Boss’s Secretary

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First time I have put this down – but it is a genuine memory and although my interest in huge boobs goes back to when I was a young teenager, the following occurrences really ‘cemented’ my love of the larger titted woman.

I was about 18 and had not really decided what I wanted to do with my life, but needing beer and food money I applied for a job in the Food Hall of a well known Department Store.

I sat in the waiting room of the personnel department not really taking much notice of anything, when a door opened and out walked this woman. Indeterminate age and to be honest her facial looks were not her strongest point – not exactly ugly but not at all attractive. However, below the neck she was made in Boobsman heaven – what a body – and she knew it! Skin tight woollen sweater stretched over the largest boobs I had ever seen ‘live’ up to that point in my life. So tight that you could see the whiteness of the bra through the sweater. At that time I was no expert in judging size but found out later 48gg. ‘Sensible’ skirt to her knees but obviously a very shapely chassis underneath with great legs. We made eye contact (how I did that I don’t know given the distraction) and she smiled and walked out the room.

Don’t remember the interview – but do remember getting home and recalling that brief time of lust – enough to put a couple of Kleenex to good use.

So, I got the job, reported to personnel and then taken to meet the food hall manager, went into the office and who should be sat there but the woman, who I shall call Kim – turned out she was the Food Hall Managers secretary. She was sat her desk and didn’t get up but gave me that smile again, and said something like “Oh – so you got the job then”. The office was part of the food hall warehouse so luckily I had many chances to see her and she usually wore the same type of clothes, sweater and skirt etc. Because we were working colleagues we sometimes sat together in the canteen at breaks so conversation was inevitable.

Then one day, I had reason to call in the office – she was on her own, stood at the filing cabinet. I dropped the file I had on the boss’s desk and was about to leave when I felt something pressing against my upper arm just slightly behind me. I turned and her face was at least a foot away – the gap in between was taken up by slightly compressed boob. She looked me straight in the eye and said “I can step back if you want” I turned to face her and took one small step forward – before I knew it she had those beauties pressed firm against my chest and was filling my mouth with her tongue – I honestly cannot remember having an erection so quickly. We both knew the risk given that people were consistently in and out of the office so we broke the clinch pretty quickly with the promise of having coffee together at the next break.

We arranged a date the following Saturday – I was to pick her up and then out for a few drinks and then who knows/??

That Saturday could not come soon enough and so there I was stood outside her front door. From our previous chats I knew she was 27, just finished a long term live in relationship and had moved back in with her Mum until she ‘got sorted’

The door opened and she sort of stood behind the door so I could not see all of her – “Come in” she said – so I walked into the hall. I turned to look and nearly fell through the floor.

She had long blonde hair which at work escort ataşehir she nearly always wore in a bun or pony tail – this time it was loose and down past her shoulders. White silk blouse – low cut to expose what turned out to be a 15″ cleavage. (I know because I measured it later!) The skirt was tucked into a plain black skirt so short it could have been used as a belt. The legs were encased in sheer black tights and she stood on black patent heels at least 4″ high.

Talk about instant erection – my other thought was ‘if we are going out to pubs with her dressed like that – what sort of reaction are we/she going to get? ‘

She answered that one immediately as if she had been reading my thoughts – “Mum’s gone away for the night, so I thought we could stay and get to know each other”

With that she stepped forward and slowly pressed her tits to my chest – her heels brought her right into eye level with me so looking me firmly in the eyes and with a smile on her face she did the first of what were to be a number of totally erotic moves that left me breathless and very very hard.

My cock was already bulging out through my trousers so she raised her self slightly on her toes and rubbed the hem of her skirt over my cock – my god – thats when I knew I was in the hands of someone far more experienced than me. After the kiss she said “I am going to blow your mind tonight” and led me into the lounge.

We both sat on the sofa – her at one end – me at the other and she swung her legs up so her feet were resting on my lap. She then proceeded to tease my cock with her heels, sometimes gently, occasionally a little firmly until I thought I could not get any harder.

She then told me to take my clothes off – simple as that – so I got undressed and, I must say, was quite proud of my self. After seeing other guys in changing rooms etc I knew I had a decent length cock, but I equally knew mine was pretty thick as a couple of girls had already told me.

I was just about to sit down when she stood up and repeated the trick with the hem of her skirt, but this time, because my cock was exposed, the feeling was absolutely bloody incredible. I could feel the wetness of her pussy as she rubbed against me with the skirt hem up and down my cock. I noticed she must have been wearing split crotch tights. It took all my willpower not to shove her to the floor and fuck her senseless right there and then but something told me if I held out I was in for all sorts of treats.

I sat back on the sofa and she raised her skirt so she could sit astride me which resulted in her tits being right in my face. For the next half an hour I was treated to a tit in face massage – starting with the tits through the silk then off came the blouse to reveal the largest lace bra I had ever seen. Obviously designed to show her tits to the maximum, she pressed them against my face, rubbed them and then bent down so she could give me some real deep tongue kisses…at the same time I would feel the hot pussy pressing against my cock. Whenever I moved my hands to try and feel her pussy she would say ‘no – not yet’ – it was becoming obvious she wanted total control.

She stood up and took off the bra, leaning forward slightly so I would get the full effect of her boobs as they swung out and were free. Looking back over the past 36 years since that night, I possibly have seen bigger boobs, but not often kadıköy escort I will admit, but to a young 18 year old they were the most incredible things I had ever seen. Deep, deep cleavage – (we later took a wooden 12″ ruler and that disappeared completely in there) I knew that they were going to be heavy, which they were, but somehow the skin over them was not loose, but tight, so they held their shape even though they were so large. They seemed to exude a power all of their own – hard to describe, but I have come across this with a number of big titted woman, where the boobs are almost a separate living entity. She knelt between my legs and slowly but surely gave me the most incredible tit wank, occasionally kissing and sucking my cock until I could stand it no longer – I simply lost control and told her I was coming – she squeezed her tits together and told me to cum on them, which I did – in loads. After I was done she said she was just going to clean up and left me there dazed for a few minutes.

Next thing I heard her voice calling me from upstairs – I went to the foot of the stairs to see her stood at the top, totally naked, wearing nothing but a smile.

I followed and by that time, she could have led me over a hot bed of coals and I would have followed her. Into her bedroom where we both lay, and I started to rub her clit gently with my fingers, she started to moan, and occasionally (through my total lack of expertise at that time) she would guide my hand, just where she wanted it. All the time she was pulling my head down to her tits so I could suck and lick her nipples. Occasionally she would hold my head in there with her arms behind my head, and I honestly could not breathe – at all – such was the sheer size of these tits. All this time her moaning was getting louder until suddenly she lay on her back, grabbed my cock and said ‘fuck me NOW’ ..and proceeded to guide my cock into her pussy. I supported myself on my hands so I could see her tits which were lying, each one almost at the side of her head. She moved her hands so she could hold them together and started to squeeze them – by this time her nipples were rock hard and in almost every breath she was whispering ‘harder’ ‘harder’ – until I was pounding away like I had never fucked a woman before. If I had not come on her tits the first time downstairs, I would not have lasted two minutes, but luckily I could manage some control so I held off until she started to cum, by that time I was so grateful she lived in a detached house, cus her screams would have caused complaints from the neighbours, she must have cum two or three times till I could not control myself and came with her.

She went to the bathroom, came back and we kissed and cuddled etc for about half and hour or so. She then toddled off to the bathroom again and came back not saying a word and dangled those boobs right in my face. She then moved slowly down my body until they were squeezing them selves against my cock, and, with some gentle assistance with her hands I was soon back to attention again. She then put her head over my cock and started with the blow job – I though it strange she had not said anything all this time, and then I knew why – she had her mouth full of some mint flavoured mouthwash. Jeez …that alone could have been the highlight of the night. Pain and pleasure mixed – I don’t know who she had practised that with to know the how it felt, maltepe escort bayan but the reaction was immediate – I yelled and she laughed and said that different flavoured mouthwashes have different effects – some ‘burn’ some ‘freeze’ – I thought afterwards of the lucky bastard who she had experimented on to find this out. Once my cock was to her satisfaction she sat astride me and moved up and down a couple of times so I reciprocated and started to thrust – she stopped and said “Don’t move – anything – don’t touch me – don’t move your hips – if you do I will stop what I am about to do”

She then proceeded to do something I have tried to get many women afterwards to repeat – some have with some success, but none were as special or as powerful as that first time. She was sat stride me with my cock inside and without moving she used some muscles in her pussy to ‘pull’ me inside then release, pull and then release, After just a few seconds of this I thought my mind was going . The temptation to respond was too great, but she must have sensed this and said – “don’t MOVE”. This continued until I was a complete mess – I was moaning and almost begging her to stop and yet at the same time wanted this to continue. She judged it perfectly and started very slowly to move up and down and bend forward so those tits were coming down on my head – she supported my head under a couple of pillows and smothered me while fucking me at the same time. It was seconds before I was shooting my load again. So there I was – cum three times and I knew she was not even close to finishing.

The night progressed in the same vein – occasional dozes but if I woke it would seem she had an instinct and was there – for a ‘simple’ wank or fuck – or maybe another position – I seriously lost count of the times she made me come but I think it was seven – whether anything was actually coming out by that time I don’t know, but the feeling was just the same.

What I did know was that I was smitten – totally – head over heels in love/lust and was already planning our next meeting. In the morning, she said she had loads to do round the house so I disappeared and said I would see her at work.

On the Monday we made a date for the following weekend, knowing her Mum would not be away two times on the trot I was wondering how we could ‘get together’ when she came and told me that her old boyfriend had come back, begging forgiveness and she was moving back with him. I was literally heartbroken, so badly I handed my notice in there and then and left the end of that week.

At that time, jobs were plentiful and I was soon back in work, but it took me absolute age to get over Kim. I once saw her in the street and we chatted – she was married and sort of looked it, but even then, and this was a year or so later, the old lustful feeling returned. I then heard that she had emigrated to the States so never saw her again, but…to quote Barry Manilow, “Even now, when I have come so far I wonder where you are” and I do – I admit I still think of that night 36 years ago when a boy became a man – some of you reading this may think I have made this up – that’s up to you to believe me or not – but I can honestly say that this happened exactly as I have written. I am so grateful to Kim for teaching me ‘how to handle a woman’ – I suspect she knew what she was doing – with such a young guy – whether I was ‘just a bit of fun’ I don’t know and frankly don’t care, what I do know is that no-one (and I admit to seeing some huge boobed escorts) has ever come close to that night I spent with her. I have been a fan of this site for a number of years now and it has taken me this long to get this down, so strongly did it affect me.

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