Cigarettes and Perfume

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I can never figure out why I still come here. Yvonne’s has got to be the last place I should come to when I’m bored. I’m still not sure whether to call this place a hole-in-the-wall club or hole-in-the-wall bar or a combination of both but I do know one thing; this place has great music…despite the smoke. I can’t stand the smoke. Being a non-smoker it sucks for me because I have to deal with it just to enjoy some good live music but at the rate the radio is declining I think I’m going to be dealing with this more and more as time goes on. I remember some years ago I saw this story on the news that some lady who worked at a bar for about 20 years caught lung cancer and didn’t even smoke. Won a big settlement and I’m hoping she’s alive now. I think if something similar were to happen to me I would just have the place ban smoking instead of bankrupting the business. I really do love the music at Yvonne’s that much and I guess my only real problem is dealing with the fact that the smokers do too. Not to many 26 year olds spend their Wednesday nights listening to live soul and blues music played by local groups but then again, not too many of my peers aren’t smoking either.

Tonight, Flowers are performing a laundry list of covers ranging from Norah Jones, Brandy, Christina Aguilera and Maroon 5. There are three of the most beautiful girls singing with their own band and for some reason they make me love all of the songs they sing even more than I already do. It’s a no-brainer to buy a CD of their original material whenever one comes out. I’m usually always the only person who can recite their songs word for word and I think the lead singer, Iris, notices every time. It’s always dark in here but she still sees me and it’s hard for me not to notice a star on the stage. I thought that tonight would make a great night for me to ask her out and I was fully prepared to after hearing her sing Anita Baker’s “Sweet Love.” It almost seemed like the air was clear after she sang that song and she even smiled at me after her performance. There’s never too many people here on a Wednesday so it’s not hard to think that she was just smiling and happened to be looking in my direction…still, a single guy has needs and 8 months is a shitty amount of time to go without girlfriend. I haven’t been sexless though, lucky me, just lonely at night. I was determined not to let that happen tonight and I had no idea how real that thought was going to be.

As the performance ended I clapped to show my appreciation and stared right at Iris, almost letting her know that I was mostly applauding her. Just then I felt my phone vibrate on my hip indicating a text message coming in. It was surprising because it was a number I wasn’t familiar with but the person seemed to be familiar with me.

She’s gorgeous isn’t she?

I looked around to see who could be watching me and also know who I was looking at. There were a few regulars and the bartender, Tiffany, but no one holding a phone or even looking at me. I decided to reply just to see if anyone would pick up or if I could hear an alert from their phone.

Yeah she is. Who is this?

About a minute or so and I didn’t see anyone around me move. I pretty much figured that I wouldn’t hear much, not only because of the music, but also since I had my phone on vibrate I guessed that this person would have theirs on that way too. That was a little too creepy for me and so I stood up and began to walk towards the front door and see who would follow me; that’s when I received an order.

Sit. I’m coming.

There was already enough I was creeped out about but I knew I wasn’t in the position to argue with a stranger who knew me. I did as told and sat down, waiting very impatiently for this mystery person to arrive. That’s when it finally happened and I smelled her before I actually saw her. My addiction had come back to tease me. I knew it was her by the combination of Ange Ou Démon perfume and regular Kool’s cigarettes. The mix was intoxicating, hypnotizing even. I grew rock hard instantly and I’m not sure if she knew it or not. I turned around and saw her sitting down in the chair closest to me on my right; Victoria, the woman I should never have touched.

“It’s good to see you again, James. Eight months is a long time to not talk to someone.”

Wow. I couldn’t believe she was here…and damn near stalking me.


“Ooh,” she interrupted, “I haven’t heard that name in a long time. You’re the only one I let call me that.”

“Well, Tory, you’re 40 years old, I’m not to sure if your peers feel like calling you the name some kid you were fucking gave you.”

She laughed that sexy laugh she always does. “James, do I look any bit of my actual age?” She had me on that one. When we were together I’m sure there were people that thought she couldn’t be too much older than me, let alone get that there was a 14 year difference. To see her bahis firmaları yourself you would probably guess 30 as a stretch for her age and as a smoker that’s something truly amazing. “I deserve to be called a cute name that the man I was making love to gave me. It makes me feel…younger.”

“Victoria,” I started.

“Tory,” she interjected, “that’s what you’re supposed to call me.”

And I couldn’t help but do as I was told since the smell wasn’t going away at all. I’m pretty sure she just doused herself in that damn perfume before she walked around to see me. I never told her that I was addicted to that smell or even that it made my dick snap to attention. It was like a magic potion and whenever I got a whiff of it I was hypnotized, strung along and toyed with like a puppet. Even at that moment I was ready to do whatever it was that she asked me to, all because of a smell. But I had to make it look like I had at least some control.

I hesitated, “Listen, Tory, from what I remember we’re history now with a closed textbook. So as much as I’m flattered that you would even want to be around me right now I do have to ask…what the fuck do you want?”

Her right elbow sat on the table with a freshly sparked Kool in her fingertips looking as sexy as hell. She always looked sexy doing damn near anything, even the shit I hated. She looked sexy smoking and I found it rather cute that this grown ass woman was staking me out. It wasn’t hard for her to look good though. I always thought she looked like Rosalyn Sanchez with the long dark hair, perfect figure and no age defining lines across her face. She told me all Colombian women age like that. If that’s the case, long live Colombian women.

“Isn’t it obvious I want you, James?”

“I don’t see how it would be. I haven’t seen or heard from you in months since your husband decided to give me a ring. If you remember correctly I left the job shortly afterwards and left our situation along with it. What’s so obvious that I’m not getting?”

She smiled, “How’s your job at Norah’s going?”

“How do you know about me working at Norah’s?”

She smiled again, but this time it was accompanied by a slight chuckle. “Did you ever stop and wonder why after quitting a great position in photography for a very large advertising firm that you were immediately called back days later for a better job at the magazine you applied for first? I mean what, it had been how many years since you applied there; 3? And all of a sudden they take an interest in you?”


“Mmm, okay. How about, did you notice my picture on the desk of your supervisor, Rachel?”

All I could think of was the day Rachel and I were talking and I told her someone in one of her picture frames looked familiar. This was getting deep.

“Or how about the biggest brain teaser of them all…why in the world do I have your number and how did I get it?”

And that statement is the one that shut me up. Now it was more than obvious, it was crystal clear.

“James, I’ve been making sure you’ve been comfy sitting right here in Nocturnal just so you wouldn’t have to leave and run back to where you came from. Rachel and I went to college together; I made sure you got that call for that position so you would have the money and the means to stay here while I sorted my life out along with all the fallout from what happened with us. By the way that’s not a company phone you have, technically it’s mine. No one at Norah’s has a company phone. That’s why I have your number. I’ve known exactly where you’ve been since the minute you left me baby, determined not to let you go.”

Damn, and it actually makes too much sense. Everyone always envied me because I got what they thought was the only phone the company paid for and I can’t lie, my salary kept me more than comfortable and confident I wouldn’t have to go back to Brooklyn. But still I had to know…

“Why have you been doing this; why me? I’m sure that there are plenty of men, young and old, that you can have your way with. Why would you bother with me?”

She blew a mouthful of smoke out and answered me slowly. “Because I love you, James. You’re a beautiful soul and I love what you do to me. You have a level of control over me that I can’t describe with words and it usually always comes out when you’re making love to me. It’s your smell, the way you cut your hair, the way you talk to me, everything.”

“But you’re married, Tory. And you’ve been married since I was six if you want to go there. In the eyes and ears of everyone that heard your vows to Chauncey you love him on a permanent level that-“

“I love his money,” she said, cutting me off again.

“Is that right?”

“Without a doubt; he’s always had money and I didn’t. I’m so used to the money I’ve blocked out any love I could have had for the man who generates it. If you think about it, I’ve been using his money on kaçak iddaa you.” At that point she moved her chair directly next to me so I could see her entire outfit…and smell that scent of cigarettes and perfume as close to me as possible. She reached across me and caressed the left side of my face, whispering in my ear. “I love you, James, but I need to make sure the both of us are in the best position possible to continue what we left off all those months ago and I know you want it too.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore! Looking to my right I saw this fucking amazing woman; brown work pants with a serious flare at the bottoms, tan corset and business jacket with her hair flowing all over the place and gracing her fantastic breasts with every tilt of her head. I can hear her telling me that apparently I have this power over her that draws her to me but the truth of the matter is that that smell draws me to her. Trust me, she’s a fine woman at any age too so that helps but I just become a monster when she gets near me and I inhale that enthralling odor. And now she’s got my full attention with those lips close to mine, the smell trapping my mind and her voice telling me what to do. I was so hard right then I could have caught blue balls but luckily I knew she wanted to help me release that tension and with her other hand stroking my dick from outside of my pants I knew that we weren’t going to get more than 20 feet away before I came inside her again and the entrance was at least 50 feet away from where we sat.

Then suddenly it happened just as expected like the sun shining after the rain. My common sense left me and that monster inside of me took over. I clenched my teeth and said, “I want it too, Tory. And I want it now!” She got so excited I know she soaked her panties with just the thought that I was about to take over the slit between her legs again. She was waiting for it and began biting her bottom lip like it was gum. Now when I get like that with her there’s really no stopping me from getting what I want. The only thing to slow me down from getting hornier by the second from that combination of smells is to come and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to come in the next little bit. I surveyed the area quite quickly. Yvonne’s is a dark place with minimal lighting and a lot of smoke so it’s easy to get away with shit so long as no one is paying much attention to you and with a little more than 30 people there I knew it wouldn’t be a problem to slip somewhere and get down to business early. Plus Iris and the band were taking a break so if I still wanted to talk to her later at least she wouldn’t have to see me run away with Tory to get my nut off. Time was precious and I decided to take a drastic measure to get instant satisfaction.

I grabbed her hand and lead her to the corner of the bar. “Come on, to the bathroom,” I told her, hurrying her along without an objection from her lips. Funny thing about the bathroom at Yvonne’s is that it’s a single bathroom, one toilet, one sink and unisex. People go in two at a time, mostly girls doing makeup and sometimes couples but for some reason I never hear about people getting it on in there yet it would seem like the most obvious place since no one cares if you’re doubling up inside. It was even more amazing this time since there wasn’t the usual line running from the door so Tory and I easily slipped inside without a word said by anyone.

For some reason the bathroom was designed better than the rest of the place. It was covered in a wraparound mirror, a counter alongside a fancy sink shaped like a giant glass bowl on top of it, actual towels hanging from the racks and even a fish tank built into the wall. But I wasn’t about to get caught up in the scenery, I needed my release. Upon entering and closing the door behind us, she turned around to face me and asked, “Where do you want me?” I was in such a horny state of mind I didn’t even answer her, just pushed her backwards towards the black and white toilet, pressed her up against the wall behind it and pushed my tongue inside her mouth while simultaneously fondling her Coke-bottle frame…and she loved every second of it. I could barely kiss her since she was doing more panting than anything. I started to suck her neck as I grabbed her ass to hoist her in the air and she responded by wrapping her legs around my waist and grinding herself on my still clothed dick.

“Yes, James,” she whispered in my ear, “Take it from me. Take what’s yours.”

I did as obliged and placed her on top of the toilet with her back to the wall, taking her pants off from the waist as I pulled away, leaving her brown heels in place. From there I started to unbuckle my own pants but she had plans of her own when it came to that. She stepped down from the cold surface and sat down on the seat, finishing my job and exposing my elongated dick to her. She looked at it like a long lost lover, grabbed it by the base and spoke kaçak bahis to it directly.

“Mmm, I’ve missed you so much.” She looked up at me and placed the head into her mouth and took as much in as she could moving her head slowly as she rocked back and forth.

“God…damn, Tory!” I told her, grabbing the back of her head and driving myself as far back into her mouth as I could. Surprisingly even after all this time she took it in like a pro and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she had no gag reflex to speak of. All I felt was warmth, moisture, the head of my cock flowing into a tighter space and my balls being licked as the entire length of my dick fit inside her mouth and throat. As good as it felt I knew this wasn’t all I wanted and I also knew that she was only getting it wet for the inevitable. She slowly pulled my cock out of her mouth and I swiftly picked her back up and placed her on the flat toilet top again and maneuvered myself in between her legs beginning to give her staccato thrusts as she tried to hold in a silent scream. I can’t lie, feeling her pussy again after all this time made my year that much better. She was as tight as an open lotion bottle but just as wet on the inside.

“Oh…SHIT!” I yelled out, unable to control the volume of my voice. It felt that good to fuck her again and I knew she felt the same just from her body movements. She wrapped her arms under mine and held me down tightly by my shoulders while clutching my waist with her bare legs and I could feel the heels of her shoes poking at the back of my thighs with every thrust in and out of her and that enthralling fragrance just kept me going. It made my blood flow forcefully and kept me up to the point I felt I was reaching new depths inside of Tory. Again, my dick was feeling as though it had gone into a tighter space and when she whispered in my ear ‘I love you’ well…I think I lost it.

The animal in me pulled her off of the commode and while in mid-air, pulled her shirt up just enough to expose her breasts and damn near eat her nipple. The chocolaty brown color of her areolas blended well with her tanned skin and her moans of pleasure made it hard to stop dining on them. She started to bite her bottom lip so hard holding her screams that I’m sure she almost drew blood but that didn’t slow us down at all. It only kept me going stronger as I bounced her body up and down on top of my cock, feeling her come for the first time and her fluids spatter across me and drop down my balls.

“OOOooooooooohhhhhhhh….FUCK!” Tory let out she let out, as quiet as she could. She tried to compose herself by resting over me like a baby but I had other things in mind and I wanted to make sure she was fully aware of them. Without caution I dropped her down to the floor and spun her around in order to force my pulsating bone inside her from behind. Immediately she had to hold on to first the toilet seat and when my thrusts became too much for her she reached for the top where she was sitting. I started to pummel her pussy non-stop for what seemed like hours as her whining turned to quick shrieks. The smell of sex, cigarettes and perfume was enough to take me over the edge but hearing her talk was always the missing piece to a complete session with her.

“Yes baby! This is why this is your pussy!” she said between breaths, “This is why you have the power! This is why I love you, James!!”

“You’re…fucking…right…” I said, panting harder as I began to feel myself about to orgasm, “This…is…mine!”

She knew it was coming, or rather, I was coming. She knew my body movements better than I did. As soon as my legs began to shake (the tell-tale sign of my orgasms) she instantly pulled her hands from in front of her and grabbed my waist to make sure I let myself go completely inside of her. I heard a faint, “Ah-” come from her mouth but it was cut of by the silence of satisfaction. She loved to feel my cum rush through her body and she knew I came by what felt like the gallons. After letting most of it out I tried to lay on her back but was interrupted by her pulling me out of her and turning back around to face me, only to once again place my dick in her mouth to taste not only me, but my come and her own at the same time. I could see her playing with her pussy while she was down there (always multi-tasking) but I couldn’t concentrate long on it as I felt a 2nd ripple run through me causing me to grab the back of her head and force myself in deeper yet again. Tory finally let go after making sure I was sucked completely dry and we clothed ourselves again to make our way out of the bathroom.

On the way out no one seemed to notice our departure except Iris, who smiled as Tory and I walked out the front. From what I could tell it seemed like she didn’t even realize that Tory and I slipped off together which was a good thing to me because at some point I do still want a shot at her. Unfortunately this wasn’t the time for it as I had another affair (in every sense of the word) to attend to yet again.

Outside, Tory lit up another cigarette while making her way to her tan Chrysler 300 and began to exhale smoke as she spoke to me.

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