Brian Owns Me Ch. 04

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I must have passed out or slept for at least a couple hours. When I awoke, strangely refreshed, I could not see a thing. I stirred and tried to stretch. It slowly dawned on me I was on a bed, on my side, spooning. But it wasn’t with my husband. The man spooning me from behind was powerful and muscular, cradling me gently in his massive arms. I realized it was my darling Brian. His perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock was deep up my ass. Doesn’t he ever lose his erection?

I moaned and stirred a bit. Brian slipped off my velvet hood. It took my eyes a while to come back to reality. I blinked under the bright lights. We were in a fancy hotel room, in bed, on our sides, spooning. My body felt strangely supple.

Brian kissed my neck and nibbled on my ears. He knows it drives me to sexual peaks when he does that. His voice, deep and soft, whispered, “That was quite some performance you put on, slut. My buddies were impressed. The found you very interesting and very offbeat. They even pitched in to leave you an extra $20, whore.”

I protested I was not a whore.

Brian laughed, pulling me closer against his strong body, his cock throbbing deep up my ass. “Oh, yes you are! A cheap one at that. You get paid a fraction of what they charge at the brothel. The girls there have to earn a living. But you do it cheaper, and that’s because you are a rich bitch out for a cheap lay.”

Again I tried to protest. But I knew better. Every time after Brian, I would find on the dresser a thick envelope with high-denomination notes in it. I would take it home, split it into six equal parts, and give each of my stepchildren their allowance. Brian insisted that I realize my stepchildren were living off their stepmother’s prostitution. It was his continuing to humiliate and degrade me, long after his repeatedly raping me and sodomizing me, until our next session. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a $20 bill on the nightstand.

I tried to move and Brian released his embrace. I thought could move every which way, but not really: his perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock was deep up my ass.

Throbbing, still throbbing, and more throbbing deep up my ass.

The lubricant had long since dried out. There was no way I could move away from Brian. It was as if my entire body was free and loose, but cemented at my ass to his cock.

Throbbing, still throbbing, and more throbbing deep up my ass.

I whispered hoarsely I wanted to make love again. He kissed my neck softly. Deep inside my ass, his cock was living a life of its own.

Throbbing, still throbbing, and more throbbing deep up my ass.

I could taste the ejaculate that had flowed down my throat hours before. My body was sticky and reeking of ejaculate. I knew it would be oozing out of my pussy. And yet, all I could think of was my beloved Brian and his perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock very deep up my ass.

He whispered, “Masturbate, whore.”

I protested that I had never, ever masturbated in front of anyone. I protested that not even the only two men I had known before Brian — my college boyfriend and my husband — had ever known that I masturbated, let alone seen me touch myself.

Brian took my hands in his, reached over, placed both our fingers on my nipples, waited for me to realize what he was going to do, and then pinched and twisted and squeezed and tweaked them with all his might.

I screamed. I desperately tried to pull his hands away. I tried to move my torso away but his cock was deep up my ass, which was so dry it could not budge.

When I thought I was going to faint again from the intense and ultimate joy of excruciating pain on my nipples, he whispered again, “Masturbate, whore. NOW.”

Slowly gently, I started to explore my body. Like I do when I am all alone and have the luxury of all the time in the world. Slowly, gently, softly my hands moved down my neck. It felt suddenly alive, sensitive, tight and elastic as I moved my head from side to side. My hands moved over my face, refreshing and invigorating my ears and mouth and eyes.

Brian rolled us over so he was on his back and I lay atop him, my back to his chest. His powerful legs opened mine bahis firmaları wide. I was getting mentally ready to masturbate for the very first time in view of another man.

Suddenly, my hands rushed to cover my genitals and nipples in modesty. Through the connecting door came four gentlemen, all totally naked. They were in varying states of flaccidity or erection. Each had what I presumed was a high-definition video camera. All four were video recording me.

Brian whispered, “Whore, these are your customers. Look at them. Smile. Above all, always keep your eyes open and look into their cameras. Keep masturbating, whore. That’s what they came to watch. And to share with the rest of our navy buddies who could not be here tonight. Keep masturbating, whore.”

It did not take much for me to understand. These were the other four men, in addition to my beloved Brian, that had ravished me hours before. Anthony, whose cock was like a Thermos bottle; after fucking him, childbirth would be a breeze. And he never ejaculated inside a woman: always pulling out at the very end and showering her instead with quart-full of semen.

There was the huge, muscular, powerful, trim man with that lovely little tiny penis that was so cute — just like a real one, but about 2 inches long! We made eye-contact and smiled. Both he and I knew, without saying a word, how much I had enjoyed exploring him and eagerly looked forward to time alone with him, while Brian was deep up my ass.

Looking around the other way, the gentleman that had proven so expertly as an oral lover had a perfectly smooth, clean shaven pube and a perfectly straight cock. The tinkling sound was a stainless steel bead pierced right at the tip of his cock, just below his pee hole. Whoever had done that really knew what an erotic effect it would have on a woman to have that bead clink on her teeth on the way in and on the way out!

I could not stop staring at the gentleman that had fucked my pussy. Again, before Brian I had not seen any cocks other than my college boyfriend and my husband, so I don’t know much about this. But this gentleman’s cock was large, very thick, and sharply bent or curved downward. Shaped like a banana, even more curved than that, I could see how he had slipped into and out of my pussy while pressing gently against my G-spot. And once he was all the way in, how his cock head was rubbing upon Brian’s through my very thin vaginal wall and into my ass! I smiled at him. He came closer so I could take a better look at his very unusual and curiously interesting cock. His pee hole was halfway down his shaft. I had never seen a man like this before. He smiled and leaned over, whispering in my ear, “Hyposapdias, sweetheart.” I wanted to watch and see and learn so much more about him. Brian whispered, “Keep masturbating, whore.”

My hands continued to roam my body. The gentlemen were walking around the bed, watching me, video recording everything I was doing. My hands wandered down my sides to my outer thighs. It felt like my entire body was coming alive again. I moaned and felt so good. A camera came close to my mouth to get a close-up of a woman moaning in pleasure. Brian whispered, “Keep masturbating, whore. Keep your eyes wide open and look into the camera.”

My hands roamed my shoulders and breasts. My tiny titties suddenly felt engorged and firm. My fingers circled my breasts round and round. A camera was next to my hands. My fingers came full circle to my nipples. Hard as cherry pits and raw from the torments of before, a mere touch and they sprang up, as if wanting to jump to the ceiling. I smiled at one of the cameras, struggling to keep my eyes wide open, my fingers toying with my nipples.

I knew I was too sensitive to even try to squeeze my nipples a bit. I tried. My entire body shook. My ass tightened out of its own volition. It was an involuntary contraction. But it was powerful. And Brian’s huge cock throbbed even harder deep up my ass.

That was nice, I thought to myself.

Again, my fingers traced my tiny but engorged titties and came upon my nipples. Again, my sphincter contracted and again Brian pulsed.

After the third or fourth time, all this on various kaçak iddaa cameras, I came to realize what no other woman before me has ever known:

I can masturbate and in doing so, also masturbate my sweetheart Brian deep up my ass!!!

The more intensely I play with myself, the more my sphincter tightens and releases. And all my rectal muscles massage Brian’s perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock deep up my ass!

My hands continued racing up and down my body. Brian’s hands were at his side. His entire body was motionless, except for his perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock throbbing deep up my ass.

I parted my legs very wide. I knew the cameras closed in for a better shot. With my knees wide apart, I moved my feet slowly up. Gently, slowly I moved up. Brian understood. He too opened his legs. My ankles were all the way up, knees fully bent, legs wide apart. My heels reached his balls, large and full and firm. With my heels I massaged and played around and toyed with his balls. I was so terribly excited. Every touch of my heels with his balls would get me so aroused that my body would shake. And in doing so, my rectal muscles massage Brian deep inside me. It was perfect!

I raised my legs straight up into the air, ninety degrees. Years of yoga and I am very flexible. I drew my legs, perfectly straight, over my head. The gentlemen’s cameras zoomed in as my ass showed Brian deep inside me. I could not go all the way over my head with my legs: Brian’s cock was too deep inside my ass and the lubricant had long since dried up.

Again and again, I played with my body and my neck and my ears and my nipples and my thighs, masturbating and in the process masturbating Brian deep up my ass. I played with my tummy. Fortunately I have maintained a slim figure and through my belly button could feel Brian’s perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock throbbing deep up my ass!

But I knew the time was coming. His throbbing was getting faster and harder.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply, like they teach us in birthing classes. Brian calmed down a bit.

I opened my legs very wide.

Slowly my hands made their way down.

I played with my labia, teasing and tugging and folding the labia every which way. I could sense the smell of long-ago ejaculate oozing out. I knew there were at least two cameras focusing there. I parted my labia even more, opening up for my tormentors to see. All along, another camera was video taping my mouth and eyes, staring in sexual desperation into it, like Brian had ordered.

The time was coming.

I felt around my labia and onto my pee hole. The catheter was still in place. I tugged on it. The cameras were video recording it from close. It was inflated inside my bladder and would not come out. I tugged some more. Again, it would not come out. I understood that is what Brian wanted.

The time was almost here.

I inhaled and exhaled deeply. I needed to get both Brian and myself ready, physically and psychologically, for what I was about to do.

Slowly, gently, deliberately, with all the time in the world, I pulled back the protective hood that jealously guards my baby clittie.

My body trembled.

My rectal muscles rippled and my sphincter tightened. Brian felt it and his perfect, beautiful, and enormous cock responded by throbbing very hard, deep up my ass.

Again, I pulled back on the protective hood. My hands were shaking. I normally am too sensitive to do this on my own, but now I felt empowered. I gasped at how good it felt to have the cool air upon my baby clittie.

I felt like it was dancing and leaping all about, jumping and throbbing and pulsating — just like Brian’s cock!

And I started to play with my baby clittie. Over and over again, my fingers slid all over it. Up and down the tiny shaft, left to right, top to bottom, moving it a bit here and there!

It felt so good!

For a moment I slammed my legs shut and simply used my thighs to squeeze my labia. And sprung my legs wide open again. I found my baby clittie, normally so shy and tiny and reclusive all of a sudden enlarged and engorged — almost the size of a grape!

The more I played with my baby kaçak bahis clittie, the more Brian throbbed deep inside me. Harder and faster and deeper and harder and faster and deeper, my baby clittie and his cock in unison!

I sat up straight.

The world froze.

Time stood still.

Nothing moved.

I leaned over. With one hand I grabbed Brian’s balls. With the other hand, I flicked my baby clittie.

Brian exploded!

A hydrant bursting deep inside my ass!

Spurts upon spurts upon spurts of ejaculate were pumping out of his cock and deep up my ass.

My own pussy was contracting and convulsing wildly.

My nipples were afire.

I sat wide-legged upon Brian, impaling myself on him, feeling his cock reaching up my ass and into my throat.

His cock continued to ejaculate.

My pussy continued contracting and convulsing wildly.

I was crushing his balls with one hand and practically wanting to rip out my baby clittie with the other.

I was still in the throes of my climax when Brian tossed me aside.

Tossed on the bed, still orgasming, still being video recorded, lying on my side, Brian raised my leg. His hands moved expertly to my pussy, and quickly deflated the balloon. I sighed as he deftly slipped out the catheter. I could feel a small trickle of pee flow down my thigh.

In the fog of my post-climax I saw the gentlemen go into the adjoining room. I heard champagne corks popping and as they closed the connecting door, the voices of younger — and surely much tighter — women. Jealousy filled my heart.

Brian slapped my ass — very hard and very sharply. He twisted my nipples — very hard and very sharply. “Nice performance you put on, whore — again.”

And with that, he too went into the connecting room, locking the door behind him. Insane jealousy combined with anger now filled my heart. Brian still does not understand how much I love him — truly, deeply, passionately.

It would be days before I could walk without an awkward gait after all that had been done to me. It would be a little over a week before I regained complete bladder control, going through two boxes of panty liners in the process. The bruises and hickies on my breasts and nipples took longer to heal. For the first few days, I had to find silly excuses to resist my husband’s advances, and then conjured up a business trip out of town just to avoid his seeing my sexually very-abused body. My stepchildren were surprised to see they received a huge ‘bonus’ in their allowance.

Under Brian, I have been humiliated, degraded, raped, sodomized, put on video and played over the Internet, gang-banged and abused.

With Brian, I have learned to love a man for what he is to me: gentle, tender, sincere, and above all, caring: that is what Brian is to me.


Brian was strangely silent. Weeks later he asked me to lunch at a very fancy place. I went dressed as elegant as I could during a weekday: business suit, cream blouse, a touch of makeup, string of pearls, a dab of perfume. He appeared, dashing and handsome and virile as only he can be. The instant I saw him, I wet my panties.

He came over to my table, sat down, and smiled. His smile, so open and frank and honest, can melt a glacier. He took his hands in mine. For a man that has raped me repeatedly and sodomized me so savagely, his hands are unusually delicate. Large and strong, for sure, his hands are always smooth and impeccably manicured. I feel comfortable and secure in his hands, with his eyes warming my heart, and his smile wetting me between my legs.

I stammered, “Sweetheart, how are you?”

He held my hands tighter and smiled, looking deep into me, “Stacey Lynne, your performance was superb. The videos were a hit. You have been recruited for three days of live performances at the Navy base.”

My head spun wildly. I overheard the waitress appear and Brian ordering a bottle of champagne and a bowl of caviar. But I had already fainted and passed out when the EMS came to take me to the emergency room.

“Physically nothing is wrong with her,” the doctor said after running a battery of tests. “It must be stress.”

Brian nodded suavely, “Yes, doctor, it must be stress. I will take her away for three days to rest and recover. Maybe by the seaside. Three days on a ship might do her some good.”

Again, I fainted and passed out.

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