Christian Cum-passion for Lucky Jim

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The human heart is a mercurial beast, fickle, unpredictable, and capable of holding contradictory emotions, simultaneously entertaining the opposites. I was miserable, and at the same time, proud of my misery. Although desperately lonely, I had spurned the offers of intimacy from women who knew Margaret.

I was proud of my moral stand not to piss in the pool where both us had bathed as a loving couple; and that Margaret did not know anything of my decision, which was starting to take on the patina of a pledge, only added to my pride. This was my secret sacrifice, enjoyed or suffered in solitude, a quiet testimony to my will power.

However, I was soon disabused of the delusions of any such will power, proving the cynical view that if you could resist a temptation, it is only because the temptation is weak, not that your will power is strong. In my case, it took just one phone call from Lee Anne to push all my honorable intentions, along with the all the false pride, into the nearest ditch.

Lee Anne and Roy were members of our Tennis Club for few years but left a year earlier, presumably to prepare and wait for the ‘Day of Rapture’, which, according to Roy was imminent. However, knowing Roy, I think he left because he had exhausted the customer pool among the Club members for his Real Estate business.

With Roy, it was hard to tell where his business ended and his religion began. If he was not trying to sell a plot of land, he was pushing his dogmatic version of apocalyptic Christianity. His Christianity seemed to have mutated into a religion of retribution and punishment. It had no place in it for love or forgiveness.

These so-called ‘born again’ Christians have totally corrupted the message of Jesus, the gentlest of men. They have turned him into a vengeful and cruel messenger, a harbinger of the end of the world. ‘Shiva the Destroyer’ can now stay stoned on ganja without guilt since the ‘Prince of Peace’ has taken on his job of bringing the world to its end.

No one at the club lamented Roy’s departure. He was a dull man without wit or warmth and only with two topics for conversation: one was the impending end of the world, the other the sale of Real Estate lots to build new houses. Everyone, on the other hand, missed Lee Anne. She was a woman without guile or vanity. She exuded sincere and uncomplicated warmth, along with radiating a smoldering sexuality of which she seemed oblivious. This indifference only enhanced her allure. Both the male and the female members of the club were equally fond of her. The men, I suspect, because they wanted to get into her pants and the women because they knew she would never let them. All coveted this unapproachable woman, including me.

I never acted on my lecherous feelings, stopped by my loyalty to Margaret, and even more, by Lee Anne’s own innocence, which seemed to protect her like an invisible fortress. Still, I was never able to look at her without longing. Now, unexpectedly, she had called me!

“Jim dear, I have just heard of your recent tribulations and my heart goes to you. I am calling to offer you my sympathy and give you courage. I hope you will count me as one of your friends. Remember that you also have a friend in Jesus who loves us all, you included. You are not alone. Roy and I are both praying for you.”

Her wonderful Southern cadence and her bedroom smoky voice over the phone made even these simplistic ramblings sound sensual as a warm bath. “Jim, I don’t know how to say what I am going to say, so I am going to just blurt it out. I know your problem Jim, your one big weakness: you are addicted to sex; you are a victim of your lust. No, no, don’t deny it; I know it and I have known it from the day I joined the Club.

“Then, of course, you had your beautiful wife who satisfied all your needs and kept you on the straight and narrow. What will become of you without Margaret? I am filled with dread just thinking about it. You are a decent man… but you cannot control your urges and I am afraid your craving may force you to the company of bad women, call girls, prostitutes, and God knows what else.”

I wanted to object to her characterization of me as some kind of weird sex-junky, chasing whores in the back alleys of Boston, but I said nothing. I was content to just to listen to her husky voice as it continued.

“I have been trying to think of some way to keep you away from these dangers. I think the Lord has given me a solution. I am no Margaret Jim, and I never could be; but I know that once you hungered for me and wanted me.

“Well, I am here for you now, if you will have me. Use me, Jim, use me to fill your cravings until you find a good and decent wife.”

I could not believe my ears. If it was any one else but Lee Anne, I would have thought that some elaborate and cruel joke was being played on me. Lee Anne’s sincerity, however, was beyond question, at least by me.

“Lee Anne, is this part of your Christian duty?”

“Oh yes, Jim. The Lord commands izmir escort bayan us to share with the needy and help the suffering. You are now both needy and suffering.”

“And what does Roy thinks of your charitable mission?”

“I did not discuss it with him, Jim. I prayed only to the Lord and made my own decision. No matter what you decide, I hope you won’t say anything to Roy.”

This little intrigue was unexpected and her flash of independence heartened me.

“You are a true Christian, Lee Anne. I promise to keep the matter between you and me; and, of course, the Lord.”

I had meant to be ironic, even sarcastic, but I was surprised at how sincere I sounded. They say that deception breeds deception. Perhaps, sincerity also breeds its own progeny.

“Thank you Jim. I know I cannot do what Margaret could, but if I can keep you off the streets for now, I believe I would have done the Lord’s work”.

“Lee Anne, don’t you have any idea how sexy you are? I don’t want to compare you with Margaret, but I want to tell you that you are an incredibly ravishing woman. Don’t you pay any attention to the reactions of men around you? God, if you only knew!”

“Of course, I know, Jim. I know that men ogle me all the time; men have ogled me since I was barley fourteen. I have learned to live with it.

Anyway, I never took those poor old dears at the Club with their clumsy come-ons seriously. I just smiled and ignored them. It was you that worried me the most.”

“Me? I have never made a pass at you, Lee Anne.”

“That is so true, you never did. That is why I know that you are a good man, even a strong man. You fought the Devil on his own turf and did not let him defeat you.”

“Now you have lost me, Lee Anne. I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Jim, a woman always knows when she is lusted after, even a simple woman like me. You are not anything like those old fools at the club. You are the real danger to women like me. The very first time I saw you, it was at the dinner the Tennis Club had organized to welcome us. You were seated directly across the table from me. “Oh God, the way you looked at me! I felt as if I were a tall glass of cool water and you were a man who had just come from the desert, parched with thirst. I was afraid that any moment, you would jump across the table and drink me down in front of Roy, God, and everybody else. “I wanted to get up and run away but I couldn’t move. My knees were rubber and I was so clammy with desire between my legs, I thought I would leave a trail dripping behind me if I got up and left.”

“Clammy? You could never be clammy, Lee Anne. Let’s call the condition slippery and wet.”

“Stop being such a smart alec, Jim. You have no idea how I suffered, divided between fear and want. Every time I walked away from you, I knew you were looking at me, your eyes aimed at my behind like two flame throwers.”

“If I had made a pass at you, why be so afraid? Why not just ignore me too… like you did the others?”

“You don’t understand. I was not sure I could resist you, Jim, or even wanted to. The truth is, I was terrified that if you asked me, I would jump right into your arms and live in shame for the rest of my days. The Devil creates his own whirlwind. You can fight him, but I am not strong like you. When I finally realized that you would never make a pass at me, God forgive me Jim, I was heartbroken.”

“I wish you would leave God and the Devil out of this, Lee Anne; and please stop putting yourself down. I never stopped hungering for you, as you so colorfully put it. I am like one of those young boys in your class who regularly jerk themselves off thinking about you.”

Lee Anne was a High School English teacher. I had seen the boys lurking around her with their tongues practically hanging out of their mouths.

“They wouldn’t dare!” said Lee Anne, shocked at the thought.

“Yes, they would. Just imagine, quarts of cum being squirted in your name every day, and you still have a low self-esteem!”

“Oh Jim, you are just making it up.”

Even on the phone, I could imagine her blushing at the thought of her students masturbating.

“No, Lee Anne, I am not making it up. I know boys that age; I was one myself. That is the age when the testosterone rages like a flash flood in their young growing bodies, and you are the perfect fantasy.”

“Jim, you are impossible. You have me blushing all over again and clammy between my legs. OK, OK, not clammy… wet and slippery.”

She giggled when she said wet and slippery, and I could tell she was not entirely displeased with our conversation.

As many of you may have already noticed, a form of phone-sex was already taking place between Lee Anne and I. I could feel the sexual energy traveling the wires, tantalizing my body, and I was starting to get hard.

For the next month, every morning as soon as Roy left for work, Lee Anne drove over to my place. The school was closed for the summer, and each escort izmir day except Saturday and Sunday, we fucked, sucked, licked, bit each other, and then fucked some more. After some initial resistance, Lee Anne had become a sex machine with roaring and panting orgasms.

The first time she had shown up at my apartment, she was like a nurse who had come to dispense medication to a suffering, or even dying patient.

“Are you alright Jim?” She had asked as she held my hand.

“Well, under the circumstances…” I let my voice trail to nothing.

“How long since the last time, you know, the last time you did it?”

“Too long, Lee Anne, it has been too long.”

“Oh, you poor man! I wish I had thought of this much sooner. Is it bad?”

“Yes, it is bad and getting worse by the hour.”

“Then I will not keep you waiting any longer. Point me to your bedroom and give me a few minutes to prepare myself and then you can come in.”

“I am ready, Jim!” She called out after a few minutes, sounding like as if a surgery was about to be performed, either on her or on me. When I walked into the bedroom, she was lying on my bed covered with a sheet up to her neck; her clothes, neatly folded, were piled on the chair. I sat down next to her. She would not look at me in the eye.

“Lee Ann, hey relax! You look terribly tense. We don’t need to hurry into anything. Why don’t you just relax, let me give you a massage, and then we’ll see what happens.”

She visibly relaxed, as if she had gotten a reprieve from fate worse than death.

“Yes, I am a little nervous.” She said with a little girlish giggle.

“There is no need to be nervous. Roll over on your stomach and let me see if I can work out some of the stiffness from your shoulders.”

She turned over on her stomach and closed her eyes. The sheet was still all the way up to her neck. I quietly got out of my clothes and started to massage her neck muscles. As I worked my way down her body, I also kept rolling the sheet down. Her skin was silken to the touch and tanned a light golden brown. I straddled her as I worked my way down her back, pulling the sheet lower and lower, and she seemed to be relaxing. She tensed a little when my hands reached the rising roundness of her white buttocks that were so clearly defined by a tan line.

Obviously, she was not sunbathing in the nude. I wanted to linger there and kiss the white round hills of her ass but moved on to her thighs instead; then to her calves, and lastly to her feet. She was totally relaxed when I turned north and started working my way up. By the time I reached her beautiful butt again, she was softly moaning. This time, I lingered.

She easily yielded to the pressure of my hands and opened her legs wider. My fingers felt the wetness watering her bush. I wanted to shove my pulsating cock in her from behind. Instead, I lay down beside her and started to kiss her neck. In response, she rolled over and soon our lips met, open and greedy.

I forced my tongue into her mouth. There was some resistance at first, as if she was not sure what to expect, but soon she responded with equal ardor, her tongue exploring my mouth as mine was exploring hers. Her breasts were hard and round and so white compared to her tanned skin that they could have been made of milk curds. Her nipples were hard and swollen. She moaned as I sucked them.

“Do it now Jim, do it now.” She whispered.

“Do what Lee Anne?”

“You know, do what you are supposed to do to me.”

“Do you mean I should fuck you, Lee Ann?”

“Yes, yes, that’s what I mean. That is why came here, didn’t I?”

“Then say that, Lee Anne; say, fuck me, Jim.”

“Please Jim, just do it. I cannot say that word; don’t make me say it. Just do it.”

Her eyes were closed shut and there was impatience in her voice.

“Lee Anne, it is important to me that you say it, you know, like giving me a verbal permission. Go on, Lee Anne, and say, fuck me, Jim.”

She opened her eyes as if to see what kind of fool she was dealing with. Then she closed her eyes again and turned slightly red. Everything seemed quiet for a while as if a hush had fallen in the room.

“Fuck me, Jim!” She whispered softly. I could barely hear her but then to my surprise, she repeated it, only louder.

“Fuck me, Jim!” She said again; and then again with even more passion.

“Fuck me! I want you to fuck me. Yes, yes, that is what I want. Fuck me! Fuck me NOW.”

She said this again and again, and every time she said it, she bit into the word ‘fuck’ as if it were hard candy that she had just discovered, and to her own surprise liked the taste of it on her tongue. Every time she said it, my cock got harder. I am a sucker for poetry.

“Put it in and fuck me, Jim.” She said again and much louder.

“Put what in, Lee Anne?”

“Your thing, Jim, your thing! I want you to put it in, I want you to put it in now and fuck me.”

“Do you mean my cock, Lee Anne?”

“Yes, izmir escort yes, yes. Put your cock in and fuck me.”

“Put my cock in what, Lee Anne?”

“In my hole, Jim, in my HOLE! Do it, Jim, do it now, what are you waiting for? Fuck me, fuck me right now!”

She sounded impatient, demanding. There was urgency, even exasperation, in her voice.

“Do you want me put my cock in your cunt?”

It was as if a light had come on in her mind. Her voice took on a different timber.

“Yes, yes, that is it Jim, that is exactly it. I want you to put your cock in my cunt and fuck me.”

Then, with even more urgency in her voice, she spoke again.

“No, no, no Jim, I don’t want you to put your cock in my cunt. I want you to push your cock in my cunt. I want you to shove your cock in my cunt and fuck me. Yes, that is exactly what I want. I want you to shove your hard cock all the way up my cunt and fuck me hard.”

I don’t know how other men are, but for me, the tongue is a paramount sex organ and so much more versatile than the cock. Imagine the things your tongue can do to a woman. Just run it up her spine from the small of her back and move slowly up towards her neck, and be greedy and slow… meander with leisure over her skin. Nip and bite her neck, tease her hairline with your teeth. With your tongue dripping wet, wander to her ears and whisper sweet nothings, making sure to kiss her shoulders and her arms, especially her underarms, a magical place that shares the gift of hair with that other magical place between her legs.

Let your tongue taste the intoxicating salts of her skin incited to a riot of flavors by your saliva and her desire. Sooner or later, you will find her yielding mouth where your tongue will rendezvous with hers. Is there anything more exquisitely intimate as this saliva-rich summit meeting of two tongues? What can be more intimate than two tongues talking without words?

Later, there are other places of a woman’s body where your tongue will surely go. It must go because it is greedy, so greedy to lick and taste that it is willing to insert itself in unseen places.

Once the tongue enters the pussy, there, like Virgil on the edge of Paradise, I must stop; and you of the sweet sex must become a man’s guides to the sensations that are happening within that mysterious realm. From there on, you, fair ladies, must be like Beatrice who took Dante by the hand to show him the Heavens. Your tongue, not mine, must tell the rest. You may tell it with the simple eloquence of a moan or you may use words, another gift of this versatile sex organ, the tongue.

Oh yes, words, the kind of words that Lee Anne was now using to incite me and invite me to fuck her. Her legs were already open and bent over my shoulders, my throbbing cock was just an inch away from the pink beckoning doors of her pussy. Who could resist her calls of ‘fuck me, Jim… fuck me…,’ and honestly, who would want to?

With one powerful thrust, I rammed myself in her. There was a sharp intake of breath and her eyes popped wide open with a surprised look, as if the penetration was unexpected. Her fingernails dug deep into my arms; I could see her neck muscles tighten and her jaws clamp together.

For a moment we were still, I on top with my cock buried in her and she under me, holding her breath. Then she let her breath out slowly and her body began to relax. Gently, I pulled my cock half way out and then slowly started to push it back in. She tensed for a moment, as if anticipating pain, but there was no need because she was now well greased with her own juices.

My cock slid in and out, in and out, in her silk smooth hole. Soon, my thrusts became deeper, faster and harder. Lee Anne started to match me stroke for stroke. First, there was no sound other than the wet clapping sound of cock and cunt coming together, a sound like a hand slapping the surface of water. Then Lee Anne began to repeat her newly discovered mantra:

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes, yes, Jim, fuck me, fuck me.” Somewhere along the way, as the rhythm of my thrusts picked up the tempo, God and sweet Jesus replaced me.

“Oh God, oh God, oh sweet Jesus, fuck me, fuck me.”

Every so often she would remember my name and add it to the mix.

“Fuck me Jim, fuck me hard, oh God, oh sweet Jesus, fuck me.”

Finally, I exploded in her, I felt my cum shooting and spurting in waves of release. For a fleeting moment, I felt I had flooded the world, not just her cunt, and soon rivers of semen would run onto the streets. This was, obviously, a delusion, caused by the final exuberance of the male ejaculation; that ultimate feelings of mission accomplished.

I know, my dear friends, that we men think we fuck our ladies for love, for pleasure, for release and for the unachievable want to fuse with another human being, no matter how momentarily. In truth, we fuck them in order to deposit our sperm as close to the opening of their uterus as we can reach. All those other things are but bait that Mother Nature uses to lure us.

Exhausted, I fell on top of her, and she wrapped herself around me; both of our bodies were slippery as seals with sweat. We must have dozed off. I woke up to the sound of Lee Anne cursing.

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