platter of seafood and a bottle of German white wine were mostly gone, and things were definitely perking up. Being young, Lexi had never run into the old maxim about oysters being an aphrodisiac, so when I made a crack about it, she didn’t know what I was talking about. That led me to explain, which made me feel ancient. She looked amused at this quaint piece of trivia, but then she laid her hand on my thigh and stroked slowly up and down, traveling from my knee all the way up until her pinky brushed my package. After a few back-and-forths that caused my cock to grow, Lexi leaned toward me.

“Maybe we should order some more,” she murmured with a gleam in her eye. “You’re gonna need them if we ever get somewhere besides tourist traps and bars!”

I leaned forward myself and kissed the side of her neck briefly, brushing a tendril of hair out of my way. My hand fell on her knee as I did that, and I returned her favor by trailing my fingertips up the inside of her thigh until they could go no further. Then I pulled my head back a little bit and looked her in the eye, my hand exerting firm pressure against her.

“All it takes is you, Lex…I meant it when I said how beautiful you are. And I’m sure I can find someplace that isn’t so crowded so I can see what you have in mind!”

Lexi sat back, a pleased look on her face once more. I reluctantly took my hand from her leg and sat back myself. She looked so composed and lovely that I sat there frankly admiring her from booted feet to softly illuminated bahis firmaları light brown hair. She crossed her legs composedly.

“Maybe you’d better get the check, then?” she suggested.

The car was only a half-mile away, and when we reached street level, she clung to my arm once more as we walked side by side. There was no place private along the busy streets, but when we reached Trinity church, the old-fashioned street lights were on and their glow was filtered by the remaining leaves on the trees around the plaza. With a laugh, Lexi pulled me from the sidewalk onto the expanse of grass in the middle of the block.

“Where are you taking me, woman?” I demanded in an aggrieved voice.

“I told you what I wanted, remember? I got more drinks, and I got more Boston. Now I want some more making out!”

Her hands went inside my jacket and around my waist. Her face turned up angelically, and I wrapped my arms around her as my lips descended onto hers. This time, however, she raised the ante a bit. As our tongues darted and teased, her leg found its way between my own. With the top of her thigh and her hip, she pressed against my crotch, reawakening my cock with firm pressure and a slight rocking motion. As it grew, she plastered her body against me, trapping its length between us.

“Hmm,” she said, breaking our kiss but not letting go of me, “I guess you didn’t need the oysters after all!”

“I told you…you’re plenty of aphrodisiac all by yourself!”

“There you go again, being all sweet and nice,” she laughed.

“Fine!” I said in a gruff tone. “Let’s get out of here so I can grab your ass for real!”

“That’s better,” she smirked. “Keep walking!”

After a quick adjustment to my jeans, I turned back toward the garage. She clung to my arm once more as we threaded our way through the busy sidewalks along St. James Avenue. We ducked into the garage entrance half a block later and walked in single file down the narrow sidewalk. When we got to the car, we were alone on the lower level. Inspiration struck me, and as we passed the trunk of the car, I paused. Lexi stopped with me and turned toward me. With one easy motion, I held her waist and lifted her up to sit on the trunk. She laughed and wrapped her arms around my neck. In that position, she was exactly my height, and my lips found hers.

“What’s all this about?” she asked when I finally let her breath. She was grinning happily, so I knew she wasn’t too upset about this turn of events.

“I’ve given up trying to resist you…that’s all!” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

Lexi threw back her head and laughed in response. That exposed her beautiful throat to me, so I stepped forward until my knees hit the bumper and kissed her silky skin. Her arms wrapped around my head, holding me in place, but my hands were free to roam. With greedy fingers, I grabbed hold of her delicious little ass and pulled her closer to the edge of the trunk. Her legs spread to accommodate this new position and I ran my hands up her back under her coat, kissing and tasting every inch of her that I could reach with my lips. She was arching her back and purring from the attention I was lavishing on her, and as I leaned in closer, I felt my abs bumping against the millimeters of fabric covering her pussy. My lust skyrocketed when I felt the head radiating from her. She felt it, too, and used her arms to pull my attention away from her slender throat and back to her lips. We kissed hungrily and she rocked her hips to press herself against me.

“Oh, my God!” she groaned at last. “Please can we go somewhere else?”

“I thought you’d kaçak iddaa never ask!” I said with a smirk of satisfaction.

“Are you kidding me? I’ve been thinking about being alone with you all day!”

“Lexi…I’ve been thinking the same thing since I saw you this morning,” I said seriously.

She leaned down to kiss me once more, a slow, deep kiss that brought her whole body against mine and opened herself fully to me. Without words, she offered her alluring young body. I let that go on for a good long while, but finally my hands when to her waist again. With an effortless motion, I lifted her off the car. Her legs wrapped quickly around my hips at the same time her arms tightened around my neck. She smiled at this development but came back for more kissing. My hands went happily down to support her-naturally, I ended up holding her weight with one hand wrapped firmly around each buttock. As I stood there with her clinging to me, I pulled her inward and ground myself firmly against her pussy. She groaned in response and the urgency of her kiss increased.

“Fuck!” she mumbled against my lips. “We have to go somewhere NOW!”

I lowered my hands reluctantly and let her slide down my body. Her firm belly came to rest against my rigid cock. She kept her arms around my neck and rubbed herself back and forth on the sensitive underside. When that wasn’t enough for her, she snaked one hand down between us and palmed my cock, letting her fingers wrap around the side while her thumb played up and down the middle.

“Mmm…” she moaned happily. “I think I’ve seen enough Boston for now. I want to see this!”

It was my turn to groan-I’d can’t remember ever feeling so turned on. My day-long seduction was trumped by the innocent horniness of a 20-year old, and I would have done anything she asked at that moment.

“Lexi-my hotel is almost half an hour away at this time of day. Do you want to go there?”

“Let’s get in the car and talk about it!” she said heatedly.

I quickly hit the unlock button on my keys and walked to her side to open the door. She stood there for a moment and then spun in place. Quickly, she rose up on tiptoes and kissed me briefly. Then she pulled back and looked me in the eyes.

“You’re such a gentleman,” she began, “but I need you to stop being a gentleman now and stop teasing me and showing me a good time!”

Lexi’s hand went immediately to my belt and tugged it open. She kissed me again as her hand slipped down inside my waistband and grasped my cock tightly, tugging urgently on its width. Her free and undid my zipper and tugged down the waistband of my boxers, allowing my cock to spring free-only her grip kept it from slapping upright against my sweater.

With a smile that was almost feral, Lexi sat down on the passenger seat, her feet still on the pavement. Her grip tightened around the base of my shaft and she bowed her head immediately, swiping her tongue all around the crown of my cock, spreading the slickness that was already there. With that accomplished, she wasted no time in sucking me into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, Lexi!” I groaned as I braced myself on the roof of the car.

Her hands and her mouth worked in perfect symmetry, stroking the shaft while her cheeks hollowed to provide suction and her tongue swirled around and around my most sensitive spots. She set a fast pace for herself and within a minute I was responding, rocking my hips up to meet her downward movement. She moved her hand down to the base and began to suck me more urgently, taking more and more of my shaft with each bob of her head. Soon I was bumping against the back of her throat kaçak bahis with each thrust, and I tried to control myself so I didn’t push past her comfort point and gag her. I rested one hand on the back of her neck and twined my fingers in her hair, letting myself rock back and forth with her movements.

“Oh, my God…that feels so fucking amazing, Lex!” I groaned encouragingly.

She paused to look up at me, her hand taking the place of her mouth as it flew up and down my cock. “I want to make you cum right now!” she said. “Stop being a nice guy and fuck my mouth and give me your cum!”

She emphasized her seriousness with an extra tight squeeze, then took me back into her mouth. One of her hands went to my ass, pulling me into her with each stroke. The other laid flat on my stomach so that her thumb tickled the underside of my cock while her fingers caressed my trimmed pubes.

Taking her at her word, I thrust harder at the bottom of her stroke. For a few repetitions, my cock bumped the back of her throat and I felt her gag a little. Looking down, I saw tears in her eyes, but she kept right at it, so I kept pushing into her. Finally, determined to take more, she let me bump against her gag reflex and then paused in place. With a ripple that I felt on the crown of my cock, she swallowed repeatedly and pushed forward while she did. Hallelujah! My cock slipped past the tight ring of her tonsils and entered her throat. She froze for another moment and I heard her groaning deeply, the vibrations tickling me to the core. She held me there for a few moments, lashing her tongue down toward my balls, then retreated. I heard her take a few deep breaths while she stroked my shaft and sucked hard on the head, then she went back down again. This time there was no hesitation-she swallowed me right away and I pumped myself a few times in the clinging constriction of her throat, her hands pulling me urgently forward.

In no time at all, this unexpected and glorious feeling drove me to the edge of orgasm.

“Lexi!” I gasped, “I’m gonna cum right now!”

She backed off right away, stroking my spit-slick cock expertly while she laid the head on her tongue. Her dark blue eyes were shining as she looked up at me with anticipation.

The day-long buildup would wait no more. The whole scenario swirled in my consciousness: checking out delightful young college girls, recognizing Lexi, falling under her spell in the coffee shop, seeing her in her “mature” outfit, laughing with her at the penguins, kissing her in the bar, and holding her body close to mine as we watched the sunset…it all flashed before my eyes and centered back on this beautiful, sexual creature in front of me. The smile in her eyes let me know what she wanted, and I happily complied.

With a back-arching spasm, my cock exploded in Lexi’s mouth. Thick spurts of sperm splashed across her tongue, and her mouth closed to swallow quickly. Then she pulled me to her again and I felt my pulsing cockhead slip past the ring of her throat once more, sending four more eruptions straight down her gullet. When my cock stopped throbbing, Lexi slowly withdrew me until only an inch or two was in her mouth. She breathed deeply through her nose, never stopping the relentless suction that pulled every last drop from inside me. Her knowing hands squeezed the base of my shaft, milking me into her mouth as my cock softened in exhausted delight. With a final popping sound, Lexi released me, swirled her tongue around the head one last time to clean it off, and sat back happily.

“That was SO worth waiting for!” she said with a contented smile.

“Damn right it was!” I said between deep breaths.

“Aren’t you happy you stopped being a gentleman for once?”

“Absolutely I am!” came my earnest response.

“Good. Now take me to your hotel and show me how happy you are!”

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