Christmas Surprises

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Many years ago, I enjoyed a long affair with a co-worker. Our romance began with the usual office flirtations and innuendo, but then there was that glorious business trip to Asia where we found ourselves in adjacent hotel rooms and the fuse was really lit. On her next trip, a few weeks later, she sent me a rather steamy email. I responded with a fantasy story of what I dreamed of doing if I were with her. I still have hundreds of sexy emails saved from her and would often play off of one of those and create a story for us. There are dozens of those stories to share here someday. This is one special one from Christmastime, a few years after we drifted apart. She loved my erotica and I always encouraged her to write for me. It was quite some time after we’d ended the affair that she wrote to me, telling me how much she still enjoyed my stories, and after begging her again, she finally agreed to write with me. This is the first time she began a story and I continued. We passed it back and forth twice…

1. Her voice

The holidays had come so quickly that I realized I was extremely far behind in my shopping. Between the stress of the season and the upswing in our business, I thought it best to take an afternoon off to shop and use some time for myself. On my way home, I stopped at the bath store and wandered to each fragranced bubble bath trying to find the one that would be the most relaxing. Pleased with my decision, I headed home, anxious to dip my toes into a nice warm tub of bubbles.

Pulling into the driveway of a dark home, I was stunned with the reminder of being alone for the holidays. The company was enjoying good business and could not afford to have anyone on vacation for any period of time. Therefore, my family had to go out-of-state without me. Although a very unpopular decision, I figured I’d make the best of the situation. Thankful I’d placed a bottle of wine in the fridge early that morning, I wandered throughout the house, from candle to candle. Lighting them all, I enjoyed watching the soft warm glow as they cast shadows that danced on the ceiling. The house was too quiet. Clicking on the stereo, I found a soothing channel that played all old Christmas songs sung by those long gone. By the time I reached the doorway to my bedroom, I had everything unbuttoned and ready to peel off.

Slipping off my blouse, I navigated in the dark to the far side of the room to the candle next to my bed. It was my favorite, cinnamon. I unsnapped the catch of my bra and gratefully tossed it aside, my breasts swinging free from their tight confinement. I could hardly wait to slip off my hose. They had a small run near the crotch, and I had to smile thinking about how someone I knew would certainly make an excuse why he should just widen the opening a little more. Hmmm…what a memory. Much had changed between us as our lives had taken different paths. Nevertheless, I hadn’t forgotten that each time we were together had the excitement as if it were the first.

Realizing I had drifted for a moment, I snapped back to reality, feeling a slight chill on my bare shoulders. Moving into the bathroom, I began to run the warm water for my bath, gently pouring in the cool scented bubble bath. The aroma was soothing and inviting. Memories came flooding back of other tubs in other places, business trips in Asia mostly, and I realized I hadn’t used bubbles since a trip to Japan few years ago. I was amazed that it had been that long, and even more surprised to think how much I remembered of that trip. Avoiding slipping into a lonely state, I blocked the memories by singing the song in my head that was playing on the stereo.

I returned to the bedroom and stepped out of my skirt and hose, gathered up my fluffy terry robe and headed back to check on my filling tub. The cinnamon from the candle gave the air a clean, spicy scent. With the tub almost full, and me completely naked, I headed back down the hallway to the kitchen to uncork my bottle of wine. I loved the feel of my breasts just swaying gently as I walked, the cool air on my skin making my nipples pucker and harden. The candles were still glowing and Bing was crooning on the radio. I made my way to the tub just as it finished filling. Setting my glass of wine on the side of the tub within easy reach, I slowly lowered my naked body through the bubbles into the warm water. The heat caressed my tired body. Sipping on my wine, I closed my eyes and sunk a little lower into the bubbles. It felt so good…

As the minutes passed, I could feel the water begin to cool, but I just wasn’t ready to end the luxury of lying in the wonderful cloud of soft bubbles. Leaning forward to run more water, I got a slight chill as the air brushed my wet skin. My soft pink nipples suddenly grew hard again and poked out of the bubbles, rigid from the chill. Reaching for the faucet, his hand touched mine.

“Can I do that for you?”

My heart nearly stopped. It was him. The guy that was such a deep, ingrained part of so many fond memories.

“What are you doing ankara escort here? How did you get in?” my mind raced faster than I could verbalize the questions.

“You left the side door unlocked. I got here just a little before you, thank goodness, so I got to enjoy the little striptease,” he grinned.

“How did you know that I would be alone?” I asked suspiciously. We hadn’t talked in quite sometime.

“You must have a new receptionist, because she told me everything about your day off and your family’s departure without you. You really should let her know she shouldn’t share that info with strangers. However, this one time it was o.k.,” he smiled mischievously.

Lifting my chin up toward him, he kissed me lightly. My head was feeling a little light from the wine and rush of my heartbeat. Geez, is this a dream? It sure felt like one. His beautiful blue eyes still gazing into mine, he just grinned his little boy grin. Oh, how I have missed his smile. My hands covered in dripping bubbles, I pulled him closer and we kissed long and deep. His kiss still made me tingle in places that no one else could. His lips moved across my cheek, down my neck, making my body arch involuntarily toward him, begging for more of his touch. My pink nipples peeked through the white bubbles beckoning his soft lips to caress them.

Finding my way to his zipper, I could feel his cock already pressing to be released. Kicking off his shoes and pants that were now around his ankles, he stepped into the bubbles with me as he pulled off his t-shirt. His dark furry chest soon was covered with my lingering bubbles. The heat I was feeling between my legs far exceeded the temperature of the water. I was surprised at how much I still wanted him and the control he had of me. Softly I slipped my hand around his hardness and gently began stroking him. Leaning back against the tub he closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

“Mmmmm, your touch is incredible,” he breathed. “You better stop that, though. I’ll never last.” I wasn’t worried about that. I knew he was capable of repeat performances given the right stimulation.

Stroking him a little quicker, I pulled his hips up slightly to allow the bright purple head of his penis to crest the water enough for me to slip my mouth over. I slipped the wet, slick shaft into my mouth and could taste the warm pre-cum oozing from the slit. I slipped one hand under the bubbles to massage his soft ball sack and slid the other up and down the glistening shaft. After only a few moments sucking him deep into my mouth he gasped, his eyes squeezed shut and his body tensed and released with an overwhelming orgasm.

“I told you shouldn’t do that,” he continued to gasp.

“Yeah, you did, but I sure didn’t see you making any effort to make me,” I said as I smoothed away the bubbles from his chest. We laid together until the water began to get too cool.

“How about we wander out to the den and light the fireplace and catch up?” I asked.

“I think I’d like that,” he said, his eyes still rather dreamy.

Stepping out of the tub, I quickly dried off and slipped into my fluffy robe. Handing him a towel, I helped him dry off his back and moved the towel to the front of his chest, working my way down to his now-softened dick. With just a few light touches along the length of his cock, I could feel it thickening again and straining for more. He tried to turn to face me, but I held tight.

“I’m not finished drying you off,” I said, my arms around him, my toweled hands stroking his stiffening cock.

“But my knees are getting a little weak,” he whispered.

“O.k., o.k., I’ll stop … for now,” I said playfully. I handed him a robe and walked into the bedroom with him close behind. Suddenly, he pulled me close and lifted me on the bed. My robe being loosely tied, fell slightly open exposing my dark soft fur.

“What have we here?” he asked in mock surprise. He kneeled in between my legs and began kissing my hips, and working his way up my belly pausing only to listen to my low groaning with anticipation. Licking at my beckoning nipples, I begged him to slip inside my hot, wet darkness. Teasing me a bit longer, he soon couldn’t wait either and slid between my soft pink lips. His thick cock throbbed inside me as my own muscles tensed, trying to hold him inside. I wanted the feeling to last. Holding me tight and kissing me deeply, our bodies found a satisfying rhythm and soon exploded in pleasure together. Oh my, what he does to me…

We lay together in each other’s arms for what seemed to be a long time in complete silence. I finally asked the dreaded question.

“When do you need to leave?”

He smiled and said, “Well we have something in common these holidays. My family is gone for the next few days, too.”

Smiling, I thought to myself, this is certainly going to be one holiday I won’t forget…

2. His voice

The next night we were in a dark corner booth of a neighborhood Japanese restaurant by 6 o’clock. She had to leave work quite escort ankara early again in order to make the freeway drive up to where I work, where we used to work together. I wondered if on her drive up — like mine yesterday headed south — was she thinking of our past times together, or maybe the spectacular reunion we had enjoyed yesterday? I know that was about all that was on my mind all day at work! I met her in the parking lot and when she stepped out of her car she was radiant. Her smile beamed and my knees felt weak. She was so lovely. She opened her arms for a hug, her coat wasn’t buttoned, and I saw she wore a cute black dress, a little above the knee, with seven gold buttons up the front. I counted. We jumped back into her warm car and by the time we got to the restaurant, I had the two bottom ones unbuttoned. Before we went in though, she reached into her coat and buttoned the next-to-last one back up. Oh well.

Over our years working together, we had both traveled to Japan a number of times on business, and plenty of our trips overlapped or even had identical itineraries. Frankly, we could have saved the company travel budget significant bucks if we had not taken two hotel rooms the number of times we slept together on the road. Fukuoka, Yokohama, Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka, Okayama. I had been all over that beautiful country with this lovely woman. We had both developed a taste for Japanese cuisine and I thought this restaurant would stir up some great old memories. It had seemed to do the trick as conversation drifted back to those travels together as we enjoyed several delicious small appetizers and some cold tasty sushi. We shared a large Sapporo and I ordered a second, drinking most of it myself, but I did manage to fill her tiny glass a time or two more. It only took a little alcohol to make her tipsy, and boy was she fun then. We were both enjoying the company and the flirting. I slipped one loafer off and would occasionally caress the back of her calf or the tops of her stockinged feet. Now and then, she would slip out of her pumps and trail a toe or two up my leg, just often enough to keep me half-hard throughout the meal.

Finishing up and paying our bill, I helped her into her long coat, necessary given the cold winter air. Stepping outside, I suggested we walk for a bit after dinner for some quiet time together.

“I’d like that,” she replied softly, reaching up to pull my face down to hers. We stood on the sidewalk in our long overcoats, our faces stinging from the cold air after the warmth of the restaurant. We kissed long and slow, our tongues lazy together. We walked for a few blocks, hand in hand, enjoying the beautiful light displays and the company. Arriving back at the restaurant, I invited her to my house this time. She eagerly offered to drive.

At my house, we went straight upstairs where she made a detour to the toilet while I made some preparations in the bedroom. I turned up the thermostat to ‘naked-comfort,’ then lit several candles and placed them in front of the small mirrors on the dressers, their flickering magnified on the ceiling and walls. I had kicked off my shoes and was starting to unbutton my shirt when she came back in the room.

“Here,” she said, tossing her pantyhose on the floor with her shoes, “let me help you with that.”

She carefully unbuttoned my shirt, kissing each patch of exposed skin softly as she went down my chest. Finally, pushing it off my arms, she held me close, resting her head against my chest. When she finally pulled away, I reached for her gold buttons.

“My turn,” I asked?

“Merry Christmas,” she whispered in my ear, “unwrap as you please.”

Holding her close, I gently swayed, dancing her back to the doorway. Taking one hand in mine, I kissed her palm and placed it on the doorjamb. I took her other hand, kissed it too, and stretched out her arm to the other door post and told her to hold them there. Then I turned my attention to those buttons. I knelt in front of her and as I unbuttoned the bottom buttons, I kissed her knees and up her thighs as the fabric spread apart, revealing her soft skin. At the next button, the hint of her bush was exposed, and then in my full view as I opened the fourth. I nuzzled into her soft fur, drinking in the scent of her sex. Up and up my tongue went until the dress was completely open and my only obstacle was her black lacy bra. I stood in front of her and quickly unsnapped the clasp, freeing her full breasts. I licked and sucked at the hardening nipples, caressing the soft flesh. After a few moments of quivering pleasure, she dropped her arms and shed her dress and bra.

“Enough of this,” she said, pushing me back towards the bed with kisses.

She helped me scoot up on top of the comforter and then pulled off my socks. Soon she had crawled up between my legs, then on top of my belly. She leaned over to kiss me full and hard, her hands on my chest and in my hair. I could feel the bristly fur on her mound tickling just above my belt. I pushed up my pelvis to meet ankara escort bayan her.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she purred, “time to get the rest of your clothes off…” Her voice trailed off as she kissed along my neck and down my chest to my belly. Her hands were working my belt and trouser clasp and then zipper. In a moment she was sliding off the bed, tugging my pants with her. My erection made a tent in my boxers, throbbing with every heartbeat. Her hands slid up my legs and then along my hips, then slowly tugged at the waistband of my underwear. She reached under to point my cock out of the way as the fabric slid by and I shuddered at her gentle touch. She smiled at me.

“You feel ready for some attention,” she said as she again crawled up the bed and straddled my waist. She raised my shaft slightly as she leaned over and I could feel the hot wetness from her slit on my soft head. I reached down and spread her cheeks slightly and helped her slide gently back and forth. Our kisses became more and more urgent as she continued to rock with me pressed against her moist sex. Finally, she raised up a bit further and pointed me at her center, sliding down my length with a sigh. She held there at the bottom as I pressed into her, hoisting her up off of the bed slightly. Then she began stroking me in earnest, her hands behind my head, her lips on mine, tongues lashing about our mouths. She would rise up to my full length, then slowly, trembling, she would slide down and hold, pressing her clit into the base of my cock. Then she would slide up again, almost letting me slip out but her muscles gripped me fiercely and expertly. At first I lay still, letting her move on her own. I stroked her back and soft bottom but held still as she slid up and down and then pressed herself onto me. I feasted on the beauty of her skin, glowing in the candlelight. Her eyes sparkled. After a bit, she lifted up a little and leaned forward as if to offer me her breasts. I eagerly complied, sucking a hard nipple into my lips and biting gently. Suddenly, she picked up the pace and began sliding up and down my shaft with great urgency and speed. I came in seconds and thrust up into her as she pressed down, my come flooding her vagina. She hardly slowed and I grabbed both breasts and began sucking and squeezing the lovely pair. Now it was her turn and her face lifted, eyes closed in pleasure.

“Oh,” she moaned softly, “I’m coming, I’m coming.” She pressed down incredibly hard and gripped my hips with her thighs, shuddering with pleasure. In moments the waves passed and she slumped down on my chest as I held her tight to me. My softening cock slipped out after a few minutes and then she rolled to her side next to me.

“Oh what you do to me,” she whispered in my ear.

“No,” I corrected her, “what you do to me.”

“It’s us. Together. Great stuff. Uh huh.”

“Oh yeah,” I agreed.

We curled up together under the comforter, whispering quietly, watching the candle shadows dance across the ceiling.

3. Her voice again

He had called me at lunchtime the next day.

“What are you wearing today?”

“Red wool tartan skirt. White blouse.”

“The pleated one? I love that skirt. It looks so good bouncing along as you walk. Let me guess … hmmmmm … stockings and garter belt and white lacy front clasp bra … no panties.”

“Not exactly,” I replied, “but almost.” He knew my penchant for leaving out the underwear and for front close, easy-to-access bras.

“Really? You mean you’re actually wearing underwear?” See, I told you he expected me bare.

“I didn’t say that. You’re close.” In fact, I had on a pair of thigh-high garterless hose. And no panties. And he was dead on about the bra.

“You’re going to drive me crazy wondering what it is under that skirt. I know I’m right about the bra.”

“You’re pretty confident, mister,” I teased.

“Can I see you after work? I gots ‘ta know…” He was almost panting on the phone and I smiled to myself as I replied.

“Oh, I certainly hope so. By the way, what are you wearing?”

“A big ‘ol grin,” he replied.

We chatted and made plans and both went back to work. I wondered how much he’d accomplish this afternoon thinking of me. Or was I kidding myself? I was certainly thinking of him. The act of leaving off the panties that morning was due to conscious thought of him and how much he used to enjoy finding me naked under a skirt or going commando under skin tight jeans.

At our prearranged time, I scooted away from my desk and headed out to my car, my heavy winter coat wrapped around me. It was icy cold and my nipples were hard and tingly by the time I got into the car. I brushed against them slightly as I pulled the seat belt over my chest. It reminded me how much he enjoyed playing with my nipples, and how hard and erect they could be with his fingers and tongue working their magic. He liked to say they were like a ‘stack of dimes,’ and I suppose they were pretty large for my c-cup breasts. It was nice that he liked them. He could damn near bring me to orgasm just playing with them … if I ever gave him the chance. Our lovemaking sessions were so few and far between that any chance I got to stuff his cock in me, THAT was what was going to get me off.

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