Armando’s Party

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(The characters in this story first appear in the Paul and Jenny series by PAUL C.)

Laurie looked in the mirror as she sat naked and put on her make-up. She always felt giddy this way when she was going to see Paul. Tonight was really special because she’d managed to convince him to take her dancing. She’d not seen him at all since Christmas when she’d gone to England with her roommate, Frankie.

With his entire family around, it had been hard to get much quality time with him. Of course, Laurie was also fond of Paul’s family. None of them knew about her and Paul, but she could never resist teasing Paul about the fun she managed to have with his daughter, Natasha.

For the most part, Nat was as straight laced as they came; but Laurie brought out the side that made Nat like to let her hair down. Laurie loved recanting some of those hair-dropping episodes to Paul while he was driving his cock in and out of her pussy. Or when he was driving it in and out of her ass. Or when she was between sucks when she was blowing him. She loved to tease Paul, and even as uncomfortable as he acted, she knew he loved hearing about her and Nat’s couplings.

She hadn’t had the heart to tell him about the experience she’d had with his wife Jenny the last time they’d come to Texas together. She knew Paul wouldn’t mind that Jenny had let Laurie seduce her and had done a splendid job of sucking her nineteen year old pussy, but her instincts told her Paul would not be as pleased to hear about the eight inches of ebony flesh Jenny sucked while she and Laurie shared a bed with a young tax attorney from Jamaica. He probably would not have been too crazy about knowing that same young man from Jamaica fucked his darling Jenny silly the rest of the trip. So, Laurie kept that little adventure to herself.

Laurie finished applying her eye make-up and lit a cigarette. She blew out a stream of smoke and giggled. Upon completion of her encounter with Jenny, every member of Paul’s immediate family had now fucked Laurie. She giggled again as she thought aloud, “Other than my fifteen year old sister, Kelli, Paul has fucked everyone in my immediate family.”

She took another drag on her Marlboro before continuing to voice her thoughts, “Of course, I was barely seventeen the first time Paul took me into his hotel room and fucked me in the ass, and my older sister Michelle knew nothing about it at the time. Maybe he’s done the same thing with Kelli and hasn’t told me anymore than he told Michelle.”

She took one last hit on the cigarette before crushing it out and attending to her lips with her lip brush. She smiled and thought silently, my Paul. He loves his young pussy. Her smile broadened as she thought, and his young pussy loves him. Fifty-two, fifty-three years old. She wasn’t sure which, but he never had trouble getting his cock up and always knew what to do with it when it was hard. More often than not, what he did with it was stick it in the nearest available female. Yep, her Paul.

She laid down her lip brush and admired her ruby red lips. Then she picked the brush back up and playfully applied some lipstick to her nipples. She giggled, as her nipples grew hard. She cupped her breasts and frowned at the size of them. They had grown a bit in the last year, but they still lagged far behind any of her friends. When she’d first met Frankie two years ago, she’d been happy that she finally had someone that she didn’t have to be embarrassed by when they went braless together. Something had happened to Frankie in the last year though and she’d grown from being an A cup like Laurie into being a full B cup. B cup bras were even a little tight for her and she was now on the verge of needing a C cup. Just a little more weight in her tits and she’d be as heavy there as Nat was.

Laurie’s frown went away as thought of Nat. She wondered what her large breasted prim and proper young English lass was doing at that moment. Was she sipping tea and having polite conversation with a proper young lad from music school, or was she sharing lines with some young tramp whose pussy she’d just spent the night sucking? Everyone in Paul’s family thought the former when Nat came to mind, but Laurie knew her heart was really with the latter.

“I’d love to know what you’re thinking.”

Laurie gasped and turned to see Paul standing at the door of the bathroom. “Shit,” she said. “You scared the fuck out of me.”

“Not literally, I hope.” Paul smiled.

She returned his smile and set her make-up aside. “No. Not literally. Be careful with my make-up though. I don’t want to redo it.”

He stepped behind her and cupped her breasts. He loved the feel of their tautness and the way the nipples sprang to life. Although, smallish, they were much bigger than Laurie made them out to be. She never wore bras, so her cup size was irrelevant, but were she to wear one, she would need a B cup and not the A cup she thought of herself as. Her tits bahis firmaları reminded him of how Jenny’s had been when they’d first met and she’d yet to bare him his children, David and Natasha. Laurie moaned and stood as he softly massaged them.

He kissed the side of her neck and she continued with her moans and responded by placing her right foot on the toilet seat. Paul gently bent her forward and eased his stiff cock out of his pants. He ran the tip along the length of her moist slit until the head of his cock was glistening with her juices. Then he shifted and pressed it against her puckered anus. She gasped as he increased that pressure and panted with discomfort as he continued to push until he had around three inches of his cock inside her ass. He should have used the Vaseline that was sitting on the counter, but he liked it better this way. It was ruder, more violent without the lubrication.

He stopped and let her adjust to the half of his cock that was penetrating her rectum. When he felt that she had relaxed enough to take more, he resumed pushing until his cock was in her to the base. Then, he slowly began to stroke in and out of her. Her pain turned to pleasure and she slipped her hand between her legs and began to furiously rub her clitoris as he drove his cock into her ass.

She felt his cock grow and her sphincter muscle tightened around it and gripped it like a vice as he began to shoot off inside her asshole. She groaned with her own climax as his pace slowed but he continued to pump until every last drop of his cum had been deposited in her rectum.

When he withdrew from her, she turned and smiled and allowed his tongue to enter her mouth as he kissed. They broke the kiss, and she said, “You fucked up my make-up, asshole.”


Paul was tall and distinguished looking in his pinstripe suit. Distinguished and out of place. Armando’s Party was the name of the club. It was owned an operated by Laurie’s friend, you guessed it, Armando. Go figure, huh.

As was her usual when she went clubbing, Laurie wore as little as the law allowed. Often, she wore even less than the law allowed, but tonight she was probably just barely legal. A thin, purple halter-top didn’t even try to cover her breasts, and tight purple bicycle shorts showed everyone within sight the camel-toed outline of her pussy lips. She normally wore a one-karat diamond through her navel, but tonight she’d decided on a simple gold ball in its’ place. On her feet were purple socks and Nikes that matched her top and shorts.

She clung to Paul’s side and her wore her as well as he did his well-tailored Italian suit. She was beautiful and he loved having her by his side; but still, he could not have felt more out of place. He was in his fifties. He was reasonably certain not more than a handful of the several hundred other patrons there were even into their twenties yet. He dressed as if he were on his way to a board meeting, while everyone else dressed comparable to or even more outrageous than Laurie.

Most discomforting of all, Paul couldn’t help noticing, that including he and Laurie, there were perhaps a half dozen male-female couples, probably twice that many female-female couples, and that every other couple on the dance floor and occupying every other table consisted of male-male. Not male-to-male as in two buddies out together tossing back a few and looking to pick up two chicks, but male-to-male as in two guys out together.

Paul was not displeased. Laurie was much too fun of a fuck to ever be displeased with. But, he was not comfortable either.

After returning to their table from the dance floor, Paul lit Laurie’s cigarette for her and finally voiced his unease.


“Yes, sweetie.”

“I could be wrong.” He paused.

“I doubt it,” she said. “I’ve rarely known you to be wrong.”

Paul blushed. “Thank you.”

“How could anyone with your incredible taste in females ever be wrong?”

Paul smiled. She could always make him smile.

She blew out a stream of smoke and said, “Come on, sweetie. What’s the problem?”

He cleared his throat and said, “Is this a gay bar?”

She giggled. Always with the giggling he thought.

She held her hand out away from her palm up and said, “Look around us, baby. Of course it’s a fucking gay bar. What kind of silly question is that to ask me?”

Paul blushed again. Just as easily as she could always make him smile, she could also make him fidget. “It wasn’t really a question,” he said. “I suppose you could say it was an observation.”

“Ah,” she said between drags on the cigarette. “Then you are very observant. What tipped you off? It couldn’t have been all the guys you saw sucking face on the dance floor.”

He laughed. “That was probably my first clue.”

She handed him her cigarette so he could take a drag. He sucked the smoke deep down into his lungs, held it, and then expertly kaçak iddaa blew it out. She flashed her pretty teeth and said, “Want to smoke something a little stronger?”

He hesitated before saying, “What did you have in mind?”

“I’ve got some Thai stick in my purse, but I was really thinking about scoring a couple of rocks.”


She laughed and said, “Oh, Paul. My dear, sweet, sweet Paul. How can anyone so hip in bed be so square everywhere else?”

Paul shrugged back his shoulders and straightened his tie before saying, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

She laughed again and said, “That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You being clueless. Rock is freebase cocaine. Some people call it rock or base. Some people call it crack. Me. I call it heaven in a glass pipe. But everyone has their own little pet name for it.”

“You smoke cocaine?”

She rolled her eyes and almost told him that not only did she smoke it, but also that she’d more than once shared a pipe with people near and dear to him. She decided against that and just said, “Yes, Paul. I’ve smoked cocaine. You’ve even seen me snort it. What’s the big shock about smoking it.”

Before Paul could respond, a young Latino not much taller, or much heavier than Laurie; dressed in black boots, tight black jeans, a white silk shirt open to the belt and with a thin gold chain and crucifix around his neck; joined them at the table. She immediately threw her arms around him and cried, “Armando. I love your club.”

They softly pecked each other on the cheek before Armando pushed her away and with a soft wave of his hand said, “You look incredible, girlfriend.”

“So do you, girlfriend,” she answered back.

Paul thought to himself, did she just call him girlfriend?

Before he could say anything, Laurie grabbed his arm and said, “Armando. This is my boyfriend, Paul. Paul this is my dear, dear friend. Mi amigo muy bueno. Armando.”

Armando took Paul’s hand and immediately gripped it with both of his and pulled it to his lips. Before Paul could realize what Armando was going, he was slipping Paul’s index finger into his mouth and sensually sucking it as if to be pretending it were a penis. Paul was too embarrassed to pull his hand away and even more embarrassed that he was feeling that familiar twitch in his groin. Before Paul’s cock grew any further, Armando released his hand and told him, “Laurie’s told me so much about you, but she never told me how delicious you were or how much you look like Sean Connery.”

Before Paul could speak, Laurie playfully slapped Armando’s hand and said, “Back off, buster. He’s mine.”

“Ah please, Laurie.” Armando begged playfully. “Don’t be selfish.”

She shook her head and said, “Sorry, Mando. I shared him once with my friend Frankie and she tried to steal him from me out right. Almost did it too.”

Paul cleared his throat and said, “I believe I’m feeling the effects of that cold American beer you serve here. Where’s the loo?”

“Huh?” Armando said.

Laurie giggled and said, “He means the bathroom.”

“Oh. Silly me,” Armando said. He pointed past the dance floor and said, “Little boys room is back there. There’s a little hall that it’s in, but be careful you don’t go too far down the hall. We might not get you back.”

Paul looked puzzled but made his way in the direction that Armando had pointed him. As soon as he was out of hearing range, Armando said, “You can’t be serious about not wanting to share. He’s a dream.”

Laurie reached under the table and stroked Armando’s stiff cock through the fabric of his tight denim pants. “He’s straight, dear. Otherwise we’d already be on our way to a threesome none of us would ever forget.”

“Shit,” Armando said as he let his head fall to the table.

She pinched one of his nipples and was about to tell him how much fun they might be able to have converting him over when her phone went off inside her purse. She looked at the caller ID before answering and said, “Fuck!”

Then she pressed the talk button and said, “Hey, Mo.”

“I need you to go see a guy, Laurie.”

“I said, hey, Mo.”

Mo held the phone for a moment before sighing and saying, “Hey, Laurie.”

She smiled to Armando and said, “That’s better. Now. I can’t go see anyone. I’m on a date.”

“A date!” Mo growled angrily. “You working behind my back?”

Laurie imagined Mo’s eight ball looking head about to explode and said, “With my boyfriend, Mo. Chill, dude. You’re still my agent.”

Somewhat calmer, Mo replied, “The one from England?”

“Only boyfriend I got, Mo,” Laurie said.

“Sorry, Laurie,” Mo said. “But the guy asked for you special. Said he’d pay you five grand to go to his hotel tonight. It’s somebody’s birthday, and you’re the present.”

Laurie whistled and said, “Five grand, huh?”

“Yep. Minus my twenty percent of course.”

“What kaçak bahis do I have to do? I ain’t letting anybody else tie me up. I was in the hospital a whole week the last time.”

“Nothing like that,” Mo said. “Just wear your Catholic school girl uniform and carry a back pack with some books. He wants someone that can pass off real young like you.”

“Okay,” she finally said. “But if he wants to tie me up, I’m splitting and you can find another girl that can pass for being in middle school.”

“Cool,” Mo said. “Go to the Remington. Room nine-zero-nine. Ask about the tutor.”

Laurie pressed the end call button and told Armando, “I’ve got to split for a while. Take care of Paul for me.”

Armando batted his eyes and said, “For sure, honey.”

Laurie giggled and said, “Be gentle.”


Paul squeezed his way to the bathroom and couldn’t help but peek down the hall. Besides the bathroom, it seemed to be lined with semiprivate booths. Leaning against the wall near the fire exit were two boys, neither as old as Laurie, passionately French kissing as the one boy that had the other pushed against the wall ran his hand inside his companion’s shirt. Good God, Paul thought as he felt his groin tighten the way it had when Armando had sucked his fingers.

As the boy pressing the other boy against the wall dropped to his knees and unbuckled his friend’s pants, Paul could not tear his eyes away from the boys cock as it sprang from its’ confines. He gasped as he watched the kneeling boy hungrily take the cock into his mouth.

Startled, he felt a hand reaching around his waste and grasping his own cock through his dress pants. He groaned, and rather than push the hand away, he turned to see Armando behind. Paul gasped and fought to control his breathing as Armando continued to stroke him through his pants with one hand and reached the other up to his tie that he slowly began to loosen.

Armando smiled when Paul didn’t resist and continued to work Paul’s cock with one hand and his tie with the other. When the tie was undone and gone from Paul’s neck, Armando undid one button at a time on Paul’s shirt until it was completely open and Armando was able to slip his hand inside and run his fingers through Paul’s chest hair.

As Armando’s fingers began to massage Paul’s nipples, this felt so good that Paul did not even notice that Armando had unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out of them. Not until Armando was pushing him into one of the unoccupied booths did Paul take his eyes from the boy that was lovingly sucking the other boy’s cock.

Once inside the booth, Armando dropped to his knees and accepted Paul’s cock between his lips. Paul gasped and ran his fingers through Armando’s thick, black hair. It only took about a minute of sucking before Paul was panting and releasing a low moan as he blew his load in Armando’s mouth. Armando sucked until he had every drop and then slowly stood as he kissed his way up Paul’s stomach and chest to his neck and finally to his lips.

Without hesitation, he allowed Armando to guide him down onto his knees. Paul fumbled clumsily with the zipper to Armando’s jeans before finally getting it open and releasing Armando’s cock. Paul licked his lips as he thought back to that time back in summer camp when he’d sucked Steve’s cock in the toilet and Steve had told him he was better than Shirley. Steve’s girlfriend at the time.

The feeling of Armando pushing at his lips with the head of his cock, brought him out of his thoughts, and he allowed Armando’s cock to enter his mouth. He sucked it slow and soft. Then a little faster and a little harder.

Mando gasped, “Ah. That’s it. You suck cock real good.”

Paul continued sucking as Armando said, “Oh yeah. That’s it. You keep sucking that good, and I will steal you from Laurie.”

Before Paul could finish him, Armando was pulling him to his feet and turning him. “Show me that sweet ass, baby.”

Without even thinking about disobeying, Paul was turning away from Armando and dropping his pants to offer Laurie’s friend what he wanted. “That’s it,” Armando said as he softly pushed on Paul’s back and guided his ass out. “Show me that ass.”

Then he was kneeling behind Paul and softly licking and caressing Paul’s anus with his tongue. Paul’s moans of pleasure would not have allowed him to hide how much he was enjoying Armando’s technique. When Armando felt Paul was ready, he stood and placed the tip of his cock next to his new lover’s wet anus.

Armando slowly pressed the head inside and as Paul gasped, he pressed the rest of his cock into him. “Oh my God,” Paul said as Armando began to stroke in and out of him. It was all Paul could do to keep his bowels from releasing before he felt Laurie’s friend shooting his load into his rectal cavity.

Then Armando was grunting and gasping as he continued to fuck Paul’s ass until he began to grow soft. Paul dropped to his knees and Armando went down to the floor with. Paul’s cock felt as if it would burst, and he was certain it had never been harder. And, burst it did as soon as it was touched again by Armando’s lips.

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