Cindy , Paul Ch. 02

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Paul had been lying in bed for the last half hour listening to Cindy rummage through their closet, knowing what was coming.

“Shit, Shit, SHIT!!!”

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

“You know Goddamn well what’s wrong. I’m fat!!”

“Well actually that’s not quite true… you’re pregnant,” Paul replied with a smile on his face as a mental picture of Cindy’s pregnant body flashed into his mind.

“I know that smart ass and it’s your fault.”

“Hey, if I recall my sex ed. classes it takes two. Besides it wasn’t my idea to keep screwing around in your office when we heard the janitor in the hallway. If I recall right I tried to stop but you dug your fingernails so deep into my ass cheeks that I still have marks,” Paul responded teasingly.


“We already did. I think that’s how you got this way.”

“Just shut up while I find something to wear; damn it.”

Paul continued to lay there and look up at the ceiling as he remembered the events of the last year. He had originally been a student in one of Cindy’s classes and almost by fate had landed up taking her to a holiday party. They had become lovers that first night but due to the rules about students and staff members being involved in a relationship they had kept it quiet while taking every opportunity to be with each other. During those five months before Cindy completed her teaching assistant job they had made love everywhere they could think of including the MEN’S ROOM, the WOMAN’S ROOM, the school auditorium, the pool and even on the desk in the Dean’s office, but it wasn’t until the day that they made love in Cindy’s office and almost got caught that the “seed” took.

As usual Paul had come to her office after classes were over for the day, but this time she had “that look” in her eyes.

“Hey baby. Why don’t you lock that door and then come and give me a nice big kiss?”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, ya. I checked my temp this morning when I got up and I’m ovulating which is probably why I’m so damn horny. I’ve been thinking about you all day long and my pussy is so wet that I thought everyone of my students would smell it if I hadn’t opened some of the windows. Now come here and take a look at what you do to me.” Cindy said as she sat on the front of her desk and lifted her dress to reveal her wet, aroused pussy.

“Where are your panties?”

“They were so wet that I took them off about an hour ago. Why?? I thought you liked it when I didn’t wear these” she said as she held up the panties for him to see.

“Damn. You know I do.”

“Well then you’ll love this too.” Cindy said as she opened her blouse to reveal her gorgeous tits. “I figured if I was taking off the panties I may as well take off my bra too. So what you got to say now, big boy?”

“I say you look absolutely gorgeous and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do then slip my cock inside that beautiful pussy of yours and make love to you right now.”

“MMMmmmmmm… that’s exactly what I wanted to hear but I’m not interested in making love right now. I want you to jam that hard cock of yours in me and fuck me. I want you to push it in so deep that it feels like it’s in my throat. What do you think of that?”

Paul didn’t say a word as he stepped between Cindy’s spread legs quickly unbuttoning his pants and let them fall to the floor along with his boxers; his already hard cock pointing directly towards her aroused pussy. Then without a word he placed a hand behind her head and pulled her forward for a kiss while at the same time slipping into her.

Cindy’s hot, wet womanhood engulfed Paul’s cock completely while she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him into her until she felt him pressed against the back of her tunnel. They had played this game before and both were aware of the rules and dangers. Neither was to speak until they were finished and they were to stop each time they heard anyone outside the room, thus lengthening their passion.

Paul leaned forward pressing her down on the desk and slowly began to slide in and out of her. He could see the lust in her eyes as their pace increased to a fever pitch. Suddenly there was a noise but not from the hallway it from the desk sliding across the floor until it was braced against the wall. Moving to a rhythm as old as a life their lust-filled bodies pulled at each other feeling their orgasms building.

They had talked about Cindy getting pregnant since the first time they had made love, but since then they had always ended their love-making sessions during her fertile period by having Paul pull out and cum on her chest or in her mouth. Today though was different as fate intervened when they heard footsteps in the hall, though both immediately stopped moving it was too late as Cindy’s orgasm overpowered her and pulled her into passion-filled ecstasy. Instinctively, she pulled Paul deeper into her until his cock was pressed against the opening to her womb, while biting his shoulder to avoid screaming and digging her nails into his ass cheeks to keep him from bahis firmaları moving away.

It was too much to handle and any hope of stopping his climax dissolved as Paul felt Cindy’s velvety tunnel clamp down on him and begin to milk him. His body responded by sending strand after strand of baby-making cum into Cindy filling her fertile pussy until it began to leak onto the desk top. Finally after what seemed like forever the footsteps vanished but they still held onto each other, enjoying the afterglow of their passion until Cindy suddenly pushed Paul away and looked down to see the cum dripping from her.

“Oh shit. You came in me! Damn it, I told you I was ovulating and you go and do this. Shit. Shit, shit! I just bet I’ll land up getting pregnant from this. I just know it.”

“So what? Isn’t that what you wanted from the very first time we made love and haven’t we been talking about it for months… about getting you pregnant and having a baby together? Listen Cindy, I love you. I want to be with you the rest of our lives. I’ve been trying to decide when to do this and I guess fate has stepped in again and given me the perfect time,” he said as he stepped away and knelt down in front of her. “Cindy. You are the only woman I want to be with now and forever. Will you marry me?”

Cindy sat there staring down at Paul with an impish smile. “Oh, so now that you think I might be pregnant you suddenly want to get married is that it? Trying to make an ‘honest woman’ out of me?”

Paul looked at her; her hair was messed, her eyes glazed from their passion, her lipstick was smeared at the corners, her blouse was open showing her 36D breasts and her legs were spread revealing her moist, red pussy as small drops of him cum dripped from it. To Paul she looked like the loveliest woman in the world, “Ya that’s the only reason, except that I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my life.”

“In that case… YES!” she yelled before Paul stood and kissed her. That night Paul moved into Cindy’s apartment and as was expected Cindy missed her next menstrual period and the following month the pregnancy test came back positive.

As Cindy came out of the closet she saw Paul laying on their bed his cock sticking straight up in the air. “And just what the fuck are you thinking about?” she asked, glaring at him.

“Actually I was thinking about you and me. Did you realize that today is our anniversary?”

Cindy stood there with her hands on her hips; her robe opening slightly to reveal her swollen abdomen and the shadow below. “And just what anniversary is that?”

Paul stood and behind around Cindy before carefully wrapping his arms around her midsection from behind, slowly pushing the robe out of the way as Cindy let it slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor. He pulled her in close, pushing his hard-on into the crack of her ass as if she needed a reminder of his love for her. “Well let’s see. It was a year ago tonight that you and I went to the party and became lovers. Then it was six months ago that WE got you pregnant and three months ago that we said ‘I DO’, so which one do you want to choose?”

The feel of his hands on her stomach and his hard cock nestled against her sent shivers up and down Cindy’s spine as she leaned back against him. Turning her head towards him she said, “I love you, ya know?”

Gently turning her towards him, Paul looked into her eyes, “I know…” before taking on a more serious tone “… and I’m glad you got fat.” Slowly he knelt before her kissing her belly. “Some of the guys at work think I’m crazy because I married an older woman. They keep talking shit about ‘Cougar this… and Cougar that’ or they ask what it’s like to make it with a MILF. But I just smile and walk away cuz’ I know how much this means to us and I couldn’t be happier.”

Looking over his head, Cindy saw her body in the mirror. Few people knew she was 27 years old and their usual response was to laugh because she looked so much younger. She was 5-feet, 7-inches tall and her dark brown hair now hung down to her butt where it joined her long legs. It had amazed her that it was only the front of her body that had changed so much. Her breasts had grown so that she had to wear a 36D bra and her waist would never be what it once had been. She worked hard to get the 35-25-34 body that she’d previously had and every once in a while she’d get upset about the changes that had taken place but right now she felt like the loveliest woman in the world as she realized just how much Paul’s words had meant to her and a single tear rolled down her cheek. Bending forward as best she could she kissed the top of his head and whispered, “Maybe we shouldn’t go out tonight. Maybe we should stay home and celebrate our anniversaries.”

Looking you Paul asked, “Are you sure? I know you’ve been talking about getting together with your old roommate and her boyfriend for weeks. You’re you okay?”

“I’m just fine honey and so is the baby. It’s just really hard to waddle around when you’re six months pregnant. Besides, kaçak iddaa I’m not in the mood to get stared at tonight.”

“The only reason we’d be stared at,” replied Paul “is because you’re so damn gorgeous. Everyone would want to know how I got so lucky.”

“And because I’m so much older than you. You know it happens so don’t try to tell me otherwise.”

“Hey, 6 years, 5 months and 11 days aren’t that much different.”

Cindy spun from his arms and playfully slapped Paul’s arm. “You sure have those numbers memorized.”

“Yep and I love every one of them. If it wasn’t for them you’d be a different person and we might never have been together like this. And I don’t care what other people think about us and about you being pregnant! You’re beautiful to me.”

It didn’t take long for the tears to begin running down her cheek as Cindy reached down and cupped Paul’s face in her hands. She loved this man and knew she’d be happy with him forever.

Paul stood up and walked around her until he was looking over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror. Her hazel eyes twinkled in the light, while he leaned forward to place random kisses on her olive-colored shoulders and reach around to cup her milk-enhanced breasts while below that her swollen stomach protruded.

Slowly, Paul’s hands slid down across her breasts to her stomach and then down further to finally meet at the opening to the greatest gift a woman could give to a man. It felt like an electrical surge running through them as Cindy’s hands slid down between her legs to press Paul’s hands harder against her while she rubbed backwards against his growing cock. Gently he spread her pussy lips and felt the slick, warm juices coating them. Lightly running his finger up across her clit he felt her body stiffen and then lower herself against his finger. Paul looked at the mirror and couldn’t remember if he’d ever seen anything so sexy in his life. The woman he loved pushed his hand away from her mound and spread her lips herself while forcing his finger harder against her clit as she moved her hips like a high-class stripper. Holding her hips he whispered into her ear, “I think I know what my baby wants for her anniversary.”

“Mmmmmmm, if it has something to do with having you inside of me and getting me off you’re damn right about what I want but first I want to suck that beautiful cock of yours. I have no idea why I haven’t wanted to do that lately but right now I have a craving to taste your cum. I want to suck you until you blow and I want you to fill my mouth with it. I feel so damn slutty all of a sudden tonight. I want to do all those fantastic things we used to do before I got PG.”

Without saying another word Cindy turned and dropped to her knees. “Mmmmmm, this looks absolutely delicious,” she murmured as she wrapped her hand around the base of Paul’s cock and began to lick it. “Tastes sooooooo gooooddddd, that nice creamy syrup is just what I need. I don’t know why I ever stopped doing this. Just feeling the heat coming from it and the way it’s pulsing in my hand makes me want to hold on forever,” she said as she lowered her mouth over the tip, lightly grazing it with her teeth. “Mmmpphhhh… good… more… push it in… fuck my mouth… feel so sexy… wanna taste your cum… give it to me… fill my mouth with your seed, baby… push it and fuck my mouth… come on lover… do it.”

Though Paul tried, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to last long as Cindy used her tongue on the nerves on the underside of his cock while her hand and mouth glided up and down his shaft. Instinctively, his hands wrapped in her hair and began to pump into her mouth matching her rhythm. Twice he felt her gag as he pushed in too deep before feeling his balls begin to tighten and the rush of his cum speeding up into her mouth. But Cindy had felt it also and at the last moment she pulled his cock from her mouth and pointed it towards her milk-filled tits watching until they were coated in the milky-white cream which slowly leaked across her nipples and down her cleavage to land on her stomach. Once she was certain there was none of his cream left she released his cock and gently scooped a strand after strand into her mouth before licking her fingers clean. “That tastes so good,” she purred as she rubbed the remaining cum across her body. “They say that cum is one of the very best skin moisturizers that there is,” she said with a mischievous smile.

Paul knew he was done for a while as he guided Cindy gently to the side of the bed. “Lay back,” he said as he helped her lay across the bed. Their eyes barely met over the mound of her tummy before he vanishing altogether. Grabbing her ankles, he began spreading them until he was face-to-face with her pussy.

Since becoming pregnant Cindy had shaved the patch of hair from above her pussy and he now stared at the smooth, skin before him. Her olive-tone skin was even darker from the blood that engorged it while her pussy lips seemed to be pouting and begging to be kissed. A light sheen of juice coated kaçak bahis her inner thighs and the musky aroma of her arousal lingered in the air teasing and tantalizing him.

As if in slow motion his tongue darted out past his lips, penetrating towards her sweet spot. She gasped and jumped slightly when it made contact while he just smiled awaiting the response that he knew was coming. As was true every time he went down on her, her body responded to his touch. He pushed all the right buttons. She cooed as his tongue danced circles around her swollen clit. He didn’t dare suck it into his mouth though. Not yet. That was reserved for when she teetered dangerously close to the edge. It became that added boost to push her over, sending her body rocking into orgasmic bliss.

For now he continued to tease his wife’s body. His tongue entered her honeyed spot, pushing as deep as it could go. Now was the time to pick up the pace as he slid first one and then two fingers into her aroused pussy. Instantly he felt the muscles of her canal pull them into her. She moaned again as Paul’s fingers had begun to easily slide in and out of her slick tunnel. He was pumping her hole quickly, while his lips surrounded her clit, which he gently teased.

Her hips rotated on the bed, thrusting upwards to Paul’s tongue and fingers while her fingers curled in his hair. He knew she was close. She showed all the signs as her moaning grew louder and louder.

A lust-filled cry escaped her lips as her body tensed for a moment and she clutched the bedsheets as then her hips began to thrust upwards towards his tongue; her ass lifting from the bed. “Ohhhhhh, that feels good, baby. Lick my pussy. Finger me, lover. That’s nice and deep. Push your fingers all the way into me and play with my ‘spot’. Rub my clitty too baby. Just like that. Mmmmmmmm… shit you know exactly how to get me turned on. Damn, you’re going to make me… make me… OHHHHHHHH… YES… YES… YES… THAT’S IT… I’M CCCUUUMMMIINNGG.”

Paul felt himself being pulled tighter against her as her juices began to leak from her tunnel and continued to gently lick her until her orgasm had passed. As he lifted his head he couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “Are you okay, dear?” he asked.

“That was wonderful, darlin,” she replied.

“I’m glad you like it” he said with an impish look. “Now what would you like to do?”

“You know exactly what I want. I want that nice hard cock of yours buried inside of me. I want you to stick it in me and fuck me. I want you to use me like you used to and treat me like a slut. I want to feel sexy and I want you to cum inside of me until it’s leaks down my legs. Does that answer your question?”

Cindy rolled over as gracefully as she could and placed a pillow under her stomach before finishing on her hands and knees, with her legs spread wide. Cindy looked back over her shoulder at Paul before licking her lips and giving him here “come hither” look. “Get over here and fuck me, darlin’. I need your cock buried inside me right now.”

Paul grinned as he stepped closer and gripped Cindy’s hips; his steal-hard cock sticking directly towards her pussy. Slowly he slid it between her outer lips and then stopped. Cindy moaned, “Don’t tease me, baby. Fuck me. Please fill me. Come on lover. Make me a mommy-slut!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Paul replied as he tightened his grip on her hips and thrust into her until he felt the tip of his cock press against the bottom of her pussy. And he couldn’t be happier. She gripped him tight, her pussy muscles caressing his every inch like a velvet glove.

Cindy tossed her hair and looked over her shoulder at her husband, lover, and soul-mate. He looked so powerful, so manly, so gorgeous, standing there behind her, filling her pussy with his rock-hard cock. She knew in her heart that she could never give this up, the mad intensity of this passion. Somehow in their time together they had awakened some deep need that could only be fulfilled together. She was his; mind, body, heart, and soul. Though she had been the one with more sexual experience when they had met he had become the man she had always wanted and he had helped her to become the woman that she hoped to be. She knew that with Paul she had become what most men dream of… a perfect lady out of bed and a perfect slut in it. She felt every nerve in her being thrilled as he slid in and out of her, graceful and powerful at once, every inch of him caressing her inner folds just right; his cock bending in just the right way to nudge her g-spot with every thrust. She felt a massive orgasm building inside of her as her juices began to leak from her pussy. “That’s it lover, fuck me. Fill me with your cock and fuck me. I’m all yours. I’m your wife, your lover, the mother of our children, but for right now I’m also your whore, your slut, your cunt or anything else you want me to be. Just don’t stop.”

Paul slowed as he heard her words realizing that in this one moment she was giving everything she was or ever would be to him. She was dedicating herself to him, their children and their life together, and he in return dedicated himself to her as he reached down, pressing his belly against her soft, round ass, to cup her swaying tits and whisper gently into her ear, “I love you.”

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