An Open Questions to Girl Friends and Wives Why

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An Open Questions to Girl Friends and Wives Why
I hope this will cause a great deal of discussion, why is it wives and girl friends won’t be a slut for their husbands or boy friends but on a girls night out are giving away the candy store to some guy they have know for an hour and a half, out in the back seat of a car, motel or his apartment!

Husbands want their wives to be sluts, FOR THEM! They want their wives to tease and entice them dress slutty for them. But instead after a few years its yes get on get it done with and oh yes that was great. Woman control the mood, Sure women love their husbands and boy friends, but after a while are they still in lust with them?

Let me tell you I’m 72 year old guy and I have seen and done it all well a lot of it and I still like sex at least three times a week,, get my cock sucked at least once a week and anal once per month. Ok liking and having are two different things.

Why do men cheat, because his wife isn’t interested in being his slut, plane and simple fuck your husband till he can’t walk three day’s a week and he will never cheat.

Women cheating!
Most husbands are happy to stay home watch the k**s while their wives go out with girl friends to get away from the k**, blow off some steam, relax and have some fun. Of course the husband are getting more and more turned on watching their wives get ready, coming out of the shower pussy freshly shaved smooth except the little patch above her lips. Blowing her hair dry, then putting on her makeup, Then getting dressed, rolling her black thigh highs, up her long legs, putting on her black lace garter belt and attaching the straps and pushing out her ass asking hubby if her straps are stright in the back. Then she slips on her black lace shelf bra, of course he notices your big dark pink güvenilir bahis siteleri aerolas and nipples are completely exposed. Then you slip on the new black party dress you just bought just for tonight, it exposes most of your body, you know you will have to be carful while your still home to keep from exposing your nipples or pussy while your still home, once in the club let it all hang out if you got it flaunt it you spent the past three months getting back in shape after the baby and you got it! You fix your hair maybe a bit high and puffed up,. final touch up of the kame up heavy on the eyes and lips! A horn honks out front you girls are here you jump up slip on your black six inch heels, You blow hubby a kiss and say be ready when I get home! he says have a good time Ann see you in a few hours. Be ready when she gets home hell he is ready now!

You get in Barb’s van your recently divorced best friend, she says wow what a slut your going to be fighting all night to keep their hands off your ass, you look at her and say who says I don’t want their hands on me, I have been in baby mode for a year I’m going to have some fun! You get to the club and it’s like bees to honey and before the night is over the bees will differently have their fingers in the honey pot! Before you even sit down you have four drinks lined up for you. Barb says this is going to be a hot night.

Mean time at home hubby has the k**s fed, got them baths, pj’s on, read them a bed time story tucked in and asleep. He walks in to their bedroom to take a shower in the master bath wanting to be clean and ready to go when she gets home around eleven thirty. He freezes his stomach turns there on the floor are the matching black lace pantys to the set she was wearing. He gets a very uneasy perabet feeling and thinks what the fuck, visions flash thru his mind.

Mean while back at the club she and Barb are out back with two guys smoking a joint making out and getting fingered. They finish the joint Barb goes back in with her partner, she says we will be in, in a few minutes. She takes him out to Barb’s van and smoke another joint. they get in the back and go at it hot and heavy, she unzips his fly reaches in and pulls out a thick heavy eight inch cock. She wraps her hand around it and drops her head into his lap and swallows as much cock as she could. He grabs her head and proceeds to fuck her mouth. She gave him one the best blow job’s he had ever had. Just as she finished red and blue lights are flashing outside the van. Apparently there was a scuffle outside the club and the cops were called. He looks at her and says it’s getting a bit crowded here come to my place and spend the night. She text Barb got a ride I’ll call you in the morning. Barb text her back WHAT, are you sure what about your hubby? She text her back text him in a bit and tell him we got too drunk and I’m at your place passed out and will be home tomorrow.

At home it’s two thirty am hubby has been calling his wife’s phone and no answer, then he gets a text from Barb telling him they drank too much and took a cab to her place and Ann is passed out the sofa and she will bring her home tomorrow and thanked him for letting Ann have this night. Tom, Ann’s husband feels sick at first, then he gets totally pissed, how stupid did they think he was, he knows damn well she is with some guy getting layed and he is getting FUCKED!

At Bob’s apartment, he has Ann’s dress off and on her back with her legs up in the air with his tongue perabet güvenilir mi buried in her pussy. He has already put a hicky on her right tit near her nipple, before long he has his big cock stretching her cunt so much it will be a week before she will be able to feel her husbands cock again, but she is so drunk and high she does not care, and she does not relize he is filling her cunt with his hot cum! A while later he has her with her ass in the air and he is her little pink virgin butt hole lubed with cum from her pussy and is pushing his cock into in her ass balls deep as she cries out in pain. They fuck till five am and finally fall asleep exhausted.

Ten am the next morning a hurting Ann calls Barb and asks hey are you up, Barb says yes are you home, Ann says no I can’t go home like I am, can I come over. Barb says of course, a few minutes later Ann is knocking on Barb’s door. Barb opens the door and says holy fuck you look like you have been fuck hard and put away wet and smell like a whore house come in, take those clothes off I’ll put them in the washing machine, she you are covered in cum, one guy did all this, Ann says I’m not sure I think at one time I had a cock in my ass and mouth at the same time. Barb says she Ann you got a big hicky on your boob and cum running out your pussy and ass you didn’t make them wear a condom! Barb says go get a shower, and wash your hair you got cum in there too.

Ann comes out of the shower Barb has a long sleeve jogging set and a pair of granny pantys, sports bra and running shoes and socks. Barb asks what are you going to do about that hickey on your boob? Ann says avoid Tom till it goes away, Barb says that could take three weeks, Ann says about now I’m not even I have a husband or family any more.

And so it goes is it the beginning of the end, did Ann get knocked up fucking two guys unprotected. Will Tom see her hicky, will he forgive her, if the roles were reversed would you forgive him?


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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