Club Night

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This night was to be the highlight of the brief sojourn to Sin City. We had enjoyed the trip already, though the hotel casino had seen less of us than our suite and jetted tub had.

Prior to dinner in the hotel’s five-star dining room, you had gone to the room to prepare for a night of excitement and stimulation. As I entered the room I heard the shower and quietly disrobed to join you. Pulling back the curtain, I take in your glistening body and am instantly aroused. I enter the shower and pull you into me, briefly startling you, but that is quickly replaced as you see how much I want you. We embrace, as our lips meet and our tongues gently collide in a passionate kiss.

I begin to kiss your neck and caress your breasts, as my hand works down your body to your hips. I trail the finger tips of my right hand along your inner thigh, brushing against your sex, as we kiss deeper. Slowly, turning you into the spray of the shower, I kiss the back of your shoulders and your mid-back. Your breasts are in my eager hands, as I caress and gently pinch your nipples. Slowly, I move down your body, kissing your warm, glistening skin. As I kiss your hips and bottom, I gently work my right hand between your legs, lightly stroking the inside of your thighs and your waiting pussy. I glide my index finger into your moist, pussy. Slowly, I stimulate your pussy with my finger, lingering on your clit as I kiss your hips. You reach back and run your fingers through my hair, your head is back and the warm water runs gently down your chest.

I turn your hips so that you are facing me as I slowly work back up your body. Kissing your neck, you move me back in the shower as I caress your breasts. You hook your right leg around my hips and grind your pussy against my cock. I gently place your leg on the edge of the tub and kiss your breasts and stomach as I work down towards your sex. I pull your hips into my waiting mouth and you moan as my tongue enters your moist pussy. My hands are cupping your bottom as my tongue feverishly pleasures your pussy. Locking on your clit, my tongue darts faster and faster, heightening your obvious pleasure. You run your hands through my wet hair, pulling my face deeper into your pussy. I respond with accelerated stimulation of your now sopping pussy. You are gently pinching your nipples and moaning as I continue to lick and kiss your quivering sex. You gently run your hands down my face and under my chin, clearly motioning me to stand.

I kiss your glistening and taut flesh as I move back up your body. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss and you reach down and stroke my cock. Slowly, you kiss my neck and chest as you move down towards my hips. You kiss and bite my nipples, as you trail your fingers down my back. You kiss and lick my stomach as you stroke my hard cock. Kneeling, you take my cock into your mouth, caressing my balls with your hand. Running your tongue along the shaft of my cock, my head rolls bahis firmaları back and I close my eyes in pure enjoyment. Your mouth moves the length of my hard cock, faster and faster. You stroke my cock as you take my balls into your mouth. Stroking, licking and sucking my sex, I feel as though I will burst. I pull you up to me and kiss your neck and lips.

Sheathing my rock hard cock, you wrap your leg firmly around my hip. I glide my cock into your moist, waiting pussy. I thrust my cock into you as we kiss deeply. Our tongues explore as I caress your breasts and continue to glide my cock into your moist sex. Braced against the shower wall, our rhythm is slow and deliberate. My hands pull your hips into my thrusts as I kiss your neck and ears. Your head rolls back as you moan and I increase my thrusts deep into your pussy. Our sex meets with each thrust, as we approach the crescendo of climax. My thrusts are hard and fast, you moan and lock your fingernails into my taut shoulders. We reach a shuddering orgasm. Our bodies quiver as we embrace, kissing and caressing as the climax overtake our bodies.

We pull back and our eyes meet. It has been a decidedly wonderful start to an exciting night!

After a nourishing dinner, our conversation turns to our pending club visit. We are eager to experience all the club has to offer as our last visit was bridled by our reality. Our excitement is palpable as we make our way out of the hotel. You head towards the taxi stand and I grab your hand and lead you to our waiting Town Car. We will travel in style to our club night!

As you slide into the back of the car my hand lightly brushes against your breasts. Our driver knows our destination and greets us with a warm welcome. I engage the privacy partition and we are left to our own devices in the soft, leather confines of our chariot. I pull you into me, kissing your lips and caressing your breasts. Reaching between your legs, I place my hand on your sex, and it is clear that you are aroused and anticipating a wonderful evening. We continue to kiss and caress as we pull up to the club. The driver opens the door and we exit our car and enter our fantasy.

As we enter the club, the strong bass of the music resonates deeply into our bodies. As we enter we are met by the visual of several beautiful women eagerly engaged in stimulating their male customers. We slowly make our way to the stage area and our hostess greets us, showing us to our reserved couch. We order drinks and survey the audience. There are many beautiful women in the club and I can tell that you are as attracted to them as I am. You slide close to me as we watch the dancers play to the audience. I can see that there is a particular hostess that you find attractive, even though you are careful to guard your interest. You casually track her movement as you watch the stage and enjoy the music. We exchange commentary on the attractiveness of the hostesses, as kaçak iddaa I casually stroke the inside of our thigh and occasionally kiss your neck.

As I slide away from you on the couch you look at me with surprise and question. The hostess you have admired slides between us and is clearly interested in you. As the rythym of the music takes over, she removes her top and straddles you. You begin reserved and cautious but your passion takes over. You embrace and you are clearly stimulated by the experience. She pulls your face into her breasts and reaches between your legs to touch your pussy through your pants. This sends a shiver through you as you taste the skin of her firm breasts and trail your fingers down her back. You both begin to grind your sex together and your lips meet in a passionate kiss. Your lips and tongue work your new friend’s breasts as she continues to grind against your west pussy. You have a final embrace and she rubs your wet pussy as she stands to leave.

I take your hand and lead you to the restroom area. We dart into a stall as the glass fogs covering our tracks. As we embrace our lips meet in a deep kiss and I run my hand along your inner thigh. Your pussy is very damp and I am pleased that your new friend has made you so excited. Our clothes come off as we kiss and caress each other. I kneel down and take your wet pussy into my mouth as you moan and pull my face into your sex. I feverishly work your clit as I caress your breasts and pinch your nipples. You moan that you want me to fuck you and I stand and sheath my hard cock. You hook your leg around my hip and I glide my stiff cock into your very wet pussy. You gasp and pull me hard against you as I nearly lose my balance. I recognize that you want it hard and fast and I am only too willing to help. I pound my cock into your sopping pussy as you grind your sex against me. We thrust and grind until we achieve a quaking climax. I hold you tight, kissing your neck and breasts. We dress quickly and return to our couch.

The club has evolved into full swing. The techno beat seduces you onto the dance floor and I join you. I am aroused watching you dance as you feel the rythym and absorb the sensual movement without inhibition. We dance and enjoy each other, caressing each other casually. Our eyes meet and I can see the passion and excitement flicker in your face. Your movement is both deliberate and seductive; I am taken by your raw sexuality. I pull you towards me and our lips collide.

As we return to our private couch we are joined by our new friend. She whispers into your ear and a seductive smile paints your face. She takes your hand and you stand. You whisper for me to follow, and I am only to happy to agree! We proceed past the throng of customers, through a door into a private enclave. She leads us to a room with a large bed and black satin sheets. She pulls you into a tight embrace and your lips meet in a passionate kiss. I slide into kaçak bahis a chair and relax in anticipation of a sensual and arousing experience.

Our friend deftly removes her top and reveals her firm breasts. She removes your blouse and kisses your chest as your head rolls back and you trace your lips with your tongue. Your bra is removed and she takes your breast into your mouth as she caresses your other breast. As she licks your nipples, you reach into her bikini bottoms and find her pussy wet and waiting. You insert a finger and she moans with anticipation. You slowly remove her bottoms and then slide two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. As you work her clit, she removes your pants. Placing you onto your back on the bed, she kisses your pussy through your panties. You writhe with excitement as she continues to kiss your pussy and caress your erect nipples. Your panties come off quickly and your friend devours your waiting pussy. She is licking and kissing your pussy as you moan with excitement and pinch and squeeze your nipples. I move to where you are laying and begin to kiss your neck. You whisper that you want my cock in your mouth. I remove my rock hard cock from my pants and you take it wantonly into your mouth. You lick the tip and shaft as you caress my balls. I am standing naked with my stiff cock in your mouth as I watch our friend bring you oral pleasure. She works you into a trembling orgasm, as you pull her face into your sopping pussy.

You pull her down into you and your lips meet in a passionate kiss. She rolls onto her back and you begin to move down her body, kissing her neck, her breasts, licking and kissing her nipples. You slide a finger into her waiting pussy as you continue to tease her erect nipples. I slide back into the chair fully erect and enjoying the adventure. You slowly remove her bikini bottom as you kiss her hips and inner thighs, flicking her pussy with your tongue. She pulls your face into her wet pussy, and your tongue pierces her sopping wet sex. You work her clit with feverish focus. She responds loudly and enthusiastically, pulling your face and tongue deeper into her writhing pussy, meeting your darting tongue with her grinding hips as her back arches.

I sheath my hard cock and position myself behind you. I work a finger into your moist sex and rapidly bring you to full excitement. As you pleasure your friend I glide my hard cock into your waiting pussy. I grind my cock into your wet sex as I caress your breasts and gently pinch your nipples. I increase my rhythm as you do, desiring to time our orgasms in tandem. Our friend is nearing climax as my cock rapidly glides in and out of your quivering sex. As she climaxes and pulls your face into her sopping wet pussy, I reach orgasm and shoot my load. You push hard against my cock and shudder as your orgasm envelopes you.

Completely sated and exhausted we leave the club with an experience we will not soon forget. You melt into me as we return to our hotel. I kiss your neck and caress your hair. As we pull up to the hotel, I kiss your neck and caress your pussy and ask if you might be interested in a shower before bed? Well of course you reply!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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