Bullied: Then & Now

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Bullied: Then & Now
“He got sugar in his tank,” ridiculed the ring leader.

Another member of the pack pushed down the small, artsy, sepia-toned k**.

“Stop,” whined the victim. “Please stop!”

The group leader bowed up and hovered over the squealing boy. He spat on the punk. “You ain’t worth it! Let’s go y’all.”

The five hooligans walked away laughing.

Erick Sherman willed himself not to cry. He picked himself up and dusted off. He grabbed his bicycle and rode home. He knew he would not tell his mom or dad about what had just happened. They would have wanted him to go back out there and fight those evil bullies. And, Erick was in no way interested in that. He was a smart k** and much preferred reading the encyclopedia to roughhousing with other boys his age.

Erick’s primary tormentor was named Lamont Blackmon.

As the years progressed, Lamont continued picking on Erick.

To Erick, it made no sense. They were fairly similar. Both lived in a two-parent household with hard working fathers and mothers. There was nothing to be jealous of.

Unlike Erick, who was a star pupil, Lamont had been held back in 4th grade. This was how they ended up in the same class.

Early on in high school, Lamont sparked up a rumor that Erick jerked off while watching the football team practice.

Erick was teased and taunted by the jocks and cheerleaders. He continued to keep his mind focused on his academics.

Erick and Lamont’s lives diverged even more.

Erick excelled with a perfect 4.0 GPA. He played the trombone in the marching band. He participated in Model U.N. He was on the yearbook staff and captain of the Scholar’s Bowl team. He represented the school at various youth leadership conferences. He even won an opportunity to travel in Europe and Japan for a month during the summer between his junior and senior years.

Lamont, on the other hand, was a gifted athlete. The five-foot-nine, 165-pound, square-jawed, dark-skinned guy played wide receiver on the varsity football team and he was a standout sprinter for the track team. He was good-looking and a charmer. He talked girls out of their panties regularly – Black chicks, Spanish boricuas, and White hoes. There were even whispers that the handsome stud was banging one of the teachers. He was named All-State in football and won a state title in the 4×200 relay.

During this time, Lamont made Erick write papers and complete homework assignments for him. It was all under the guise of quid pro quo. Lamont promised not to beat up Erick if he helped him stay academically eligible to play sports.

However, Lamont never ceased telling tales about Erick and publicly mocking and deriding the k**.

Erick’s feelings were hurt, but he hid his disdain. Erick realized that he was attracted to men during this time. He never acted on any of his desires for fear that Lamont would capitalize on them and expose him to his parents.

When graduation came, Erick believed he was finally free. He had accepted a merit-based scholarship to Swarthmore College.

Lamont was set to go to a junior college with a top-notch kaçak iddaa football program.

There was huge party on the edge of town for the graduating class. Everyone was in attendance. The night air was only mildly humid. The sky was clear with constellations dancing. A mix of music blared from the teenagers’ vehicles. Somehow, kegs were procured and beer was flowed freely.

Lamont made the circuit. He spotted the band geeks. Erick was with them. He strutted over. “Yo, Erick,” he called out. “Let me holla at you.”

Erick looked stunned.

“Hey! It’s graduation. I wanna bury the hatchet,” Lamont shared.

Erick walked away with Lamont. They made it to a secluded area.

“I’ve been an ass to you. Forgive me, man,” started Lamont. “You a real cool dude!”
“Thanks,” Erick stammered.
“You ain’t gotta be nervous,” Lamont made shifty eye contact.
“You been real cool. I got a secret to tell you.”
“What is it,” Erick looked around suspiciously.
“I mean…I…uh…I think you’re cute.”
“Between me and you, I want you to suck my dick.”
“Yeah! It’ll be our little secret, right?”
“But I…”
“Come on, li’l nigga! Get on your knees.”

Erick knelt down apprehensively. Lamont pulled out his meaty, flaccid cock.

“You like this muthafucka,” Lamont shook the seven-inch soft tool.
“Uhhhhh. Yeah,” grinned Erick.
“Suck it and get it hard then!”

Erick opened his mouth.

A dimwitted white girl jumped out wielding an instant camera. She snapped photo after photo.

Lamont chuckled.

A few other football players appeared and buckled over with laughter.

Erick was petrified. He clasped his hands over his head. He wanted to disappear.

Lamont declared, “I need to take a piss!”
“Yeah,” one of the running backs encouraged him.
“Piss on that faggit,” yelled a defensive lineman.

“Might as well,” Lamont smirked. He began to urinate. The stream flowed onto Erick’s low-top fade.

The other Black dudes whipped out their dicks and relieved themselves too.

Afterwards, Erick stood up and snuck away to the 1991 Dodge Dynasty he drove which had once belonged to his deceased grandfather. He vowed to never return to his hometown.

Erick went on the Little Ivy college. He got a degree in sociology and then joined the Peace Corps. He spent two years in Tanzania. Upon returning to the States, Erick enrolled in a master’s in education program. Now, he taught second grade.

Lamont played for a year and failed out of the Ju-Co. He got a four girls pregnant. And, he ended up in a terrible motorcycle accident. He was paralyzed from the waist down.

Erick learned of Lamont’s fate from his mother. During one visit to his parents, his mom wanted to take a care package to the Blackmons. Erick hesitantly agreed to go with her.

Lamont’s mama invited them inside.

The two women chatted in the kitchen as Erick sat in the living room looking at the TV along with Lamont.

“I’m really sorry,” muttered Lamont. “I really did you wrong.”
“Excuse me,” Erick rolled his eyes.
“I’m for real, man! I was dead wrong. Look at me now. In a wheelchair.”
“What does perabet güvenilir mi a wheelchair have to do with anything?”
“Karma is a bitch,” Lamont shared.
“I don’t think how you acted towards me caused this.”
“Well, I know it did. I just wanna ask you to forgive me.”
“I’m over it. I’ve been over it,” Erick revealed.

“Thank you,” Lamont sighed.
“It’s all good. You don’t have to mention it again,” Erick said.
“I’ve been gettin’ right with the Lord.”
“That’s good! We all need a spiritual connection.”
“You’re absolutely right. I been praying for a chance to apologize to you. And, lo and behold you and your mom showed up.”

“Look, I know you probably don’t trust me, but this has changed me. Humbled me, ya know?!?”
“I believe you, Lamont.”
“Even if you don’t, I’m grateful you came by to see me. You were always a good dude.”
“Thanks,” Erick glanced sideways. “You can let it go! I forgive you!”
“Okay, buddy,” smiled Lamont.

Erick admired the growth Lamont showed in this moment. It was almost 15 years since Lamont had humiliated him by peeing on him.

The visit came to a close. Before the guests left, Lamont asked, “Can I get your number to stay in touch?”

“Uh,” Erick started.
Erick’s mom interjected, “I’ll text Erick’s number to your mom.”
“Thank you, Mrs. Sherman,” Lamont smiled.

On the ride back, Erick’s mother said, “Lamont doesn’t get many visitors.”
“How is that my fault?”
“It isn’t, baby! But, it’d be nice if you’d interact with him on occasion.”
“I guess.”
“Can I sent his mom your number?”
“Sure,” Erick acquiesced.

A few days later, Erick was back at his home. He had just finished grading 23 spelling tests, vocabulary quizzes, multiplication & division assessments, and social studies assignments. He was about to turn his attention to a paper he was working on for his ethics, law, and policy course. His cell phone buzzed. It was a message from a number he didn’t recognize. He tapped the screen. The text read:

-This is Lamont Blackmon. Just saying thank again for stopping by. May God Bless You

Erick sent a reply acknowledging receipt.

Over the weeks, Lamont would text Erick on occasion with inspirational quotes or questions about politics. Erick wrote back as quickly as he could.

One night, they were debating the upcoming election.

Lamont ended up calling Erick. They talked the night away. They lamented the popularity of Trump, laughed about the Ghostbusters reboot, and discussed Ava Duvernay’s Netflix documentary ‘13th’.

They occasionally spoke after that.

Erick earned his Ed.S. and was promoted to school principal.

Erick was back visiting his parents. As he snacked on pretzels, his mom remarked, “Guess who I saw at Walmart the other day?”

“Who,” Erick asked.
“Lamont Blackmon.”
“He was walking!”
“Yeah! He said he’s been walking for about two months now.”
“Good for him!”
“You oughta go see him.”

Erick fired off a text.

-You can walk now?
-Yeah! WIth a cane.
-That’s great news!
-I’m in town. Wanna grab lunch?
-Yeah. Can you drive though?

Erick tipobet headed over to Lamont’s parents’ house. He waited in the driveway as Lamont came out slowly. Lamont got into the red 2016 Lexus RX 350.

Erick drove to an Asian buffet. They dined.

“It’s real nice of you to invite me out,” Lamont smiled.
Erick blushed, “It’s all good. I’m just thrilled to see you walking again.”
“Me too,” chuckled Lamont.
“What do you plan to do now?”
“Get a job of some sort.”
“Don’t rush it.”
“Why not? Tomorrow isn’t promised to us.”
“Speaking of…Are you still single?”
“I am.”
“Why is that?”
“I don’t know.”
“I’m really shocked no nigga has locked you down.”
“How do you mean?”
“You cool. You smart. You nice. You got a pretty booty.”

“Lamont,” Erick averted his eyes.
“Too forward,” Lamont checked.
“You’re being silly.”
“I’ll show you how silly I am,” the recently healed man licked his lips.

Lamont waved his hand to summon the waitress. He told her they wanted the check. He pulled out his wallet. Erick offered to split it. Lamont scowled at him and threw down a debit card. “I got this,” he declared. “It’s the least I can do.”

“Thanks,” Erick beamed.
“You smoke?”
“Not really.”
“I got some good stuff. You sure you don’t wanna?”
“I could take a few hits.”
“That’s what’s up! Let’s go out to the Lampshade Lodge. I’ll get us a room. We can blaze there.”

Erick agreed.

Inside the motel room, Lamont produced a blunt.

They lit up and puffed.

Lamont shared, “Back in the day I fucked you over. I’ma make it up now.”
“How so,” asked Erick.
“Like this!”

Lamont pulled out his dick. It was already hard and standing at attention. Erick admired the 10-inch tool.

Erick started sucking.

“Oh shit,” groaned Lamont. “Eat this dick!”

Soon, Lamont was on his side behind Erick. He spanked the round bubble and angled his manhood at the waiting hole. “I’ma fuck you good!”

Erick winced as Lamont entered him.

“Damn! This shit tight,” crowed Lamont.
“You like it,” whined Erick.
“Hell yeah! Gimme this ass!”
“Oh, Lamont! Fuck me!”
“Yeah, baby! Gimme this pussy!”
“Oh my god! Your big dick feels so good in my boipussy!”
“Oh it do?”
“Yes, sir!”

“You always wanted me to fuck you, didn’t you,” Lamont demanded to know.
“Yes, I did,” admitted Erick.
“I knew it!”
“You knew I was a little faggot craving your straight dick,” purred Erick.
“Hell yeah! Always knew you was a sissy ass punk bitch!”
“Yes, sir! I always was!”
“Take this big Black dick, fag!”

“Did you always like faggot pussy,” Erick quizzed.
“Naw! But you was special,” Lamont proffered.
“Yeah! I even started watching gay porn after you came to visit me back then.”
“Oh wow,” Erick moaned as he felt the large dick impale his insides.
“Yeah! I been wantin’ to fuck you bad!”
“Is it good!”
“Fuck yeah!”

Lamont thrust with all his might. He was sweating like crazy.

“Fuck me, nigga,” begged Erick.
“Throw that ass back on this dick, bitch,” ordered Lamont. “Damn, boo!”
“Oh yes! It feels so good!”
“Yeah! It do!”
“Yeah! You were my bully on the playground back then. And now you’re my bedroom bully.”
“Damn straight, faggit!”

Lamont could take no more. He shot a huge load. He lay there spent holding Erick tight. “I preach my first sermon tomorrow. You gonna come?”

“Of course,” Erick nestled closer to his big-dicked man.

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