Casual Kink – Jennifer Ch. 03

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“Hello! Hey…uh…JJ…! Yeah I’m out…ahh no no! I’ll be back before the next round! …no I haven’t seen ahh…Jenny! Oh hang on… I think she uhh told me she’s goin’ home to umm ugh… to work on somethin’!” Click!

He hung up the phone just in time to point the camera back down. On the screen he could see his other hand buried inside the dirty brown hair he held in a bunch and full lips sucking the life out of him.

“Look at the camera sugar tits!” He ordered and saw two eyes staring at him intently but only to let him know he had them at his mercy.

“Fuck Jenny! You’re the best damn cocksucker ever! Geez! I’m close already!” Ray announced. That made me feel proud. I have been told that a few times but it’s never enough. Especially coming from Ray who gets his knob polished here like every other day. Real compliment. I knew what to do as I upped my speed from a rhythmic full slow and sensuous suction to piston like pumps. I mean I’m fucking good. I should take workshops or maybe enter competitions.

As I’m about to drift into dreamspace, blowjobs bring out the sub in me, he pulls me back by my hair. My suction on his cock was still strong causing him to grunt out an aaahhh fuck! I look up at him again my lips now only touching his engorged head and my tongue teasing the little eye trying to penetrate it even.

“Where do you want to mark me?” I ask cause well… that’s what it’s about isn’t it? “On my face? Or my titties? Or you know…I can make it disappear…” I’m in my element.

“Stand up! I’m not done yet!” He didn’t wait for me to protest instead pulling me up by my hair. Ouch! He roughly grabbed my boob with one hand and squeezed it hard and then pulled me in for a hot wet kiss. No dodging this time as he goes at it. His tongue lodged almost in my throat as he reaches under my skirt looking first for my pussy and then my other sore hole.

“Ray!” I manage to say breaking from the rousing kiss. “Damn you’re a good kisser!” I say as we kiss for what seems like a few days! “Honey! We only agreed on a blowjob! Please! I can’t…you are JJ’s best mate!” I plead even though I knew he had already made up his mind to take my ass as he tries to lubricate his finger with my pussy juice. There’s a lot of it.

“Ray! Please! Please stop!”

. . . . .

Earlier, we were found in the bathroom stall by Maria the crazy waitress of Crazy 8. Luckily, for me, she only saw Ray and assumed he’s in there harassing some bimbo as always and didn’t actually bother to see that it was me. That would have been game over as apart from knowing almost everyone who came into the bar, maltepe şişman escort she also happens to be my husband JJ’s sister. She ordered Ray to take his harrassment business outside behind the bar.

Ray managed to sneak me out the back of the bar and take me for a short walk. I was still a bit shocked playing all the scenarios in my mind.

“Take off your panties” He ordered when we were a good way away from the bar lights. We crossed the broken fence and stood at the edge of the trail. No one hiking here at this time. We were also well hidden by some dumpsters from anyone who might look in this direction from the bar.

“Ray!” I finally managed to speak! “Listen! Please! Let’s talk this over! I can explain!” What the fuck was I saying? Explain what? I’m not good at explaining. I’m good at being a stupid bitch.

“What the fuck you gonna explain Jen? Take off your panties and hand them over to me! Now!” I did what he said. I slid my hands under my skirt and slowly pulled them down all the way and took them off hopping in my heels a bit. They’ve been taken off a few times today I thought to myself. I held my hand out straight to him and let them hang on my fingers. He snatched them, put them to his nose and had a long sniff. Perv. He had only half an idea of what was in them.

“You are one dirty slut Jennifer! Cheating on your darling husband. My best mate! Sexting… and god knows what other kinks you’ve got. Peeing in your panties and getting it on video! Really Jen?…sending it to some stranger! Do you realise that these things end up on the internet forever?” Geez dad I thought to myself! Only if you knew the videos I star in that are selling like hot cakes on my website right now! I’m beginning to wonder if this was an intervention! I’m pretty sure it wasn’t! I knew what he wanted!

“A blowjob! But that’s it!” I opened up the negotiations! He just stared at me perhaps mulling over the offer in his head! He scratched his balls a couple times apparently getting hot sniffing my mixed juice panties. He then bunched them up and stuffed them in his pocket. Yep he was hard now. Even in relative darkness that much was clear.

“Alright slut! …on your knees! …and open that shirt! Lemme see them!” I opened the buttons as slow as I could. I was turning him on. Gosh! I was serious about this. I was gonna make him feel great! I was committed to this. Daddy was right. I’m a natural born whore.

I found a patch of grass and got down to my knees. I opened all the buttons revealing my nice round breasts and pinkish brown nipples that were now pendik escort hard?! Ok so I’m really into this. As I unbuckle him and open his pants I can see he’s in no need of foreplay. That poor swollen monster needs a release. I kiss his underwear covered cock head and it twitches. I look up at him as if to say I’m all yours to do as you please.

“Wait bitch! I wanna get this on video!” He pulls my head back with my hair he’s holding in his hand and takes out his phone from the back pocket.

I manage to pull his sizeable cock out of the underwear. I hold it in my hand and place it on my face. Almost face length. I give it a long lick from the hairy balls to the underside of the head as he fumbles with the camera app trying to find the focus.

“It’s too dark here! You won’t be able to…”

“Shut up whore! What are you? A director now? Start sucking! I’m gonna shoot in night mode!”

. . . . .

“Ray! Please! Please stop!” I yelp as he tries to enter my anus with his finger.

“No please Ray! I’m begging you. No fucking please. Not today!”

“Not today? Why not?”

“Ugh! Cause I’m real sore down there.” I almost whisper! It’s true! “It’s been…well…it’s been overused and it hurts like a bitch!”

“Your ass?”

“…and my pussy!”

“Both? How?”

“I’ll tell you but I think you have to be inside. Look! I’ll take you out for dinner tomorrow. We can talk then. I’ll tell you everything. I promise.” I’m thinking again. Good. When I’m a sub I usually give up on thinking. I’m glad I’m able to turn on and off. New revelations.

He stood there with his mouth open. I could see his excitement going down a bit!

“You wanna have dinner with me?” Ray asked surprised. I think I have rejected at least a 1000 invites from him for dinner in the past.

“Yes Ray! You and me! Tomorrow night! Romantic dinner! Chilis! What do you say?” I didn’t wait for him to respond. I reach for his now semi hard erection and caress it gently then grabbing it firm and pulling it.

“Now…let’s not talk this little guy into sleep!” I get down on my knees again and take it in my mouth sucking it deep then picking it up and sucking the balls taking as much of them in my mouth as I can. He’s almost back to full strength I notice. Just then, Ray pulls me back again. I look at him a bit annoyed. He takes out my panties from his pocket and untangles them carefully putting them over my head so that the crotch is on my nose. Is he trying to figure out how far I’d go? I smell them for the first time and it turns me on again. Not too bad I kinda like it I think. pendik eskort bayanlar He pulls them up and around my nose a bit so that my lips are completely exposed.

“Open your whore mouth and hands behind your back.” He commands. I comply willingly. This is fun. Ray seems to know what he’s doing which I like. He holds my head with both his hands and drives his cock all the way in. I take out my tongue as I’ve been taught by daddy to grant him easy access to my throat. He gets lodged in there and I can feel his pubes tickling me all over my upper lips and tongue. The scene is almost romantic I figure if someone’s watching us side on. I could feel he had never felt this good getting sucked. The first spurt lands on my tongue. The next four land perfectly on the crotch of my panties covering my nose. Then he shoves it back in my mouth as I suck it dry and then clean it up properly.

I sat there on my knees with the panties on my face looking into his eyes. Only he couldn’t look at me. He was busy pulling his pants back up and putting on the belt. I’ve heard all boys get hit with guilt right after they cum. Is that a curse?

I stand up slowly brushing off the dirt from my knees. He comes close to me. He can see my eyes on either side of the panty bottom looking into his eyes. I don’t notice his hand rising and landing on my cheek. That was not a playful slap. More like a slap from someone who’s been made to cum against his wish. It stings. In fact it stings so much I look back at him with anger. I realize though that he’s never been with a submissive woman before. At least not a slut like me. The thought makes me break into a half smile. Poor Ray looks all confused.

“You’re going to wear those!” is all he said as I saw him walk back. I slowly stood up and wore the panties letting the wetness hit me once again. God I love this feeling. I didn’t want to recall all that had happened today. I straightened my skirt as I saw Ray enter the club from the back door never once looking back in my direction. I looked around for my purse. It was a few feet away. I lit a menthol and stood there wondering about things. I enjoyed what happened. In fact so much that I was still fidgeting with my panties under my skirt. I have never been a girl who thinks too far ahead. What was I gonna tell him at dinner tomorrow? We’ll see when we get there I think as I make my way towards the front of the bar. For now, I dearly need a beer and a bath.

“Jennifer! Girl I didn’t know you still here!” Maria asked as I entered the bar. “I thought you left and I’m gonna have to give Mr hammered over there, a ride home tonight! Again!” I saw JJ. Yep he was drunk again.

“I had to run a quick errand! Maria, can I get a Guinness?! Please!” I was thirsty as fuck!

“You got it luv! Let me get it quickly and then I have to tell you something about Ray and his new bimbo!”

Oh fuck, I thought! Here we go again!

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