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After my adventures I went back to Pattaya, I always like it there, many gay
bars and some nightlife. I had took the bus from the Ekemai bus station in
Bangkok to North Pattaya, simple and not expensive. On the net I had find a
hotel in South Pattaya, very good price 1100 Bath, The classroom hotel, a gay
hotel in boys town, the room is ok all is there, need nothing more, maybe just
some nice handsome guy LOL. I put all my things in the cupboard, took shower
and went out. I know this part very well, easy location, shops, beach, bars all in
walking distance. I went to eat some Thai food in a small restaurant behind
Royal garden shopping center, good food they have there, I only paid 220 bath
for the food and a Singha beer. The afternoon I walked around beach road and
some shopping centers, I like Central Festival, nice place always and the Thai
market behind it on 2nd road. There you can do some bargains, but have to
argue about the price always, just a Thai game it is. Late afternoon I came back
to the hotel, tired of walking around in Pattaya, I lay down on my bed and
nearly fell asleep. Quickly I stood up and took a shower and dressed up to go
out, wana see the gay-nightlife.

I first went out in Boys town, nice busy place but more expensive than other
gay parts in town. I went to the panorama bar, can sit easy and have a nice
view on all what is happing there. Some boys came close to me, smiling and
trying to talk to me, but none of them was my style. Suddenly I saw a foragn
guy I know for already many years. He came to sit next to me, I offered him a
beer. He updated me about the gay life in Pattaya, many Cambodian guys he
told me and most of them not gay, just gay for the money, have to look good to
find someone you like he told me. After we finished our drinks he invited me to
go to Jomptien Complex, another gay area of Pattaya, also many bars but
cheaper drinks there. We went there on his motorbike.

Arriving there I saw a new massage place, good I asked him, mmm so and so, it
depends always on the boy, he is gay straight or bi, and they hide it a lot until
you want extra massage, then you can feel it if they are really gay or not. If they
only jerk you of then they are straight and gay for the money, I laughed with his
what he explained to me. We sat down in some bamboo güvenilir bahis şirketleri chairs outside a
bar, ordered some beers, boys were smiling to us again, potential clients
maybe for them. Where can I have a good massage I asked him, not easy, what
you want he asked me. First a good massage, and then go further, not only jerk,
I like some more things to do. He laughed with me, me too I also want more
then a simple happy ending, we both laughed. There are a few on the net, and
they go further then those guys in massage parlors, I will give you the webside
of it. We took our I-phone and looked up some massage boys, quickly I had find
a few, nice profiles they had, also nice guys, more my type. I don’t like feminine
type like lady boys. A nice guy was on line, I started to chat with him. My friend
next to me laughed, but also looked at the guy, not bad he said. Finally I made
an appointment with him for tomorrow afternoon 3 pm. We had a few drink
more and my friend drove me back to my hotel on his motorbike.

I slept longtime the next day, I was nervous to see the guy who will come to
massage me. After shower I went out and had a small breakfast, did not wana
eat too much before massage. About around 2 pm I was back in my room, the
room had been cleaned already, that was good. I took quickly a shower and put
some comfortable things on, now just wait. About at some passed 3 pm my
phone went, I picked up, it was him, he was waiting downstairs. I went down,
he was waiting in the street, hi I am Rob I said to him, hi I am Nikom he
presented himself, just fallow me I said to him, and we went upstairs to my

He looked not bad, good looking and sure over 30 years old. You wana drink
something I asked him, a coke if you have. I took 2 cokes out of the fridge and
gave 1 to him. You take shower 1st he told me, ok and I left to the bathroom. I
had taken shower so quickly I took shower again and went back to the room.
Meantime he had put a big towel on the bed and put his things on the small
nightstand next to the bed. You lay down on the bed I gone take shower
he said and went to the bathroom. I lay down naked on my belly on the bed
waiting for him to come back from. Took about good 5 minutes and I saw he
came out of the bathroom, he had a towel around his waist, had a nice body.
He came to sit on his knees on canlı bahis şirketleri the bed and undid his towel, he was now naked
sitting next to me, I could see nothing yet. He asked me what I like, oil or
cream. I like oil massage I replied and do good my legs and back, my legs hurt a
little bit. He poured some oil on my back and started to massage my neck go
down my back to my buttock. He was sitting beside me, he took my arm and
massaged it from hands to my neck. All the time he used a lot of oil, what I like
it gives a good feeling. He did my left and right arm and went back to my
shoulders and massaged down even my buttocks he did a little bit. I love it, my
ass cheeks massaged and special go deeper in it. Suddenly he stood up and said
spread your legs gone massage them. I spread my legs and he came to sit in
between them. He started at my feet and went up massaging my legs up to my
knees. He did them both, then he started to massage the upper part and that I
like, wondering what he gone do. First he massaged with a lot of oil the upper
part, but then went on to massage the inside of my legs up to my scrotum and
slowly he went up to massage my buttock going with his hand in my crack.
Mmmm I was getting hard slowly. Then he went more down to my balls and
massaged them with his thumbs and went up spread my cheeks and massaged
my rosebud, I could not hold and moaned a little bit so he could understand it,
and he did, he poured more oil in my crack and massaged it more pressed with
his thumbs on my ass. I moaned harder and looked up, he smiled and I smiled
back to him so he could understand to continue what he was doing, and he did.
He spread my ass well open and so went with his fingers massaging my
rosebud, I moaned to let him know I love it. He went further and started to
push one finger inside my ass, mmm I love it. I felt also he love doing it, and he
fingered me good. Suddenly he lay down on top of me and with his body
massaging me, his hard dick between my ass cheeks going up and down and
sniffing in my neck, whispering in my ear can I fuck you? MMM yes but with
condom I whispered back, but let’s play before little bit, and I turned over. Now
I saw his hard dick, not big and not thick, about 15 cm but nice one, I took it in
my hand and played with it. Went down and played with his balls, meantime he
also canlı kaçak iddaa took my dick in his hands and jerked it. You like Rush I whispered and took
the bottle, mmmmm sure he replied and I passed it to him. He sniffed a
longtime at it and passed to me, I sniffed some, I know poppers make many
guys more loose and do more. I went down to his dick and started to suck it, he
moaned hard and also went to my dick and started to suck it, mmmmm he
could suck very good. Again he sniffed some poppers, made him more horny,
he whispered wana fuck you now. Ok take a condom I said, he put a condom
over his dick, I lay on my back, he spread my legs and fast fingered some gel in
my ass, He was sitting on his knees, and pushed his dick fast deep inside me.
Quickly he fucked me fast and deep, not big dick but he fucked me good, after
a few minutes he had his orgasm, and filled his condom in my ass. He pulled
out his dick undid the condom full with his male juice and put it on the floor. I
wana fuck you now I whispered, cannot I am only top he replied, ok suck me
then I said. He put a condom over my dick, sniffed some poppers and started to
suck me, even deep and playing with my balls. Quickly I also filled my condom.
We both lay down on the bed little bit exhausted, but happy. Let’s take shower
I said and both we went to the shower. He helped me in the shower, soaped
me completely in with a lot of soap to clear the oil from the massage, when
finished I left the shower and he then started taking shower. I went to the
room and get dressed. I had prepared 2,000 Bath to pay him, he did a nice job
and I know now this is about the price. He came out of the shower, I asked him
if he wanted to drink something, I was drinking a Singha beer, same as you he
said. While he was getting dressed I took a Singha beer out of the fridge and
gave to him. We sat down on the bed drinking our beer, can I ask you
something he said. Ok I replied. Can I have the poppers, sure I said I have more
with me, and I gave him the poppers together with the 2,000 Bath in my hand.
Thank you he said, saw he was happy. Can I ask you something I said to him.
Are you only top? Me, I am versatile and like both sides. Yes I am only top now,
I have friend he is more bottom. Wow you have boyfriend or is he your
fuckbuddy? He is a colleague, he is also like me a massage boy, we work
sometimes together if someone ask a 4-hand massage. Wow I would like that
I said laughing to him. You just call me and we will come around and give you a
4-hand massage. Ok maybe for the next days I will phone you and I gave him a
kiss on his cheek, c u he replied and left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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