British Man Visits Bangladesh rural village

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British Man Visits Bangladesh rural village
My name is Peter Simmons and I am a British photographer and sometimes make private videos, specializing in Asian studies and travel quite often to Asia, especially to India, Bangladesh, and Thailand. Recently I was invited by a travel agency to visit Bangladesh and stay over in a village for two weeks.
It was close to the end of the winter season in Bangladesh and the weather is normally decent during the day and quite chilly at night. I was pretty excited and very honored to be invited, since I’ve been promoting Bangladesh and its villages, through photography and videos, they thought of repaying my work.
Anyways, I got all my camera and film equipment ready and packed it all up and headed to Heathrow Airport to take the 11:00 am flight to Doha, Qatar and then had a connecting flight to Dhaka. I finally arrived in Dhaka after a 25-hour journey which also included wait time. The flight was smooth and the in-flight service was brilliant.
Upon arrival at the Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh, I went through immigration and baggage and was greeted by a beautiful lady in her mid 30’s, wearing a turquoise blue salwar kameez with a silky white transparent cloth wrapped over her breast and shoulders and the two ends of the cloth hanging behind onto her buttocks, I learned what the women wear from my frequent travels and now can tell what they wear! Her skin was caramel brown and she wore bright red lipstick covering her luscious lips as she called my name in her Bengali-English accent in a feminine voice which was quite a turn on! When her lips parted, her white teeth emerged and I just stared at her mouth as she gave a beautiful smile. I waved back at her and walked towards her and pulled out my powerful Nikon camera and took a few shots of her pretty face while she smiled and ignored me while I filmed her face as she told me her name which was Nasrin sultana. I shook her hand and asked me to follow her. I couldn’t resist but film her from the rear as she walked right in front of me with her tight dress that was hugging her hips and her thick wide buttocks swayed from side to side as she walked, teasing me. The sideways swaying of her juicy buttocks made creases between her bum cheeks and I felt a bulge forming in my underwear and the sight of her rearview was giving me the sweats as I lowered my camera and filmed her swaying buttocks in Full HD mode and followed her right from behind all the way up to the van that was waiting for us outside the airport to pick us up. I got good footage of her luscious bum from behind which I was thinking in my mind to go and wank to her bum later on. As we stopped to wait for our car to arrive, I stood right behind her and was standing really close to her from behind as my bulge was almost touching the soft cloth covering her wedge-shaped bum cheeks and I slowly groped her soft bum with my bulging penis, she ignored me with my face immersed in her hijab headwear right from behind, enjoying the view. The thought of having a Bangladeshi woman’s bum on my penis just made want to jizz right away! she quickly moved away as she obviously felt my penis in her bum. Hope she liked it!
Since it was afternoon, it was literally very hot and humid outside and was extremely crowded with people with the noise and honking of cars, taxis, and people yelling. It was crazy already and imagine how the remaining day was going to be!
Finally, our ride had arrived and I put my camera away after good filming of Nasrin’s shapely bottom in her tight salwar kameez. I was greeted by two other gentlemen who were standing next to the van. They shook my hand and spoke in their Bengali-English accent welcoming me to Bangladesh and requested me to take a seat in the van in the back. Nasrin asked me to follow her from behind and as I got behind her while she was getting inside, she bent over with her bum right on my face as she took a step, I could slightly smell the perfume emanating from her bum and right then I wanted to just plant my face in between her bum cheeks and sniff her asshole! I was so nervous and desperate that I accidentally shoved my face right inside her soft bum as her soft dress pressed against my cheeks I could feel a soft warm press on my face and took a quick deep sniff as my nose got planted deep between her bum cheeks. I could smell clean laundry and perfume from her asshole as she turned around and smiled and said sorry. I also immediately apologized and pretended it was an accident, she smiled and ignored it and sat down and I sat next to her while my face turned so red from the excitement and nervous feeling of what just happened. The two men sat in front of us while I turned on my camera and started filming Nasrin’s pretty face from the side as she ignored me and was busy talking in Bengali to the men in the van.
I filmed her face POV style, getting a close-up shot of her pretty lips and my camera lens was about to touch her cheekbones. She didn’t mind at all and smiled as I continuously filmed her face. She also asked me to take some pictures of her, which I did excitingly. I switched the camera from video mode to picture mode, and started taking shots of her face from the side as she ignored me completely keeping herself busy talking to the men as I was enjoying taking pictures of her pretty face and getting a hard-on while doing so and she enjoyed it and ended up taking close to 300 shots of her face canlı bahis şirketleri alone, most of them close up shots!… Woww!!…I wanted to jizz all over her pretty face as she was talking with her luscious lips. I then put my camera away and just stared at her pretty face and slowly got closer and slid my hands in my pocket to get a hold of my penis and started stroking while staring at her face from the side and my eyes were fixated onto her face up close and could smell her sweet breath as I watched her face while she ignored me all the way. I finally jizzed in my underwear and could feel the warm fluid fill my underwear…Wow!…what a pretty face!!…I’m definitely going to wank on her face!..and as I was thinking if she would let me jizz all over her face, I think she would if I asked, but I will do that later in the coming days.
Along the journey, she asked me if I wanted to eat something and I told her that a quick lunch would be a good idea since it was already afternoon and so we stopped after a few minutes and had lunch in a restaurant somewhere in outskirts of Dhaka. The food was a bit spicy, they ordered rice, some chicken curry and daal which was good then we continued our journey towards the village which was outside of Dhaka.
We finally arrived in the evening hours while I took a good nap on the way. Nasrin reminded me where I was when I woke up and she said that we had already arrived in the village where I was going to spend the next two weeks. I asked her if she would stay and she said that she was going to drop by the next morning for some sightseeing. The van came to a complete stop and was parked in front of a semi thatched house with some concrete walls and tin roof. We got off the van and one of the men then directed me to the place where I was going to stay and introduced me to the family.
I was greeted by a skinny grey-haired old man, his wife, and 3 daughters who were in their 30’s and mid 20’s I suppose. They were wearing very colorful saris and were extremely beautiful with a dark brown complexion that gave a striking contrast with their brightly colored saris.
They invited me inside their home and let me sit in a rather small living space with a mat placed on the floor and I sat on the ground. The wife who had a beautiful face and looked like she was in her mid 50’s smiled and held my hand and pointed her finger towards my camera and waved at me to take a picture of her. She was wearing a bright orange sari with blue flowery pints on it, she was gorgeous! I was so excited and took about 20 shots of her pretty face and her stunning sari. She pulled me towards the kitchen area and I snapped more pictures of her face, she smiled while I was taking her pictures, my heart was racing as I took more and more shots of her dress and she ignored me and continued to pick up some pots from the ground. She then went ahead of me and bent over in front of me and I knelt down and placed my camera right behind her as she bent over all the way and stayed in that position while I filmed her bum from behind and then took several shots of her rear end as flashes of light kept illuminating the low lit kitchen while I was taking shots of her from behind. I followed her to the living room filming her from the rear, her fleshy buttocks swayed rhythmically from side to side as she walked slowly in front of me and I filmed her buttocks from closeup in Full HD. We came to the living room and she waved at me to sit down and I sat with my camera pointing at her gorgeous figure, she smiled at me and walked away into the kitchen. She was so electrifying I wanted to watch her all day and film her and take photos! She couldn’t speak any English but I could somehow understand her hand gestures. Her husband then joined me in the living room and sat next to me while his wife came back a while later from the kitchen and placed a plate in front of me. She bent over right in front of me to place the plate on the ground in front of me while I enjoyed ogling at her shapely round bottom in her orange sari. She then placed another plate in front of her husband and then left towards the kitchen. I put my camera away and her husband put some rice on my plate and a couple of pieces of fish that she cooked. It smelt pretty good and enjoyed the dinner. We got up to wash our hands and her husband showed me to my bedroom which was next to the kitchen and to my delight I had a full view of the kitchen from the side of the bed where my head would rest!! I was so excited because in my head I was thinking if I could see his wife working there then I could sneak in a few long peeks from my room! Her husband then told me to call him if I needed anything in his broken English and left. A mosquito net was given which was attached to the four corners of the wall via strings and hooks since mosquitoes are common in this country, you have to take precaution.
Anyways, I sat down on the bed and turned off the lights and could see the kitchen from the side of the bed where I was lying down and his wife came in to put the dishes on the floor sink. The sink was on the floor with a tap attached to the wall in front of it. She was bending over so much I extended my head and stared at her from my room and could fully see her from the rear. I stared at her bum with bulging eyes and hand in my penis, stroking my cock while she was busy tending the dishes…WhhOooWWwww!!!…what a feastful sight!!… I was canlı kaçak iddaa stroking my penis as I watched her working in the kitchen and suddenly she turned around and looked towards my room and even though the lights were off she could faintly see me lying down and then I saw a smile spread across her face and she turned around and bent over tending to her work, displaying her big round bent over bum for me to enjoy looking at. She didn’t see me wanking in the darkness. I was feeling so horny watching her that I wanted to go into the kitchen and grope her from behind and stick my penis in her asshole right there in the kitchen! She was bent over all the way as she was cleaning the dishes and a perverted desire struck me and I quickly leaped out of bed and went right into the kitchen and pulled out my penis behind her bent over bum and knelt right behind her and stuck my face in her bum and stared while wanking, not touching her. She didn’t notice me being behind her as she was busy washing and cleaning the dishes. My heart was pounding at 100 miles an hour as I got right behind her and pointed my penis towards her ass and checked if anybody was coming, then as I was about to climax, a huge load gushed out of my penis and splashed all over her sari covered ass and once I was done, I could see white splashes of fresh cum dripping from her buttocks, but she didn’t notice and I quickly ran back into my room and got onto the bed. She finally got up and started to put the dishes on the shelves as I watched nervously to see if she would feel the cum on her ass and it seemed like she didn’t notice anything at all and after she was done cleaning, she gave another look into my room to see if I was watching but couldn’t see much and turned off the kitchen lights and left the room.
I was wondering if she was going to feel the wetness on her bum when she goes to bed and how she was going to react, she will probably think that it was just soap and water that got spilled on her buttocks.
Next morning, I could hear all kinds of noises, from cocks to black crows to c***dren in the background crying and people chattering. I was already awake and it was about 7 in the morning. I slept pretty well and the horny events from last night were still lingering in my mind and it felt so naughty thinking about it. I mean every time I come here, horny things are bound to happen and there is a lot of sexual tension within me since I wanted to have sex with a Bangladeshi woman in the village, what are the chances of me doing it, being white and British, not knowing much of the local language and customs. It was quite a challenge unless someone could tell me how I could have my sexual needs taken care of, maybe if I could offer some money, then maybe it was going to be possible. I have heard of a place that is really popular, known as Daulatdia which is the sex capital of Bangladesh, but haven’t been there myself because it could be risky and I don’t trust what goes on in those places, especially if a foreigner goes there. Moments later, I see the wife enter my room with a traditional broom in her hand, She slowly closed the door behind her and looked at me and saw that I was awake and smiled and I stared back at the beautiful and colorful bright red sari she was wearing. She could see the bulge in my pants as her eyes took a quick snap of my bulging penis about to burst out of my pants. She squinted her eyes and smiled and ignored me and bent over to start sweeping the floor around the bed. I sat on the bed and watched her sweep and could see her smiling as she came closer, turned her bum towards me and bent over right in front of my face and picked up my slippers. The round shape of her bent over bum got me an instant boner and my face was so close to her bum that I accidentally shoved my face right between her bum cheeks and sniffed her asshole through her fragrant sari, I could smell some spices and laundry from inside her ass. My face was buried right inside her bum as her sari and fleshy warm bum cheeks covered my whole face while taking deep sniffs of her asshole. I inhaled for 5 or 6 times of her fragrant asshole and squeezed her bum cheeks with both my hands. I stayed with my face buried inside her bum for a few seconds and as I retracted my face from her ass, I gave out a loud fhhhwwwoaaaahhh!!!!…it smelled so good that I buried my face in her ass again and sniffed!!. She gave out a sexual hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!…I started stroking my penis and while sniffing her asshole and blew a good load with a grunt and inhaling the scent of her asshole. She stayed bent all the way and was enjoying the moment. I knelt on the floor and lifted her sari and parted her bum cheeks and stuck my nose deep in her exposed asshole and sniffed away and started stroking my cock until I jerked off again and she was moaning so sexily…hmmmmmmm!!!…hmmmmmmm!!!, Her moans were giving me electric orgasms in my brain and took deep inhales through my nose and blew through my mouth several times as she kept moaning….hmmmmmmm!!!..hmmmmm!!!…I blew another load and was breathing so heavily from cumming twice that I threw myself on the bed because it was steaming hot. She quickly covered her bum cheeks with her sari and continued sweeping with her back towards me and I bet she enjoyed it! I took out my camera and filmed her from behind with her bending over all the way for me. I went close to her from behind and took some canlı kaçak bahis photos of her bent over bum from behind, she didn’t mind at all and remained bent over with her back towards me. She was bending over and walking and I stuck my face in her bum from behind and kept sniffing her asshole through her scented sari. My face stayed glued to her ass until finally she was done sweeping the whole room, then got up. she then left the room and closed the door behind her. I was recovering from the horny encounter and trying to get my breath back. I put my pants back on wiped off the cum from the floor that I splattered and got myself back together. A few minutes later the husband comes in and greets me asking me to join him for breakfast. I freshen up and sit with him in the living room with some food items placed on the floor mat. I sat down to eat and saw the wife come in and say hello to me with a smile and squinting her eyes in a naughty way. With the smell of her asshole still in my mind, I looked at her face and waved with a naughty wink. Her red sari had yellow and brown patterns on it, very colorful indeed and greeted her back and she flicked one of her eyes naughtily which her husband didn’t notice and I was pretty struck by the naughty gesture. She then quickly turned her back and left the room, in my mind, I wanted to follow her and stick my cock in her asshole and cum all over her pretty face!
I got a call from a man saying that Nasrin will be coming shortly in a few moments to take me sightseeing, so I got dressed and got all my camera equipment ready to start the day in Bangladesh with some new adventures awaiting! A few minutes later I heard a vehicle approach followed by the sound of a sliding door, I knew it was Nasrin’s van. I walked out and saw Nasrin greet me in her beautiful pinkish red salwar kameez. ohhhh!!!..The Bangladeshi women drive me nuts with their colorful dresses! They are so photogenic and exotic with their beautiful brown skin in those gorgeous colors and having beautifully shaped bodies, curves in the right place, shapely breasts, and curvy hips, just tantalizing to the eye and love the way the women walk in those beautiful outfits they wear! They are a sight to admire all the time!
I waved goodbye to the host family and told them I will be back in the evening and then headed off to a rice paddy field a few miles away. We stopped by a lush green field covered in the green rice paddy and palm trees, the sky was blue and bright, just perfect for photography. I could see some women working in the fields while walking, Nasrin showed me the way to head towards the fields where the women were working. I took out my camera and started taking photos of the bright green fields laden with rice with the bright blue sky which illuminated the ground beneath it. It made the field look so stunning! I went closer to the colorfully clad women who were bent over planting rice on the ground. I took side shots, rear shots, and front and did a little filming as well. It was just a breathtaking experience and a cool breeze was flowing through the warm and humid air that offered a little relief to my body which was drenched in sweat!.
I told Nasrin that I will meet up with her later because I wanted to be on my own and explore the other side of the rice fields where I spotted a small village. As I was approaching the village, a woman clad in a colorfully red and blue patterned sari, tightly covering her head and curvy body, went past me and walked in front of me, I took out my camera and filmed her from behind and followed her into the village. I filmed her gorgeous bum cheeks that were swaying sexily from side to side, I think she was teasing me because she was walking rather slowly and shaking her hips so frantically! I took some close ups of her moving bum and continued walking behind her until she approached a little hut, I followed her inside with my camera still filming her from behind, she ignored me and didn’t even notice me from behind! I followed her into a kitchen and she bent over all the way right in front of me to pick up a pot from the ground in front of her, I knelt down and filmed her nice round bent over bum right in front of my face! I was so weirdly excited and nervous filming her in the kitchen without her knowing that I was behind her, but my sexual excitement got me to be in this predicament and I was enjoying the wild moment!! I stuck my head closer to her round bum and stared at it and lightly placed my nose on the soft fabric of her sari between her bum cheeks and sniffed her asshole while jacking off. I could smell a spicy odor mixed with laundry. A warm gush of sperm filled my underwear and could feel the wetness while I was breathing so hard from the ejaculation and the scent of her bum sent electric spams through my body! I quickly got up and ran out of the hut before getting in trouble with the villagers and once I came out, I stood for a moment to get my breath and wondered at the bizarreness of what I just did! Well, I sure need to be careful and could end up behind bars for trespassing into somebody’s dwelling! A few younger k**s went past me running into the bushes and an older man approached me and looked at me puzzled and waved his hand towards me as I snapped out of my state of shock and said Hi!, how are you? I am Peter! The man smiled and replied by pointing his hand towards his chest and saying ‘I…Hossain’ which I understood that it was his name. I extended my hand to shake hands with him and he obliged. I told him that I was visiting the village to take photos and showed him my camera. He looked at it very curiously and touched it a little and smiled and waved at me to take a picture of him and I did.

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