Autumn Leaves….

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Autumn Leaves….
This may or may not follow on from the short story “Stuck in the middle with you”. You don’t need to read that first but it might help.

Yet another weekend on her own, everyone else visiting other relatives whilst she had to stay at home and finish off some work. Work which had surprisingly taken a fraction of the time it should have now there were no other distractions to be had. So half a day into a weekend alone and she had nothing to do. Boredom, as it always does, had set in very quickly and she had decided to get out into the fresh air.

The trip to Königsforst from central Köln was unusual in that everyone else in the world seemed to be heading the other way, almost as if there was an evacuation to allow her freedom to roam without interruption once she reached her wonderful wooded destination. But this was Saturday and shopping and a festival was drawing people away from Königsforst, which was not going to be a problem at all. She felt like spending time alone amongst the trees would refresh her more than dealing with others with the same idea.

Arriving at the station only emphasised the sensation of being alone. One other person got off, but they headed away from the forest tracks. A group of laughing men, seemingly British soldiers, had arrived back at the platforms as she slighted and got onto the train for the return journey. She saw no-one else at all. This would be a very quiet afternoon it appeared. All alone in nature with only her own thoughts, some sandwiches and a book.

With no real plan she wandered roughly northeast deeper into the forest. Not quite getting herself lost amongst the trees. The autumn sun dappled onto her through the branches above. There was barely a touch of wind and the trees deadened what other sounds there might be. It was almost idyllic. Soon she would look for a quiet out of the way place to settle in for a rest for a little while. When she was younger, after watching Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire, she had bought some Anne Rice books, soon discovering kaçak casino her more interesting volumes, it was one of these from her secret collection that was nestled in the bag with the sandwiches. And this is why the forest was perfect. There were places no-one ever went where she could gain pleasure from both the words and her own fingers. The thought of this flushed her cheeks into a blush only she knew she had.

Looking around she could see a break in the trees off to the left of the track, some grass was stepped down over the fence barely making a path deep under the foliage. Checking no-one at all was in view, although she hadn’t seen or heard anyone for almost an hour, she swung a leg over the fence. The fence was higher that it appeared due to the grass at its foot and she ended up hanging astride it. The pressure of her body pushing down on her crotch reminded her that she needed now to get lost amongst the trees and touch herself desperately.

Quickly she followed the gaps between the trees until the main path was lost from view. An opening in the branches above showed just north and she headed that way. Her sex thrumming in anticipation as thoughts dirty and exciting played out in her head.

The clearing wasn’t unoccupied. There was a figure sat against a tree just to her left. She stopped dead, crouched down behind a bush and peered through at the partly obscured person. They appeared to be naked from the waste up with their arms behind them as if they were hugging a tree in reverse. Then she noticed the arms were held by chains. The person was chained to the tree. They were moving at least. Unsure what she should do she chose to get closer, breaking twigs and branches underfoot as she moved.

“Hello” the definitely British voice called at the sound of the cracking wood underfoot. She stepped out from under the trees just to the figures right. The chains and tree prevented them turning to look at her, but she could see the mans profile. The voice had echoed something in her and the profile casino oyna did more. She blushed again. Of all the people in the world she had met this Englishman before, he had rescued her and other things. Now he could need rescuing.

He was sat on the ground with his back to the tree, his arms pulled back. She saw cable ties binding his wrists to the chains around the wide tree. He was fully restrained. Already it was obvious that he was more than stripped to the waist. His clothes were neatly folded and piled just out of his reach before him, his dignity shielded by nothing more than a hand towel decorated with a British flag. This was a prank and he was the victim. He still couldn’t see her clearly but there was no doubt this was the same man who saved her from her own bathroom.

“Help me please” He begged. She moved into his view, her hat covered her eyes and hair, disguising her for the moment. Crouching down before him she had a closer look at his predicament. He flinched slightly in obvious embarrassment. “It was joke but they’ve left me here like this. Please help me!” he begged again. She looked up into his face. His jaw dropped in shock and recognition. “You!” He gasped “The bath!” She glanced down and saw the towel tent as she watched. He remembered as she did, obviously. The recollection tingled down within her, only amplifying the feelings from her previous thoughts, creating another idea in her.

“It is my turn now” She smiled at him as she drew the towel away leaving his cock standing up naked amongst the trees. He looked both horrified and expectant in his shock at her actions. She stroked his presented manhood firmly staring in his eyes, daring him to look away. He gulped down hard and visibly shook. “You know you could have fucked me, you should have. You made me cum!” she accused as she ran her finger tips up and down his engorged penis. “It seemed wrong to, I wanted to, I had to wank as soon as I left you” he admitted. He was shaking under her touch, desperate to be free from his bindings. canlı casino siteleri But that was not her plan. Still rubbing his cock she pushed her own trousers down, her business like she boxers with them. “This time I get what I want” She said as she kicked the trousers away leaving herself naked except for socks and sneakers.

She could see the light in his eyes flickering as she kept staring into them. His cock shuddering slightly as her thumb rubbing the very tip was lubricated by a little pre-cum, making the head slippery. Her own pussy more than damp with anticipation of what she intended. Without letting go of him, without shifting her gaze from his eyes she crouched astride him and, guiding him, lowered herself onto his waiting cock. His eyes went wide as the head separated her lips and slid up inside her. Resting her hands on his shoulders, bracing herself, she rose slightly only to crash back onto him, again, again, again, again, again. Each time harder, forcing herself onto him. Impaling her sex on his. Riding him. She pulled her own remaining clothes off. He was the tree and she the nymph, the woodland creature of myth, becoming nature incarnate. He could not move from her, she drove herself, taking him all. He shuddered and exploded inside her, his seed seeping out onto the soil beneath as it slammed within her. The heat of it took her and she exploded in response. The fury of her climax taking her by surprise. It was if they could not stop. They were nature and the world and the forest.

“Cut me free” He cried. But she was not finished. He was still hard and this was not the time to stop. The forest would not forgive her. She stood, turned and put him back within her. Grinding herself onto him. Taking every bit that she could. Sliding up and down his length. Feeling him within her. His breathing a desperate counterpoint to her pleasure. She was cumming again, even more staggering than before. Still on him, and touching herself she came a third time. Then collapsed off him onto the soft grass of the clearing, feeling the air on her skin.

She looked at him, could see where the cable ties had cut into his wrists as he had writhed beneath her. She would cut him free with the knife in her bag, she would, once she had caught her breath…

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