Blurred Lines of Ecstasy

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Imagine this.

You’re blindfolded, lying on what feels like a hotel bed. It’s a warm room and you aren’t sure how you got here. You can hear loud music thumping through the walls. The room seems to shake. You remember a party you were at. But when was that? You’re definitely not sober.

Your head spins ever so lightly, and a familiar high clouds your brain. You’re not scared either. So what are you doing here? You try to move your hands to feel around, but they’re tied to the headboard. What. What is happening? The panic starts to grow inside..

Then you feel warm breath above your left nipple. You realize you’re naked. Moist, warm breath. Everything becomes silent. You can only feel breath. Whose is it? You lift your chest slowly, as much as you can. The face retreats, teasing you. Tempting you to come to it, rather than the other way around. You try to lift your chest higher, giving the mouth access. You still cannot reach. You know the mouth is there somewhere, but your nipple can’t feel the breath anymore.

You relax, melting back into the bed. Kind of disappointed. And then your nipple is engulfed by that same mouth. Sucking, pulling, nibbling, licking. Whoever it is, they know what they’re doing. You feel shivers travel down your spine and your pussy begins to moisten. A tongue flickers across your nipple, right on its upright end. You moan slowly. Please don’t stop. PLEASE.

The mouth continues to play with your breast. Kissing it tenderly, sucking it hard. Tracing circles around your nipple and then pulling it into that moist, hot mouth. You can feel the passion in that tongue. A hand moves to your right breast now, fondling it gently. Turning you on even more. Your hips begin to move back and forth slowly.

You don’t even care who this person is. you’re not bothered by this circumstance. Even if it’s a fucking dream, you want to get fucked so hard.

Your hands try and pull free of the handcuffs. You want to reach out and find a dick. It’s there somehwere, hopefully. You can’t free your hands. This is torture. Meanwhile, your breasts are now being attacked vigorously. Between fondling and licking and sucking and pinching you do not understand what is happening.

The mouth lifts off the left breast and traces its tongue all the way across your chest. Kisses are being planted around your nipple, fully erect. Slow kisses, wet kisses. Round and round the mouth goes. You lift your chest, telling the mouth to do what’s required.

Then the right nipple is engulfed my warmth and moisture. Bitten softly, by teeth. bostancı escort bayan Sucked deep into the mouth. The left breast, dripping with saliva, is now being handled. A thumb finger and an index finger grab that nipple and twist it this way and that. Your mouth is open wide, in a state of ecstatic shock. And then the hand is removed. The mouth gives your breast one last kiss and it retreats.

You begin to come back down to earth. Your breathing is heavy and beads of sweat lay between your two breasts, on your neck, on your thighs. You can’t do anything about it. You want more of this mysterious person. You need a fat dick between your legs right now, inside you, discovering places nobody has been before.

You want to scream out in fits of pleasure and pain. You moan loudly, just thinking of being fucked right now. You want to touch your clit. You can feel your pussy juice soaking into the bed around your thighs. The folds of your pussy await some sort of contact. Some stimulation. This is the worst form of torture.

Now the mouth hovers above your chest again. You’re reaching up again. Please suck on my tits. Please touch me. Please, for goodness sake, fuck me.

The mouth plants a kiss in the centre of your boobs. A tongue extends from the mouth and traces a track all the way to your navel. The tongue explores your belly button. The tongue moves back up towards your right breast. Stops halfway. Plants a kiss in that region. Traces another line to the other side. Plants another kiss. Moves up, right to the periphery of your breast. Kisses that edge, sucking the skin at the same time.

Goosebumps all over. Everywhere. Tongue moves to the other breast now, right where it ends. Kisses that skin the same way. You don’t know how to end this.

Your pussy is screaming for attention. Your hips moving back and forth, calling something to it. The tongue begins to move back down towards your navel. Right above your belly button, over your belly button, below your button right above your crotch, amidst the little landing strip above your pussy, at the edge of your wet pussy.

And then the mouth moves to the left. To the insides of your thigh. Your hips gyrate in anger and frustration. You can’t handle this anymore. You are getting impatient. All this feels fucking good but your body aches for what it really needs. The tongue moves from your crotch region all the way to the end of your thighs, kissing, licking, biting. Your skin is on fire right now. there’s a heat inside you that you have never felt before.

The ümraniye escort mouth kisses its way all the way back towards your vagina. Right on the edge now. The mouth lifts off your skin and moves across your pussy. Dangerously close to contact but still so fucking far away. As it crosses, the warm breath sends electric waves of pleasure up your body and you lift your hips, trying to get something to touch your pussy lips. But to no avail. The mouth is now on the other thigh, moving towards your knee.

That skin is so sensitive and the firm but slow way this mouth is kissing and sucking your skin sends you spiralling towards oblivion. This is absolutely insane. The mouth begins its descent. This time harder kissing and sucking. Biting sensitive bits of thigh that cause even more juice to flow from your vagina.

Again the mouth is lifted off just before it reaches, and again it travels across to the other side, warm breath driving you insane. Only this time it stops in the middle.

Right above your clit. It pauses there, breathing heavily. Time slows down and there’s only your pussy and that mouth. You lift your hips again, searching for the mouth you can’t see.

Just as you do, the mouth comes down, tongue extended, and engulfs the folds of your pussy. Kissing Sucking. Licking. GOOD LORD. Flicking your clit ever so delicately with the tip of the wet tongue. YES GO ON. Licking you right from the rim of your vagina to the top of your clit. THIS IS CRAZY. FUCK. Everything is wet down there. All you can feel is the tongue inside you, moving back and forth and up and down inside you. YES! Shifting from your pussy to your clit, the tongue works magic that you had only thought possible in dreams.

Every inch of your body is aroused and you squeeze the head between your legs as the tongue licks every inch of your mound. THIS IS TOO MUCH. You want to touch your boobs and squeeze them. You want to press the head into your crotch. You want that tongue everywhere it can possible reach.

You’re reaching climax. The tongue hasn’t stopped playing with your insides. Lapping up your juices. Licking the exact spots in your hole that can drive you insane. Your hips move back and forth vigorously as your cunt is being eaten by an expert mouth. Fuck, WHAT IS THIS FEELING. And somehow now, the tongue finds its way deeper. Top lip rested on your clit, stimulating it as the tongue moves inside. Back and forth and up and down. In circles. Muscles are in spasms and there’s a wild fire inside you. YES. More licking. More sucking. More wetness. escort kartal More tongue fucking. More kissing. More stimulation. YESSSS!

And just as you are sent over the top into a climax that ravages your body and sends you wriggling and shaking violently, something changes.

The darkness of the blindfold begins to fade away as a warm light extends from everywhere around you. It’s as if you shifted from that hotel room next to a club to somewhere familiar. You can feel sunlight and warmth and the bed feels like your own. You try to open your eyes and realize you can. There is no blindfold. The light blinds you but you open up anyways.

Good lord, that was a fucking good dream. You are sweating profusely and your body is definitely turned on. You look down from the ceiling and see your nipples perky and erect. You remember the mouth and everything it did.

I see you waking up slowly, in a state of warm confusion. I see how confused you are, how horny you are. I see you glance at your nipples and then glance down to your crotch, where you wish you had a dick. I see you see me, lying between your legs. I love you so much. We smile at each other, and with your eyes you thank me 5 million times for giving you that dream. But there’s another look in my eyes.

I woke you up with an orgasm so I could give you another orgasm. I get up on all fours and slowly climb towards you, eyes locked in passion. I lean low and our lips meet. You’re moaning into my mouth. Our tongues battle. Our hands searching for each other’s body. Grabbing, scratching, pulling. I love kissing you. Your lips against mine. I can feel my dick on your thigh. I break free of the kiss and lick your ears, nibbling on them slightly. I kiss your neck and then rest my head besides yours. You kiss my ear and neck and whisper into my ear ‘Please fuck me. Fuck me good’

I lift my head, staring into your eyes. I shift my body so that my dick rests right above your pussy. One thrust and I’ll be inside you. You lift your hips urging me to come inside. I can feel how fucking wet you are. I lean forward again, close my eyes and kiss you again.

At the same time I thrust slowly and enter your warm pussy. So tight, my dick fits perfectly. I can feel your vaginal walls clench my dick. You want to be fucked so hard. Our tongues continue to dance passionately. I begin to move back and forth slowly. My dick pulling back until it’s almost outside you and then thrusting deep inside you, where only I can reach. Slowly, again and again. You’re moaning softly. Can you feel that? There is no feeling in this world like the feeling of fucking you. Today I am going to fuck you so good. You’re going to beg me to come inside you. I’m going to fuck you so hard. I know you’ve wanted me inside you ever since you woke up handcuffed. I am here now. I am inside you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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