Christmas Cockerels

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It was the first time that Monica had been totally alone since Robert had left her. Family and friends had rallied round and she had always been fully engaged with her work. But now it was Christmas when the whole country shuts down and endeavours, usually quite unsuccessfully, to recreate some imagined fantasy of what Christmas should really be. So while assorted extended families were reacquainting themselves with the reasons why they never bothered to see their relations for the rest of the year Monica found herself quite alone.

There had been invitations, of course, but she had absolutely no desire to be the object of well meaning and kindly attempts to jolly her along. So here she was sipping a glass of red wine on Christmas Eve and musing not for the first time what an utter bastard her husband had been. It was the usual story; he had left her for another much younger woman; young enough to be his daughter in fact. Monica had long ago realised that when it came to women all that men were really interested in were cunts and tits and some reassurance that they weren’t getting older; hence the need to transfer to a younger sleeker receptacle for their cocks. It was not as if she had denied him his conjugal rights and, despite being in her late forties, she was still a shapely well preserved woman.

She walked into the kitchen to pour herself another glass of wine. As she returned to the sitting room all the lights went out. Immediately disorientated, she bumped into the furniture and spilt the contents of her glass all over her dress. Cursing she fumbled her way back to the kitchen, removed her wine-stained garment and doused it in cold water in the sink. Grimly, she reflected that this was one situation were a husband would be useful. Robert had been entirely reliable when it came to fixing things in the house and Monica had absolutely no idea what she should do now and was rather alarmed by the faint burning smell emanating from one of her electrical appliances.

She opened the front door and immediately noticed that the surrounding houses were still blazing with lights. As she stood there a car drew up at a house across the road and two young men got out. They were clearly in high spirits and had obviously just returned from a local hostelry.

‘I say,’ she called out.

The two lads peered in her general direction but were unable to see her in the darkness.

‘Hello; over here.’

This time the young men managed to locate her and began to walk towards her.

‘Sorry to bother you, but all the lights have gone out and I’ve got no idea what’s wrong.’

‘Nothing at all judging by what I can see,’ said one of the lads, staring appreciatively at her in the gloom.

For the first time Monica remembered that she wasn’t wearing a dress.

‘I’m sorry; I had an accident with a glass of wine and I had to soak my dress in water.’

‘Don’t apologise we just love looking at ladies in their underwear. My name’s Maurice by the way and this is my good friend James.’ ankara escort They all shook hands. ‘Have you got a torch?’ Maurice continued.

‘Probably, but I’ve no idea where it is,’ Monica replied.

‘Never mind I’ll get mine from the car.’

Maurice returned with the torch, closed the front door and switched it on. Monica was immediately revealed in the intense spotlight.

‘Wow!’ James said ‘what a way to start Christmas.’

‘Perhaps I’d better go and find another dress,’ Monica said, feeling slightly embarrassed.

‘Oh please don’t, your gorgeous,’ Maurice replied. ‘Just show us where the circuit breakers are.’

Fifteen minutes later the boys had isolated the faulty appliance and switched the power back on. They all stood looking at one another in the blazing lights of the kitchen. For the first time Monica was able to see that both boys were about nineteen years old and that they were staring at her with undisguised lust.

‘Would you like a glass of wine or something else perhaps?’ she offered; to try and diffuse the bizarre situation. Maurice glanced at James ‘There’s really no answer to that is there,’ he replied with a smile.

Monica took a large drink from her glass while she took in the clear sexual implication of his remark. She poured out drinks for the boys and topped up her own glass.

‘Shouldn’t you be with your families?’

‘Tomorrow,’ James said ‘We’re joining them tomorrow. Tonight we’re house-sitting for a friend.’

Monica took another large drink from her glass and leaned against a kitchen unit. She was beginning to enjoy the situation and was pleased that she was wearing her best designer underwear and “fuck me” high heeled shoes.

‘Well, Maurice and James, I’m not expecting any visitors, so, if you’ve got nothing better to do, why don’t we have a little party together. Shall we go into the sitting room?’

‘How about the bedroom,’ Maurice said boldly.

Monica turned and stared at them.

‘No gentlemen, the sitting room I think, and bring the bottle.’

As they left the kitchen, Maurice pulled her into a close embrace. Monica could feel his erection pressing against her body. It had been so long since she’d had a man. Sexual relations with her husband had stopped long before he left her. Well there was no point reflecting on the past; it would seem she had been given an unexpected and very welcome Christmas present. What the hell! They wanted to fuck her and God did she need a good hard fuck! She was going to enjoy herself come what may. She disentangled herself from Maurice’s groping embrace and led them into the sitting room.

Monica perched herself on the arm of a chair while they gazed at her, momentarily uncertain about the next move.

‘So, you’re house-sitting are you?’

‘Yes, that’s right,’ James replied.

‘I don’t recall seeing you before,’ Monica persisted.

‘That’s no surprise we’ve never been in this part of the world before,’ Maurice said.

Monica was rather escort ankara relieved that they were strangers to the area. It put a whole new complexion on the coming evening. She had absolutely no desire to scandalize her neighbours and the departure of her two young friends tomorrow would ensure her reputation remained unsullied.

‘Well gentlemen, I assume you both want to fuck me so I suggest you get your clothes off.’

The two excited youths needed no second bidding; trainers, socks, jeans and T shirts were swiftly removed. Underpants took a fraction longer as they eased them around their rampant erections. Monica stared at her two beautiful young Adonises and experienced sensations of unbridled lust. God! They were utter perfection with their lithe well toned bodies and long hard cocks.

Monica took her time undressing; first removing her mini-slip then her bra and knickers. She paused. Older men go wild for stockings and suspenders but young men just want to fuck and fuck and fuck. She kicked off her “fuck me” shoes, unclipped her suspenders and removed her stockings and suspender belt and presented herself naked for their libidinous inspection.

The two eager youths mobbed her in a sensual embrace. Their fingers were everywhere, squeezing and probing, while their ramrod stiff cocks brushed wetly against her sex starved body. Gently she caressed their rampant manhood and reflected that it was many years since she had experienced such uninhibited blatant mutual sexual desire. Indeed such overtly sexual behaviour would probably have alarmed her rather prim younger self. Whoever it was that said that sex is wasted on the young was almost certainly right. Reluctantly she disentangled herself from their urgent fondling.

‘Alright guys, I’m going up to my bedroom; you can decide which one of you wants to have me first and come up in about ten minutes after I’ve had a shower; oh and it might be a good idea if you both take a shower as well. I’ll leave a light on in the guest room for you.’


Monica lay naked on her bed freshly showered and lightly scented. Her nipples were sticking out prominently from her large firm breasts and she was aware that her vagina was wide open and wet with sexual desire. She felt like a goddess; a queen bee awaiting her fucking workers. Her bedroom door was ajar to guide her young lovers. She could hear their voices down the corridor in the guest room. Unexpectedly, both of them appeared in the doorway together.

‘I said one at a time,’ she remonstrated.

‘Yes, I know,’ James said apologetically, ‘but I’ve a feeling that we won’t last very long the first time; you’re so fucking gorgeous. Perhaps we should have a wank first.’

‘Boys, boys have you forgotten your manners? You’re not looking at Playboy Magazine now. Don’t you dare waste any of your gorgeous stiffness on wanking. I want every last inch of you both inside me.’

The two boys climbed on the bed and lay on either side of her. Monica was well aware that the two ankara escort bayan of them would be quite unable to control their ejaculations until she had blunted their lust somewhat. She permitted Maurice to get up on top and slide his cock into her cunt. After fucking her for a couple of minutes He groaned and fiercely discharged his semen. He withdrew to be immediately replaced by James whose staying power was no better. After a brief interval both young men fucked her again.

‘OK, you’ve had your pleasure, now it’s my turn,’ Monica announced. ‘James, get your tongue into my cunt and don’t take it out until I tell you to.’

Monica writhed with pleasure under the delicate caress of James’ tongue while Maurice casually played with her tits.

‘Yes, yes, Christ yes,’ she screamed as waves of orgasmic pleasure pulsed through her body.

The three of them lay back relaxed on the bed, their immediate urgent desires achieved. Monica closed her eyes and contemplated her delicious Christmas surprise. She realised they probably thought she was a randy old bitch who would let anyone fuck her but she simply didn’t care. No doubt their exploits would be recounted in full graphic detail for their friends. Her younger self would have been acutely shocked and embarrassed by her outrageous behaviour. Hands fondling her body stirred her from her reverie. She observed with delight that both boys were stiffly erect again.

She got up off the bed and bent over Maurice and took his cock in her mouth. He responded with appreciative obscene murmurs of delight. As she continued to suck Maurice’s cock she felt James enter her from behind. The boys exchanged obscene remarks about their good fortune to encounter such a gorgeous sluttish bitch. Monica was unable to say anything as her mouth was fully engaged with Maurice’s cock which soon discharged a fierce jet of semen into her receptive throat. As she withdrew with Maurice’s white juices streaming down her face James erupted into her cunt as she went into orgasm climax.

Over the course of the next few torrid hours Monica lost count of the number and type of couplings with which she engaged with her eager young partners. Eventually she directed them to the guest rooms and had a few fitful hours of sleep. Early on Christmas morning they both returned to give her farewell fucks before taking their leave.

Lying in bed pleasurably exhausted and satiated, she heard the sound of their car driving away. Monica was delighted by her unexpected Christmas orgy and as she showered her semen stained body she resolved to get herself a permanent toy boy in the New Year. Why should men have all the fun?

Later in the morning Monica’s sister rang.

‘Monica darling you really shouldn’t be on your own at Christmas. We’ve all been thinking about you.’

‘But I haven’t been on my own; I spent the night with two absolutely gorgeous young men’.

‘Really Monica, don’t be ridiculous, what would mother say. I’m sending Gerald to fetch you over for tea and then we are all going to play scrabble.’

Feeling genial and relaxed Monica allowed herself to be coaxed into agreement. It would probably be hell but she’d had the best fucking Christmas of her life.

© Gerald Cheshire 2009

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