Bribe In The Dark

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Miss O’Rourke was hot, all the boys in the dorm fantasized regularly about her, myself included.

Jamesy had posted a picture of her under her dorm room door wearing just a bra and knickers, in kneeling position and sucking the cock of another member of staff. It was one of many Polaroid’s of her passed around our room. I had previously taken the opportunity to have a wank over the hot image.

It was taken through the window of her room one night while we snuck out of our rooms and ran loose in the dark, boarding school grounds. Curtains were blocking some of the picture but it was clear to see Miss O’Rourke performing oral sex on Mr Dench. Written on the back were the words –

‘Naughty, naughty. This is just one of many. If you don’t want everyone too see the pictures, We want something in return.’

“I think we should get her to shag people in front of us!” Rob said loudly as we all were getting undressed for bed.

“No way! Get her to fuck us all!” Paul laughed.

“Either way, we have to use these pictures to their full potential, this slut obviously knows how to satisfy a man.”

Suddenly Miss O’Rourke burst in. We, all in various stages of undress as light from the corridor pierced the dark room, quickly jumped into our own bunk and looked at the teacher innocently. She was on night watch and as usual, was checking we were all in bed.

“Interrupted something have I?” She asked, pretending not to notice that some of the boys were still half naked as they jumped into their own beds.

There were four boys to a room, 2 bunk beds altogether.

“No miss…” Rob said.

“Right…” she unusually closed the door, darkening the room again. Her outline was visible from the light that came through the small window above the door. She was unsure about how to approach the sensitive subject having heard the conversation from outside the door but didn’t need to go any further before Paul chuckled loudly from under his covers,

“Jamesy said did you get his note, Miss!”

The room was silent, each of us trying desperately to disguise our laughter.

“Hmm…” she began, approaching Rob James’ bed, “What note is this Robert?”

“N…Nothing Miss” he blurted quietly, holding off a fit of giggles.

“It is Miss, he’s got some rude pictures of you Miss!” Paul shouted again.

I then heard what I thought was Miss O’Rourke peeling back the covers and whisper into his ear,

“Look Robert, I need you to give me the pictures. What you saw and photographed was a one off… tell me what you want in return.”

There was a pause,

“I can pay you,” she whispered, “how much do you want?”

“I don’t want your money Miss,” he said innocently.

Another pause.

The sound of soft kissing was all that could be heard and we later found out, she was nibbling away at his neck between whispers,

“Maybe I could give you something else? …something a boy your age…might fantasize about…”

The room was deathly silent, all of us trying desperately to listen to what was happening. I could hear the sound of covers being moved slowly and more kissing noises, over Rob’s increasing breathing.

I looked over to Rob’s bed, the room had been dark for a few minutes now, giving my eyes chance to adjust and make out the outline of Rob lying on his bed with Miss O’Rourke kneeling half way down, her head moving around his crotch area.

“Oh…M…Miss…” Rob whispered between breaths,

“Shh…” she replied softly, “this is what you want isn’t it? You want me to suck…” The rest of the words were inaudible. Rob could be heard breathing ever more heavily, antalya escort together with a slurping sound. The rest of us in the room knew she must be sucking him off.

My bed was vibrating gently, as if Andy was wanking in the bunk above. I couldn’t blame him; just the thought of what she might be doing to Rob was making me hard.

The slurping continued, getting louder and louder until Rob’s rocking bed creaked quietly,

“M…Miss…” he cut himself off, sounding like he was unable to talk between panting breaths.

“Mmh…mmh…” Miss O’Rourke was breathing hard too, when Rob’s bed suddenly jerked, “Oh…Robert…that’s it…cum in my mouth…mmm…”

Miss sounded like she was swallowing, until the movements slowed down. Her outline moved back to Rob’s head,

“Was that what you want? Did you enjoy having your cock sucked?” she whispered, “now, where’s what I want? Where’s the pictures Robert?”

He took at least 30 seconds to reply, “Under my pillow, Miss.” I could hear some movement as he got out the picture and handed it to her.

“Thank you Robert,” she said, “I expect we can keep this our secret?”

“Yes Miss.”

I saw her get up and begin to walk out,

“Miss,” Rob suddenly burst out,

“Yes Robert?”

“Paul’s got one too Miss!”

Miss took a deep breath and turned around, approaching Paul, who was in the bunk above Rob. She stood in front of him for a while before whispering,

“Is this true, Paul?”

“It is Miss,” Rob giggled.

Paul pretended to be asleep,

“Paul, I know you’re awake, Paul,”

What happened next shocked me more than the first situation. Miss O’Rourke climbed the ladder into Paul’s bed! I could feel Paul’s excitement as her body silhouetted on the white wall next to the bed, her outline moving the covers and lying down next to him.

I could barely hear what she was saying, but it sounded like, “Do you want me naked, Paul? Do you want to feel my flesh?”

According to Paul, Miss O’Rourke then opened her blouse and pulled his hand onto her breasts,

“Feel them…do they feel good?” Paul didn’t answer, “Oh Paul, seems like someone else has answered for you…let’s take him out of these tight boxer shorts shall we?”

Scuffling sounds painted the picture in my head that she was shuffling the cover to get access to Paul’s dick! My hand found its way to my own hard cock and began to stroke it, not making too much noise so I could still hear what was going on.

“Miss…I…think you should know something…”

“What is it, Paul?”

“Every boy in this room has a picture under their pillow…”

“Hmm…” she replied suggestively, “well I’ll have to take them one at a time. How can I get yours Paul?… Do you want me to shag you?…”

Another scuffling could be heard from Paul’s bed until suddenly something dropped in the middle of the room, sounding like a small piece of clothing.

“Touch me… put your hand under my skirt and feel my pussy,” she whispered, “it’s wet for you Paul.”

I was now beating my cock rapidly as I saw her silhouette rise above Paul as she sat on his crotch,

“Oh…Paul…” She started to rock gently. I was so jealous, wishing I could turn on the light and see more on what was happening to my room mate.

“Miss…Ohh…”, Paul blurted, “I’m guna cum Miss,”

“Cum in me Paul! Cum inside my pussy! Cum for me…” The bed was creaking as she bounced on top of Paul, “Oh Paul, I’m so wet…that’s it…that’s it Paul”

Paul was panting heavily, squirming underneath the hot teacher as his orgasm rocked his body. My own was close, I didn’t even have to touch myself alanya escort and it felt like I was going to cum.

The rocking subsided and Miss O’Rourke began to climb off the bed, collecting her picture on the way.

I could see her walking slowly towards mine and Andy’s bed. Would she fuck us both too? Who would she choose? My heart was pounding, wanting her to get into my bed but nervous of what might happen, I hadn’t had sex many times.

My questions were soon answered as she looked into Andy’s bed,

“So you want me too do you?” she asked him, “Move over…”

I watched her fine legs and peeked under her skirt, only seeing darkness as she climbed into the bunk above mine.

“Oh dear, we’ll have to take these off…sit up” Before getting into bed I had noticed Andy was wearing a T shirt and boxer shorts. I imagined she was taking off his shirt as I heard the bed creak when he sat up. The sound of her pulling down his boxer shorts followed.

I was shaking with a huge mixture of excitement and nerves as I eagerly waited my turn.

“Mmm…oh your so big…does my wet pussy feel nice, Andy?” She had obviously not wanted to wait around and immediately pushed his cock inside her, “Oh Andy, I’m so close…can you give me an orgasm Andy? Has a girl ever had an orgasm on your hard cock?”

“N…No Miss…”

“Kiss me,” she snapped, “kiss your hot teacher, she wants your cum Andy.”

Rob and Paul were silent, obviously wallowing in delight after what had just happened. Murmuring sounds were all that could be heard from above me while the bunk gently rocked.

“Mmm…Oh Andy I’m so close…fuck me Andy, cum inside me…oh Andy, I’m guna cum over your hard prick…push it deep inside me…push it…”

The bed was rocking frantically as Miss O’Rourke let out a sequence of mini screams. Andy was groaning beneath her,

“Oh…ohh…I’m…mmm…” The rhythmic pumping made me wonder if the bed was going to collapse on top of me. Andy was silent, he seemed to be lasting longer than Paul and Rob.

They began to slow as I heard Miss whisper, “You still haven’t came? I came over your hard cock and you still haven’t cum inside me? … Hmm…Maybe I can suck it out of you… would you like that?”

“Mmm…” was his only reply. I was so jealous, he had got to fuck Miss O’Rourke and she was now going to suck him off!

I heard movement until they soon settled, followed by slurping sounds. I stared at the underside of the bunk above me, half wishing I could see through it at her sucking his dick.

They seemed to be taking forever, far longer than the previous 2 boys. My anxiety was making me shake as I waited for my turn. I had stopped touching myself in fear of cumming, but my dick was still rock hard and pointing up to where my teacher was slurping away in bed with my room mate.

“Oh…Oh Miss…I’m guna cum in your mouth…ohh…”

“That’s it…give it to me…mmh…”

The bed suddenly jerked and her slurping sounds got louder, I could feel the vibrations as Andy bucked his hips off the bed.

Soon the atmosphere had relaxed,

“My picture?…” she asked.

Andy handed it over.

My body was in a hot sweat as Miss O’Rourke climbed off the top bunk and peered into mine, I was physically trembling,

“Are you ready for me?” she asked seductively.

“Mm…” was the only answer I could muster, suddenly interrupted as she pulled open my bed cover and jumped into my bed.

Her lips unexpectedly connected with mine, her tongue probing my mouth. She tasted salty as my tongue touched the remnants of semen in her mouth. My cock was stiff alanya rus escort beyond belief, almost cutting through my thin boxer shorts.

Miss’ blouse flared open and her breasts connected with my bare chest. I gasped as the incredible flesh on flesh sensation filled my body, her mouth still attached to mine. She reached a hand between us and stroked the waistline of my boxer shorts, teasing a finger inside. I was desperate for her to touch my hard prick but she continued to tease just above.

Her lips covered my neck with soft kisses, working their way down my chest. The feeling of heavy breasts rubbing my boxer covered meat was sensational as she kissed her way down my stomach, long hair trailing above.

Miss’ hands pulled open my elastic waistline and began to touch around my pubic region, I was shivering with excitement, so close to blowing my load right there and then. Lips soon followed and I felt my cock nudging her cold, smooth chin.

Within seconds the head of my hard cock was engulfed by her wet mouth. Sensations took over and I let out a whimper,

“Ohh…Miss O’Rourke…” It sounded feeble, but at the moment I wasn’t concerned with what the rest of the lads in the room thought, this was my time with a sexy, much older, woman and it felt amazing.

My boxers were pulled down to my knees as her nose touched my stomach, the back of her throat twitching as she tried not to gag, forcing my meat down her neck. I put my hands on the back of her head, trying to hold her there, about to burst right there in her throat.

She violently pulled away, “Hey!” she laughed quietly, “you can’t cum yet, I want you inside me.”

Miss O’Rourke slowly kissed her way up my body back to my mouth. I reached down, wanting to feel her wet pussy before she sat on my cock. She paused and took in the sensations while I fingered her before guiding my cock to its final destination.

I moved my hands up and played with her breasts, while my cock submerged inside her wet pussy. I groped them as she gently rocked on my hard prick,

“Oh Danny…I’m so hot…so wet…”

She wasn’t the only one who was massively turned on, my cock was twitching, a river of semen inside, desperate to burst out into her pussy.

“Miss…Miss I’m guna cum soon…” My breathing was heavy, wanting to hold off my orgasm and last as long as Andy had but it was no use, the more I thought about it, the closer my orgasm got.

“Ohh…Mmm…oh…oh” My cock suddenly erupted and I pulled her hips down onto it. She rocked furiously on my exploding meat,

“Fuck me, fuck me Danny! Oh Danny…cum in me…I’m guna…I’m cum…” Her fingernails dug into my shoulders as she jerked the cum out of me, riding through a violent orgasm of her own. My cum didn’t seem to stop as her pussy spasmed around my hard cock, clenching and sucking more and more cum from it.

She collapsed on top of me, my cock sliding out of her wet opening as her head rested next to mine and her heaving breasts pressed against my chest.

“That was good Danny, so good…”

Suddenly the light turned on and Rob was stood by the switch, laughing,

“Robert!” she snapped, realising it could have been another member of staff walking in on their situation.

He jumped back into bed, leaving the light on.

“Sorry Miss, couldn’t resist having a peek.”

She dismounted me and for the first time I saw her in her full glory, sporting a fine pair of breasts and a finely shaven pussy. She buttoned up her top quickly and moved to the middle of the room, picking up what I could see to be a very skimpy G string,

“I can’t believe you, Robert,” she said as she turned out the light, seemingly embarrassed by what she had just done.

She quickly left the room and closed the door behind her.

We were left in darkness again. A grin spread across my face as I felt under my pillow and caressed my picture in my hand.

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