Book Club Chronicles – Debbie

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Our relatively small book club has been running for many years, with the same ladies as members. We are all happily married — to our first husbands – and have kids that are nearly adults themselves. Having known each other for years we have shared many close personal stories. However, being very discrete women it took some time for us to realize that we had all indulged at some stage in our lives, in some form or level of extra-marital sexual pleasures. I have captured the spirit of these stories in writing.

This is the story of Debbie’s first exposure to extra-marital excitement.


I had worked hard over the past few months to get into the ladies league team at our squash club. By the time I had won the challenge for the last place in the team, I was fit and in really good shape physically.

I did not know the other three ladies particularly well, so was very pleasantly surprised at how welcoming they were to me as the new, fourth member of the team. Jenna, the team captain, had watched my challenge match and had congratulated me sincerely on winning a place the team. She also told me that there would be a team practice the following evening. Giving me a warm smile and patting me on the shoulder she added that since I was new to the team I should stay after the practice for a few welcome drinks with my team mates.

I was very pleased and relieved that Jenna wanted me to socialize with her and her long standing team friends. It seemed that she wanted to make sure that I felt truly part of the club league team.

The next evening after work I got changed into my squash kit and packed clean clothes into my squash bag to change into after showering at the club. I told my husband that I would possibly be home a little late since the ladies had invited me to stay for the welcoming drink. He encouraged me to make the most of the evening since Jenna had been so welcoming.

Jenna, Dianne and Farah were all already at the courts when I got there. Jenna wasted no time in getting us to do court fitness exercises before moving onto doing practice routines. I was proud of having made the team and didn’t want Jenna to have any doubts about my commitment, so I worked especially hard at the routines. Jenna was clearly a demanding captain, but she was very supportive and encouraging as well. I liked her attitude and was quite willing to go along with her instructions.

After an hour of hard practicing Jenna called a halt to the training. “Right girls, it’s time to welcome Debbie into the team. Let’s go and get a few drinks.” We followed her to the little bar at the far end of the courts.

I had assumed that we would shower and change first, but was happy enough to fit in with my team mates. Jenna offered to buy the first round. When I asked for lemonade, the girls all laughed at me. “Come on Debbie …. we’re having a few welcoming drinks for you. You have got to have something more adventurous than that!!”

I don’t normally drink many alcoholic drinks other than at parties, but did not want to be a “party pooper” on my first social with my team mates. I asked for a tot of vodka with the lemonade. When we all had a drink, Jenna proposed a toast to me as the new member of the team. I took a good swig of my drink as I was really thirsty after our squash practice. I hardly noticed the vodka in the drink as I quenched my thirst.

Farah ordered another round for all of us before I was fully finished with my first. She handed me my new drink and then also proposed a toast to me. The mood was quite festive as each of the girls then toasted me in turn and finally also drank a toast to our squash league campaign. Before I knew it I was well through the second drink, having followed my team mate’s example of having a substantial swig with each toast.

As Dianne ordered another round for all of us I wondered if we all had to buy a round that night. I was feeling okay at that point but knew that if I had to have a fourth vodka I would probably end up feeling a bit light headed. We sipped steadily on our drinks as Jenna chatted about the upcoming league matches. She specifically checked with me that I would be available for the away games, some of which necessitated overnight stays as they were quite far away. Since these matches were on Friday evenings I assured her it would not be a problem.

I became aware that our drinks were nearly finished. Although I felt I had had enough to drink, I thought I should at least offer to buy a round since the other three girls had each bought a round. I was a bit surprised when they happily accepted my offer.

As the drinks were served, I raised my glass to my new team mates and thanked them for the warm welcome. I then added, “But I hope you don’t normally drink this much after each game – because I don’t think I will be able to keep up with you girls.”

Jenna gave me a big, welcoming smile. “We enjoy each other’s company and have a lot of fun together — not only drinking. I am sure you escort kartal are going to have fun with us Debbie.”

“Come on girls — down your drinks so we can go and shower.” I watched amazed as my team mates just downed their drinks. They all looked at me as they put their empty glasses down. I knew what my team mates expected me to do. I put my glass to my lips and swallowed as fast as I could. I’d never done this before and found it quite difficult, almost choking on my drink. I felt pleased that I had at least tried as the girls all cheered when I finally put my empty glass down.

As we walked to the shower I could start to feel the effects of all the drinks. I was decidedly light headed and feeling quite carefree. I felt good that I had made the team, and also pleased that I seemed to have lived up to my team mate’s expectations.

The change rooms had long bench seats and a row of lockers. I hauled my kit bag out of my locker and got out my towel. I turned my back on my team mates as I started to undress. I did not feel embarrassed about being naked in front of them, but felt it was appropriate to show a little modesty. As I slipped the last item of clothing off I wrapped my towel around me and turned to head to the showers. I was a little shocked to see the other girls all stark naked, and showing none of the modesty I had expected.

Farah looked at me and giggled. “Hey Debbie, we’re all team mates — you don’t have to hide behind a towel. We are always open in each others company.”

Jenna smiled at me. “Debbie, it’s not often that we get a new team member. But when we do we like to have a little initiation ceremony. It’s all part of building the team spirit. Is that okay with you?”

Still feeling quite carefree from the drinks and wanting to ensure that my team mates accepted me, I smiled at them and told Jenna I was happy to go along with that.

“Good — I knew you had the right spirit Debbie! The first thing is that Farah and Dianne are going to shower with you and wash their new team mate.”

I was rather surprised but thought I should just go along with it and assumed that the girls would just get up to some silly pranks under the shower. Farah said I should go and get the shower running and get the water to a comfortable temperature. They would join me shortly.

The showers had no doors on the wide cubicles, which had always bothered me in terms of a lack of privacy, but I understood that it was more practical to keep clean and hygienic. I fiddled with the taps until I was comfortably settled under the stream of warm water. I closed my eyes, enjoying the gentle massaging sensation of the stream of water. I had my back turned to the shower entrance and so was taken a bit by surprise when suddenly I felt hands on my back and shoulders. I had not really thought it through, but it now dawned on me that Farah and Dianne were literally going to shower with me.

They both had shower gel on their hands and quickly got to work behind me washing my back and arms. Although it had been a bit of a shock realizing they were in the shower with me I quickly relaxed enjoying the sensations of their gentle soaping of my back. One of them then soaped the back of legs while the other soaped my butt. It felt a little strange but I found myself quite enjoying the naughty pleasure of having another woman washing my butt. I thought to myself that this was more like a treat than initiation.

“Okay Debbie — we’re done this side. Time to turn around now.” Farah instructed me in a friendly but totally assured manner. Feeling a little reserved, even embarrassed, at them seeing my front totally naked, I slowly turned to face them. As I turned I realized that Jenna was showering in the cubicle opposite mine — and that she was happily watching my initiation.

Farah giggled as she looked me up and down. “Hey Debbie — you still have a bush down there. That won’t do! Squash girls should be shaved and clean. Our captain insists that we stay shaved!” Farah and Dianne were both looking down at my pussy. In turn I looked at theirs and then across at Jenna, absorbing for the first time that all their pussies were cleanly shaved and exposed.

I found it intriguing that they considered clean shaven to be the norm. I kept my bush neatly trimmed, but had never considered shaving it off completely. I was about to shrug off their comments when Dianne spoke. “I’ve got a razor in my bag. I’ll fetch it so we can shave her now.”

“No you can’t do that!!” I responded indignantly, as Dianne headed off to her locker.

Jenna smiled at across at me and winked. “Debbie, you agreed to the initiation. Be a sport and just go along with it — unless you want to risk always feeling an outsider in our team.”

“But what would I tell my husband when he sees me shaved?” I asked in desperation. I did not want the girls to think of me as a bad sport and would even consider shaving my pussy as part of the initiation if it really was needed — but would maltepe escort bayan have to know how to explain my new look to my husband.

“Oh you will think of a way. Tell him it is for his benefit and excitement. We have a lot of fun together and sometimes it means having to spin the husbands a bit of a story. You will quickly get used to it.” Jenna chuckled as she spoke to me, leaving me wondering what exactly she was getting at.

“Have you never had your pussy shaved Debbie? You are going to love it — it feels so cool, especially when you don’t wear panties.” Farah smiled at me as she started soaping my bush. Things were happening a little too fast for me, and I felt like I was no longer in control.

“But what if somebody else comes in and sees what is happening?” I asked genuinely concerned that I might be caught in a very embarrassing situation. I also had a vague hope that possibly this would put my team mates off their mission.

“Oh don’t worry about that. We are the last ones here and the club has closed for the night,” Jenna responded quickly.

“Farah, I’m really not sure about this.” I muttered as I watched her hands soaping me dangerously closely to my pussy. As I stood there and contemplated the prospect of being bald down there, I suddenly felt a naughty thrill at the prospect of having a shaved pussy. Maybe it would be exciting to try. I decided I would tell my husband that my squash friends thought he would like it.

Dianne returned with her razor in hand. Having accepted that this was going to happen I reached out to take it from her. “Oh no Debbie!! I am going to shave you. You just watch and enjoy.”

I was stunned at her suggestion. “I don’t think that is a good idea Dianne. I don’t think it is right to have another woman working around and touching my private parts.”

Jenna spoke in a firm tone from her shower. “We don’t hide anything from our team mates Debbie. Just open your legs and let her do it.”

“Oh God” I groaned. Had it not been for the drinks that we had earlier which had left me more relaxed and carefree I would possibly not have been so accepting of what Jenna demanded. No woman had ever touched me around my pussy, and I did not know how I was going to respond.

I eased my legs apart as Dianne crouched in front of me, with her eyes right at pussy level. Farah in the meanwhile had moved behind me and was gently massaging my back. At least she was providing some soothing sensations for my tense body.

I closed my eyes not wanting to watch. I felt very conscious of every touch from Dianne. She quickly ran the razor down the front of my mound shaving all the easy parts. It went better than I had thought it might and I felt the tenseness in my body ease off a bit.

“Open your legs wider Debbie, so I can do the last bit. You are going to look stunning with a naked pussy.” Dianne giggled. Not looking at her I did as she had instructed. I tensed again, knowing that she was bound to touch my sensitive erotic zones. No woman had touched me there before and I was afraid of how I might react.

I felt her fingers on my labia, gently pushing them to one side as she moved the razor across my exposed areas. Her touch did feel quite good, but she seemed to consciously avoid touching the really sensitive erotic parts, so I was relieved that it was not quite as arousing as I was afraid it might have been.

I relaxed a little again, feeling mild sensations of arousal as Dianne’s fingers and razor moved around my pussy. At that point I felt Farah’s soapy hands slip around me from behind. She cupped my breasts and started soaping them.

As always my nipples responded instantly to being touched, and in no time they were hard. Farah immediately started tweaking them gently between her slippery, soapy fingers. Even though it was a woman’s hands touching my tits, I could not deny the thrill I felt. It felt good and sexy — but I knew it was wrong.

My mind rebelled. This was not right. One woman was touching my pussy while another was playing with my breasts — and I was getting aroused by it all. I had to stop this. It was not right for women to get me sexually aroused. Only my husband had ever done this to me.

“I think this has gone far enough!! Surely you have finished shaving me Dianne!!” I blurted out. I tried to wriggle out of Farah’s grip, but she just held onto my breasts a little more tightly and as I tried to close my legs I found that Dianne had placed her legs between mine preventing me from doing so.

Dianne gave a little chuckle. “What’s the problem Debbie? Are you getting a little turned on? ………… Never mind that is what team mates are there for. We would never let a team mate down and let them go home frustrated.”

With that she ran a finger all along my slit, parting my labia and touching the entrance to my cunt, while her thumb brushed across my hard clit. Farah simultaneously gave each of my erect nipples a little tug.

“Oh God,” I groaned pendik escort bayan as the erotic sensations rippled through my body. “Please girls … I have never been touched by women before. Don’t do this to me. I am not that way inclined!” I begged with them. My mind was confused, enjoying the pleasurable erotic sensations, while knowing that I shouldn’t allow it. After all I was a married, heterosexual woman.

“Debbie, you are a committed squash girl now ….. and squash girls like to get naughty with each other.” Dianne smiled up at me. Farah let out a knowing little chuckle.

“I can feel you are getting horny. Your pussy is wet. You don’t actually want us to stop, do you?” Dianne made the point by slipping a finger into my wet cunt. With my legs still splayed on either side of hers, she had free access to my slippery channel.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” I sighed as I felt my pussy adjust to her penetrating finger. My resistance was fading fast as the sexual thrill coursed through my body.

Farah starting erotically licking the side of my neck as she expertly fondled my tits and nipples. I couldn’t prevent the little sighs of sexual pleasure escaping from my lips as Dianne and Farah gently stimulated my tits and cunt. They had me excited and very turned on. Not only was I beginning to accept these women stimulating all my erotic zones, but it had got to a point where I did not want them to stop. My eyes were closed and my head was tossed back as I started submitting to the sexual pleasure they were inducing in me. The illicit nature of being erotically stimulated by two women in a public place was adding to the growing sexual thrill I was feeling.

My arousal levels were climbing rapidly when suddenly Farah’s hands left my tits and I felt Dianne remove the finger that had been masturbating my cunt. I opened my eyes to see Jenna standing right in front of me. “Debbie, it’s my privilege as captain of the team to be the first to have sex with you.” A sensual thrill rippled through me at her mention of having sex with her. I did not know quite what that implied, but I was so aroused that just the mention of sex sounded exciting.

Jenna took me by the hand and led me to the benches in the change room. She sat me down on the end of one bench and got me to lie back on it. She made sure that my butt was right on the edge of the bench, and then eased my legs wide apart. I felt an amazing submissive, erotic excitement at lying there naked with my legs splayed wide apart, exposing my pussy completely to this woman. I wanted her to see my pussy wide open for her use and her pleasure. I felt totally wanton and incredibly excited.

I watched as Jenna kneeled between my splayed legs, and moved her head down to lick my pussy. I shuddered in anticipation.

“Oh God Jenna ….. yessssss!” I groaned as I felt her tongue circle my engorged clit. She licked up and down my slit a few times, easing her tongue into my cunt, before moving back to my clit. She then switched to gently sucking on my clit, soon followed by slipping two fingers into me. Within a moment she had found my G-spot and was gently massaging it as she stimulated my clit. My body started jerking from the hugely erotic stimulation. My husband had never touched me in quite such an exciting way, and I could not believe how good it felt to have this woman stimulating me. I had often heard the phrase that only a woman knows how to truly stimulate a woman. Now I knew it was true and I was enthralled.

I was building to a huge orgasm when Jenna stopped and looked up and smiled at me from between my splayed legs. “I want to fill your pussy to make you cum really hard.”

Jenna stood up holding something in her hand. My eyes opened wide as I realized it was a huge dildo. I had never owned or even tried using a dildo before. Although I had sometimes thought it would be exciting to try one, I knew I would be extremely embarrassed if my husband ever found it in my cupboard.

“God Jenna, that thing is huge” I groaned as she lubricated the tip of the dildo with my pussy juices

Jenna smiled knowingly at me. “But you want it up your pussy, don’t you?” I looked at the huge dildo again, and imagined the feeling of it stretching my cunt. I was so turned on I just had to give it a try. I gave Jenna a feeble smile and nodded my head.

Jenna instructed me to lift my knees up to my chest. “I want this in really deep, so that it touches places you didn’t even know about. I am going to make you cum with this toy cock buried deep in your cunt Debbie!!” Jenna dirty talk got me even more horny.

I felt even more sexually submissive with my legs splayed and my knees drawn up to my chest. It left my pussy totally exposed and vulnerable to whatever Jenna wanted to do with me. Jenna slid the dildo a little way up my sopping cunt, and then withdrew it part of the way. She repeated this process each time penetrating me a little deeper, giving my cunt chance to adapt to the monster. I groaned in pleasure each time she pushed it in deeper. My pussy had never felt so full. It felt wonderful. I held my breath as I felt it stretch my cunt, more than I have ever been stretched before. Jenna gave a final shove to sink it deep into my pussy, causing me to finally exhale fully and groan erotically.

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