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I am a happily married man, and due to lessons learned in my mis-spent youth, I would never dream of cheating on my wife. I know that a chance sexual encounter can unleash feelings that are difficult to control, and produce consequences that are impossible to predict. So I have vowed to myself that I will never cheat. The risks are too great, despite the undeniable thrill of plucking the forbidden fruit.

I work for a firm that does computer repair, and makes house calls. You may have heard our advertisements. We even work on Sundays, although we charge a bit more.

I got a call today, which is a Sunday, to solve a computer crisis for a lady named Patricia who lives near the beach. I had planned to do some shopping this afternoon, but it could wait. The boss said the lady seemed distraught, and our firm advertises that we respond quickly to emergencies, so I shelved my plans and drove down to the suburb where she lives.

Patricia met me at the door. She looked a bit tense and seemed nervous. When I introduced myself and said, “Pleased to me you,” she replied by saying “Pleased to me you, too, also.” She was a nice looking gal, tall, almost my height, with a face that was pretty in a plain sort of way. She had light chestnut hair, and was a bit stocky, but curvaceous. She was wearing a modest white blouse and slacks, although it was plain to see that there was an ample bosom straining against the confinement of that modest blouse.

She showed me to the little home office where her computer was. She said she was unable to get online with her dialup ISP. It took only a few minutes of tinkering to discover that there was a problem with her firewall. I disabled it, went online briefly to look at the company homepage, and discovered that there was a minor conflict with the latest update from Microsoft. In fifteen minutes, everything was back in working order.

Patricia had been watching me look with a sort of anxious melancholy on her face. When I told her it was fixed, she seemed disappointed, but dutifully wrote out a check to the company. Then she asked me if I wanted a drink.

I told her that I didn’t drink that early in the day, and besides, I was on the clock. I was wearing my wedding ring, in case she had any ideas about romance. Then a pained look came over her face. I thought she was about to cry, but instead, she began to speak.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had a man visit my apartment. I’m really sorry — I guess this is really out of line — but it has been so long, won’t you please make love to me?”

I nişantaşı escort was dumbfounded. I patiently explained to her that she was a very pretty woman, but that it was altogether out of the question, because I was married, and I would never want to jeopardize my marriage.

“Look, I promise,” she said, “you’ll never hear from me again. It will be a completely chance, one-time encounter. I don’t know where you live, I’ll never try to contact you.” Her big eyes were fixed on mine with a look of desperate entreaty.

I had never expected to run into a situation like this. “Patricia,” I replied, “I don’t know you. What if you have AIDS, or Mono, or some other thing that I might pass on to my wife. It’s too dangerous. I’ve really got to go.”

Patricia reached out and put her hand on my forearm. She was looking again like she was ready to cry. “Please. I understand. I don’t want to hurt your marriage. It’s just that I can’t stand to be alone right now. What if…” she hesitated. “What if I, you know, make myself cum, and you just stay and keep me company while I do it.” She seemed to choke on the words. “I’m so embarrassed… it’s just that, I don’t know how to say it, I need it. I need it really bad.”

I hesitated for a second. I was moved by her appeal, and, I admit it, a bit turned on by the uncontrollable sexual force that had so clearly possessed Patricia. “Well,” I said doubtfully, “I guess it wouldn’t hurt for me to stay for a few minutes. But I can’t have any contact with you, you know, no exchange of bodily fluids.”

Biting her lip, she replied, “OK. Thank you. Just sit with me and talk to me while I do it.” She sat down on the couch, looked at me, and then blushed deeply. “Well, I guess I’m going to take off these clothes.” I nodded mutely and sat in a chair nearby.

Despite the forwardness of her proposition to me, she seemed quite shy. She sort of turned away from me to remove her blouse, as if modesty were in order for such an unusual encounter. Still turned at a angle, she reached behind her back to unhook her brassiere. With her back to me, she carefully put the blouse and bra down on the arm of the couch then she turned to face me.

She was still blushing, but she had a new, slightly determined look in her eye. Her breasts were full and gorgeous, with big, erect, pink nipples. She cupped her breasts with her hands, and began to pinch her nipples. “I like to play with my breasts to get started,” she said awkwardly. I shifted in my chair, trying ortaköy escort to become comfortable despite my growing erection.

As she continued to rub her taut nipples between her thumbs and fingers, she seemed to be becoming less embarassed, and a bit more brazen. “This feels good,” she said. “Thank you.” I nodded.

After a minute she stood up. “I’ve got to take off my slacks, now,” she said somewhat apologetically. Again she turned her back to me, unzipped her slacks, and stepped out of them. She turned to me wearing only a pair of chaste white panties. I could see the dark triangle of her bush outlined inside them. She sat down again, and began to rub herself through the panties. Occasionally she would slip a finger under the elastic along her inside thigh, and allow it to make direct contact. She would close her eyes momentarily in pleasurable excitement, and then open them again to look at me, to confirm that I was paying attention. “I’m really wet,” she announced.

I think she could see my hard-on. There wasn’t much I could do to hide it. “I’m going to take off my panties,” she said. “Could I ask if you… could you take off your trowsers, so I can look at you while I do this?”

I was thinking that this was probably a mistake, but by then she was standing again and pulling down her panties, this time without turning her back. Her pussy looked so lovely and exciting that I felt that I should oblige her. “All right,” I said, and standing up, I pulled my pants and underwear down to my knees, and sat back down. My cock was hard as a rock and throbbing.

“Oh!” she said. “You have a nice one!” Her right hand was moving methodically over her pussy now, dipping inside for juice, and then circling her clit, while her left hand flitted from nipple to nipple. She was breathing heavily now and staring intently at my cock. She moaned, and said, “This feels so good.”

I was thinking that it was a big mistake as I did it, but I put my own right hand on my cock and began to stroke it very slowly. Patricia smiled in appreciation and began to make little mewing sounds. Suddenly she stopped the motion of her hands.

“Listen,” she said. “Could you suck my nipples? There’s no danger in that. No bodily fluids. I would really appreciate it. I think I’m going to cum soon.”

At this point, I think it was too late for me to say no. I got down on my knees on the floor next to her, and seized her left breast with my hands. I began to run my tongue around her big nipple, feeling pendik escort bayan the rough texture, and then nipped it gently with my teeth. Patricia was masturbating intently again, moaning with each exhalation of breath. I moved to the right hand breast and began to work on that nipple.

“Oh, god,” exclaimed Patricia. “Let me make you cum with my mouth. You can’t catch anything that way. Please!” I hesitated, and she took advantage of my hesitation to reach down and seize my cock with her hand. I gasped in pleasure. I didn’t realize how excited I had become by this whole unexpected tableaux. Before I could object, Patricia was on the floor, bending down to take my cock in her mouth.

The pleasure was almost unbearable. I suppose it was the forbidden nature of the encounter that had made me the helpless victim of her lust and my own. She took me slowly in and out of her wet mouth, sucking me with an amazing urgency. At this point I lost all control of myself. I broke momentarily free from her and moved sideways into the 69 position. I offered my cock once more to her mouth as I violently seized her thighs and brought her wet cunt to my mouth. I couldn’t believe how good she tasted. I was headlong into devouring her pussy when her climax began. It must have been multiple orgasms, because it just kept going on and on, and then I felt my own orgasm suddenly coming on like a freight train, and I shot again and again into her hungry mouth.

We lay silently for a minute or so. Then she turned around to face me, her eyes burning with intensity, and whispered to me, “Please, let’s fuck. Please.” She reached for my cock, and the moment it felt her hand, it was hard again. I rolled onto my back, and she quickly straddled my thighs and guided my cock inside her. She sat up and began to methodically ride me up and down, while squeezing her breasts with both her hands. I was bucking my hips to meet her; we found a certain point of teasing friction that was exquisite. I had forgotten all about my ethical qualms. I surrendered to her lust. Her cunt was divine.

“Patricia,” I demanded, “sit on my face.” She obeyed. She moved up and planted her wet pussy on my mouth, rocking back and forth against my lips and tongue. Her cunt was all swollen and wetter than ever, and I cried out with pleasure as I ate her to another orgasm. She flooded my face with her climax, and then moved back down to mount my cock again. At this point we began to fuck wildly, keeping in synch with each other, but moving rapidly with all our might to a tremendous mutual climax.

When it was over, I began to feel the guilt that I knew was inevitable. All kinds of anxieties plagued me. Could I hide the smell from my wife? Were there stains on my clothes? What if I caught something from Patricia? But I knew, as I said goodbye to her, that I could never forget the tremendous excitement that I had felt with Patricia.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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