Chasing Miss Adventure – Bali Ch. 02

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Marie walked into the yoga studio, her mind not at all on the private coaching session she was scheduled to give. She had barely slept, her mind and body too amped up by what had happened the previous night. The memory of John’s hands and lips on her body kept flashing across her mind, making her restless and on edge. And her heart wouldn’t stop skipping a beat when she let her mind wander across a possible future. So silly and juvenile, like a school girl crush. After only one night! She laughed at herself.

She didn’t even know how to get in touch with him, which room he was in, or even his last name. Last night might have been it, might have been the last time she saw him. Shaking herself from that sad thought, Marie brought her focus back to her client.

And there, sitting in the middle of the room, was John.

Marie stopped. She got a grip on herself, not giving in to the urge to run to him. Instead she put her hand on her hip and gave him a mock stern look.

“And what are you doing here?” She asked him.

“I booked a private lesson,” John replied, smiling innocently.

He was sitting cross-legged on the floor of the little house that doubled as a yoga studio. The sun was already high in the sky above the clear blue sea, the hot and humid air wafting in through the open side of the studio. Even in just shorts and T-shirt, John could feel a thin sheen of sweat covering him.

“The lessons are for the women in the seminar,” replied Marie, “last I checked you’re not part of the seminar, or a woman.”

“And you did check,” replied John cheekily.

Marie couldn’t help but blush at remark, the memory of his hard cock pressed against her pussy suddenly front and center in her brain.

“I just asked a the front desk, and apparently they don’t know about your little rules…” continued John. “So here I am. It’s not like I could invite you to breakfast.”

“No. Because this is so much more discreet,” replied Marie, sarcastically. “Okay. Private lesson. What do you want to learn?” She asked, tickled by his desire to see her.

“I don’t know. Stretching I guess. Some good routine.”

“Okay..” Said Marie, putting her bag down by the door. She was dressed in her usual tank top and yoga pants, he hair pulled back in a pony tail. She briefly went though her mental catalog of classes and techniques, before settling on a set that she thought appropriate.

No, not appropriate. She knew when she picked it that she was being anything but careful, or sensible, or appropriate in any way. But it was the set she really, really wanted to do with John.

“Okay, sit up, with your legs in front of you, stretched out,” she said, with her teacher’s voice.

“Facing…?” Asked John.

“Doesn’t matter. Face the view, how’s that?” replied Marie.

John scooted around to face the open wall, facing the ocean view. He stretched his legs out in front of him. Marie stood behind him and put her hands on his shoulders.

“Breathe out and lean forward,” she instructed.

John leaned forward, hands on his legs. He felt the warmth of Marie’s body on his back, the added weight pushing him gently down across his extended legs. His hamstrings started to scream, but he breathed deeply and focussed on the feeling of her body on his.

Marie was squatting behind him, her torso on his back, leaning forward to gently push him further in his stretch. Her face was inches from his neck. She had a sudden urge to nibble at it.

“Ok, come back and inhale,” she instructed. He did so. “Now exhale and lean forward again.”

They did several reps of this, slowly easing him further down. Marie rubbed his lower back to loosen him up. They were silent for a while, just breathing and moving slowly.

“Again, and just relax, we’re going to stay there a bit,” she said.

John cihangir escort folded forward. Marie rested on his back again, but this time let her head rest on his shoulder. She could feel his breath move him under her. She started matching his breath, rising and falling in unison. His scent filled her nostrils, a clean musk, masculine and warm.

She pulled back, sitting on her heels.

“Do you think you can do Crow pose? Do you know which one I’m talking about?” She asked.

“I think so,” he replied, shifting position, letting his aching legs flex for a bit.

He folded one leg under him, the other stretched behind him. He folded forward, bringing his forehead close to the ground. Marie again leaned against him, her leg out next to his, her hands on his hips, her torso on his back. Her hands worked the tense muscles and tendons around the hip joint, loosening them as John settled in this deep stretch.

They were almost fully body to body, her hips resting against his lower back. She was breathing deeply into his ear, her pace matching his. John focussed on the sound of the air moving in and out past her lips, the smell of mint on her breath.

“Good. Switch legs,” she told him.

John did, moving his body under hers. Again, she pressed her body against his, gently pushing him deeper into the stretch. They held that pose for a few minutes, both enjoying the silent stillness of the room as their heartbeats, their breath and their sweat mingled softly.

“Okay, sit up,” said Marie.

John sat up, cross legged. Marie stood behind him, grabbing on to his arms, her knees planted in his upper back. She leaned back, pulling his arm up above his head. His hands rested against her ribcage, his fingertips brushing against the soft rise of her breasts. Marie could feel her nipples start to pucker at the delicate touch.

She released the pressure on John’s back, allowing him to rest. He kept his arms up, running them up and down her back, pulling her closer to him as she stood behind him. She almost fell, which he somehow used to tumble her over his shoulders.

With a yelp of surprise, Marie fell into John’s lap, held in his strong arms.

“This is not part of the class..”she started to protest.

“I think I’m done with class,” replied John as he lifted Marie up so that she was sitting on his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist. Marie draped her arms around his neck.

“Oh really?” She said.

“Really,” he replied, giving her lips a quick peck. “Absolutely,” he continued, kissing her more deeply this time.

Marie didn’t resist when his tongue darted between her lips. She opened her mouth instead, her own tongue hungry for his. She pulled him closer, their bodies tight against each other. His hand was holding her head, his fingers moving through her hair. The other rested against her lower back, holding her in the ring of his arm.

John nipped at her lips, his breathing becoming deeper, hoarse. His hands dug under her tank top, searching for her small breasts. Marie moaned into his mouth as his fingers found her nipples, pulling at them.

“I think you should lock the door,” John breathed.

Marie was slightly taken aback.

“This is a little public,” she protested.

He laughed, “that’s why you should lock the door!”

“There’s a whole wall missing, locking the door is not going to do anything, ” she replied.

“That’s a cliff, no one can see from there.” He said, as he pushed her tank top up and over her breasts, leaving her exposed.

“This is not what I meant yesterday when I said that I would fuck you,” Marie continued to protest, though not with much conviction, John noticed.

John rolled forward, supporting Marie as he laid her down on her back. He esenyurt escort unfolded his legs so that he was stretched out fully on top of her, his weight on his elbows, her legs wrapped around his waist. He started a slow grinding of his erection against the cloth covered rise of her pussy. Marie moaned, feeling the moist heat of her sex press against his hard shaft.

“It’s all I’ve been thinking about..” He said into her mouth as they started kissing again.

She grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face away from hers.

“Lock the door,” she breathed.

“I just said that,” he joked as he jumped up and ran to the door.

He quickly threw the latch and turned back to Marie.

She was sitting up, having pulled her tank top over her head. She smiled at him, topless, her small pink nipples hard as they sat on her soft breasts.

John pulled his own shirt over his head. They stood for a second, looking at each other, half naked, a half smile on their lips. John was savoring the nervous anticipation of her body. He dropped his shirt on the floor before pulling his shorts down.

Naked, he walked over to Marie.

She watched him cross the small room, watched his solid body move, the smile on his lips beneath his shinning eyes. She watched his thick cock as is swayed gently, a soft erection she wanted desperately. She sat up on her knee and, as he approached, guided his cock into her mouth.

John gasped at the sudden wet heat as her mouth enveloped his cock. She kept one hand at the base of it, gently stroking it as she worked her mouth and tongue over the knob. She looked up at him, finding his eyes as her tongue swirled around the purple head of his cock. John moaned again, before gently brushing a strand of hair away from her face. He let his hand lay on the side of her head, following her motion.

She felt him grow harder against her tongue as she pushed him deeper into her mouth. Her other hand started to cup his balls, stroked his inner thighs, ran through his wiry pubic hair. She started a slow pumping motion with her head, fucking her mouth with his cock.

“God..” Gasped John.

Hearing his pleasure sent a shiver down Marie’s spine, a shiver that buzzed against her clit, setting her sex on fire. She wanted that cock that fit so deliciously in her mouth to slide into her aching pussy.

Marie released the cock from her mouth. She fell back, feet in the air, pushing at her yoga pants. John grabbed them, yanking them off of one foot, then the other. Marie’s legs feel back, open. Her pussy, framed by thick brown curls, was a pink wet flower whose petals blossomed open as John watched.

He knelt between her opened knees and, guiding his cock with one hand, pushed the tip of his cock into her wet folds. They both breathed out as her pussy spread open to accept the thick head of his cock.

He laid on top of her before pushing deeper in, pushing in one long slow stroke of his hips until his cock was fully sheathed in her pussy.

“Don’t move, don’t move,” begged Marie, “let me me just feel you..”

John froze, watching Marie’s face as she took in the feeling of fullness that spread from her pussy, the intense pleasure of the first discovery of a lover’s body.

John kissed her lips. Then, without withdrawing his cock, he started to move his hips, grinding the base of his cock against her clit. Marie gave a long slow exhale as the pressure on her clit mounted, the pleasure rose, her body electric with sensations.

John kept his lips brushing against Marie’s, breathing her air, listening to her gasps. His cock was lost in the wet velvet of her pussy, but that’s not where his attention was. He continued the slow grinding motion, keeping the pressure on her clit. He curled his back, etiler escort bayan bringing his head to her breast, his mouth to her nipple. His tongue circled the sharp little nub of flesh, drawing another gasp from Marie. He switched, licking the other one, drawing a moan.

John brought his lips back to Marie’s, kissing her, finding her tongue. He increased the tempo of his hips, her pleasure flooding her pussy, her juices wetting his balls. She gasped, exhaled into his mouth…

“You’re going to make me come..” She whispered.

“Good..come for me..” He whispered back.

Marie gasped, screwing her eyes shut. A low moan escaped her lips, a trembling wail that rose in volume and tempo. Her jaw trembled, a quiver shared by her pussy as it clenched and throbbed around John’s cock. He smiled, moving his hips, keeping his tempo as he felt her body move and shake beneath his.

She gave a final gasp before relaxing beneath him.

“Yeah?” He asked.


“Good.” He said.

And with that he pulled his cock back until the tip of it was barely inside. And then he pushed it back in with a single stroke. Marie gasped. John pulled back again, starting a pounding, slow stroke of his cock into her pussy, the full-length of it moving in and out of her.

“Fuck..” Gasped Marie.

John pushed himself up a bit. He pushed Marie’s hands up over her head, holding them in his. He continued the slow and powerful strokes in and out of her pussy, their bellies slapping wetly against each other as their sweat started to flow.

“Fuck yeah…” she gasped again.

“God you feel so good..” Whispered John, out of breath.

John started to increase the pace, chasing the rising tightness in his balls, his cock hard and tight like a tusk between his thighs. The steady slap of flesh on flesh filled the air, their moans low and guttural as they kissed and pressed their foreheads against one another.

“Fuck..” Moaned John.

“Come for me…come for me..” chanted Marie, her mouth pressed against his jaw, her teeth grazing at the flesh of his neck.

John groaned, his tempo faltering. He pushed into her once, twice, the the third time pushing as deep into her as he could, his wet cum flooding her pussy, his cock spasming and twitching inside of her. Marie pushed her pussy against him, grinding her clit against his shaking body, riding his orgasm to her own.

They collapsed in a tangle of arms and legs, breathing hard. John stayed hard inside of her, their movements moving his cock in her cum-slick pussy just enough to make him gasp.

He pulled her up as he sat up, pulling her onto his lap, his cock still buried in her. Face to face, bodies tightly wrapped around one another, they kissed again.

John took a second to look at her face, framed as she was by the open wall and the ocean behind her, the blue of the water in stark contrast to the red of her hair. He was struck by her beauty at the at moment, the strength of her jaw offset by the softness of her eyes.

He placed his hand on her lower back and started to gently rock her, once again grinding her clit against the root of his cock. They were nose to nose, staring into each other’s eyes. The pleasure grew quickly in Marie, a new orgasm already brewing in the depth of her pussy.

They stayed locked eye to eye, nose to nose, breath to breath, as the pleasure grew. Marie shivered at the pressure on her clit, at the rising ball of heat and pleasure that was growing in her gut. John watched, fascinated, as her eyes grew shiny with pleasure. They stayed staring as an orgasm rocked Marie, her eyes the only steady thing as her face contorted in a mask of pleasure, her body shaking and shivering on top of his.

When she stopped shaking, they kissed again, softly this time, tenderly. John could feel himself soften inside of her, but they stayed locked together, kissing, as the sun started to set behind her. In the darkening day, John held on to Marie, unwilling to let her go. It was a knock on the door that finally shook them loose of their embrace.

Reluctantly, they stood free of each other, their hands lingering in each other’s grasp.

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