Bree and her Dad Jeff #3

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Bree and her Dad Jeff #3

Jeff walked back into the house with his gym bag. He had started to do a load of laundry and remembered the clothes from yesterday’s workout was still in the car. He had thought about walking down the hall and looking in on Bree, his daughter. Earlier he had started to prank her phone that she left that morning by accident as she took her college summer course, and had been shocked to find seven galleries of provocative photos of her…and he had downloaded every last one!!! He toyed with the idea of telling her he had seen them, but he was afraid she might think him a pervert or worse, that she might not take any more photos or let him see her and her perfect 18 year old body!!!

Instead, he had gone to his car and gotten his sweaty, smelly workout clothes. Of course, while there, he also straightened up a few things and put a few things away. In short, he tried to keep himself distracted from the thought of his naked daughter.

The door to the patio closed just as he walked into the house and he silently cursed. Watching Bree walk out to swim had been a favorite past-time since she was little. He was not certain when it had changed. He used to just like seeing her happy and scampering through in her next to nothing suits that covered her body that had next to nothing to show. She had been so innocent, sweet and lovely.

Then she had begun growing and her shape had changed and … if he had to guess it was about then that he began watching her for different reasons as well. Yes, she was still his pride and joy, his little girl, but seeing her body as it developed curves that the suits had fought to conceal her growth. At first the suits had won and his imagination had had to fill in most of the gaps. But in the last few years, the suits had become more revealing and she began having much more to reveal. He knew from doing her laundry that she was a 30C girl now and there were times that the cups almost seemed to over flow!!! And her hips… It did not matter is they were her shorts, swimsuits or occasionally just her underwear, whenever he saw her, his eyes were drawn like magnets to her hips, her ass.. her pussy.

Now he was a mess. He had seen her in ways many of his married friends had never seen their wives of decades!!! And even had he wanted to “unsee” it he could not have. And he was certain he would not ever choose that anyway!

He threw his towel and clothes into the washing machine with some detergent, closed the door and started it up. He wanted to go look at his computer and drool over the pictures (literally since his cock was already leaking) he had saved there. But he needed to make certain he would not be interrupted so he walked to the window over the sink to take a quick peek and verify that Bree was indeed working on her tan.

He saw her moving the tiny triangles that did a poor job of covering her nipples and a bahis şirketleri pathetic job of containing her tits!! He could see nearly all of both breasts!!! Then he watched as her hand went down between her legs!! The way she was oriented was not quite perfect but…. He could see her fingers slowly almost languidly touching herself through her bikini. Then she slid the fingers beneath!!!

He leaned against the sink trying to stay in the shadows in case she looked but longing to see even more of what was between her legs. Finally, as he saw her pull her bikini to the side he saw the wet slit of her pussy and watched as she touched herself intimately. His breath was shallow, heart pounding like a blacksmith on an anvil and with every passing second his cock was becoming like a length of steel! She pulled her heels up toward her ass and spread herself wide in as lascivious a fashion as a common whore and he wanted with everything that was in him to go out there and put some part of him… any part of him into her deeply!!!

Instead, he pushed himself away from the window and glanced around the kitchen nervously. “What the hell are you doing?!?!” he mumbled to himself. “She is your own k**!” But almost at the same time the other side of him screamed, “k**, my ass!!! Did you see her body?!?!?!” Her fingers slid into her hairless slit and came out glistening with her sex glaze and Jeff found himself licking his lips and squeezing his cock in his shorts.

From the other side of the kitchen island he could see the blue sky and trees that bordered the back of their property. Watching her had been almost like a narcotic rush and he still was shaking as he leaned against the island. Turning, he decided he could not watch his daughter as she masturbated, but he also was not about to simply ignore the lecherous fire that she had ignited within him. He headed back toward his office.

In the hallway he saw a sock that he had dropped while carrying the laundry to the laundry room. He stopped and picked it up and as he glanced into his daughter’s room he saw more dirty clothes on the floor. To be specific, he saw her shorts, pants, bra and underwear that she had worn that morning to class. He looked over his shoulder, back toward the door to the pool and then at the light blue underwear that, in all kinds of scripts proclaimed “Hottie,” “Tempting” and of course, “SEXXXY!!!”. He walked quickly into the room and picked up the panties. As he held them to his face he inhaled the light fragrance of a woman, his daughter! Had he not been hard, the first whiff of the soft, silken material would have sent the signals to do so! It was the scent of sensuality and his manly senses did not differentiate between ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ They only told him the truth! Those panties had been on a very sexual woman who was ready and waiting for sexual gratification!

The split second illegal bahis decision was made and he turned on his heal and went to his office, panties clinched in his hand. Opening the drawer to the desk he selected the red thumb drive and moments later, literally hundreds of pictures of his daughter appeared in thumbnail views. He selected the ones with the most recent dates and using an app clicked the options to have them played as a slideshow full screen on his 32 inch curved monitor.

Jeff thought about closing the door, but could not remember the last time that Bree had walked into his office. She rarely went beyond her own bedroom door. Besides, he had better things to focus on as the pictures began showing his daughter in a set of lingerie that he had never seen before, posing and teasing the camera in the most provocative fashion. He wrapped the soft fabric of the seat of her panties around his shaft and slowly slid them up and down his cock… the extra fabric lightly flowing over his swollen glans. A shiver of delight went through him!

How had he never seen her for what she was? His daughter was a slut! If not, she was certainly a cock tease!! As he watched her using a vibrator on her delicate pussy and pinching her nipples and making them lengthen and harden. When she brought the camera in for close ups of her nipples and then in a series of pictures went lower to show how wet her pussy was, he groaned. It was one thing to see his daughter naked and even become aroused by it, but it felt so dirty… and so perverted and so fucking hot to be stroking off with her panties in his fist!!! For once he was glad that he would not last very long! He wanted to cum… he needed to cum and cum hard before Bree came in. She probably would not catch him but…

He took the panties and wrapped them around his right thumb (his stroking hand) and adjusted the material so the part of her panty that rested against her pussy was sliding over and across the ultra-sensitive tip of his cock! He glanced down and smiled. He had not been hard like this for years. He closed his eyes and imagined the pictures moving, his daughter stepping out of the screen and wearing those silk red panties from one of the sets of pictures and wrapping her legs over the arms of his chair and gliding her snatch up and down his cock with just that thin red barrier between them!

He imagined her knees hooked over his forearms and how the smooth feel of the curves of her thighs would glide in his hands as he moved them to her bottom. In his mind he began cupping her small, fit ass, feeling her muscles move beneath the skin as she continued to grind his cock with her snatch! She leaned forward and her sexy tits magically dissolved the sexy bra that was holding them moments before and now they were there, swinging in his face. She laughed a laugh of pleasure as he tried to catch her nipple illegal bahis siteleri in his eager mouth. And then she moaned as he caught a hard nipple and sucked it in. Her hand slid down his chest and moved the panty to the side and he felt his cock slide into her hot, tight pussy. It did not go in all in one motion. It took her several slow persistent efforts to take his thick prick all the way into her, but her shuddering reaction was worth the wait!

He brought one hand up and caressed the side of her face. She sucked his finger into her own lovely lips and gave it a ferocious suck! He moaned around her nipple and she released his finger with a gasp. The fingers traced her firm jawline, long neck and the smooth soft plain of her chest. He was getting closer to cumming!!! He wanted to pump the full load of his pent up need into her! She was rising and falling on his shaft now, telling him she had dreamed of fucking him since she was a little girl and how she wanted him to give her a baby so he could suck on her tits and make them milky! He was moaning now, both in the dream and reality. He needed to cum and he was going to no matter what!!!

With a roar, he fired load after load as his testicles turned and tied themselves in knots trying to squeeze more and more of him out! His eyes flew open and with his back and neck arched he stared up at the ceiling, heart pounding in his ears and his body focused on one thing and one thing only: fucking his daughter!!!! It got to the point that he feared his body might indeed try to pull his testicles up into him and shoot them whole out his cock and if they did, he was going to die with a smile!! Thick creamy baby batter had flooded the panty and cover his fist and was splattered everywhere! His muscles relaxed and he sagged back into his chair, eyes closed and a smile on his face as he laid back smiling to himself.

The clapping from the other side of the monitor caused him to sit bolt upright and when he did he saw Bree standing in the doorway, watching him in that bathing suit that was barely anything! “I was looking for my panties. Would those happen to be them?” She asked as she stood up straight and walked the three paces to the desk and then squatted down in front of the desk. He felt her take hold of the soaked cloth and give a tug. He let go, face flushed, mind rushing, searching for something, anything to say! “I think I found them! Thanks, Daddy!” She walked slowly back toward the door and stopped and looked back at him.

With a smile she stopped, turned to him, showing him all of her perfect contours and said, “I am going to go out and buy some things and then go over to some friends. I should be back early this evening though. I hope we can do more than talk then.” She then took her panties, stuffed them in her own mouth and let out a little moan before walking down the hall, getting dressed and leaving the house.

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