An Independent Streak Pt. 02

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As Lady Carolyn followed the twisting passageway she still felt the sting of anger at the way she had been used by a common member of her house staff, but this was tempered by the thrill of what had just happened, not to mention the warm feeling between her legs, even if it was rather damp. The corridor was so dark that she very nearly didn’t see the door at its end and so all but walked straight into it. She’d been vaguely aware of the odd door here and there, dotted along the length of the access passage, but somehow she knew this one was a much better bet. She reached in the gloom for the cold iron handle and pushing hard, she opened it just enough to step inside.

The room was not one that she recognised, but then there were probably many service rooms in the great house that she had never set foot in. It was a kind of small kitchen area, possibly an auxiliary food preparation room. The room was dominated in its centre by the stout wooden table. Unlike the carefully crafted tables that adorned the rooms Lady Carolyn spend much her days in, this one was built for function, its top was made from strong timbers, and the legs were thick and plain. Running around the walls were a worktop and two sink areas. There was obviously no electricity in this part of the house, and the only light came from half a dozen candles spaced around the room.

As she gazed at the dancing flames suddenly someone grabbed her from behind, one arm around her waist and a familiar strong hand covered her mouth.

“Well, you are a bit of a mistress now, aren’t you?” the tone did not invite an answer. She was breathing heavily from the shock, and in those sharp breaths she could smell herself on the fingers under her nose. “So I’m guessing, as you went to the trouble of following me here, you might want some more.”

Her mouth was covered tightly and she couldn’t speak. She tried a tentative nod.

“Well, let’s see what we can do about that,” he said, then, with his voice almost dropping to a whisper, “But it’ll be my rules this time.”

He released his grip and she heard a little fumbling behind her before a white cloth was pulled across her eyes and tied behind her head. She was roughly guided forward until she felt the edge of the table, then her feet were spread apart, and she was bent over until her left cheek rested against the rough wood of the table top. There was another brief flurry of movement and she felt her right ankle being tied tight to the table leg. Carolyn had a sudden rush of worry and tried to straighten up. She was pushed back down on to the table, and she felt his hot, tobacco stained breath against her ear. “My rules, m’lady. My rules.”

She relaxed and moved her foot back into place against the table leg, where it was duly fastened with some more cloth. Ropes were then wrapped around her wrists, thankfully not as tight as her ankles, and as the ropes were pulled in opposite directions her arms were also spread wide. She gave a light tug on the ropes and found they had too been fastened securely.

Her skirts were once again lifted up over her back and she could feel the cool air against her pussy. He slipped two fingers into her. They slipped effortlessly inside, the folds of her entrance still coated with his cum. He was slowly fucking her with his fingers, keeping up a sedate, gentle pace. She couldn’t go anywhere, but then she didn’t want to. Fastened to this table she was his to do with as he wished, and she revelled in the release that gave. As his fingers worked in and out of her she longed for him to take her again, use her as he wished and fill her with his seed.

After a blissful few minutes he pulled his fingers out and she waited for his next move. There were some quiet footsteps and she heard the door close behind them. He had left her tied to the table in this service room, with her pussy open to the air for anyone to see. Carolyn started to wonder again if this had been a good move. Where had he gone, and why?

She didn’t have to wonder long as the door opened again briefly, before closing, and this time she heard the sound of a key turning in the lock. His unmistakable voice said, “Now, m’lady, where was I?”

His cock slipped into her mouth, and he slowly slid it fully in and out again. She closed her lips around it, feeling it getting harder, beating with his strong pulse. Carolyn heard him sigh as he lazily fucked her mouth, and she relaxed a little, enjoying the moment once again. He whispered something which she didn’t quite catch, but he didn’t withdraw so she kept up the work on his cock. But then she froze, as she felt a tongue lap once at her entrance. Someone else was here. Not the first time she thought ‘how dare he?’, but the tongue lapping between her legs was quickly starting to work some magic. Two hands now fastened around the tops of her thighs and pulled her onto his face, all the time his tongue licking all over her clitoris and around the entrance to her Onwin cunt. The warmth was coming.

The cock in her mouth was taken away, and for a moment she just enjoyed the feeling building in her from his lapping at her entrance. He licked in long strokes, the pace ever so slightly building in intensity. The cock was once again pressing against her lips and she opened her mouth to let him in again. She sucked all along his length, but something was different. Was it her imagination or was this cock suddenly slightly smaller than before? Maybe she was imagining it, as she kept sucking his shaft, taking it all in her mouth in steady strokes. No, she thought, before there was more girth. Although of a similar length, this had a slimmer profile, she was sucking another man, but the tongue had never stopped. ‘So there are three, are there?’ she thought, and that realisation sent a sudden flash of excitement through her.

The original cock brushed her hand, which was resting on the table top. She gripped it and worked her hand up and down the shaft as she sucked wantonly on the one in her mouth. All the time the tongue was licking her clit, and she could feel the long build towards her inevitable orgasm. The cock in her mouth pulled out and she felt it placed into her other hand, now she worked both cocks with her hands as the deep warmth between her legs got stronger and stronger. Her ankles were spread, still tied to the table legs and there was nothing she could do to lessen the impact of the mouth’s work as every muscle in her body tightened into a knot, storing up that energy until it couldn’t tighten any more. She gripped the two cocks hard as her whole body released that energy in one almighty blast, and she cried out loudly. So loudly that a hand clamped over her mouth again, stifling her uncontrollable gasps as her body bucked and writhed on his face, buried deep into the folds of her cunt.

His tongue had long since stopped licking by the time Carolyn’s orgasm subsided, and she released her grip on the two men in her hands. The man behind her also moved away, and she could hear some more whispering. “They’re deciding how they want to use me,” she decided, and another little flash of excitement rushed through her.

There were some more quiet footsteps, and then she felt a glorious feeling; the head of a cock pushing against her entrance. This is what she really wanted, no, needed more than anything else. She could feel that she was dripping wet and he slipped into her in stages. First just the head, then the head and some shaft, then all of his glorious manhood slid into place, and it felt fantastic in her cunt. He held onto her hips and started to slip in and out, every time pulling out until only the head remained then sliding fully in until his waist was resting against her round, naked behind. He started to fuck her. This was not sedate, drawn out, lazy love making, but raw fucking. He pulled her back onto his shaft with every stroke, and hammered into her hard, simply using her. Her face was still pressed against the table and she reached out and gripped the edge with both hands to steady herself. With every hard push into her she let out an involuntary groan, edged with a slight, satisfied laugh.

Carolyn gripped hard against the table as she was taken by this unknown man, thrust after thrust he pushed into her, as she stayed bend over, lost in the frenzied pounding from behind. After a few minutes he stopped and rested, still deep inside her, his hands grasping her waist tightly, and now she could hear his laboured breathing. He drew snatched, but deep breaths, recovering from his efforts. After only a short while he withdrew and released his grip on her. There were more footsteps as he walked away and his replacement drew nearer, and almost instantly Carolyn’s next lover slipped into her in one swift but soft movement. He felt a little smaller, but somehow just as satisfying. He rested there briefly, obviously savouring the moment he took his Lady, and then it started. He fucked her frantically, as if time was very short and he wanted his turn. This one didn’t hold her at all, instead she felt him place his hands either side of her on the table, and his chest against her back. This closeness, coupled with the obvious joy of being the centre of attention, was starting to do work its magic. She felt that warmth again and started to moan. She wanted to call encouragement but, worried that any sudden action my cause him to stop, thought better of it. In between her own breathy groans she could hear her lover doing the same behind her. This spurred the feeling building in her and almost out of nowhere she felt the sudden electric rush of another orgasm rising.

She must have been making too much noise as some leather, a belt, was slipped into her mouth. As he feverishly pounded into her from behind she bit down hard on the leather to stifle the uncontrollable cries as her orgasm reached its lofty Onwin Giriş peak, stalled for that second and then exploded in waves of pleasure, but he made no allowance for her situation. He carried on trusting his cock in her, as she bucked and jerked through the intense feelings. The orgasm went on and on, fuelled by his efforts, pulsing through her like breaking waves against a storm ridden beach, until after what felt like an eternity they started to wane, softening to a background feeling of exhausted pleasure. She relaxed her jaw and let the belt fall from her mouth, just in time for another length to be eased into it. She had no idea which of the men it was, and now didn’t really care. She had one unknown lover in her mouth and another still sliding in and out of her cunt from behind.

Both of her current lovers relaxed into a steady, but unrelenting rhythm; one pushing her forward into the table with every stroke, the other using her mouth. Carolyn wrapped her fingers around the edges of the large table and dug in her nails to keep herself steady, bracing herself against the constant pounding. She felt the man behind her slow a little before stopping completely, and in this stillness she could hear his solid panting breaths. His hands rested against her bum cheeks, easing them apart while he slid out of her pussy, and for a moment the hands remained, presumably so he could take in the sight of his mistresses open, and currently very wet entrance, she thought. The cock in her mouth was still solidly working in and out of her soft lips, and she could taste a little of his pre-cum leaking from him. Carolyn felt a distinctly rougher pair of hands clasp her bum cheeks and the end of another cock eased its way in, easily filling the void left by its predecessor. This one used slower, more languid strokes, but what it lacked in speed it made up for in power. From tip to hilt, every thrust bristled with sexual need and dominance, impaling her repeatedly. Carolyn felt utterly used by the alpha behind her, a wonderfully delicious feeling, so detached from her everyday existence.

Almost as if not to be outdone the man who was currently sliding in and out of her mouth slipped his fingers into her hair, and took a strong grip. Her head was tilted to one side, almost pinning it to the table, and he started to fuck her mouth as if it was her pussy. His thrusts weren’t too deep but came thick and fast, and all she could do was close her lips tightly around his solid shaft and succumb to his will. Their will. Both men were fucking her as if they owned her, as if she were charging a fee and they were taking their slut. She felt her whole body warm under the onslaught of these two men and tried to groan but no noise could escape her mouth. She gripped the table even harder and could feel her nails marking the wood beneath.

The manhood in her mouth slipped away and she let out an almost involuntary moan, and then gasped for breath, only then aware of how little she had been able to breath with her mouth full.

A voice said, “I’m goin’ to cum”, but she was aware that somehow this was not aimed at her. There was a short burst of urgent footsteps, some shuffling and her cunt was momentarily empty before being immediately filled again. These strokes were hurried, serious and heartfelt. Hands clasped her hips and pulled her onto the thrusting cock. This man groaned loudly behind her, his cock building its already frenetic movements to a crescendo of wanton fucking, until with one huge cry and heavy lunge she felt his hot cum deep inside her. Thrust after thrust was accompanied by another cry and another warm spurt of his seed. She could feel his frantic movements give way to slightly more subdued jerks, then eventually he resumed a gentle rhythm with his manhood, before finally coming to a rest, still buried fully deep inside her.

A few moments past before she felt his grip relax and release her hips and his cock slide fully out from the warmth of her pussy lips. She sensed someone close to her and could feel the warmth from his breath close to her head.

“That felt really good. You are one dirty lady.” He said in a low, almost menacing growl, “Better than my last boss. Much better.”

For the second time that evening Carolyn, her legs still spread and tied, could feel a man’s semen flowing from her cunt and down the inside of inner thigh. Nothing she had experienced at any of her gatherings had been quite like this. The mixture of shame and wanton lust she felt was electric, and she wasn’t ready to stop yet, but she was uncomfortably hot. The mixture of effort and strong corsetry was stifling, even in the previously cool air of this stone-lined room.

“Take off my corset.” She’d intended it as a request, but years of breeding are hard to repress. She feels hot breath on the side of her face.

“Down here, we say please.” said the unmistakable voice of her first lover.

“Please,” she corrected.

There Onwin Güncel Giriş was some fumbling beside her and she felt the ropes around her wrists loosen and fall away. She placed her hands flat on the table and straightened up, this movement released another trickled down her thigh. Behind her she could hear a drawer slide open and the sound of metal on metal. The drawer was once again closed. Someone gripped the back of her bodice hard and she could hear the tearing, slicing sound of the knife cutting through the lacing. As each loop was cut the tight garment covering her chest started to release. It started at her waist and moved up her body until it fell from her, leaving her stood in merely a thin lace top. Hands reached around her and clasped the front of this modesty garment. A moment passed, then the hands tore the lace open in one fluid movement, releasing her breasts in one sudden rush. The cool air felt wonderfully refreshing against her skin. Her already stiff nipples hardened further, tingling in the open air. Carolyn was now naked down to the waist, and wondered what they would do next.

The first hand touched her side, rounded her waist and rose directly up the front of her chest. She felt it slip over and encase her right breast, gently lifting with a slight squeeze. The combination of rough skinned hand against her soft breast sent a shiver down her spine. She took in a long breath and arched her back as this strong man explored her naked chest. The second soon joined in, then another, and another, until there were six hands roaming all over her upper body; down her arms, over her nipples, across her waist and all over her back. This felt like heaven.

One of the three lined up behind and she once again felt the head of a cock wipe around entrance before slipping into her, all the way in. Meanwhile the four hands carried on their caressing, grasping almost mauling assault. She felt a pair of lips close around her left nipple, then another on her right. They began to suck, gently at first, then they moved to a combination of licking and sucking harder on her breasts. There she was, legs forcibly spread, two men sucking on her breasts and a third buried fully in her pussy, pounding her from behind, Carolyn had never been happier, or more scared. What if someone did walk in? Could she get away? Would they let her get away? What if someone else was already there? …after all, she was still blindfolded. Anyone could be there.

This feeling was soon replaced by the one growing within her. She was going to cum again, and this one felt big. It was deep within her and building, there was nothing she could have done about it, even she had wanted to. But of course she didn’t want to do anything about it. All Carolyn could think about now was the pleasure her three lovers were giving her, especially the one feeding her hungry pussy. His pace also quickened and she could hear his moans building. Her breasts were suddenly released and a hand grasped each nipple, they tugged on them, tipping Carolyn over the edge into the depths of her orgasm. Wave after wave washed through her, as he pounded from behind. Each stroke causing another wave of pent up sexual energy to unleash.

“I’m going to cum, now!” shouted her current lover, and with an involuntary groan he slammed his cock into her with an almighty shove, and held onto her hips as he bucked uncontrollably into her. The feeling was almost too much and Carolyn wasn’t sure how long she could take it. She just clenched her teeth as her own orgasm subsided, and she waited for him to finish.

After a while she was aware that he had stopped moving, and was resting against her back, panting heavily. She took the opportunity to catch her own breath, and quietly revelled in the feeling between her legs, this man was still deep in her and she was again full of a servants cum. She wondered if any other woman had felt like this before. Had these men ever done this before? They certainly knew what they were doing. She felt him straighten up, and he removed his cock as he stepped away from her. The room was now quiet, except for the “drip, drip” of cum, falling from her pussy onto the cold hard floor.

There was a creak of wood and Lady Carolyn felt the table shift under someone’s weight. She reached forward and fumbled through the air until she felt a pair of sturdy legs. Further investigation revealed their owner was kneeing on the table, so she felt her way up their thighs until she found what she was looking for. Although the shaft was no longer fully erect it was still swollen enough for what she wanted. Leaning forward she guided it into her mouth. She could taste a mixture of his cum and her own juices all around the shaft, and as she slipped her lips towards the base she felt it jerk as he shot a last, lazy string of cum. She swallowed it down with the rest, and continued to softly clean from base to tip, eager to miss nothing. Above her she could hear more hushed whispers. Then her original lover spoke.

“You really are a greedy girl aren’t you?” There was a pause as Carolyn stopped, still with this cock deep in her mouth. “How about we show you how our women down here like it?”

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