Bowler Hat on a Cute Blonde-Me!

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My husband and I began dating a few years ago and this was from that time in our lives. We were not young each having our own kids as well as ex’s but we weren’t too much over the hill either!

On one of our early dates, I decided to really see if I could entice him. Sometime earlier I had shown him a pic of me in a sheer nylon bodysuit and bowler hat taken by a prior boyfriend. He LOVED it and wished he could be a part of such an adventure. So I decided to use that as a theme for our next date. For our date I wore the same sheer black bodysuit-it was crotchless-without panties or a bra.

Next I had a nice outfit picked out-a black tight skirt with a bit of a sheen and a satiny nylon blouse that had a cute leopard print. I put on a pair of black suede sandal style high heels. Of course I topped it all off with my black bowler hat. My hair was down that night and I had big circle earrings, stud earrings, my nose stud and several white gold bracelets to complete my ensemble.

My man had a way to drive-I lived in the desert at the time as he lived down the hill in the IE-and I had time to make it all perfect. When he came to the door I opened it and as I showed myself to him, I could tell that he loved seeing me as well as much as what I was wearing.

We hadn’t been dating long but somehow I knew that we were right for each other. While I had known that he was dating Glenn and Susan at the time and knew there were one or two others he was seeing, I also knew that he was ending them. I was winding down my other casual dating relationship as well.

We went out for dinner and drinks. There is an awesome Mexican restaurant in town that was one of my favorites and then our plan was to have a few drinks and dance a bit at a place I used to hang out at. Coincidentally I met Julia Roberts at this restaurant when she was filming a movie out in the desert.

All through dinner, I was really kind of excited because he had no clue what was in store for him. I wanted to tell him or show him or SOMETHING to let him know what I’d done for this night.

While I didn’t know the complete extent of his fetish for nylons and stockings all I did know is that he liked seeing me wear them all the time whether it was when I was wearing a dress skirt, pants or even jeans. One time I was wearing a pair pendik escort of white dress shorts and he politely but firmly told me that his woman-me(!)should wear nylons when showing off legs as good as mine! How was I supposed to say no to that? So I dutifully went back to my bedroom, found a pair of sheer nude pantyhose, rolled them up my legs, thighs and waist and put my shorts and flats back on. He was most approving. I felt so much happiness that I could please him and knew I would do most anything for him.

Anyway he has a habit of running his hands up and down my legs when we are driving together or just next to one another and tonight was no exception. He was all over my legs, wrapped in sheer off black nylon. What he didn’t know though was what he’d found if he’d just let his fingers walk up my thigh a bit more to my vag. My pussy was yearning for his touch.

Dinner was great. We were both in great moods and the food was good as was the wine. I wanted him sooo bad. We stayed after dinner as the bar was nice and they had good bands.

We danced and drank and kissed and acted like kids. He is big and strong-he is several inches taller than me even when I wear my tallest heels and I not only felt safe with this hunk, but thought I was with the handsomest man alive.

The way he would look at me and then kiss me and then run his hands up my butt and back made me tingle!

As an aside, one of the things he did and still does to this day is rub my butt see if I’m wearing panties(not tonight), pantyhose(well sort of) or stockings(nope!).

After our evening ended, it was time to go back to my place. I however, short-circuited that plan a bit. I had my guy go a different way home and intentionally got us a bit misdirected. We ended up a little lost on this dead end street. I was very horny and after he had pulled over, started kissing and embracing him. I could tell that my man was very excited too as he was very responsive. I unbuttoned his shirt and played with his chest-I love his chest hairs. He unbuttoned my blouse a bit and was surprised that I wasn’t wearing a bra but had this filmy nylon material covering my breasts. I really don’t think that he know I was wearing my crotchless bodysuit, so I guided his hand from my breast to my pussy. He felt the wetness right away maltepe escort and then I think that he put it all together. He became an animal! My blouse was off in an instant. My girls were there for him to see and feel and nibble under this thin layer of sheer black nylon. He kissed me deeply while playing with my boobs. Having his fingers play on my boobs was great. The sheer nylon made my nipples erect and more sensitive than they would otherwise.

He has great fingers and he is almost always able to bring me off with just 2 of them. After just a few moments of his finger love, I decided I was oh so ready. I unzipped his pants and had him pull them down. I loved seeing his cock standing up, almost trembling with anticipation. I then moved around and tried to climb on him to mount him right then and there. Unfortunately his bucket seats didn’t quite accommodate us or the fact that we weren’t as limber as when we were 20. Plus my bowler hat kept getting knocked off. He entered me and it was good but because of the angles, he wasn’t getting all the way in. My left knee was getting sore because I kept hitting the floor mounted gearshift. We could do this but for some reason it wasn’t complete. It was not romantic or sexy and I was getting frustrated!

I said fuck it and shoved the door open. It was windy and a bit cold, but I didn’t care. I laid myself on the hood of the car and pulled my skirt up round my hips. My man didn’t need to be shown again. With his pants down around his ankles he wasted no time in entering me. He grabbed my bodysuit covered hips and told me how fantastic this was and how hot I was and how good it felt fucking me. And it was great having him fuck me so hard and deep and well. . I felt like a wild animal myself. The hardest part was I had nothing to hold onto and so he was pushing me back and forth on the hood like I was a rag doll. That too was hot as I felt like I had no control over this big strong beast and the monster cock filling me up. It wasn’t long before he came inside of me and I guess realizing that we were not only along the side of the road, but it was also waaaayyyy cold, we jumped back in the car.

When we got back to my place, we had a laugh and a cup of coffee. We again made love and he insisted that I keep on my bodysuit, bowler and heels. kartal escort I was happy to accommodate him.

This time though, it was slow and easy and very sexual. He was on the couch. I straddled him, grinding my naked but cum filled pussy on his pants. I left a bit of our cum on his pants-lol-funny to this day. My man couldn’t stop playing with my breasts. I love, love love how I was able to have several small orgasms by grinding on his hard prick while he feasted on my tits. I slid down and again unzipped his pants and yanked the pants, shorts and socks and shoes all off in a bundle and threw them in a corner.

First I went for his balls. His cock was hard and firm, sticking up with a slight bend to my right. He moaned as I took them both in my mouth. I rolled them around in my mouth. My left hand was on his shaft. My right had snaked down to my pussy and I masturbated while sucking on him. My pussy still had our love juice from our earlier lovemaking. I shuddered a bit when I slopped my fingers in my puss.

Then I took his shaft firmly in both hands, opened my mouth and in one fell swoop, took it all in. This night I wasn’t able to get it all in, but I got most of it. He wasn’t expecting this at all and he arched his back. I pulled back as I didn’t want him cumming just yet. His cock was wet from my blow job and I left a small trail of slobber from my lips to his dick when I stopped blowing him.

I stood up and laid back on a different part of the couch, my legs spread wide, expectant. He jumped on me and entered me roughly. He went all the way in and was pumping me hard and fast. Sometimes I’m a romantic and want the sex to go slow and lastlong. Not now! I thrust my pelvis to meet his. We were frantic. My legs were wrapped around his back as he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. I felt like I was just able to hold on while he fucked me so hard and passionately. There was a faint hissing sound that you could hear above our grunts and moans-my nylons rubbing against his bare skin! We both heard it and it seemed to excite us further. I came big this time. My man kept pumping and as soon as I gushed a bit, he must have felt it as he roared, stiffened and filled me up. His balls were hard and I could feel them empty their seed. This was awesome, mind blowing sex. No ifs ands or buts about it, we were very satisfied now. I think I was really falling in love with this beautiful sexy man!

After that, we both fell asleep. The combination of a good meal, a fair share of liquor and some hot lovemaking melted us in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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