Catching Fish Ch. 06

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“I wish we could be like this all the time. Your bed’s WAY bigger than mine.”

Kylie and I are laying on my bed, bodies buzzing and still cooling from our last frenzied love making session. Both naked, we’re laying on the sheets because it’s still warm – even at 11 at night. November can still be a hot summer when the Santa Ana winds blow.

Laying on her stomach, resting her chin while using her stacked hands as a pillow, I’m stroking the beautiful curve of her back as it rises up to her rounded ass. Creamy white, smooth as a baby’s cheek, she has the cutest little butt I have ever seen. She turns her head and asks; “When does your wife get home?”

“Tomorrow night. She said she might stay with Nana for dinner.” It was Saturday, and my wife was visiting her grandmother in Santa Barbara. She told me she was going last night when she came home from work, and as soon as I had the chance I called Kylie on her cell and asked if she’d like to spend the night.

“Whoop whoop…yeah!” she had chirped, and in the background I could hear Shannon giving a “Yaaay! Hey, wait…I wanna see his house.” I guess Shannon’s still there, and I’m on speaker phone again.

“Hey, Shannon. I want to say you were beautiful today! What you did… to you and ME…damn woman. You were awesome.”

“My pleasure Coach!” I can hear her call from a distance, then both girls laughing.

“Mine too!” Kylie and I say at the same time. “Jinx!” they both yell. It’s a good reminder for me – both girls are 18…Shannon looks a couple years older, Kylie a couple younger…but 5 years ago they were both smacking gum, watching High School Musical while giggling about boys at a sleepover.

“OK, why don’t we meet at Chili’s tomorrow for lunch, and I’ll take you home after?”

“You sure you want to Coach? It’ll be Saturday, we might see someone we know.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem. You guys get there about 12 and start eating, and I’ll show up later and we’ll ‘accidentally’ meet. Totally innocent – teacher meeting a couple of students on the weekend.”

“‘Innocent’. Right. OK…I’ll have my bag in my car, and tell Mom I’m sleeping over at Shannon’s again. My mom and her parents don’t talk much…it should be cool.”

Saturday morning, I kiss my wife goodbye, then go to the store to pick up a couple of things and tidy up. I walk into Chili’s about 12:30, and don’t see the girls at first. Then, Kylie waves to me from a corner booth (smart thinking, ladies), and I go sit on the other side of the table from them. Food plates all over, they’ve apparently been feasting on appetizers…a LOT of them. Cheese sticks, onion rings…a plate with a couple of chicken wings left…I remember the days I ate like that. I order a salad and diet coke, and as the waitress leaves I pull out two greeting cards and a pen. I give one envelope to each.

“Here. I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but had to wait till my coaching stipend came in so my wife wouldn’t know…and figure a way to give you guys a cover story. Here’s my idea – write each other’s name on the envelope and inside of the cards. Then write ‘Mom hit the jackpot! Here’s your cut,’ then sign your names.” They look at me quizzically, but go ahead and do it. “Now, exchange cards. You’ve just come into some mad money, and want to share it with your bestie.” Looking at me a little weird, they do it. I reach into my wallet and take out two gift cards, and give one to each.

As they look at the gift cards, they both get excited and start to wiggle and shake, bouncing up and down in their seats and leaning against each other like a couple of kids opening birthday presents. The little girl in each of them is excited about the gift, while the woman in each is planning what they will buy with $250 at Victoria’s Secret.

“Kylie, you can replace some of your ‘duddy’ stuff,” she makes a face at me, “and I know Shannon at least needs a better bath robe. The cards are in case your parents see your new stuff and ask.”

Kylie wants to jump up and hug me, while Shannon reaches across the table to squeeze my hand. “Cool it” I say, just as my salad arrives.

While I’m eating, the two girls make plans to go to the mall and blow their new found wealth. Kylie asks what time we’ll be getting done tomorrow, and I tell aksaray escort her about lunch time to be safe. “OK Shana…tomorrow afternoon we get sexy!” I choke on my salad for a minute, and both girl’s faces light up as they laugh. They know what I’m thinking.

Kylie looks at me as I’m finishing my salad, and asks “Are you ready yet? I want to go,” with a little smile that says ‘I want to get fucked.’ No argument there, I ask for the check and pay as the girls go to the bathroom. I leave, and walk across the parking lot to the bank next door where I parked. The girls come out, see me waving, and drive over so Kylie can switch cars. Shannon says thanks again, tells Kylie to call her tomorrow morning. Kylie throws her bag in the back and we’re off.

As soon as we’re out of the parking lot, Kylie stretches over to kiss my cheek, puts her hand on my thigh and thanks me for the gift. Her hand is rubbing up and down my leg, I’m trying to pay attention to the road…and I suddenly notice I’m going 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. Yep baby, we’re on the same page. I slow down (if you’re going to be with Kylie, you better get used to THAT!), and 10 minutes later pull up into my garage.

Closing the door, we get out, and suddenly I have my arms full of beautiful girl. She’s jumped up, wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, and is kissing me all over my face. I hold her up by her cute little butt cheeks, returning her kisses, and head into the house. The tour will have to wait – I take her upstairs to the master bedroom, and lay her down on my king sized bed. Laying back, she pulls up one knee and spreads out her arms, moving them up and down like she’s making a snow angel.

“Wow! It’s like, bigger than my whole room!” she exclaims. “Well, let’s explore it all,” I say, as I lay right along side her. I roll on top – keeping most of my weight on my leg and arm next to her – and slide my other leg in between hers. She pushes her crotch up into my thigh, wraps her arms around my neck, and starts kissing for real. I reach my hands to the buttons of her short sleeve shirt, open it to uncover her body and bra. Front clips on the bra again, I click them with a twist and the bra snaps apart – revealing her pale little girl breasts with pink nipples jutting out.

With my free hand, I gently rub all over her bare skin. Up her belly, over her breasts, up to her neck and then back down. Over and over, around and around my hand goes…flat hips, across her stomach, back up to feeling her breast – Kylie is really small, and her A cup titties match her size. When she’s on her back, they’re not really big enough to cup in my hand – so I smooth over them, pinching her nipples and sliding my palm over her skin. Ooohhing and aaahhing, she reaches her hands down to her shorts. Lifting her ass off the bed as I continue stroking her body, she pulls her shorts and panties off at the same time. Laying back and splaying out her legs, I let my eyes feast on her body as I get to my knees and take off my shirt.

As my eyes drop to her love muffin, I can’t help comparing it to Shannon’s red gash I saw yesterday. Kylie’s little bubble gum pussy is a small rounded bump – totally hairless, smooth and soft…and can’t be longer than a couple of inches. If she isn’t spreading her legs, that’s all you can see. That, and the little slit down the middle separating the bump into two halves. These soft outer lips cover everything underneath…unless you can look lower and up into her…then you see how the lips open just a bit at the bottom to show her tiny hole. If you want to see her pink inner lips, or her little nubbin of a clit, you have to spread those lips apart with your fingers – which is exactly what I’m doing now.

Spread open, I drink in the wonder of her tiny cute pussy. Soft, rounded outer lips the color of her pale skin, surrounding her two little wavy pink inner lips – so small they don’t extend past her vulva. The inner lips form a kind of a skinny sharp tipped oval…with her fuck hole on the bottom and her little button of a clit nearly fully exposed on top – the inch of slit in between is glistening and pink. As always, I’m overcome with the need to kiss and lick this little teen’s pussy.

“Ooohhhhh Coach…that anadolu yakası escort feels SOOOO good,” she coos, as I gently slide my tongue up and down that slippery little slit. Already wet, I can feel a new wave of pussy juice come oozing out of her hole, and lap it up and spread it around her pussy, making sure to slather some around her clit. “Unnnhhh baby, I’ve been waiting for this,” she moans, beginning to make little circles with her hips as she strokes my hair.

I’d like to go slow, and take hours to help her get ready…but I’m as horny as she is. I switch right over to lightly flicking her clitty with my tongue, and bring my finger up to start pushing into her hole. As I enter her with the tip of my finger, she reaches down and takes my hand in hers…then pulls, sliding my entire finger up into her tight little box! I look up in surprise…What?!

She giggles for a moment, and says “Shannon said I should try and help loosen up before I got here, so I used a Sharpie and it worked!” Worked? I’ll say! We’ve only been on the bed for 5 minutes, and I’ve already got my whole finger up her cunt. Getting optimistic, I try and add another finger – naaaa, that ain’t gonna happen…at least not yet. Leaning back in, I start to do one of the two things I know she likes the most: And that is being eaten out with a finger squirming inside her (the other is, of course, is missionary).

Damn, she’s really into it! Pushing her hips into my mouth, squirming and moaning and calling my name, I reach up to mash one of her titties as I speed up my tongue…spinning and twisting my finger. She spreads her legs wider, puts her hands on the back of my head to help push me into her cunt…and starts to flex her hips fast to rub her clitty on my tongue. Lifting her legs, curling her toes, I see all the signs of her impending orgasm when she stops: puts her hands on the side of my head, and tries to pull me up on top of her. Too soon, I think, and ignore her attempt and keep working her slit – but she’s insistent, and pulls me again – harder. I move up her body, look her in the eyes and say “It’s too soon…you won’t be ready for me.”

“Oh yeah?” she says, spreading her thin thighs wider as she reaches down for my throbbing dick. She brings me to her gushing pussy, slides me up and down her slit while slathering my cock with her juices, then positions my dick head at the opening of her tunnel. My brain says pull away and get back to opening her up, my cock says punch it in now and fuck her till you blow…so they compromise and I just hang over her as she uses her little hands to guide me up into her body.

And up into her I go. As always, entering Kylie’s sweet little teen pussy is like forcing my dick into a tiny blazing hot pipe…soft and wet and two sizes too small. Unlike always, she squeezes me half way in on her first pull, then 3/4s on her second…and within 5 or 6 humps I’m buried to the hilt.

“Holy shit!” I exclaim, as I slowly start to pump. “I know!” she says, “I’ve got to…uhhhh…got…unnnhhhh…oh god…Ohhh Goddddd! Fuck me Coach…fuck meeeeeee…”

And for the first time since we have become lovers (what…two weeks?), I am inside her, pumping away at her little box, within 15 minutes of climbing into bed.

“Shit Kylie! You’re so hot…so wet. I love boning your tight little pussy…that’s it…yeah baby…fuck me back. Just like that, move your little hips and fuck me back.”

“Oh oh oh oh oh” she starts to chant, wiggling her pussy up and down in time with my thrusts, hands on my shoulders and closing her eyes. Horny already, I’m losing control with her responding so hard and fast, and I switch into pure long deep strokes. Her snug little box is hugging and squeezing my cock as I slide it in and out, and my cock head is getting buffed by her inner walls as it keeps trying to push them apart. I recognize that I am not going to last long, but give in to the pleasure anyway: A small part of my brain says I can take care of her later, the rest of it is saying “Fuck her till you blow!”

She’s wrapped her little legs around my hips, and is wailing and thrashing as she bounces up to meet my thrusts. Straight out boning, we smash together as we race to our goals. I see her tells; ataköy escort legs lifting up, pink blush rising on her chest, nipples like spikes – she’s really close…but so am I! Control completely gone, I don’t try and slow to allow her to finish as much as wonder who’s going to cum first.

Moving up a little on her body allows me to pump just a little more deeply into her cunt, and by now I’m flying in her pussy as my end approaches fast. I hear her moaning switch to grunting, feel her legs pointing straight up, and know she is close to the edge…but it’s too late. The cum starts boiling in my balls, I feel the temporary eternity of orgasm washing through my body, and:

“Kylie…sweet Kylie…Oh fuck. OH FUCK. I’m gonna cum baby…I’m gonna cum inside you honey. Oh…OH…OHHHH GODDDD…I’M…ARGGGHHHH!” and I blow. Thrust deep into her tiny hole, and freeze while I shoot BLAM BLAM BLAM into her grasping little cunt.

And that does it for her: “Ahhh…AiiiyyyyIIIYYY…AiiiyyyYYYHHHAAA!” she spasms her tight pussy on my blasting cock. Legs shaking and arms pulling me tight to her, she kicks and sobs as her orgasm courses through her little body.

I’m still gently thrusting, she’s caressing my back as she slowly pumps her legs, and we begin to roll down the hill. Breath, slow down, breath, ahhhhh. Afterglow washes over us both, and we finally come to a stop. Resting above her on my elbows and knees, still inside her as we come back to Earth, I look at my sweet baby and smile while I kiss her cheeks, her nose, her eyes, and finally her lips. Sweet, gentle kisses of satisfaction and love (what? WHAT?! Better not say THAT out loud).

Rolling off to her side, she turns to me and snuggles against my chest, one leg draped over mine.

“Whoa! That was amazing honey…and so fast!” From hitting the bed to screaming our joy, the whole thing took half an hour. Regular sex for many, it was a quickie for us!

“I know! I don’t know if it was being in your bed, or because I was so horny…or maybe the Sharpie.” She giggles against my chest, and I put my arm around her and hold her close.

We wake up an hour later, and fuck again (I’m trying to get her to appreciate being on top. She’s such a small petite girl, I want her to be able to control the action so she doesn’t get smashed by some young guy when she starts dating again). Great for me, she said it was good for her…but I can tell she didn’t come this time.

We shower, I cook her dinner – I grill some of my world famous chicken, sourdough bread, and salad from my garden. Dessert is, of course, strawberries and chocolate. We snuggle on the couch watching a movie, then return to the bedroom for a knock down, drag out 2 hour romp. She makes up for her missing orgasm (and then some), and we lay in bed snuggling and talking.

As midnight rolls around, we drift off to sleep, and I don’t see her till about 3 in the morning – when I roll over and fuck my sleepy angel again.

I wake up before her, take a quick shower, and go make breakfast. I planned on bringing her breakfast in bed, but she got up while I was cooking and came downstairs. We eat, and she goes in to shower while I start to clean up. She calls me in for help, and I climb in the shower with her to wash her back…we end up boning on the bathroom floor. Finally clean and fed, we go downstairs and Kylie gets her phone to call Shannon.

This time as I overhear half a conversation, the girl involved is sitting across from me smiling.

“Yeah, it’s really nice. Two story, big yard…really nice inside.”

“Nope. The minute we got here, I jumped on him, and we did it in his bed…kind of turned me on to know we were doing it in the same bed he screws his wife in.” She winks at me.

“Yeah, we’re getting ready to leave now. I’m going to stop home, then I’ll be over at your house in an hour or two.”

“What?” She looks at me, then says, “Wait a minute…I’ll ask him.” She pulls the phone away from her ear, then tells me:

“Shannon says it’s really hot, and she’s going to cut school and go to the beach tomorrow. She wants to know if you want to go with her.” My little baby looks expectantly at me.

“What about you?” I ask, but she shakes her head ‘no’. “I can’t, I have a paper due in English.” She looks at me intently, then whispers at me “and I wouldn’t go anyway…what are you…dense?”

“Umm, uhhh.” The Man of Action.

“GO, silly!” Then, without waiting for my answer, she lifts the phone back to her ear and says “Yeah, he’d love to.” Elfin smile at me, and “I know, we’ll see,” to her friend.

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