Business Travellers Meet

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I would like to thank my editor AquaFire14 for reading thru this story.

This story was written for everyone but especially for the beautiful people of the Lit thread “Business Travelers Unite.”

Some of the parts of this story are true. Sadly, not the sexual parts; well, not in the way that they are described anyway. 😉

Love you all, have fun reading the story.

Vitriol Hack


On the plane thinking, Zach had lost count of the amount of times he had been to Miami. Sometimes, he would momentarily forget the name of the city he was in as he zoomed around the continent for his work.

Was this time in Miami going to be any different?

He knew that the fauna of south beach, one of his favorite destination, offered lots of beautiful looking people if not inherited by youth, purchased or injected at the local rejuvenation center.

What did he have to look forward to with this trip? The loads of small talk he would have to endure? The casual conversations with business acquaintances? The daily “power” breakfast briefings with his lawyers? Or worst, the let’s get to know each other routines, hopefully it won’t involve golf this time around.

Chuckling, he knew that these were all the necessary elements of proper business conducts. He could hardly blame any of them for acting this way, as he himself spent quite a bit of time honing his artful business conversational dinner skills.

Evenings where always more fun and offered some respite to his daily load of stress. His routine would have him retract to the chic hotel bars or interesting rooftop pools that would have DJ’s play some background music. Funny how Miami and south beach had adjusted to their clienteles over the 20 years or so that he had been frequenting the area, he thought.

After checking-in, he decided to go to the lounge for a well-deserved drink and late dinner.

This lounge is like many other stylish ones. Being a weeknight, it was sparsely attended by the temporary patrons this hotel attracted. Solo dinning was not his favorite thing to do, but the atmosphere of this establishment was preferable to the loneliness of his room.

He then noticed this lady in red slowly making her way to the bar. Her demurely slow non-directional walk to the bar suggested she was unaware of the preying eyes on her. Finally at the bar, she ordered a glass of white Chardonnay wine.

The lady decided to sit at the plush looking leather booths to enjoy her wine.

Her ample breasts with protruding nipples where neatly tucked tightly in the confines of the red fabric that seductively displayed her cleavage. As she passed Zach, he admired her thighs that, slightly wide, made each butt cheek the side of a heart whose tail ended between her legs. Her walk had her rolling her hips displaying her long bare legs. With each stride, the fabric would roll up displaying a little bit more of her milky flesh.

“This day just took a turn for the better,” Zach thought to himself.

Is she a professional working in the room he thought? She was dressed like a professional working but her attitude did not match her physical appearance. Most sluts in Miami that hang at lounges choose to saunter around the bar displaying their goods for the highest bidder and are rarely shy of making the first move.

In the fifty years he was on this earth and with the experience of hundreds of hotel lounges, he wondered if this lady was different.

She chose a remote area of the lounge slightly hidden by the dim lights. Perhaps she wanted to be alone or perhaps she did not yet know she was longing for the companionship of someone who would passionately make love to her or fuck her deeply and hard for being a bad girl that cladded herself with tight slut-wear.

Who was a she? Or better yet, who was she tonight?

Zach decided to dive in, after all, he has had his share of awkward conversations before. “What’s one more?” he though.

Perhaps he could use one of his cheesy lines that worked when he was a much younger man like, “Pardon me ma’am, did you just sneeze?” To which the woman would almost always answer, “No,” and he would reply with attitude, “‘Cause God Bless You!”

How about, “Pardon me miss, where was your dressed made?” To which most girls would not know the answer giving him the opportunity to quickly answer, “Well, just like you, they were probably made in heaven!”

Yeah, way too cheesy for an older gentleman, he thought, whose 20 years of marriage had made him out of touch with the modern day chivalry.

Ok Zach, he thought, let’s go for the brain.

Zach puffed up his chest like a peacock and confidently walked over to the shaded booth to deliver his ice breaking line to pretty lady in red.

“Heartbreaker or dream maker?” Zach told the beautiful stranger.

“Pardon me,” she answered.

Zach continued with a longer explanation, “When you were still in high school, were you a heart breaker or a dream maker?”

The pitch and the silk of her voice by the simple antalya escort “pardon me” she offered to Zach was enough to give him a semi erection.

Yes, he fancied this lovely stranger.

His animalistic side would have him rub himself all over her and bury his face inside her red dress in between her thighs. What did she taste like? Was she wet?

His angelic side was asking him, “Is she smart?” Zach was always a bit of a sapiosexual kind of guy. The thought of finding brains and beauty in this lounge was intoxicating to him.

What was she going to answer?

“Well, since you asked, I think I would say dream maker,” the lively stranger answered.

“That’s an interesting choice,” Zach replied.

“Why is that?” she asked.

“Dream maker implies you probably have an active imagination and you are just waiting for the right opportunity to unleash it,” Zach hypothesized. “Am I anywhere close to your reality?”

Pointing at the empty seat, Zach asks the lady, “May I?” Sensing her ambivalence, Zach added, “Please allow me some intelligent conversation in an otherwise dreary evening.”

Smiling back at Zach the lady replies, “Well, I am married and your two tone gold ring tells me that you are also. Ok, sure, sit down. These plush vintage leather seats are so deliciously comfortable it would be a shame if you did not enjoy them also.”

“Indeed, comfort is an important aspect to an agreeable conversation.”

Zach thinks to himself, “Her initial thought of me is of a guy who is out to have a good time behind his wife’s back. Maybe she needs to know me a little better?”

Pointing his greenish eyes at her and dropping an octave, he says, “Please, give a guy a chance to be a gentleman, may I offer you a refill of your chardonnay?”

The squinting of her eyes had Zach guessed that she was smiling; he took that as a yes, and got the attention of the waiter and ordered another glass of wine for the lady and an old fashion for himself.

“Hello, I am Zacharias, my friends call me Zach.”

“I am Catherine call me Cathy and next week is my wedding anniversary.”

In an awkward yet formal way, the two strangers shock hands. “Soft skin,” Zach thinks to himself, “She must really love her husband to have mentioned that she is married twice in the 30 seconds they just talked.”

“Splendid, this year will be my 19th wedding anniversary,” Zach replied confirming to her that he was also married.

“Is that the number of years of marriage a man takes before he addresses another woman in a bar?”

Laughing out loud, Zach replied, “You really are a pistol; I have been married for 19 years but I have been talking to women for as long as I can remember. Just so that my intentions are clear, in the years I have been with her, never did I not love my wife.”

Puzzled by the words chosen by Zach, Catherine fumbled her way through the next line, “Oh, it’s not that… it’s just that…uh…I never do this!” Sighing, “I mean, I hardly ever speak to strangers,” pausing for a second or two she adds, “let alone another man and,…err…I am not used to the attention.”

Sensing Cathy was getting flustered and uncomfortable, Zach decided to make use of his psychology skills that have served him well over the years as a negotiator; speaking softly to make sure she would have to lean in closer to understand him clearly over the background musette, “I am just passing through this beautiful city. I will be here at the W for two days, and I am truly sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I understand how all new experiences are hard in the beginning.”

Cathy chuckled nervously, “I actually bought this dress hoping to entice my husband’s senses.”

“Trust me on that one, it’s not just your husband’s senses that are caught in your charming web.” Zach said while raising his glass, letting her know she was desirable woman.

“Oh,” Cathy said somewhat caught off guard.

“Come on, haven’t you seen how the kids over there were undressing you with their stares? To them, you are a cougar on the prowl.”

A little stunned at the cougar remark, Cathy turns red and drinks her wine a little faster.

“I am so sorry if I embarrassed you, that was not my intent. I just wanted to highlight how they just went totally goofy when you walked by them earlier. The low cut back of your dress was enough to have them readjust the thing in their pants. Does it turn you on to know you are a very sensual and desirable woman?”

Liquid confidence at hand, Cathy crosses her legs leaving her red dress riding up to her thighs and answers, “Zach, Zach, Zach, what woman in her right mind does not secretly like a little bit of attention, maybe even a lot of it. I am hoping this dress will have my husband noticing me the same way these kids did and apparently you also!”

The repetition of his name 3 times by her had Zach displaying a beaming smile. He raised his glass again signifying he agreed with her, “Touché!”

“If you want another man’s opinion, let me be the first to tell lara escort you that, there is absolutely no way he will not pay attention to you with this fabric on you. When I saw you slowly sauntering in, I…” Zac stopped talking as he realized he was going to be too forward with his beautiful new friend.

“When you saw me walking in…and?” Cathy blurted out all of a sudden, really interested with the rest of the phrase he held back.

Zach ordered his third old fashion and another chardonnay for Cathy. “Wow, this bartender is really loose with the bourbon in my drink.”

“Zacharias, why are you changing the subject?”

Hearing his full formal name had him back in grade school with a feeling of being scolded like a little child by his teacher Mr. Smith with the massive knockers. He would frequently stare at them and lose his train of thoughts. “Well, I am embarrassed by what I first thought, and after talking to you, I am doubly embarrassed.” Zach said and took another sip.

“Wow, now I am really intrigued,” she replied.

“Promise you won’t be mad?”

“Cross my heart,” Cathy playfully replied gesturing a cross across her ample breasts that had Zach starring a little too long.

“Oh boy, here goes. Well, um, I thought you were,” choosing his next few words carefully, he continued, “a lady of the night,” Zach said while frowning and immediately emptied his third drink.

“You thought I was a prostitute.” Cathy said flatly.

“Yes, please don’t take this the wrong way.” Zach fumbling his way to a half ass excuse, not really knowing if Cathy was mad or amused by his words.

“Well then, if I were a lady of the night, like you just said, how much money would I be worth? Have you paid for women before Zacharias?” Cathy said while trying to be coy.

“As long as we are being honest, yes, I have paid for women before, but not for what you are thinking of.”

“And what am I thinking?”

“You are probably thinking that I paid women for the sexual pleasure of enjoying their flesh, but that is not entirely so.”

“Oh,” a surprised yet all of a sudden very interested in the reason Zach was about to divulge. “Why do you pay them for then?”

“I pay them for something that is, to me, much more valuable.”

Cathy uncrossed her legs and leaned on the table to make sure she could see and hear his pouty lips mouth the reason. Her leaning in had the effect exposing the cleavage of her breasts against the rim of the table. “What is it then?” She queried.


“Intimacy, what do you mean?” Cathy retorted furrowing her brows in confusion.

Sensing that this would require a longer explanation, Zach offered to Cathy an insight into his reality. “You see Cathy, I am here for 3 days, then I fly home for the rest of the week. On Sunday, I am off to Nashville for a few days. Then home, and Paris for a whole week. I can’t remember the rest of my itinerary without looking at my iPhone’s electronic agenda, something I refuse to do as it would mean tearing my eyes away from the lovely sight you are offering them.”

“You are such a charmer; I bet you say that to all the women you meet in your travels.” Cathy replied without noticing she did not move back to her original position as she physically enjoyed the sudden closeness of the two. From afar, people would not know that these two were in fact strangers.

She was now sitting close to his strong thighs. Her upper legs touching the fabric of his premium Jack&Jones coated jeans with button fly that contrasted nicely with his clean white shirt and brown patent leather booty style shoes with a matching belt. The tan sport jacket gave the whole look a loose, yet dressy chic.

Why did she pay so much attention to the details of his attire, she thought? And why did her gaze riveted on his button fly? Was she longing to know what was packed in it? Other than her husband’s pole, she had not seen or felt another appendage in a very long time. He had larger hands than her husband’s, perhaps, she thought, he also had a larger tool. What would a real larger and longer penis feel like as it probed her insides, she suddenly wondered.

Perhaps, it was the alcohol or the thought of this stranger’s dick but she felt her pussy was getting wet as she was growing increasingly vulnerable to his charm.

“Wow, that is quite an itinerary, how often are you home?”

“Last year, I was away 7months of the year. Nights alone in a hotel room can get lonely, that’s why I like to hold,” he paused letting the silence linger just enough time not to make it weird, “just hold on to a woman,” Zach explained.

“But, it’s hard to pay for high emotional intelligence.” Zach continued regaining his normal flow of words. “Some of the girls are freaked out and are worried that they are not desirable. Others are totally ecstatic at the fact that they won’t have to fuck yet another stranger. Yet, all want to get paid up front! I guess business is business after all.”

“That is kind of sweet, manavgat escort so, all you do is hug them?” A very interested and little sexually aroused Cathy queried.

“Well, mostly yes, we cuddle each other and if I have a Jacuzzi in my room, I like to feel their weight on me in the warm water. Though, every so often, conversation meets passion making the night very enjoyable for both of us. You can almost forget that this is business.”

Listening to Zach’s story hardened Cathy’s nipples betraying her demeanor in display for all to see her level of excitement.

“Why did I come here tonight? I should have just stayed in my room with my Mills & Boon book of the month,” she answered.

Zach giggled.

“It’s actually cute that you read Harlequin romance novels. But, why retreat to your imagination behind a few canned lines you have read many times when we could write a whole book tonight?” he asked raising a brow playfully.

“Ok, I’ll admit it’s a form of escapism for me, as long as we are writing a book, how would it start? You go first.” Cathy taunting him to come up with an opening line.

“Are you challenging me?”

“Maybe a little,” Cathy answered and with a suggestive undertone added, “Are you UP for it?”

That last line had Zach smiling at the seductress in front of him.

“Ok,” he says and thinks to himself, “Time to say something smart.”

“Well,” Zach tells Cathy, “If I were to write a few lines for the beginning of a book, they would go something like this,”

Clearing his throat, Zach commences with, “Many women were in Zach’s life, all of them are business acquaintances. They were smart, intelligent women but lacked in the art of seduction. Since most of them were lawyers, they dressed with a gal version of a drab grey business suit. Showing a little bit of leg would automatically be followed with calumny from their peers. At any rate, Zach was not one to fuck with the payroll, so his nights where spent alone in another bright lights big city hotel room with Netflix or, at times, with the paid comfort of a lady to spice up his evenings into what had become his routine on the road of bachelor life…”

Laughing, Cathy says, “Bachelor? I thought you were married?”

“What makes you think the book is about myself?” Zach replied innocently.

“That’s true, but it sounds similar to our previous conversation, and your protagonist’s name is also Zach.”

“Ok, you got me, I am not a novelist. Next time, I will think of a story where the lady is a librarian by day and Lara Croft by night!”

“Last call,” yelled the bartender.

“Wow, is it midnight already?” Zach said out loud.

“Yes, just when the conversation was getting good. Time to retire to my room.” Cathy said to Zach.

Not wanting the night to end so abruptly, Zach says, “What kind of gentleman would I be if I did not offer to walk you back to your room.”

“Not a very good one!” Cathy added with a light laugh, her also wanting to spend a little bit more time with him.

A little woozy from the drinks but still in control of her faculties, Cathy stood and had to look down at Zach to tell him, “I need to pay my bill.”

“No worries, done it already,” Zach replied.

“What a gentleman,” Cathy replied.

“Well, I am here often, I have my perks.”

They walk to the elevator where Cathy presses on the 16th floor and Zach simply tapped a pad with a hotel card and pressed the PH floor.

“How is the view from that floor?” Zach asked Cathy.

“Magnificent, you can see the whole city. It must be splendid now that the night has eaten away the day.” Cathy replied as the rising motion of the elevator temporarily lighten her off of feet as it propelled them upwards.

The high pitch ding of elevator resonated in the cabin as the couple reached Cathy’s floor. “Well, that’s me.” Cathy said with a slight sigh and offering her hand again to Zach.

Zach took her right hand with his left and lowered her hand and reached around her waist with his right hand to hug her. She could smell a hint of his fresh lavender scented cologne and feel his toned body. They stayed like this for a couple of seconds. Cathy could feel Zach’s erection growing on her belly.

“This is much nicer than a handshake,” Zach said.

“Yes it is,” Cathy replied with her head close to his chest.

With a voice that was soaked with his desire for her, Zach stared at her passionately and intensely directly in her eyes and said, “Cathy, would you like to spend a moment feeling the sweet warm air of the evening from the private balcony of my penthouse suite that overlooks the city? I can guarantee you an unforgettable view.”

Zach eagerly awaited the answer from Cathy. He was not the pushy type, and did not want to have to resort to financial retribution with her. He enjoyed her company immensely and wanted her to feel the same way about him.

As the doors are about to close, Zach reached for the button to open the doors again but Cathy reached for his hand, would she stop him from pressing it and continue the ride like Zach hoped?

He was waiting for a sign from her to confirm that she was flinching and would accept his proposal. He could feel her ambivalence. So he decided to gently nudge her in the direction of his desire.

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