Birthday Sex

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Alaina Dawson

It’s a bright and sunny Saturday afternoon. The weather is perfect not too hot. Today is Kevin’s birthday and his wife Alexys is throwing him a huge pool party. I pull up to the front of Kevin’s house. I step out of my car and check myself out in the window. I am wearing the new green and pink bikini I purchased just for this occasion. The top pushes my tits up and my bottoms barely covering my round supple ass. My wedge sandals making my legs look extra long today. My cover up showing just enough cleavage from the push up effect of the bikini top. My round ass and thick thighs slightly peeking through at the bottom. I grab my bag from the backseat and stroll around to the side gate and enter the backyard. The party is in full swing.

Kevin and I work in the same building downtown. Kevin works in marketing and I in accounting. We pass each other every morning on the elevator. Kevin is about 6’2″ and muscular. He keeps his hair short and has beard always neatly trimmed. The first time I met him, I was running late. I had my Chai tea latte in one hand and my phone in the other texting. I bumped into him as I was rushing toward the elevator. I looked up and saw this fine piece dark chocolate staring back at me piercing brown eyes.

I mouthed, “excuse me.” he smiled with one of those panty melting smiles and said, “no problem.” I had to immediately look away as I began to blush.

He held the door open for me and I walked in. As I entered the elevator, my mind started racing with all the things that I wanted to do to this sexy beast but the platinum band on his left ring finger put a halt to those. I took a sip of my tea and pushed 5 and stepped aside as he got on pushed 8. I stared at the phone the whole elevator ride, but inhaling his scent as he stood next to me was making it hard to concentrate. I smelled so delicious, my panties were getting wet.

Weeks had passed and I would see him on a daily now. I never noticed him before that day but now it seemed that I saw him every time, I got to work, went to lunch or left from work. Each time would make me want him even more. Finally one Friday afternoon as I was leaving for lunch, he stopped me and asked if I would like to have lunch with him.

I asked, but what about your wife.

He replied, we do work together. It could be considered a business lunch. You work in accounting and I in marketing. You know budgets, etc.

I shyly smiled and said, ok. So we went out to lunch at a nice Italian restaurant downtown. We talked about work and our personal lives. I found out a lot about him and Alexys, they were college escort dikmen sweethearts. He talked about her in a loving way, so I never thought anymore about us ever getting together. Until, that Monday. He called my office extension and asked me to lunch again. He asked if I could meet him a little restaurant inside the large upscale hotel downtown. Thinking nothing of it since we had become friends in the weeks following our first bump.

So I told him that I would meet him there around noon. He said ok see you then.

Our building is not that far from the hotel he mentioned so I decided to walk. It was 11:30 and I told Catherine my assistant that I was going to lunch and left the building. I walked out of my office and got onto the elevator and rode it down to the 1st floor. Headed out the door and strolled to the hotel restaurant. I get there and there he is sitting a table in the corner looking just as scrumptious as every other time I see him. I walk over to him and my pussy begins to purr as he stands up and smiles. I return his smile and sit. We order, he a ribeye steak with all the fixings and I a chicken ceasar salad and ice tea. We talk as we wait for our food.

Our food arrives and we begin to eat. We still make small talk over lunch but something seems a little off about our usual friendly banter, it has gone to sex talk. We talk about it sometimes but never as much as we are now. He wants to know all my sexual desires and he tells me his. I try to change the subject but he touches my hand and breath quickens. He looks me deep into my eyes and says, no, don’t and smiles again. Could my panties be any wetter. They are going to send me a cleaning bill for this damn chair I think to myself. We finish our conversation and finish lunch.

I got a room upstairs. I would like for you to join me. He states. Mind you this is a supposedly happily married man. I usually don’t sleep with married men but this man here makes me lose all my common sense. He is smart, funny and just so damn fine.

I nervously ask, are you sure? Not once since our first encounter, at least I think, have I portrayed anything other than two colleagues having lunch.

Yes. So I followed him to the elevator and before the doors could close completely he had me pinned against the wall, kissing me hard with his hand up my skirt. He came up for air, looked at me when he felt how wet I already was. He smiled the smile and shifted my panties to the side and slide a finger in my wetness. I let out a soft moan. We make our way to the room and you know.

Here I am, a year escort elvankent later, at his home he shares with his wife and kids for his birthday. The music is blaring, kids screaming as they play in the pool. Everyone laughing, talking and having a good time. I grab me a drink from the cooler, open it and take a sip. The cold drink cools my skin that’s on fire from thinking of what I could do to him. Alexys spots me and and being the gracious host that she is comes over to greet me. I smile, shake her hand and exchange pleasantries. I think to myself if only she knew. We walk over to where all the ladies are sitting and chatting. I speak to them, most of them I work with and we begin gossiping like we know how. We are all drinking, laughing and having a good time.

I excuse myself and start mingling with some of the other guests. I am drinking and having a good time. I see Kevin over by the BBQ, looking all sexy in swim trunks and wife beater tank. The shirt shows off his six pack abs and ripped upper body. His diamond earrings sparkling in the sunlight. Kevin’s skin smooth as melted chocolate. His dimples show as he laugh and talk to some friends playing dominoes at a nearby table.

I make my way over, I hug him and whisper “Happy Birthday” in his ear as I flick his earlobe with my tongue. Kevin’s breath catches but not enough for anyone to notice. I grin as I see him adjust his stance as I know that his cock has sprung to life.

I walk away as I hear Family Affair by Mary J. Blige, making my way to the dance floor where everyone has started dancing. I see Alexys walk over to grab his hand. Kevin and Alexys make their way to the floor to dance. The bass of the music is pulsing. Everyone gyrating their hips and bodies to the beat. I can feel his eyes on me. I look up and see him watching me through his dark sunglasses. I know he is looking at my ass as my coverup rides up as I dance. I smile devilishly as I know what is now on his mind.

I mouth “bathroom now” as I gesture towards the house.

Kevin continues to dance with his wife as I leave the dance floor and make my way to the house. I make my way through the crowd and to the door. I turn, look back at him as I open the door and he smiles, once again making me wet. I wink and gesture towards the house. Alexys is having such a good time laughing, dancing, and talking that she doesn’t even notice him slip away. I enter the house and head to the bathroom, I know where it is as I have been here numerous times when she is out of town or will be gone for a while.

Kevin makes his escort emek way to the door and I hear it close as he enters. I enter the bathroom and before I can close the door he slides in. He pulls me close and kisses me hard with passion, want, and need. I let his tongue slip in as he reaches behind his back and lock the door. We start groping each other like two sexual charged teenagers. We want each other so bad; it’s been almost 3 weeks since the last time we were together. As I remove my cover up, he greedily pulls my bikini top down and takes my hardened nipple into his mouth. As his hands snake their way down to my now bare, round ass. I let out a light moan, as his hot, wet mouth sucks and licks my chocolate kisses. Kevin caress my ass as a finger slips into my honey pot. I throw my head back in pleasure as his finger enters my throbbing pussy.

I enjoy the pleasure for a minute before, I tell him “no, it’s your day” and drop to my knees pulling his trunks down as I go down, freeing his long thick chocolate rod, that has begging to be let set free. As it springs free I kiss the head. I run my thumb over the pre cum, look up at him lustfully and suck it off. I immediately swallow him all the way, I relax my throat so that I can take him deeper. No teasing this time; I bob my head up and down his shaft. Taking him deep in my throat all the while running my tongue up and down his shaft. I come up and suck hard on the head, stroking him, before taking him deep again and again. No gagging. I look up into his eyes and see that he is enjoying this that, he begins to moan loudly. I take one hand and remove my bottoms, reach up and shove them in his mouth to quiet him. I continue up, down, lick, suck, stroke.

Finally gets to be too much for him, so he pulls away from me, yanks me up and turn me to face the mirror. We stare at each other through the mirror as he spreads my legs and enter me from behind. I grab ahold of the counter and moan lightly as he fills me up. We fuck, not that slow sensual sex we do most times but hardcore porn fucking. My tits are bouncing as he pounds into me. I push back into him giving him what he is giving me. He grip my hips; in, out, in, harder, deeper, faster, and we watch each other in the mirror as we each spiral out of control as our orgasms take over. He collapses against my back as I collapse against the sink. Our breathing ragged, we stay like this until our breathing slowly starts to slow and we come down from our sexual high.

I turn, kiss him and wish him happy birthday again. We clean ourselves up, get dressed and head back out unnoticed. I let him leave first. I fix my hair in the mirror and smile at myself. As I finally make my way back out to the party, they are singing “Happy Birthday” and bringing out the cake as you are smiling. You look my way, smile and I wink as we both know that you had a Happy Birthday indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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